The text below provides a full guide into 2024 Arctic Shores game assessments used by many employers in the recruitment, assessment and selection process.

Our website provides practice game assessments that can be used to prepare for Arctic Shores tests used by many employers in recruitment and assessment. Start your practice to prepare for Arctic Shores game assessment.

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Not sure if you should practice preparing for Arctic Shores game-based assessments? Many large employers leverage game and gamified assessments as part of their recruitment processes (Institute of Student employers, 2018). A few of these major companies include Unilever, HSBC, Shell, RBS and many more.

Why is this the case? A recent study (Georgiou & Nikolaou, 2020) found that game-based assessments created a more positive outlook of the organization going forwards.

In this article we will cover all the topics to prepare you for Arctic Shores assessments, provide you with practice games and help create a winning strategy to pass them.

Arctic Shores Glossary

ROIReturn on Investment
BARTBalloon Analogue Risk Task

In a nutshell:

To Prepare for Arctic Shores Game-based Assessments

  1. Understand Arctic Shores game assessments by reading this text. Ensuring you do this will help to be aware of:
    • What behaviors will be measured during each Arctic Shores game
    • The success criteria and the instructions to pass each game
    • The time allocated for each game app
  2. Ensure that you are using the recommended browser and hardware (e.g. Laptop or Mobile) for your Arctic Shores game-assessments. These games will track your behaviour and time.
  3. Practice games assessments with us similar to those created by Arctic Shores.
  4. Refine your understanding and technique for Arctic Shores game assessments by:
    • Finding a good time to complete your assessments
    • Researching the key values that the Arctic Shores games are being used to assess.
    • Reading the instructions carefully before you start, make sure you stay focused throughout the tests.
  5. The practice game assessments on our platform emulate the experience of the game assessments you will face when facing Arctic Shores game-assessments.

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  • Who are Arctic Shores?
  • Which employers use Arctic Shores game assessments?
  • What are specific Arctic Shores game assessments and what do they measure?
  • how to prepare and practice Arctic Shores games to pass candidate assessments?
  • Where to practice Arctic Shores games?

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


  1. Who are Arctic Shores?
  2. Which employers use Arctic Shores game-based assessments?
  3. Why do employers use Arctic Shores games in their assessment?
  4. How does Arctic Shores benefit Candidates?
  5. Game assessments offered by Arctic Shores
  6. Arctic Shores games assessment tips 
  7. How do Arctic Shores Work? Science behind Arctic Shores game assessments
  8. How to Prepare for Arctic Shores game-based assessments

Before we jump in, let’s find out a little more about Arctic Shores.

Who are Arctic Shores?

  • Arctic Shores specialise in developing behaviour-based game-assessments used in recruitment candidate selection process
  • Game assessments from Arctic Shores are used by many large organizations worldwide to select and hire candidates
  • The gamified assessment solutions from Arctic Shores assess and predict a candidate’s behaviours, skills and attitudes using interactive, gamified solutions
  • Arctic Shores enables companies to identify candidate potential in an unbiased manner, avoiding discrimination against any demographic
  • Arctic Shores offer a number of game assessment environments such as SkyRise City, Yellow Hook Reef, Cosmic Cadet, Pinnacle Valley, GB Psych, and AS Labs. Each game environment consists of several games.
  • Arctic Shores’ wide game assessments range benefits employers, with efficient testing and improved candidate experience.
Arctic Shores game assessment cockpit
Arctic Shores Dashboard
Source: Arctic Shores

Similar to Arctic Shores games can be practiced on this website to develop your gaming skills, gain confidence with the game style, interactivity and measurement criteria. Start your own behavioral game assessment practice today!

Which employers use Arctic Shores game-based assessments?

Arctic Shores game assessments have been used by many employers, typically as one stage of their recruitment programs. Below is a list of the employers that use Arctic Shores to hire, so if the name of your potential employer comes in this list, read the rest of the article very carefully. This will help you be prepared for your upcoming game-based assessments.

  • PwC
    • Use compilation of games called SkyRise CIty
    • Referred to as ‘Career Unlocked’.
  • KPMG
    • Referred to as ‘KPMG Ready’
  • HSBC
  • Coca Cola
  • AXA     
  • Tesco
  • Metro Bank Graduate Scheme
    • Referred to as Amazing Insights
  • RBS
  • Walmart
  • Airbus
  • Siemens
  • Arcadis
    • Referred to as the Arcadis Challenge
  • VCMT
    • Referred to as VCMT Careers
  • Visa
  • Thales        
  • Network Rail
    • Yellow Hook Reef
  • UK Fire & Rescue Service

All these huge employers harness Arctic Shores’ technology to ensure that they find the right candidate for the company and role.

