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What are Pymetrics game assessments? What is a Pymetrics digital interview? How can you prepare for Pymetrics assessment games? How to pass a Pymetrics digital interview?

In this text, discover the Pymetrics game assessments used by top employers. Get insights on how these games and the digital interview work and prepare effectively for the tests.

We at GF provide professional assessment games practice. You can practise game assessments and digital interviews similar to those from Pymetrics to prepare for your job assessment with us.

Should you be practising to prepare for your game-based assessments? Many large employers leverage game assessments in their recruitment processes (Institute of Student Employers, 2018). A few of these major companies include Unilever, HSBC and RBS.

According to a study, game-based assessments to traditional tests, game-based assessments can equally motivate individuals regardless of their cultural backgrounds

(Guhl & Cordeiro, 2017).
In a nutshell:
  1. Prepare for Pymetrics Game-based Assessments

Understand Pymetrics game assessments. Learn what the games measure, what you need to do, and how much time each game will take. Ensure that you are using the browser and hardware (e.g. Laptop or Mobile) that is recommended for facing Pymetrics Game assessments. These games will track your behaviour and time.

Practice games developed by us that are similar to those created by Pymetrics today.

Refine your understanding and technique for Pymetrics game assessments by: 

  • Finding a good time to complete the assessment
  • Research the key values that the Pymetrics games are being used to assess.
  • Read the instructions carefully before you start, and make sure you stay focused throughout the tests.
  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

You should practise answering questions that typically come up in interviews for the role you are applying for. Your answers need to flow and be timely. Avoid filler words. Your verbal communication should be convincing, and filled with content that presents you in the best way for the job.

Prepare for the Pymetrics digital interview by running a mock interview and answering typical interview questions. For interview practice, use:

Also, use the STAR method for your answers and practise each answer several times.

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  1. What is a Pymetrics Game Assessment?
  2. What companies use Pymetrics Game Assessments and why?
  3. What games does Pymetrics offer and what do they measure?
  4. How to pass Pymetrics tests?
  5. What is Pymetrics Digital Interview?
  6. How to practice and prepare for Pymetrics Digital Interviews?

The practice game assessments on our platform emulate the experience of the game assessments you will face when facing Pymetrics game assessments.

Practice Assessments Similar to PymetricsPractice Now
Game AssessmentsStart Practicing
Video InterviewStart Practicing

Go Premium to gain access to GF’s game assessments and interviews to prepare for your next Pymetrics assessment. This will also include the remaining assessments comprising our range of 150+ tools. 

Now, let’s have a comprehensive overview of Pymetrics’ game assessments and digital interviews. We break everything down below;


  1. Who are Pymetrics?
  2. Who Uses Pymetrics Game Assessments?
  3. What are Game Assessments Developed by Pymetrics? 
  4. How to Prepare for Pymetrics Game-Based Assessments?
  5. What is a Pymetrics Digital Interview?
  6. Pymetrics Assessment Games FAQs

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Who are Pymetrics?

Pymetrics is a company that specialises in developing game-based assessments for recruitment purposes. Their game-based assessments and their findings are backed by neuroscience and data science and are excellent tools for employers to select the best candidates.

Primarily for gauging the soft skills individuals possess, Pymetrics uses audited AI and data-driven behavioural insight through its game assessments to create a more efficient, effective, and unbiased recruitment process.

What is a Pymetrics Test?

Pymetrics test is a set of online games with a neuroscience-based algorithm that evaluates a person’s soft skills based on data insights obtained from how they play the games.

Other key aspects regarding Pymetrics assessments and tools are;

  • Pymetrics offers 16 game-based assessments in total including 12 core games and 4 additional numerical and logical reasoning game assessments.
  • These games can be bundled as per the employer’s request depending on the role.
  • Pymetrics also offers a Digital Interview platform with key benefits for employers and candidates.

How Does Pymetrics Work? The Science Behind their Game Assessments

Pymetrics game assessments use research in behavioural science and an audited AI to reduce biases found in human decision-making during recruitment.

