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What is a Cappfinity test? Why do employers use Cappfinity assessments? How to prepare for Cappfinity assessments? If these are questions on your mind, then look no further than this guide.

In this guide, we go into depth about Cappfinity or CAPP and the various strength-based assessment tools they provide for top recruiters around the world. Don’t miss our lowdown on these games and how they work, so you can learn what to expect and start preparing ahead of your real Cappfinity assessments.

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Wondering whether you should be practicing to prepare for your Cappfinity assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude tests results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study found that candidates who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

Bradley et al, (2019)

Cappfinity Assessment Glossary:

VEEVirtual Experience and Engagement
TempoMobile online assessment
CapptivateBehavioural and cognitive assessment
KoruPre-interview soft skills assessment
In a nutshell:
  1. Practice for Cappfinity Pre-Interview Assessments

Understand Cappfinity assessments. Learn what each test measures, what you need to do, how much time each assessment will take. Ensure that you are using the recommended browser and hardware (e.g. Laptop or Mobile). These tests may also track your behaviour and time.

Develop your understanding and technique for Cappfinity assessments by: 

  • Finding a good time to complete the assessment packages
  • Research the key strengths that each Cappfinity test measure
  • Read the instructions and information carefully before you start. Ensure you stay focused throughout the tests.

The practice assessments on our platform emulate the experience of the game assessments you will face when facing Capp psychometric tests.

  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

Practice potential strength-based interview questions you will face at Cappfinity by finding a similar job description to the position you want to apply for. Your answers need to flow and be timely. Your verbal communication should be convincing, filled with strengths that present you in the best way for a job. For your interview practice, use:

Our video interview practice platform contains predefined competency and industry questions and emulates experience you will have in platforms used in Cappfinity video interviews. Record your answers and watch them to develop your interview technique, timekeeping and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

Use the STAR method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Prepare for the Cappfinity Virtual Assessment Centre

Cappfinity provides various assessment centre exercises in order for employers to hire the best candidate for the role. These assessments can include:

  • Individual Exercises
  • Paired or Group Exercises
  • Final Interview

To get ahead, ensure that you sharpen your spoken and written communication skills. Research online, prepare and practice presenting as many relevant business case studies around the role and company as possible.

Practice Assessments Similar to Cappfinity Practice Now
Verbal Reasoning TestsStart Practicing
Numerical Reasoning TestsStart Practicing
Critical Reasoning TestsStart Practicing
Situational Judgement TestsStart Practicing
Personality QuestionnaireStart Practicing
Video InterviewStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  1. What does Cappfinity do?
  2. What is a Cappfinity test?
  3. How do I prepare for the CAPP test?
  4. What is Cappfinity strengths assessment?
  5. How do I pass the Cappfinity assessment?

Before we get started, let’s check out the contents of this guide to see what we’ll cover.


  1. Who are Cappfinity?
  2. Which companies use Cappfinity assessments to hire?
  3. Why do employers use Cappfinity assessments?
  4. What pre-interview assessments are developed by Cappfinity?
  5. How to prepare for Cappfinity assessments?
  6. How do Cappfinity work? Science behind Cappfinity assessments
  7. What is Cappfinity Snapshot Video Interview?
  8. How to pass Cappfinity Snapshot Video Interview?
  9. Why do employers use Cappfinity Snapshot Video interviews to hire?
  10. Other Cappfinity Strength-based Hiring and Onboarding Tools 
  11. Cappfinity assessments: FAQs

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Who are Cappfinity?

  • Cappfinity, previously known as CAPP, is a strength-focused online psychometric test provider founded in 2005 by Dr Alex Linley and Nicky Garcea. Today the company has four offices in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.
  • The name of the company Cappfinity is a combination of ‘Capp’: Centre for Applied Positive Psychology and ‘Affinity’: a natural attraction and bond between people and companies.
  • Cappfinity currently provides over 4 million assessments per year to 250 clients in 80+ countries.
  • Cappfinity mission is centered around the 4 Talent Pillars:
    • Expertise in strength-based assessments;
    • Talent Technology connecting new advancements in strength assessments and user experience;
    • Data Science and AI with over 16 years of data points and experiences;
    • Authentic Human Experience with a team of professional Industrial Organisational Psychologists.

Which companies use Cappfinity assessments to hire?

Cappfinity provides their strength-based assessments to many top recruiters across the globe. These CAPP assessments are used across the duration of recruitment processes as they are flexible and matched to the specific requirements of the company and role. 

Below are some of the top employers that currently use Cappfinity in their recruitment processes:

Legal & PartnerGrant Thornton
BodyshopMott MacDonald

Interested in learning about the assessment processes and tools used by 150+ of the biggest recruiters? Then don’t miss our step-by-step employer guides to discover our top professional tips to help you prepare for your job application and get ahead.

So why do many employers invest in virtual recruitment processes?