For comprehensive employer process guides to 150+ of the world’s largest companies, head to: step-by-step employer guides for details that will help you prepare and outpace your competitors.

You may wonder, Why are so many employers utilising gamification in their recruitment processes? It’s a common question, so let’s move on to find out the key benefits of Arctic Shores’ gaming technology.

Why do employers use Arctic Shores games in their assessment?

The behavior-based assessments developed by Arctic Shores such as SkyRise City make hiring easier and better for employers. Here are the top reasons more and more recruiters use Arctic Shores game assessments:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI): The Arctic Shores behavior-based game assessments provide good ROI for many employers as the assessments measure the true potential of the candidates.
  2. Ease in Selection: With Arctic Shores behavioral assessments, the behaviors and attitudes of the candidates are assessed to find the better fit for the organization.
  3. Customisation available: Arctic Shores provides tailored behavioral game-based assessments to the company’s values and can choose the best games to assess the relevant skills required for the role.
  4. Good impression on the candidates: Arctic Shores is a well-established name when it comes to behavioral assessments and so lays a good impression on the candidates.
  5. Reliability & Predictive Validity: Arctic Shores’ assessments provide the necessary insights for employers to make decisions that will be positive for the business moving forward.

Did you know that 10% of employers now use game assessments as a part of their hiring process? This is precisely because of the huge impact game developers such as Arctic Shores have on the hiring experience for employers as well as candidates.

These are some of the advantages that employers get for conducting game-based assessments. But what about for the applicants? 

Are you an employer interested in game assessments for your recruitment process? Discover the benefits await companies like yours that use pre-employment game-based assessments offered by our business line: Assess Candidates.

Assess Candidates pre-employment game-based assessments
Source: Assess Candidates

Let’s see the key perks that applicants can enjoy from using these Arctic Shores game-assessments.

How does Arctic Shores benefit candidates?

There are a number of ways in which Arctic Shores benefits the potential hires. 4 key reasons Artic Shores benefit candidates are given below:

  1. Ease Of Use: Arctic Shores game assessments allow any candidate to sit tests on various devices and discover insights from multiple countries and in many languages
  2. Engaging: Game based assessments are more engaging and interactive than the regular assessment tests.
  3. Reduce Unconscious Bias: Arctic Shores game assessments are developed to reduce instances of bias creeping into employer recruitment processes
  4. No Gaming Experience Required: the game assessments don’t require any previous gaming experience. Each game is very simple in operation and can work on multiple devices

What are some Arctic Shores behavioural assessments examples? Be sure to stick around to find out! 

We’ll explore the finer details of many of the Arctic Shores game assessments which have been used by many top employers including PwC, KPMG, and HSBC.

Game Assessments offered by Arctic Shores

There are several assessment applications offered by Arctic Shores which consist of a different combination of games. Let’s discuss each of the main game assessment packages that you are likely to take and take a closer look at some of the game assessments. 

These assessments apps are:

  1. Skyrise City
  2. Pinnacle Valley
  3. Cosmic Cadet
  4. Yellow Hook Reef
  5. Firefly Freedom
  6. GB Psych

Let’s discuss each of these games in detail.

SkyRise City

Arctic Shores’ SkyRise City is one of the most common game environment contexts used by top employers globally. You can find out who is using SkyRise City in the previous section.

SkyRise City Application
Arctic Shores SkyRise City
Source: Google Play Store

Before we investigate each game test, let’s look at an overview of what their game environment called ‘SkyRise City’ assesses.

What does SkyRise City assess?

Skyrise City by Arctic Shores aims to measure your:

  • Cognitive attention
  • Information processing
  • Concentration
  • Emotion recognition
  • Risk propensity
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Reflexes
  • Logical reasoning ability

Arctic Shores measure each of these competencies, personality traits, and abilities, through many assessments. We now take a deep dive into exactly what these games may entail, require, and look like.