Pymetrics game assessments are built on two core principles that account for their interactive and engaging style. These principles are:

  1. Predictive validity of assessments in identifying the correct candidates. To ensure this they:
    • Analyse the job and what it entails for the successful applicant to ensure that they can accurately predict success on the job.
    • Create a cross-validated role and company profiles. Essentially, this means that they assess the performance of previous successful candidates.
    • A Pymetrics data scientist uses their tool to develop a predictive model for the employer. These models are then evaluated for how predictive they are.
  1. Reducing bias from assessments
    • While bias is natural, and often involves the involuntarily identifying of patterns, it sometimes shows itself in recruitment processes, in the form of less diverse workforces. Pymetrics proactively remove bias in its processes and technologies.
    • Their assessments assess candidates’ cognitive, social and emotional individual differences, rather than focusing only on one trait.

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Who Uses Pymetrics Game Assessments?

Worldwide, numerous companies use Pymetrics games to evaluate applicants during their recruitment process. This is typically one of the first stages of their hiring process, which, in recent times, replaces or adds to the conventional psychometric testing phase.

Some examples of companies that have and currently use Pymetrics online games include:

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)Nielsen

What do Pymetrics game assessments measure?

Each employer uses Pymetrics game assessment technology to assess candidates using a combination of short games, that measure various attributes including:

  • Memory
  • Emotionality
  • Learning
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Empathy

Did you know? Pymetrics’ game assessments can collect over a thousand behavioural data points and measure competencies such as risk-taking, endurance, and perseverance alongside traditional traits like numerical, verbal and logical reasoning. Such behaviour data is also difficult to manipulate by candidates.

Let’s move on to find out the key benefits of Pymetrics’ game tests.

Why do Employers Use Pymetrics’ Game-Based Assessments to Hire?

Employers are constantly seeking ways to identify the best candidates efficiently and effectively and that’s where Pymetrics’ game assessments come into play. Pymetrics game-based assessments offer several benefits to employers in the following ways;

  1. Accessibility: Pymetrics game assessments can be taken by anyone on various devices; translation is limited and the games can be deployed very fast in multiple countries and languages.
  1. Reduce Bias: They use algorithms, free of gender or ethnicity biases. This is why their solutions increase the gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of hires.
  1. Suitable for Novices: Pymetrics game assessment does not require any previous experience with gaming. They are very simple to operate and work on multiple devices.
  1. Engaging: Game-based assessments are by nature more engaging and interactive for candidates. In the end, there might be a bit of fun in assessments.
  1. Data-driven Decisions: Game results provide the insights necessary for employers to make informed decisions about the strengths of a candidate, and the suitable role since they track many more data points (primarily behavioural) than more traditional online assessments.
  1. Talent Acquisition: Pymetrics’ game assessments make it easy to identify behaviours and competencies possessed by candidates to determine if they align with the company’s capabilities/values.
  1. Internal Collaboration: With Pymetrics’ intricate software, it is very easy for recruiters and hiring managers to share data and even videos of the candidates amongst themselves, ensuring all members of the recruitment team have the right data to make the best decision.
  1. Time Factor: Pymetrics streamlines the hiring process by automating assessments and data collection, reducing recruiter workload and accelerating the recruitment process.

Did you know? 10% of employers now use game assessments as a part of their hiring process? This is precise because of the impact game developers such as Pymetrics claim to have on the hiring experience for employers as well as candidates.

How do Pymetrics game assessments benefit candidates?

Pymetrics aims to provide a fair and objective evaluation of a candidate’s skills and traits, minimising biases that can occur in traditional hiring processes. Pymetrics also strives to provide a user-friendly platform so it is easy to use for anyone. 

For candidates, each Pymetrics test is designed to be:

  • User-friendly and easy to navigate for all candidates. Pymetrics designs its assessment platform with a seamless and intuitive interface, allowing candidates of all backgrounds and technical skills to navigate the assessments effortlessly.
  • Fair and objective evaluation. Pymetrics use scientifically validated research and AI to remove bias in the recruitment process.
  • Engaging and enjoyable for candidates. Pymetrics understands the importance of candidate experience and aims to make the assessments engaging and enjoyable.
  • Accessible for most mobile and desktop devices. Pymetrics recognizes the need for accessibility and ensures their assessments can be accessed on a wide range of mobile and desktop devices.
Pymetrics game assessment dashboard
Pymetrics Game Dashboard
Source: Pymetrics

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the Pymetrics games that prestigious employers frequently use. In the section below, we investigate the aims of many of the games that candidates face when taking Pymetrics games.