These Assessments can collect over a thousand behavioural data points and measure competencies such as risk-taking, endurance, perseverance alongside more traditional traits like numerical ability, verbal and logical reasoning, etc. Such behaviour data is also much more difficult to manipulate by candidates.

Keep reading to discover the key reasons these top recruiters use Cappfinity assessments.

Why do employers use Cappfinity assessments?

The key 5 reasons why many employers use Cappfinity tests throughout their recruitment processes include:

  1. Tailored assessments: To identify and match the crucial strengths required to find the best candidates
  2. Bias free assessment: Cappfinity assessments level playing field by hiring based on strengths
  3. Immersive candidate experience: Candidates (92%) found the assessments interesting and insightful (source: Cappfinity)
  4. Tried and tested assessments: Cappfinity have 16 years of experience developing online recruitment assessments
  5. Greater insight: Strength assessments can be used to predict a candidates’ performance in role-specific situations

How do employers decide which Cappfinity assessments to use?


The Cappfinity Futuremark tool is used by employers to identify and select the relevant fields to assess in the application process based on the job description and requirements. The Futuremark tool aims to measure the key strengths of candidates in the following 5 key areas and fields:

  1. Being – Nature or essence of a person
GratitudeLegacyMoral Compass
Personal ResponsibilityPrideSelf-awareness
  1. Communication – How we provide and receive information 
  1. Motivation – Drive towards action 
CatalystChange AgentCompetitive
Work Ethic
  1. Relation – How we relate to our peers
CompassionConnectorEmotional Awareness
Esteem BuilderPersonalisationPersuasion
Rapport BuilderRelationship Deepener
  1. Thinking – The approach to a situation
Strategic AwarenessTime Optimiser

Cappfinity will then use these discovered strengths to select the potential online assessments and assessment tools for the recruitment process for the role. Employers can pick and choose the assessments and may even include additional non-assessed exercises for the candidates. 

Keep reading as we cover each of these below.

How do I Prepare for Cappfinity Futuremark?

As this is not an assessment you will take, you don’t need to worry so much about preparing for it like you would for any test. However, knowing the key strengths from Futuremark is great for understanding what assessments you should be preparing for during your employer application process.

Therefore, we’ve come up with the following 2 key tips you can use to get ready for your Cappfinity assessments.

  1. Research the employer you are applying for ahead of time to gain a greater understanding of the key strengths required. Key areas you can focus your research on can include:
    • The company website, social media and online reviews
    • Products/services, mission and values
    • Short and long-term goals
    • Recent news

Or check out this short video which covers these key researching tips you can use to discover the key strengths required for the role you’re applying for:

How to Research a Company Before an Interview | Job Application & Interview Tips #shorts
  1. Explore Potential Strength-based Questions

As Cappfinity assessments focus on measuring and assessing strengths, your assessment and interview questions are going to be strength-based too. Look out and find the most commonly used strength-based questions used in interviews by your employer.

Good to know: You can gain crucial insights into strength-based questions ahead of your Cappfinity assessments using our Strength-based Practice Video Interview Tool.

Now that we know how employers select Cappfinity assessments, let’s move on to some pre-interview assessments developed by Cappfinity.

What pre-interview assessments are developed by Cappfinity?

Cappfinity have developed a variety of blended assessment tool packages which are customisable for the recruiter and the specific job role to ensure the key strengths that are required are matched with the best candidate.

These Capp assessment packages include:

Continue reading as we cover each of these online assessments. We will cover the Snapshot separately as we go into even more detail on this video interview assessment tool. 

Cappfinity Virtual Experience and Engagement (VEE)

Before you begin your assessments, you may be invited to the Virtual Experience and Engagement (VEE) platform to participate in a work simulation and personality questionnaire. Although these exercises will not be assessed, this will be a great opportunity to self-assess your key strengths ahead of the tests.

Good to know: At the end of the VEE exercises, there will be a live employer evaluation where you will have the opportunity to measure your current strengths against the 5 VEE Strengths and Competencies.

Cappfinity Tempo, Capptivate and Altitude Assessments

As part of many recruiter’s early application processes, companies may use a Cappfinity assessment package to assess applicants for their key strengths for the role. The assessments included within these Capp assessment packages will depend on the role.

The 3 most commonly used Cappfinity assessment packages used by employers are:

Below is a quick overview of each of these packages.


The Cappfinity Tempo assessment package is a pre-interview mobile test which will assess the key strengths, skills, workplace personality and experiences of the candidates. This Cappfinity mobile assessment should only take up to 15 minutes to complete.


The Capptivate assessments will usually include a combination of behavioural and cognitive assessments designed by Cappfinity which will be focused around the tasks and scenarios commonly involved in the role. Once completed, candidates will receive a feedback report on their performance. Read on below for more info on what to expect!


The Cappfinity Altitude assessments package is used to identify the best-matched talent for executive roles. These assessments are usually in 2 different stages and will include untimed online assessments which may last up to 40 minutes followed by a video interview.

The Altitude assessments aim to measure candidates in 8 key strength areas. Check out the below summary of these 8 strengths and how you can demonstrate these. 