Gamified assessments can collect over a thousand behavioural data points and measure competencies such as risk-taking, endurance, perseverance alongside more traditional traits like numerical ability, verbal and logical reasoning, etc. Such behaviour data is also much more difficult to manipulate by candidates.

SkyRise City game-based assessments by Arctic Shores include:

  1. Arrows Game
  2. Tickets Game
  3. Leaflets Game
  4. Bulbs and Cogs Game
  5. Emotions Game
  6. BART
  7. Team Selling Game
  8. Power Generators
  9. Security Door
  10. Staff Rota

Let’s see now what each of these games is about:

1. Arrows Game

What is the Arctic Shores Arrows game?

  • Arctic Shores Arrows game challenges you to identify the way that the central arrow ONLY is facing using your arrow keys on your device. Other arrows are on screen that have the potential to distract you. There are 80 arrows to identify.
  • Make sure to answer quickly as you’ll only have 2 minutes to complete this game!
  • What qualities does the SkyRise City Arrows game measure:
    • Attention
    • Problem Solving
    • Focus
Arctic Shores Arrow Game
Arctic Shores Arrows Game
Source: YouTube

How to Pass Arctic Shores Arrows Game

Key Arctic Shores Arrows Game Tip: Practice for your Arctic Shores Arrows Game using our Flanker Task Game and practice developing your attention skills with GF today.

GF Flanker task game based assessment
GF Flanker Task™ Gamified Assessment 
Source: GF

2. Tickets Game

What is the Arctic Shores Tickets game?

  • The Arctic Shores Tickets game asks you to organise the 80 tickets into the correct category. For one section, you must identify if the tickets have an even number. For the other, you must identify if the ticket has rounded edges.
  • Sounds easy? Remember, you’ll only have 2 minutes to organise all the tickets!
  • What qualities does the Arctic Shores Tickets game measure:
    • Cognitive attention
    • Cognitive processing speed
    • Executive function
Arctic Shores Tickets Game
Arctic Shores Tickets Game
Source: YouTube

How to Pass Arctic Shores Ticket Game

Key Arctic Shores Ticket Game Tip: Practice for your Arctic Shores Ticket Game using our Cognition-A™ game similar to the Ticket Game and practice improving your attention skills with GF today.

GF Cognition-A Gamified Assessment
Source: GF

3. Leaflets Game

What is the Arctic Shores Leaflets game?

  • The SkyRise City Leaflets game assessment is a simple sounding task, but it requires concentration – you must remember the sequence that the stamp appears in. This game is very similar to the Cognition-M™ game that you can practice with GF.
  • You will only have up to 3 minutes to remember each sequence in the Leaflets game!
  • What qualities does the Arctic Shores Leaflets game measure:
    • Short-term memory

For more information on memory games, you can watch our video on all you need to know to prepare for Arctic Shores Memory Game Assessments below:

What are Memory Game Assessments by Arctic Shores, Pymetrics, HireVue? | Ace PwC, Unilever Games

How to pass Arctic Shores Leaflets Game

Key Arctic Shores Leaflet Game Tip: Practice refining your memory skills using our GF Cognition-M™ game practice game assessment and get ahead with us.

GF Cognition-M game-based assessment
GF Cognition-M™ Gamified Assessment 
Source: GF

4. Bulbs and Cogs Game

What is the Arctic Shores Bulbs and Cogs game?

  • The Arctic Shores Bulbs and Cogs Game requires candidates to quickly identify if the image shown on one of three screens is a bulb or a cog. You will only have a limited time per image that shows up to give a response. The time per image decreases as you go, meaning that you will have to work fast.
  • You will only have 2 minutes to identify each image in the Bulbs and Cogs Game.
  • The Arctic Shores bulbs and cogs game assesses your:
    • Reactions
    • Attention
    • Resilience
Arctic Shores Bulbs and Cogs Game
Arctic Shores Bulbs and Cogs Game
: Arctic Shores

How to Pass Arctic Shores Bulbs and Cogs game

Key Arctic Shores Bulbs and Cogs game tip: Prepare for your SkyRise City Bulbs and Cogs Game by practicing with our Flanker Task Game and upgrade your attention skills with GF today.

5. Emotions Game

What is the Arctic Shores Emotions game?