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What are Game Assessments Developed by Pymetrics?

Pymetrics offers game assessments to evaluate cognitive, quantitative reasoning, numerical agility, and socio-emotional traits. Divided into Core Game Assessments and Numerical & Logical Reasoning Games, the core games assess soft skills and emotions, while numerical and logical games focus on quantitative and reasoning abilities.

Let’s dive into them!

Pymetrics Core Games Assessments

What are Pymetrics games?

Pymetrics core games consist of 12 engaging games. These games measure cognitive and emotional attributes, forming a picture of the candidate’s strengths and suggesting suitable roles for them. It takes 25 minutes to complete the 12 games.

What do the Pymetrics games measure?

Decision MakingRisk ToleranceEmotion

Keep reading to find out more about these Pymetrics core games below:

  1. Money Exchange 1
  2. Money Exchange 2
  3. Keypress
  4. Balloon Game
  5. Digits Game
  6. Easy or Hard Game
  7. Stop 1
  8. Card Game
  9. Arrow Game
  10. Length Game
  11. Tower Game
  12. Faces Game

We’ll go through each core game and explain what you can expect to be tasked with.


What is the Pymetrics Money Exchange 1 game?

The Pymetrics Money Exchange 1 game measures your emotional attributes of trust, risk tolerance, fairness, and selflessness.

In Money Exchange 1 you are paired with another person

  • You have $10 in your bank, and your partner has $0
  • You are asked to send some to the other person
  • The amount you send will be tripled for them on receipt
  • The other person will then send back some of the money now in their account
  • Then you must evaluate how fair this trade was on a scale of 1 to 10

How to pass the Pymetrics Money Exchange 1 game

Pymetrics Money Exchange 1 tip: Consider the role you are applying for and the emotional attributes that are most sought after by the employer when approaching this game. For example, a team-oriented role may prefer trusting and fair attributes.


What is the Pymetrics Money Exchange 2 game?

Similar to Money Exchange 1 but with slightly more different rules, the Money Exchange 2 game aims to measure your emotional attributes of trust, altruism, fairness, generosity, and decision-making.

As with the Money Exchange 1 game, you will be working with another person

  • You and your partner will start with $5
  • At random, one of you will get an added $5
  • You must decide how much of the additional $5 you wish to give or take
  • You will be asked to do this twice and evaluate how fair the transaction was each time

How to ace the Pymetrics Money Exchange 2 game

Pymetrics Money Exchange 2 tip: The same logic used in Money Exchange 1 could be reapplied here. However, remember that Money Exchange 2 also openly assesses your generosity. Try to consider this in each decision you make.


What is the Pymetrics Keypress game?

The Pymetrics Keypress game is a simple cognitive ability game that assesses your processing skills, attention and focus.

Your task in this game:

  • Tap the specified key on your keyboard as fast as possible in the given time.

Pymetrics Keypress Game tip: Ensure to focus on your screen and have your fingertips ready on the keyboard so you can start tapping on the key as soon as the game asks you to. Tap as fast and as much as you can.


What is the Pymetrics Balloon game?

The Pymetrics Balloons game is a risk-taking game that measures a candidate’s risk tolerance and decision-making competencies.

Your task in this game:

  • You will be presented with balloons and be asked to pump them.
  • With each pump, you earn money and you can choose to bank the money at any time, moving on to the next balloon.
  • However, the balloon could pop if you pump too much. If a balloon pops before banking, you lose all the money you made pumping that balloon.

What does the Pymetrics Balloon game measure?

The game measures your decisions after the balloon pops and the risks you take before and after banking the money.

Pymetrics Balloon Game tip: Consider what trait fits the role you are applying for. This will help inform how you approach this game. However, try to strike a balance between the risks you take and the calculated decisions you make throughout the game.

Pymetrics balloon game example

How to pass the Pymetrics Balloon game

Practice with our balloon game shown in the image above called BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task) designed to emulate the experience of the Pymetrics’ balloon game.For more information about the balloon game, don’t miss our Balloon Game Video below:

For more information about the balloon game, don’t miss our Balloon Game Video below:

The Pymetrics Balloons Game Assessment | What you need to know

What is the Pymetrics Digits game?