Altitude 8

Cappfinity StrengthAspects of these Strengths
Agile thinking Flexibility and creativity. Ability to learn from mistakes and past experiences to develop solutions.
Inclusive leadershipEmpowerment of others in the team to develop and bring forward their own input to discussions.
Relationship navigationDevelopment of constructive relationships and support of the requirements and needs of others.
Courage Speaking up to do the right thing. Persuasive in discussions and decision making.
AccountabilityTaking personal ownership and responsibility for goals, targets and commitments
Strategic visionProblem solving and planning. Understanding the key business areas and risks associated with the role. 
Self-insightHonesty regarding the person’s strengths and weaknesses. Has a positive and growth perspective.
Change facilitationAbility to re-prioritise and reassess tasks. Flexible to adapt to changes.

How do I prepare for these Cappfinity assessments?

Don’t worry, as we’ll cover how to prepare for each assessment later in the text. However before we dive into these, don’t miss this quick video where we cover the top tips to improve your speed for your CAPP online assessments:

Improve your speed in online employer tests | Top Tips to get Quicker #shorts

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So what assessments will these packages include? Keep reading as we cover each of the key Cappfinity psychometric and strengths-based assessments in detail!

Cappfinity Psychometric Tests

The CAPP assessments aim to assess a variety of skills, strengths and competencies of candidates. Employers often use the following Cappfinity online assessments in their assessment processes:

Below, we will cover each of these CAPP psychometric tests you may take during your application and the best preparation tips you can use to get ahead.

To start, let’s cover the CAPP numerical reasoning tests.

Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning Tests

What is the Cappfinity numerical reasoning test?

The Cappfinity numerical reasoning test or CAPP numerical test will provide you with various job-related scenarios relevant to the role you have applied for. You will be tasked to complete various numerical calculations. Although there is no time limit, you will be measured on the speed and accuracy of your answers.

What will the Cappfinity numerical reasoning test involve?

The Cappfinity numerical test will be divided into 3 main question types:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Ranking the order
  • Typing the answer

Important note: Do not worry if Maths is not your strong suit! Just make sure to do a quick recap of basic mathematics such as ratios, percentages and reading data off charts, tables and graphs.

Discover more about numerical reasoning tests and how employers use these to assess you in this quick video:

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test? #shorts

Top 5 Tips to Pass Your Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning Test

  1. Practice numerical tests to familiarise yourself with the questions commonly used
  2. Use worked solutions to learn and develop the key improvement areas 
  3. Find a balance between speed and accuracy. Rushing your answers may impact your accuracy
  4. Complete the numerical test at a time when your brain works at its best
  5. Take the test in a quiet space with a stable internet connection. Have a pen, paper and a calculator for making notes.

Test your numerical reasoning skills with this example question similar to a Cappfinity numerical test that our experts have developed below:

Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning Question Example

capp numerical reasoning free question example


Think you’ve cracked it? Check the bottom of the page! 

Get the Practice Essentials for your Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning tests with our Capp-style practice numerical tests and fast-track your preparation with worked solutions and progress tracking.

Important note: Whilst the Cappfinity numerical reasoning test might not have a time limit, it is important that you practice under time pressure as the real tests will also measure the time taken for you to complete the assessment.

For even more Cappfinity practice numerical reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance – then we at GF have you covered.

Let’s move on to the next potential Capp test you are likely to take during your job application: the Cappfinity verbal reasoning tests.

Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning Tests

What is the Cappfinity verbal reasoning test?

The Cappfinity verbal reasoning test is an untimed test which will assess a variety of written and verbal communication skills through various question types. Similar to the numerical test, the Capp verbal test does not have a time limit but does measure the accuracy and time taken to complete the assessment.

What will the Cappfinity verbal reasoning test involve?

During your Capp verbal test you can expect the following types of questions:

  • Match responses to the best of 2 messages based on style of communication
  • Read a passage of text and fill in the correct missing words
  • Check and correct the spelling, punctuation and grammar of a passage
  • Rank statements in order from the most to least positive
  • Decide whether a statement is “True”, “False” or whether you “Cannot Say” to statements around a passage

Important note: This capp assessment aims to identify the candidate’s ability to accurately extract the relevant information from a previously unseen passage of text. This tends to be more difficult for non-native English speakers.

Therefore we recommend practicing verbal reasoning test questions as much as possible in order to understand the specific ways in which texts are structured. Below are 5 additional verbal reasoning test tips you can use to ace your Cappfinity verbal assessment.

5 Key Tips to Pass the Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning Test

  1. Consider the answer type: Understand the requirements of each question type. Read the instructions carefully to find out what to expect and what is expected of you.
  2. Focus on the Information provided: You should only use the information provided when answering your decisions. Do not consider any external information or knowledge you may have for these tests.
  3. Read new texts: expand your vocabulary by one word each day by investing some time in reading new books and articles. 
  4. Practice word puzzles: Spend time completing crosswords and word puzzles. Read through broadsheet newspapers and scientific articles as well.
  5. Rest well before: Aim to have plenty of rest the night before. Sit the test where you won’t be disturbed to ensure you can concentrate at a time when your brain performance is best. 