  • Arctic Shores Emotions game is similar to the emotional intelligence game used by Pymetrics. Practice for your Arctic Shores game assessments with our i-EQ™ emotional intelligence game. Your task is to evaluate which emotion is being expressed for each of the faces shown.
  • Be warned, you will only have 3 minutes to complete this game!
  • The Arctic Shores Emotions game will measure your emotional recognition.
GF Emotions game based assessment
GF Emotions i-EQ™ practice Game-based assessment
Source: GF

How to Pass Arctic Shores Emotions Game

Key Arctic Shores Emotions Game Tip: Test your emotional intelligence with our GF Emotions i-EQ™ practice game-based assessment today!

For even more information about emotional intelligence games, don’t miss our YouTube video below:

What are Emotify & Emotions Game Assessments | Pymetrics, Arctic Shores, Revelian Games | PwC, RBS

6. BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task) Game (or Balloons Game)

What is the SkyRise Balloons game?

The SkyRise City Balloon test is also used by game providers Assess Candidates and Pymetrics measures the appetite for risk. In this common employer game, you will be presented with an interactive interface to complete either on your computer, tablet, or mobile. 

The Arctic Shores Balloon Game is designed to measure a portion of your personality: risk-taking. This game will use your performance to determine whether you prefer to take risks in order to predict how you may act in your future role.

Arctic Shores Balloon Game
Arctic Shores Balloon Game
Source: YouTube

How the Arctic Shores Balloon game assessment works:

  • During the game, you will be faced with 45 balloons which with each successful pump earn you money
  • You can choose to bank the money at any time. If the balloon pops before you bank the money, you lose all your money, and move onto the next balloon
  • Along the way this will measure many data points, looking at the decisions you make after the balloons have popped, and the risks you are willing to take after banking certain amounts of money.

How to Pass Arctic Shores Balloon Game

Key Arctic Shores Balloon Game Tip: To get a better idea of what the Balloons game looks like, we provide a SkyRise City practice game called BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task). It is in line with the algorithm used behind the Arctic Shores or Pymetrics game.

GF Balloon Game Example
GF Balloon Game Example
Source: GF

What qualities does the Arctic Shores Balloons game measure:

Arctic Shores Balloons game, alongside the other dynamic assessments developed by Arctic Shores, allow employers to measure many different abilities and personality traits including:

  • emotions
  • negative attributes that occur under pressure
  • how an individual processes and uses information
  • thinking style
  • interpersonal style
  • personal drive to cope with challenges
  • and many more…

Remember! You’ll have just 3 minutes to complete the SkyRise City Balloons game.

For more info and preparation tips for the Arctic Shores Balloon Game, don’t miss our super useful video below:

What is the Balloon Game Assessment? Pymetrics, Arctic Shores Game | PwC, JP Morgan, RBS use to hire

7. Team Selling Game

What is the Arctic Shores Team Selling Game?

  • Arctic Shores Team Selling games challenges you to navigate whether to set a high or low price for your product. Depending on your teams’ decision and your opposing teams’ decision, there are different consequences. For example, if you were both to set a high price, you will both get a high reward.
  • Be aware! You will only get 3 minutes to ace the Arctic Shores team selling game.
  • What qualities does the Arctic Shores Team Selling Game measure:
    • Emotion
    • Risk Tolerance
    • Teamwork
    • Evaluation of Fairness
    • Decision making skills
    • Ability to learn

8. Power Generators

What is the SkyRise City Power Generators Game?

  • The SkyRise City Power Generators is a game-based assessment that measures your ability to learn and solve problems. In this Arctic Shores game, you must generate power with the various generators. Due to a fault however, there is a chance that you will lose rather than gain energy.
  • You will get many chances to pull the levers, but your choices determine how much power is generated within 3 minutes.
  • What qualities does the Arctic Shores Power Generators measure:
    • Problem solving
    • Ability to Learn
Arctic Shores Power Generator Game
Arctic Shores Power Generator Game
Source: Arctic Shores

9. Security Door

What is the Arctic Shores Security Door Game?

  • Arctic Shores Security Door game asks candidates to stop the dial on the correct number to form the passcode for the door.
  • Time to complete security door game: Up to 15 minutes
  • What qualities does the Arctic Shores Security Door Game measure:
    • Focus
    • Reaction time
Arctic Shores Security Door Game
Arctic Shores Security Door Game 
Source: YouTube

How to Pass Arctic Shores Security Door Game

Key Arctic Shores Security Door Game Tip: Practice for your Arctic Shores Security Door Game using our PassCode™ and improve your attention and resilience skills with GF today.

