Who are Cappfinity – Assess with Authenticity

Along with Korn Ferry Talent Q and Cubiks, Cappfinity is a medium-sized player in the Candidate and Recruitment Assessment arena. As with all other Assessment Consultancies, Cappfinity deals with a fair deal of psychometric tests and are known for both ability and personality assessments.

They are headquartered in Birmingham, UK. The company was founded in 2005 by Dr Alex Linley and Nicky Garcea. Today the company has four offices in the UK, USA and Australia.

The name of the company Cappfinity is a combination of ‘Capp’ (original company name, Centre for Applied Positive Psychology) and ‘Affinity’, as a central goal of what Cappfinity do – a natural attraction and bond between people and companies.

Cappfinity mission is centered around the 4 Talent Pillars:

  1. Experts in strength-based assessments;
  2. Talent Technology connecting new advancements in strength assessments and user experience;
  3. Data Science and AI with over 15 years of data points and experiences;
  4. Authentic Human Experience with a team of professional Industrial Organisational Psychologists.

CAPP tests

The approach of Cappfinity is built on science and data collected on millions of test-takers. With Cappfinity’s tools, companies are able to identify candidate strengths and match them to business needs, therefore ensuring that top emerging talent is recruited and the matching between candidates and companies is improved. This results in higher job retention.

Cappfinity sells candidate assessment tests under the name CAPP Tests.

We have also prepared a detailed overview of CAPP tests that support candidates in preparation to pass the tests.

Cappfinity also offer tools to work with companies across the candidate and employee life cycle, including experienced job seekers changing careers.

The list of Cappfinity’s customers includes:

If you would like to prepare for CAPP tests, we, at GF offer CAPP-style practice tests for candidate preparation for assessment as part of our test package.