Check out this short video for even more tips on how you can succeed in your Cappfinity verbal assessment:

Verbal Reasoning Tests | How to succeed during the test #shorts

Get the Practice Essentials for your Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning tests with our Capp-style practice verbal reasoning tests and fast-track your test preparation with worked solutions and progress tracking.

Try out your verbal reasoning skills with this example verbal reasoning question we’ve developed below similar to the Cappfinity verbal assessments:

Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning Question Example

capp verbal reasoning free question example

Think you got the answer? Check the bottom of the page!

Good to know: Whilst your Cappfinity verbal test may not have a time limit, just like the numerical tests it is important that you practice under time pressure as the real tests measure the time taken to complete the test.

For even more Cappfinity practice verbal reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance – then our team at GF have you covered.

Now that we’ve covered the Capp verbal reasoning tests, let’s check out what we’ll need to know ahead of the Cappfinity Critical Reasoning tests.

Cappfinity Critical Reasoning Tests

What is the Cappfinity critical reasoning test?

The Cappfinity critical reasoning tests aim to measure your problem-solving and decision making ability. Similar to the numerical and verbal tests, the critical test will not have a time limit but will record the speed and accuracy of your answers to the questions provided.

What will the Cappfinity critical reasoning test involve?

During the Cappfinity critical reasoning test, you may find the following types of questions:

Question TypeWhat You Will Do
Does/Doesn’t FollowDecide whether each of 4 conclusions follows or does not follow the statement
Reasonable DoubtDetermine whether 4 conclusions logically follow a statement beyond a reasonable doubt
Strong/Weak PointsWork out whether each of the following 4 arguments have weak or strong points related to a question 
Truth StatementsDetermine whether the 4 conclusions are True, Probably True, Can’t Say, Probably False, False based on the provided statement
AssumptionsFigure out whether the 4 statements are assumptions or not based on the provided text passage

Get the Practice Essentials for your Cappfinity Critical Reasoning tests with our Capp-style practice critical reasoning tests and fast-track your test preparation with worked solutions and progress tracking.

Top 5 Tips to Ace your Cappfinity Critical Reasoning Test

  1. Only use the information provided in the test. Avoid using your own knowledge or attitudes unless explicitly told to do so in the instructions
  2. Consider each of the conclusions or argument separately
  3. Read the statement and the conclusions carefully before attempting each question
  4. Manage your time to ensure you have enough time to reason with each question
  5. During the Truth Statements questions section, you should always assume that the passage is true

Important note: Expand your critical reasoning preparation with our industry standard Watson Glaser-style critical reasoning tests for further Essential assessment practice designed in-house by our experts.

You may also be required to take some behavioural assessments, such as during the Capptivate assessments. Read on as we cover the key facts about the Cappfinity behavioural assessments you’ll need to ace these tests.

Cappfinity Behavioural Assessments

What are the Cappfinity behavioural assessments?

The Cappfinity behavioural assessments is a blend of various behavioural and workplace personality assessments that employers can use to determine the candidates most suitable for the workplace culture and the role.

Important note: Some of these exercises will have a set time limit set by the employer. Read the instructions for each exercise carefully as these time limits will be stated before you begin.

What do the Cappfinity behavioural assessments involve?

During these assessments, you may take the following exercises:

  • Rank your preferences in the Situational Strengths Test
  • Select most appropriate response from multiple choice questions
  • Sort responses into categories
  • Personality questionnaire
  • Provide written and video responses to questions

What is the Cappfinity Situational Strengths Test?

The Cappfinity Situational Strengths test (SST) will assess your behaviour, responses and reasonings to a range of situations relevant to the role you are applying for. You will be presented with 4 or 5 options for each scenario, and will be required to rank the order of these based on your preferences.

Good to know: This assessment is similar to a Situational Judgement Test (SJT), which also assesses your behaviour based on your ranked responses to a given situation from the ‘Best’ to ‘Worst’ option.

Discover more about SJTs such as the Situational Strengths tests and how they assess you in this YouTube video below:

What is a Situational Judgement Test (SJT)? | 2024 Candidate Guide (PwC, Deloitte, Accenture)

5 Top Tips to Ace your Cappfinity Situational Strengths Test

  1. Consider the role: read the job description to understand the likely scenarios you will face and determine the best strategies to resolve these
  2. Read up on behaviours: research which behaviour is preferable to another for each strength area you will be assessed on
  3. Research the company culture: understanding the culture of the employer may be key to discovering the most favourable approach for the role
  4. Practice SJT questions: familiarise yourself with the potential situations used in these assessments and the preferred solutions for employers
  5. Ask the Experts: discover the approach that more senior employees would take to a scenario and challenge their thinking to improve your understanding