GF PassCode game assessment
GF PassCode™ Gamified Assessment
Source: GF

10. Staff Rota

What is the Arctic Shores Staff Rota Game?

  • Arctic Shores Staff Rota game is similar to a Logical Reasoning Test. It is a gamified version of a logical reasoning test, and so the same methodologies to pass still apply.
  • You will have 17 minutes to identify what comes next in the pattern.
  • What qualities does the Arctic Shores Staff Rota game measure:
    • Logical reasoning ability

You can prepare for this style of game assessment with GF’s Logical Reasoning Tests. Or, try a free Logical Reasoning Test today when you sign up.

How to pass Arctic Shores Staff Rota Game

Key Arctic Shores Staff Rota Game Tip: To practice for this SkyRise City assessment, check out our worked solutions on Logical Reasoning Test questions in our YouTube Video below:

Logical Reasoning Test Questions and Answers (2024) | 5 FULL Examples & Worked Solutions | Practice

With a clear overview of the Arctic Shores SkyRise City now in place, it is also worth noting that Arctic Shores also have other environments such as Pinnacle Valley in which many of the same or different game assessments are placed. 

Let’s take a look at Pinnacle Valley and some of the challenges involved.

Pinnacle Valley

Pinnacle valley is another environment that Arctic Shores offers. This game consists of at least 6 game assessments. These are more or less like the ones in Skyrise City, just the names may differ.

Arctic Shores Pinnacle Valley Example
Arctic Shores Pinnacle Valley Example
Source: AppAdvice

The games in Pinnacle Valley are:

  1. Balloon Game: Inflate the balloon to gain gems, though be aware as the balloon may burst at any time.
  2. The Emotions game: In this game you will be presented with the faces of some people, your task will be to identify the emotion on their face. 
  3. Arrow Directions game: This game presents a number of arrows on the screen, you have to focus on the middle arrow and press the key that corresponds with the direction that arrow is facing in. If a dash appears in the middle, do not press any key. 
  4. Security Door: Security Door game by Arctic Shores asks candidates to stop the dial on the correct number to form the passcode for the door.
  5. Team Selling: This game looks at how you can balance risk-taking with teamwork selling electronic devices to raise as much money as possible. You’re unable to see the other team’s decision in this prisoner’s dilemma activity.
  6. Tile sequence: In this game the tiles present on the screen will light up one by one, your job is to memorize the sequence and when the light turns green, click on the tiles in the same sequence.

For more information about how to practice the Arctic Shores Balloon game, Emotions Game and Tile Sequence game, don’t miss the SkyRise City section above.

Now that Pinnacle Valley has been explained we can now move on to another environment used by Arctic Shores known as Cosmic Cadet. Let’s take a look at the challenges that this environment offers.

Cosmic Cadet

Here are some examples of games that you can expect in Cosmic Cadet to help with your Arctic shores game-based assessment practice:

Box Scramble Game

  • Box Scramble game asks you to avoid choosing the one death box out of the total of ten scrambled boxes. Take risks picking a box one at a time. The candidate must decide when to stop the level before they pick a death box. Of course, the longer you continue, the more likely it is to choose the death box.

Time to complete Box Scramble game: ~ 2 minutes

Cave Gem Game

  • Cave gem game has the overarching goal of collecting as many points as you can. Candidates must take risks by choosing between a guaranteed gem, worth one point, and the more precious gem worth 3 stars that has a chance of failure, and so will earn 0 points. The chance of failure of mining the precious gem is shown.

Time to complete Cave Gem game: ~ 4 minutes

Rocket Launcher Game

  • Rocket launcher game asks candidates to launch a rocket from planet to planet 20 times. You do so by landing the moving needle in the right area. But, the needle changes speed and rhythm, and you must land it in the ever-narrowing green zone to propel the rocket to the next planet. Upon each failure, your rocket returns to the start of its journey. You can choose to checkpoint a planet and end at the planet you are on.
  • The Rocket Launcher game will assess your attention, focus and resilience. 

Time to complete Rocket Launcher game: ~ 6 minutes

Tip: think about what is being measured based on the instructional info provided before diving into each test. Make sure to read all instructions carefully. Do not assume you know what to do!

Key Arctic Shores Rocket Launcher game tip: The Rocket Launcher game is very similar to the GF PassCode™ game, which you can practice to develop your attention and resilience ability today.

