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Cranfield University

Although Cranfield University was established over 20 years ago, it remains as the UK’s only postgraduate-exclusive university. Cranfield is also the only university in the world to own and run an airport, and have airline status. Despite these differences, Cranfield still manages to have a global footprint, and boasts partnerships with over 130 universities across the Americas, Asia and Oceania, Europe and the Middle East and Africa. In terms of its course content, the university offers over 100 postgraduate courses, and puts an emphasis on Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. The CSA offers support and hosts a variety of social opportunities for its members. Overall, with a range of international partnerships, a range of on-site facilities and resources, and with a staggering 97% of its graduates finding work or moving onto further study within six months of graduating, Cranfield University is clearly a great commercial research-intensive institution – well-suited for postgraduate students that are particularly interested in Science, Engineering, Technology or Management.

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Our Tests

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to identify an individual’s level of ability to reason with information provided in tables, charts and figures, in order to obtain a correct answer. A test taker is advised to look at each chart or table provided for each question, and use the information in these to work out the correct answer.
Verbal Reasoning Tests are designed to identify an individual’s level of ability to understand and respond to questions about information provided in a passage of text. A test taker is advised to read a given passage of text and then consider the questions which are presented as statements corresponding to the passage.
These tests are designed to assess your logical reasoning ability using the information provided in sequences of diagrams containing various shapes. The test taker is required to look at the diagrams and identify underlying rules and patterns in the sequence, in order to identify the correct diagram that should come next in the sequence from the options that are provided.
Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs), also known as Situational Judgement Questionnaires, are a type of psychometric test which assesses an individual’s competence. The test presents a candidate with a relevant work-related scenario and they are required to choose the best course of action from a number of options that are provided.