Check out the below sneak peek at an example SJT question that our team has created to get an insight into how your Cappfinity Strengths Assessment may look:

Cappfinity Situational Strengths Question Example


Discover the top mistakes that you should avoid in order to ace this Cappfinity Strengths based assessment or take a break from reading with the quick video below:

  1. Skipping the job description: This includes the key competencies and strengths required to excel in the role
  2. Not practicing: Getting familiar with situational tests beforehand is proven to improve performance during these tests
  3. Avoiding work experience: Key competencies and strengths are often developed through projects at work and through learning opportunities. 
How to Fail a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) #shorts

Sign-up for GF’s Situational Judgement Test package today and practice for your Cappfinity situational strengths assessment with us. Access real questions, live test reports, and progress charts to enhance your Capp test preparation!

Cappfinity Personality Assessment

As part of the Cappfinity behavioural assessments, you are likely to also take a personality questionnaire. The Cappfinity personality questionnaire will require you to rate your preferences to actions or views to statements on a scale. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, as these measure your preferences within the workplace.  

How to pass my Cappfinity personality test?

Check out our top 5 personality test preparation tips that you can use to prepare for your Cappfinity personality assessment below or listen along to these with the short video below:

  1. Research the job: Consider the role that you’re applying for and reflect on your personality before taking the cappfinity personality test.
  2. Practice with the WPQ: Develop an understanding of your work preferences using our personality assessment tool with a personalised report on your preferences.
  3. Discover the best job: Use the learnings from our WPQ to discover what jobs are best suited for you based on your work preferences.
  4. Be honest: it is in both your and the employer’s interest that you are not placed in a role you are uncomfortable with
  5. Make your answers consistent: you don’t want to be flagged as someone trying to distort the capp assessment. You might be required to take further questions to verify your answers.
How to Pass Personality Questionnaires (5 Personality Test Tips) #shorts

Our WPQ personality questionnaire has been developed by previous SHL consultants with years of experience developing psychometric assessments and personality questionnaires. The WPQ provides a detailed report similar to what your employers may see from your CAPP personality assessment

Let’s move on to another tailored Cappfinity online assessment that employers often use: the Cappfinity Simulate assessments.

Cappfinity Simulate

What is Cappfinity Simulate?

The Cappfinity Simulate assessments is a blended job simulation virtual assessment with recorded video responses and e-tray exercises to give you a realistic preview of the job activities. Cappfinity Simulate is able to replace typical video interviews and is often used alongside other Cappfinity packages such as Tempo and Capptivate.

Important note: This blended assessment is similar to a Situational Judgement Test and will require recorded video responses similar to a video interview. Ensure you practice to familiarise yourself with these assessments before the real test

Top 5 Tips to Prepare for the Cappfinity Simulate Assessment

  1. Reflect on the key skills required by the role you are applying for. Use the job description to understand the activities you are likely to be assessed with.
  2. Enhance your time management skills. Your responses may be timed, so ensure to spread your time across the required tasks to ensure you complete all the activities.
  3. Familiarise yourself with Cappfinity job simulations using practice Situational Judgement Tests to discover how you would handle likely work scenarios in your role.
  4. Develop confidence in your recorded video responses and refine your technique through practice using our practice video interview tool.
  5. Prepare for your E-tray exercises and develop your prioritization skills ahead of your CAPP simulate assessments with GF’s practice E-tray exercises

Discover our top 5 SJT tips that you can use to prepare for your Cappfinity job simulation assessments with this quick video below:

Ace the SJT! | 5 Situational Judgement Test Tips #shorts

Employers may also use Cappfinity to assess your soft skills using the Koru7 Impact Skills Assessment. Let’s cover what you’ll need to know to prepare for this below.

Koru7 Impact Skills Assessment

What is the Cappfinity Koru7 Impact Skills Assessment?

The Cappfinity Koru assessments aim to measure a candidate’s soft skills, workplace preferences and competencies through a 20 minute online pre-interview assessment. You may be required to pick which answer sounds most like you, select from multiple choices or input your own responses in the provided field.

This assessment is tailored to the employer and the soft skills that are required to do well at the company. Therefore the questions asked will be specific to the key competencies required by the company and the job. 

The Koru assessment will assess the candidate through the following 7 main soft skills:


The Koru7 assessment will measure these skills through the 3 main sections of the test:

  1. Past experiences
  2. Work style
  3. Work scenarios

Important note: This quick cappfinity strength assessment is similar to a personality assessment and SJTs as this Capp test aims to measure the key skills and preferences of the candidate through the responses given by the candidate for workplace scenarios.

Wondering why and how top employers use Koru Impact assessments to measure workplace personality? Then don’t miss this YouTube video below:

How Employers use Personality Questionnaires to Hire | 2024 Guide | PwC, Barclays, Apple, P&G

How to pass the Cappfinity Koru7 Assessment?