GF PassCode game assessment
GF PassCode™ practice game assessment
Source: GF

The final environment that we are going to cover from Arctic Shores is Firefly Freedom.

Firefly Freedom 

The Firefly Freedom game is developed by Arctic Shores to assess candidates. Students or job seekers who have upcoming game assessments for Airbus, should read this part carefully. 

  1. Repeat the sequence: In this game you will see some jars on your screen in different colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow). These jars will light up in a certain sequence, for eg: Y,Y,B,G,R, your task is to memorize the sequence and repeat it.
    • This game assesses your memory and observation
    • You can practice and improve your short term memory with our Cognition-M game.
  2. Release Fireflies: You’ll see two baskets, each of them filled with fruit. You have to aim the fruits towards the jars to release fireflies with the help of a catapult. One basket contains a fruit that releases 1 firefly only. The other basket contains one of two fruits: a “bomb fruit” which when thrown at the jars releases no fireflies, or the “Good fruit” which releases 3 fireflies. In one round you may get a lot of ‘good fruits’ and in the other, there’s a chance that you might get only ‘bomb fruits’.
    • This game assesses you on the basis of your judgment and risk-taking qualities.  
  3. Fireflies in the Jar: In this game a number of different types of jars will appear on the screen, your task is to click on the catapult as quickly as you can to release fireflies from those jars. The quicker you click, the more fireflies you release. If you click as soon as it says “Ready”, that jar is wasted.
    • This game assesses your reactions and attention.

Now that you’ve got the background to what are Arctic Shores Game Assessments, let’s take a look at how to prepare and pass Arctic Shores Game Assessments.

How do you pass Arctic Shores game-based assessments?

Check the Video below for a great starting point, an under 60 second overview of some early steps you can take to practice Arctic Shores game assessments:

How to pass game assessments | by Arctic Shores, HireVue & Assess Candidates #shorts

To get started with your Arctic Shores behavioural assessment practice, you need to complete these 3 fundamental actions:

  1. Rest: Have plenty of rest and something to eat prior to taking the assessment. You want to be functioning at your absolute best.
  2. Focused environment: Put yourself in an environment where you can focus and will not be disturbed. Game-based assessments often require intense concentration and focus.
  3. Use the right device: Use a device on which you can comfortably and quickly respond. This is important because, for example, many games assess the speed of your response. For such a game, it’s likely you can click faster with a mouse than you can touch a touchscreen.

Science Behind Arctic Shores game assessments

Behind Arctic Shores assessments, three pillars or values underpin the game assessments they offer for hiring:

  • Fairness
    • Assessments provide all candidate’s the same opportunity to succeed
    • Arctic Shores aim to remove unconscious bias in a fair manner and do so without lowering the bar for candidate performance.
  • Reliability
    • Assessments are robust and consistent
    • Arctic Shores use a ‘test and refine’ approach to maintain the reliability of their games.
  • Validity
    • Assessments measure the correct areas of behavioural competence
    • Arctic Shores, in virtue of providing game-based assessments, reduce candidate anxiety compared to traditional tests, which often confound the results obtained from candidates.
    • Arctic Shores ensures predictive validity whilst measuring a candidate’s personality by gaining insights into how they naturally think and behave.
    • Game assessments by nature are hard for test-takers to fake as there are no right or wrong questions.
    • The assessments are used to determine work-relevant psychological traits using machine learning.

You may still feel a bit in the dark with how to prepare for Arctic Shores game-based assessments, this is why with GF you can reduce pre-test nerves with robust game assessments.

Each game outlined in the next section is designed to get you familiar with the Arctic Shores game-assessment environment, so stick around.

How to Prepare for Arctic Shores game-based assessments:

Game based assessments are often more difficult to practice when compared to more traditional aptitude tests since the results are based on your behaviours in tasks presented in novel formats. However here are a few things you can do to make sure you perform well and up to your individual abilities.

How to prepare for Arctic Shores assessments

  1. Check if you can practice Arctic Shores games

Find out what type of game you will be assessed with. By knowing the main scenario and demands of the game, you will feel more confident and familiar with the game, and thus better able to focus on tasks.

Start your Arctic Shores practice journey with GF. We provide practice game-based assessments similar to Arctic Shores assessments to help you get familiar with the most common styles of assessments.