The Pymetrics Digits game assessment simply assesses your memory by how well you remember sequences of numbers. It measures your attention span and learning capabilities.

Your task in this game:

  • A series of digits will be displayed on your screen for you to memorise.
  • You will need to memorise the order in which they appear.
  • Then you’ll be asked to input them in the same order on the next screen.

Pymetrics Digits Game tip: Stay focused and take this assessment in a distraction-free environment so you can still remember the numbers and how they were arranged. Consider grabbing a pen and paper for this assessment.

How to ace the Pymetrics Digits Game

We offer a memory practice game called Cognition-M™ that should help you pass Pymetrics Digits Game assessments. Below is a glimpse of our practice memory game.

Pymetrics game assessment cognitive memory example

What is the Pymetrics Easy or Hard game? 

The Pymetrics Easy or Hard game assessment analyses you based on how rational you are with your choices and how you typically decide what to invest your effort in. The game measures your risk tolerance, decision-making, and resilience competencies.

Your task in this game:

  • You will be provided with two tasks, an easy task with a lower reward and a hard task with a higher reward.
  • Your job is to evaluate whether you want to complete a harder task to return more money and for each round, there is a different probability of winning.

How to ace the Pymetrics Easy or Hard Game

Pymetrics Easy or Hard Game tip: The game aims to balance effort and strategy. Choose and prioritise tasks wisely based on your completion ability and proposed success rates.


What is Pymetrics Stop 1 game?

Pymetrics Stop 1 game assessment is a cognitive game that measures your attention, focus, reaction time, and how well you can switch from task to task.

Your task in this game:

  • You must press the spacebar only when a given shape (e.g. a red circle) appears.
  • You are to do nothing when other shapes or colours appear.

Pymetrics Stop 1 Game tip: There are only two types of error that can make you lose points in this game, missing the cue to press the spacebar and pressing the spacebar when you shouldn’t. Stay vigilant and attentive to avoid these errors.


What is the Pymetrics Cards Game?

The Pymetrics Card game involves drawing cards out of four decks, some with a reward, others with a penalty. The player’s objective in this game is to finish it with as much money as possible.

What does the Pymetrics Card game measure?

This game measures your risk tolerance, learning capabilities, and ability to recognise patterns.

Your task in this game:

  • The aim of the Pymetrics Cards game is to win money
  • You will start with $2,000
  • You must draw cards until the game finishes
  • Some of the cards contain a reward, others a penalty
  • You can switch decks at any time.

Pymetrics Cards Game tip: Patterns in this game are not rule-based but are linked to risk-taking. Decks can have high or low-value cards, indicating higher or lower potential profits and losses. Identifying these decks will guide your decisions.

Pymetrics cards game
Pymetrics Cards Game
Source: Pymetrics

What is the Pymetrics Arrow game?

The Pymetrics Arrow game measures your ability to learn from mistakes, pay attention to details, and your ability to adapt in quick succession.

Your task in this Pymetrics games assessment:

  • There will be various groups of flashing arrows
  • If the arrows are blue or black, indicate the direction of the middle arrow using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • If the arrows are red, indicate the direction of the side arrows.

Pymetrics Arrows Game tip: As the colours of the arrows are what tells you what arrow you press, pay close attention to the colour of the arrows in the game and anticipate that it will change so your mind is prepared to adapt.

How to pass the Pymetrics Arrows game

Kickstart your Pymetrics Arrow game practice with our own Flanker Task game and develop your attention skills today.

Pymetrics game assessment arrow game example

What is the Pymetrics Length Game?

The Pymetrics Length game measures your learning, attention to detail, and effort. It also assesses your ability to learn from past experiences and adapt.

Your task in this game:

  • You will be shown different faces.
  • You must identify whether the faces have longer or shorter mouths.

How to ace the Pymetrics Lengths Game

Pymetrics Lengths Game tip: You will need to be very observant of the changes in the size of the mouths because the differences are usually minimal.


What is the Pymetrics Tower game?

The Pymetrics Towers game is a variation of the famous Hanoi Towers game and is similar to some games offered by brain-training apps. This game assesses your planning and problem-solving abilities.

Your task in this game:

  • You will be presented with three towers containing coloured rings
  • A target tower will be displayed
  • You will then be asked to recreate the target tower by rearranging the rings in the fewest moves possible.