  1. Reflect on the role: consider the key aspects and responsibilities of the role from the job description
  2. Research the Company: gain further insight into what the best fit candidate will be by understanding the workplace culture
  3. Understand your preferences: discover your key workplace preferences with GF’s Practice Personality Questionnaire
  4. Be honest and consistent: similar to the Cappfinity behavioural assessments, it is in your best interest to find a job that best suits your preferences

Important note: For your Koru7 Impact Skills assessment preparation, get the Essential GF practice with our Workplace Questionnaire (WPQ) and Situational Judgement Tests developed by our experts to help you discover and develop the key soft skills required for the role you’ve applied for.

So, what are the best ways to prepare for these Cappfinity strength-based assessments? Stick with us as we go through our top tips you can use to prepare for your CAPP assessments!

How to prepare for Cappfinity Assessments?

Before we dive into all our super easy Cappfinity online assessment tips, be sure to check out our quick tips to identify the wrong answers fast with this video:

Identify and eliminate wrong answers fast in Online Assessment Tests | Secret Insights #shorts

The Cappfinity assessments may seem difficult to prepare for when compared to the traditional aptitude tests as these Cappfinity aptitude tests and assessment tools are designed specifically for the employer and the role’s requirements. 

4 Top Tips to prepare for Cappfinity assessments

However, below are FOUR key tips we’ve developed for you can follow to ensure you refine your cognitive and behavioural skills to prepare for your Cappfinity assessments:

  1. Practice aptitude tests similar to Cappfinity assessments

Many CAPP assessment tests still measure competencies the same way as other standardised aptitude tests, so you can practice your abilities for these in a similar way. For each assessment, consider what you will be assessed on to focus your practice.

Our team of experts have designed the practice assessment tests below to help you prepare for the real Cappfinity tests and assessment tools most commonly provided to recruiters. 

Cappfinity AssessmentsPractice with GF Now
Verbal Reasoning TestsStart Practicing
Numerical Reasoning TestsStart Practicing
Critical Reasoning TestsStart Practicing
Situational Strengths testStart Practicing
Koru Personality QuestionnaireStart Practicing
GF Practice Assessments

Good to know: For fully worked solutions, feedback tips and progress tracking on your performance, Go Premium and gain lifetime access to assessments and practice tools developed by industry experts and grow your skills with GF today.

  1. Research what the company is looking for

Researching the values of the company that you are applying for is a great place to start. Look out for the key personality traits that they praise in their existing employees, and core competencies that are most valued. Ensure to check the following:

  • Company Website
  • Company Social Media
  • Company YouTube videos
  • Common online forums. Be aware that these are often opinions, and you should always double check that the source is relevant and recent (posts within 1-2 years).
  • Or, when searching for a company’s values, simply google KPMG core values’ for example.

If you are applying for more competitive jobs, risk-taking and initiative are likely to be some of the top competencies sought after by your recruiters. Therefore, when taking game-based assessments do not shy away from trying to get extra points, though do be more cautious if things do not go easy at first.

  1. Find the right time and place to complete the assessment

Take your Cappfinity test somewhere where you will not be disturbed, with a reliable internet connection. Make sure to start the assessments when your brain performance is at its best, and ensure you have plenty of rest the night before.

Important note: Use the recommended browser and hardware (e.g. laptop, mobile, etc.) by the employer. Keep in mind that your behaviours (and time) are also being measured. These assessments may also require sliding, moving, pressing, etc. movements.

Use the platform that gives you the most comfort to complete the assessments without unnecessary stress caused by the hardware or its limits to the interactions you can perform. Remember that assessments such as Tempo are mobile-friendly!

  1. Read carefully the instructions, stay focused

Even though some assessments may look like a game, they are not games – each is still an assessment. Do not assume you know how the assessment works because you are a pro in Fortnite or another game.

Stay focused. You may not be able to repeat the assessment, and you do not want to lower your chances by not having understood the instructions in depth.

Important note: Many employers will not let you re-apply to positions within the company for 6-12 months following a failed assessment. You must ensure you read each question carefully and understand what is required from you before you begin your assessment.

The Cappfinity online assessments often do not last very long, so you need to stay focused for this period of time as there is little or no break during these assessments and they measure various abilities including speed and accuracy.

How do Cappfinity work? Science behind Cappfinity assessments

Behind each Cappfinity assessment is the aim to assist recruiters through a strength-based approach to assessment. These assessments:

  • Reduce bias: the assessments focus on a variety of strengths to measure rather than competencies which allows candidates to compete on an equal level as strengths are natural to the candidate.
  • Identify the best talent: Use of the Futuremark tool to find the best blend of assessments for the specific role and company. These tailored assessments provide a greater indication of how candidates will perform on the job.
  • Performance and strengths at work: Cappfinity has a variety of tests for: strengths, skills, preferences, cognitive ability, personality, values or experience. Candidates can discover the work environment where they are happier and perform better.

And with this, we’ve covered the main pre-interview Cappfinity assessments. Keep on reading to discover more about the Cappfinity video interview tool: Snapshot.