Practicing will allow you to get familiar with game assessments, help you interact and use the proper device when you get a chance to be assessed by the employer.

Take a look below at the games you can practice with GF, we offer several practice games that can help you with some Arctic Shores assessment practice:

GF Game PracticeRelevant Arctic Shores Game/sSkills Practiced
Cognition-A™Tickets GameAttention
Cognition-M™Leaflets Game, Tile Sequence Game & Repeat the sequence GameMemory
BARTBalloons Game, Cargo Containers and Mining GameRisk taking, Preferences & Personality
i-EQ™Emotions GameEmotion Recognition
Flanker TaskArrows Game and Bulbs & Cogs GameAttention
PassCode™Security Door and Rocket LauncherAttention and Resilience
Logical Reasoning TestsStaff Rota GameLogical Reasoning Ability
MTA-Tray™ Organising, Attention, and Multi-Tasking 
MathBubbles™ Mental Arithmetic

Each of our practice tests are designed to replicate the style of one or more of the Arctic Shores’ SkyRise City game-assessments that employers use to assess you. 

For the best Arctic Shores practice with worked solutions and pro tips to boost your development, register with GF today.

  1. Find the right time and place to complete the assessment

Find somewhere where you will not be disturbed, with a reliable internet connection. Make sure that when starting the assessments, you are not stressed or anxious.

Use the recommended browser and hardware (e.g. laptop, mobile, etc.) as detailed by the employer. Keep in mind that your behaviour (and time) are also being tracked. These games typically require sliding, moving, pressing, etc.

Use the platform that gives you the comfort of completing the assessments without unnecessary stress caused by the hardware or its limits to the interactions you can perform.

  1. Research what companies look for in Arctic Shores game assessments

Researching the values of the company you are applying for can be a great place to start. Look out for personality traits that they praise in their existing employees, and core competencies that are valued. You may begin by looking on the following:

  • Company Website
  • Company Social Media
  • Company YouTube videos
  • Common online forums (though be aware that these are often opinion, and you should always double check the source)
  • Or, when searching for a company’s values, simply google ‘Accenture core values’ for example.

If you are applying for more competitive jobs, risk-taking and initiative are likely to be some of the top competencies sought after by your recruiters. Therefore, when taking game-based assessments do not shy away from trying to get extra points and do lean backwards if things do not go easy at first.

  1. Read the instructions instructions, stay focused.

Even though it looks like a game, it is not a game – it is an assessment. Do not assume you know how it works because you are a pro in Fortnite or another game.

Stay focused. You will not be able to repeat it, and you do not want to lower your chances by not having understood the instructions in depth.

Many employers will not let you re-apply to them for 6-12 months following a failed assessment.

Arctic Shores games each last between 2 and 15 minutes each, with 10 of these in quick succession. While you will be encouraged to take a break at certain points, you do need to stay focused for this period of time as they aim to measure various abilities.

And that is all for who are Arctic Shores and how to prepare for Arctic Shores game assessments! If you have any more questions, we have answers to these key questions in our FAQ Section below.

Arctic Shores FAQ

What is the Arctic Shores assessment?

Arctic Shores assessments are behaviour-based game assessments, which aim to assess candidates’ behaviours and cognitive abilities to predict their attitude and attributes. 

What does Skyrise city assess?

Skyrise City assesses the following traits: 

  • Cognitive attention       
  • Information processing      
  • Concentration        
  • Emotion recognition        
  • Risk propensity        
  • Decision-making       
  • Problem-solving      
  • Reflexes 
  • Logical reasoning ability

What is the minimum qualifying score for Arctic Shores game assessments?

Well, there’s no minimum qualifying score for Arctic Shores game-assessments. Your friend might score 9,000 and your score may be somewhere near 6,000 and still there are chances that you will be chosen. The behaviour-based assessments provided by Arctic Shores aim to assess your personality traits and cognitive abilities. And thus, you will be assessed on the basis of what choices you made in the games rather than how many points you scored in the game. Therefore, your end score has no correlation to your personality profile and selection.

Where can I practise Arctic Shores assessments?

Arctic Shores game assessments don’t really need any preparation. But, yes, it is important to understand how game-based assessments work. For the best Arctic Shores practice insights about the Arctic Shores game assessments, you can log in to GF and practice game assessments tailored by our team of chartered psychologists and scientists.