How to ace the Pymetrics Towers Game

Pymetrics Towers Game tip: Aside from counting the number of moves you make to achieve the target tower, you will also be assessed on how long you took to make your first move. Observe the rings and decide on the best first move.


What is the Pymetrics Faces game?

The Pymetrics Faces game is an emotions-based assessment that measures your emotional intelligence and your ability to recognize and deduct emotions in different contexts.Your task in this game:

  • You will be shown images with different facial expressions
  • Some of the images will come with a short note providing context for the expression
  • Your task is to identify what emotion the person in the picture is feeling.

Pymetrics Faces Game tip: One of the tricky parts of the faces game is trying to balance the context provided with the emotion displayed in the image, they could seem to contradict sometimes. In this case, you should simply just choose an emotion that applies to both.

How to pass the Pymetrics Faces game

Practise to hone your emotional intelligence skills for the Pymetrics Faces game with our similar GF Emotions i-EQ™ practice game today!

GF emotions game-based assessment

Asides from its 12 core games, Pymetrics also offers 4 additional numerical and logical reasoning games to provide employers and recruiters with a broader understanding of a candidate’s potential.

Pymetrics Numerical and Logical Reasoning Games

What are the Pymetrics Numerical and Logical Reasoning Games?

  • Pymetrics numerical and logical reasoning games consist of 4 games.
  • They measure quantitative reasoning and numerical agility.
  • It takes between 7-10 minutes to complete the additional four games.
  • This series of games collect additional data through numerical and logical reasoning to gain more insight into a candidate’s potential.

The four numerical and logical reasoning games offered by Pymetrics are;

  1. Magnitudes Game
  2. Sequences Game
  3. Shapes Game
  4. Letters Game

Check out what each of these games entail below, including their various tasks and what they assess.

1. Pymetrics Magnitudes Game

What is the Pymetrics Magnitudes Game?

This game consists of two mini-games – Dots and Fractions. You will be presented with sets of dots and a pair of fractions respectively and you will be required to choose which is bigger/greater.

During the Dots game, you must work quickly to identify which side has the higher number of the specified colours of dots.

Pymetrics numerical logical game example

The Pymetrics magnitude game measures your number sense, accuracy, response time, and interpretation of relative magnitude.

2. Pymetrics Sequences Game

What is the Pymetrics Sequences Game? 

This Pymetrics games assessment requires a player to complete numerical patterns by filling in the missing number in a sequence. 

Pymetrics sequences game measures your numerical reasoning and pattern recognition.

3. Pymetrics Shapes Game

What is the Pymetrics Shapes Game? 

In this game, you will be presented with simple shapes alongside a complex larger shape. Your task will be to identify which of the simple shapes can be found in the larger complex shape. 

The Pymetrics game measures your spatial reasoning ability.

4. Pymetrics Letters Game

What is the Pymetrics Letters Game? 

A sequence of letters will be displayed individually and your task would be to respond when the same letter that was displayed two sequences back reappears on the screen. If the same letter doesn’t appear on the screen, don’t respond.

The Pymetrics letters game measures your memory, attention, and response time.

Now that we have covered all of the Pymetrics game assessments, let’s delve into strategies that you can use to prepare effectively for these assessments and bring you closer to landing your dream role.

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How to Prepare for Pymetrics Game-Based Assessments?

Below, we highlight key tips that can help and guide you in your preparation for your upcoming Pymetrics game-based assessments.

  1. Research the role and company you are applying to. This will help you tailor your approach to the company’s values and the competencies they are assessing.
  1. Understand what each game is about and the competencies they measure. This helps to understand how you are assessed and the actions to take throughout the assessment.
  1. Practice with game-based assessments that are similar to Pymetrics’ games to become more familiar with these types of tests and further sharpen your focus.
  1. Find the right time and place to complete the assessment. Taking the assessment in a distraction-free place will help you have a seamless experience of the games.
  1. Ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection before you start the assessments. Use the browser and hardware (e.g. laptop, mobile, etc.) as recommended by Pymetrics and the employer.
  1. Read the instructions for each of the game assessments carefully. It looks like a game but it is still an assessment. Do not assume you know how it works because you are a pro in mainstream games.
  1. Work on managing your time effectively during the assessments and maintaining focus throughout. Practice techniques to help improve your concentration and attention span during the game.
  1. Remember to play with truthfulness and sincerity. Pymetrics game assessments collect behavioural data to evaluate your fit for a role, focusing on specific competencies. Your authentic responses help determine your suitability.
  1. Stay focused. Remember, you won’t be able to repeat it and you don’t want to risk making any mistakes from lack of concentration. 