What is Cappfinity Snapshot Video Interview?

The Cappfinity Snapshot tool is a video interview where candidates will provide their answers to strengths-based interview questions provided by Cappfinity or custom questions from the employer. You may be required to answer in the form of recorded video responses, written answers or select from multiple choice statements

Important note: Ensure to practice answers and rewatch videos until you are confident with your recorded answer as you will not be able to re-record your responses once submitted.

For even more insight into your cappfinity interview, check out this quick video covering all you need to know about video interviews:

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

How long is a Cappfinity Video Interview? 

As the Cappfinity video interview is designed around the job role and the employer, the duration of the video interview may vary depending on the types and number of questions asked. 

The written and multiple choice questions may be time recorded, so ensure to improve your timekeeping skills ahead of the interview. You will be instructed regarding this before you begin these questions.

How to pass Cappfinity Snapshot Video Interview?

7 Top Tips to Ace your Cappfinity Snapshot Video Interview

Before you take your Cappfinity video interview, try out our below 7 top tips you can use to prepare and pass any video interview:

  1. Read the job description of the role and make a written list of the important keywords and strengths on sticky notes.
    • Ensure to keep these notes nearby and try to incorporate these keywords into your answers
    • Before your online interview, familiarise yourself again with these keywords
  1. Prepare for strength-based interview questions. Understand your key strengths and what you most enjoy. Provide examples from personal and professional experiences.
  1. Take the Cappfinity interview in a place you will not be disturbed, and check what is visible behind you.
    • Ensure you have a stable internet connection before you begin the online interview
    • Set up before the interview to ensure the device is working with all the necessary equipment, such as a microphone and webcam.
  1. Demonstrate confidence by looking into the camera while recording your answers. Eye contact and confidence are crucial for showing you are professional and right for the role.
  1. Open and close your answers properly: Always aim to finish your answers by returning back to the question. Avoid closing your answer abruptly.
  1. Talk smoothly and without interruptions. This is another way to impress the recruiter reviewing your interview with your confidence in your ability.
  1. Practice spoken and body communication using our video interview preparation platform to record, playback and improve answers using instant feedback on your performance.

Looking for even more video interview tricks you can use in your capp interview? Then take a break from reading with this short video below:

Epic Video Interview Tips and Tricks #shorts

Practice your strength-based interview questions ahead of your Cappfinity video interview with our GF video interview preparation tool and nail your technique through timed recordings, replay and practice dozens of example interview questions used by top employers.

Cappfinity Video Interview Questions

capp video interview free graduate questions

How to practice for Cappfinity Video Interviews

  • Find a similar job description to the role you have applied for and practice answers to typical questions found online in front of a mirror or record yourself on your phone

Important note: Prepare for your interview with the Practice Essentials with GF and discover many of the typical interview questions you may be asked during your Cappfinity Snapshot interview using our Question Identifier Tool (QIT).

  • Gain feedback on your performance by having a friend or family member watch over your recording.
  • Use GF’s video interview practice platform to help you with improving your body and spoken language through recording and replaying your responses to practice questions used by Cappfinity.

Discover 3 top interview mistakes that candidates make that you should avoid in your cappfinity video interview with this short video:

3 Video Interview Mistakes EVERYONE Makes (HireVue, Zoom, Skype) #shorts

Why practice Cappfinity video interview questions?

To succeed in your Cappfinity Snapshot video interview we have recommended that you practice your answers. But why? Here are 3 key reasons to practice for your video interview:

  1. To familiarise yourself with finding a natural way to embed the keywords and strengths from the job description into your answers.
  2. Improve your time keeping skills as your time taken for your responses may be recorded in your cappfinity interview.
  3. Practice will allow you to develop your best performance. This is vital as your recording may be reviewed many times and may even be transcribed into text by your recruiter.

Why do employers use Cappfinity Snapshot video interviews to hire?

Top recruiters globally use strength-based interviews from Cappfinity video interview tools such as Snapshot during recruitment processes for the following 5 key reasons:

  1. Easy to use and access
    • As there is no application required, candidates can take the video interview in a time and place more suitable for them
    • Recruiters are able to review the responses when most convenient for them 
  1. Find best matching candidates
    • Tailored questions around the role allows recruiters to find the best candidates based on high performance
  1. Focus on attributes to remove bias
    • Focus on a variety of natural key strengths instead of competencies to measure performance for the specific position
  1. Insight into what drives success
    • Recruiters can gain an accurate understanding of how candidates will perform and succeed within the particular role
  1. Recruiters can review and score responses
    • Assessors are able to share, sort and filter the candidates based on their responses based on these scores
    • Candidates are able to receive feedback on these scores, such as the Strengths report and gain support for development areas

Employers may also use additional strength-based tools provided by Cappfinity in their hiring processes. Read on as we cover just some of the key tools used by top recruiters.

Other Cappfinity Strength-based Hiring and Onboarding Tools

Cappfinity also assists employers with hiring at the final stages with onboarding and training tools. Below we will give you the lowdown on what you can expect and how you can best develop your skills to get a headstart in your career.

Cappfinity Virtual Assessment Centre

What is the Cappfinity virtual assessment centre?

The Cappfinity virtual assessment centre will consist of a blend of live and recorded activities which will be based around the job role and the likely responsibilities and scenarios you will face within the position. These activities may include Capptivate assessments and can include strength-based assessments such as:

  • Individual Exercises
  • Paired or Group Exercises
  • Strength-based Interview

How to Prepare for the Cappfinity Virtual Assessment Centre?

  1. Rest Well Beforehand
    • Do not lose sleep because of the performance stress. Lack of good sleep can mean that your best skills may not be at their sharpest.
  1. Practice 
  1. Be Prepared
    • If the assessment centre is in-person, make travel arrangements in advance of the day. As most cappfinity assessment centres are virtual, use your time wisely to check that your camera is working, and that you have a pad and pen ready at your side to make notes.
  1. Read the Information Carefully
    • Engage with all the provided materials and information to understand the scope of the challenges you are likely to face for each task.
  1. Be Yourself
    • Aim to tackle each task and the interview with your own approach. These assessments aim to further understand your own potential and abilities.

Good to know: This stage of an employer’s recruitment process may also include various opportunities to participate in developmental activities. These will not be assessed, however will be a good chance to gain further insight into the skills required by the employer.

Further to these development opportunities, Cappfinity also provides onboarding and training support for early careers. Let’s check out what you could expect below.

Cappfinity Onboarding and Training Tools

Cappfinity also offer two further onboarding and training tools that assist for early careers. These are Start Strong assisting successful candidates with their strengths, and Strengths Profile which is a personality assessment for self-assessment purposes.

What is Cappfinity Start Strong?

The Cappfinity Start Strong is a strengths-based early careers onboarding package which assists successful candidates for their first 90 days at their new job. This will include a strengths report or through the Strengths Profile tool. Graduates, Interns and Apprentices are able to attend webinar and interactive online sessions to build their network and develop key strengths.

What is the Cappfinity Strengths Profile?

The Cappfinity Strengths Profile tool is a personality assessment which can be used to self-assess using the 60 key strengths measured within the profile. This assessment takes up to 15 minutes and measures these key strengths across the 4 key areas. These are: 

Key Strength AreaMeaningHow to Use
Realised StrengthsStrengths that you often use and prefer mostUse these wisely:
– Align to job context
– Align to your goals
– Understand strengths
Unrealised StrengthsSkills which are not used as oftenTry to use these more:
– Find new opportunities
– Practice
– Gain feedback
Learned BehavioursActions you do well but might not enjoyUse these when needed:
– Cut back on using it
– Refocus the role
– Consider the timing
WeaknessesThings which you find more difficult and do not enjoyUse these less:
– Use other strengths
– Seek support from team working
– Set realistic goals

The Strengths Profile also uses the SELF model to support users with the development of their strengths.

  • Self aware – discover more about yourself and your ability to identify the strengths of others
  • Explore –  understand why your key strengths are important and how these have been developed
  • Launch – explore methods to work on and apply these strengths to the role
  • Flourish – continue to develop strengths and explore further unrealised strengths

And with that, we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know about your upcoming Cappfinity assessments and how you can best prepare and ace them.

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t miss our summary below of answers to some of the top questions people commonly ask about the Cappfinity/CAPP assessments in our quick FAQs.

Cappfinity Assessments: FAQs

What is a Cappfinity test?

The Cappfinity online assessments are a blend of assessment tools used by employers to measure key strengths and discover the best performing candidates for a specific job. This may be through a blend of critical, numerical or verbal reasoning tests or through job simulations, personality questionnaires and Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs).

How do you pass Cappfinity assessment?

Here are our 5 quick tricks to ace your CAPP online tests:

  1. Practice aptitude tests similar to Cappfinity assessments
  2. Research the company and what they are looking for
  3. Find the best time and place for you to complete the assessment
  4. Check your equipment before you begin
  5. Read the instructions carefully and stay focused

Prepare for your Cappfinity assessments by practicing with GF today!

Are Cappfinity tests hard?

The CAPP tests are tailored to the job requirements and the employer expectations, and so are likely to depend on the skill level of the job. The difficulty of each assessment will also adapt in response to the candidate’s answers. More correct answers to ability questions will lead to more challenging questions.

What is a Capptivate assessment?

The Capptivate online assessments include a blend of behavioural and cognitive assessments designed by Cappfinity which focused around the tasks and scenarios commonly involved in the role. These assessments allow employers to assess the behaviours, abilities, strengths and values of the candidate.

Are Cappfinity tests timed?

Cappfinity assessments do not have a set time limit to complete the tests. However, for some assessments such as behavioural tests and video responses the time taken may be recorded. You will be informed of whether a test will measure the time taken before you begin these assessments.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test – D

Verbal Reasoning Test – B