Below is a list of GF game assessments you can use to boost your Pymetrics games practice, including what they entail and assess. 

GF GamesAttributes AssessedRelevant Pymetrics Game
Cognition-A™Attention– Stop Game
– Arrows Game
– Length Game
– Keypress Game
Cognition-M™Memory– Digits Game 
BARTRisk-Taking– Balloon Game
– Money Exchange 1
– Money Exchange 2
– Cards Game
i-EQ™Emotions– Faces Game
MTA-Tray™Organising, Attention, and Multi-Tasking– Towers Game
– Keypress Game
MathBubbles™Mental Arithmetic– Sequences Game
– Magnitude Game
Flanker TaskAttention– Stop Game
– Arrows Game
– Length Game
– Keypress Game
PassCode™Attention and Resilience– Arrows Game
– Cards Game
– Length Game

Each practice test is designed to replicate one or more of the styles and format of Pymetrics game assessments.

Watch our short video below for more tips on how to boost your Pymetrics practice:

How to pass game assessments | by Arctic Shores, HireVue & Assess Candidates #shorts

We have now covered all the necessary details for Pymetrics game-based assessments! Let’s move on to find out about another commonly used assessment tool: the Pymetrics digital interview.

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What is a Pymetrics Digital Interview?

The Pymetrics digital interview is a video interview that involves answering pre-recorded video or written questions. The Pymetrics one-way digital interview builds on the game assessments, providing a comprehensive evaluation of every candidate.

Did you know? Employers can opt to use the Pymetrics interview alongside the game assessments, and may also use the numerical and logical tests during their processes. Check your invitation email carefully to know what to expect.

Watch our short video below for more insight into video interviews such as the Pymetrics digital interview:

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

How does the Pymetrics digital interview work?

  1. Practice Question
    • You will be given a practice question with unlimited time before you attempt the actual questions, this is to give you time to get comfortable with their platform and to ensure visual and audio quality.
  1. Preparation
    • Before you start recording often you will be provided with time to prepare your response. The time given to prepare by Pymetrics may be 30 seconds or indeed may be unlimited.
  1. Camera and Timer
    • If you would prefer to record without seeing yourself in the camera and the timer counting down on the screen, you can disable both. However, the video still records and you would still get a notification when you have 10 seconds left on the timer.
  1. Answer
    • The Pymetrics video interview typically provides 3 minutes in which to record your answer. This may vary between employers and will be made clear within instructions.

Pymetrics Digital Interview tip: Remember to pace yourself throughout the interview, allowing for pauses and avoiding rushing through your responses.

How to Pass the Pymetrics Digital Interview?

  1. Read the job description carefully and make a list of the important keywords. Try to incorporate these keywords into your answers so the AI can detect these.
  1. Research likely questions that you could be asked and practice answering these questions properly. This way you can take the interview fully prepared.
  1. Look confidently into the camera while answering. Eye contact and confidence are vital for showing you are professional and right for the role.
  1. Start and end your answers properly: Do not close the answer abruptly. Always finish your answers by returning back to the question so you are sure you have properly answered it.
  1. Talk smoothly and without interruptions. This is another way to show the person reviewing your interview that you are confident in your ability.
  1. Monitor your time so that your answer is not cut off in the middle of a thought or a sentence. 
  1. Maintain positive body language. Even though the interview is conducted online, your body language still plays a role in communication. Maintain a good sitting posture and use proper hand gestures.

For more body language tips for your Pymetrics video interview, watch our short video below.

Top 5 Job Interview Body Language Tips #shorts

Practice using our video interview preparation tool to record yourself answering the most common recruitment questions, playback your videos, improve answers and learn to manage your body language for your Pymetrics video interview.

Pymetrics digital interview practice

Why Do Employers Use Pymetrics Digital Interviews in Recruitment?

  1. Reducing the risk of Bias by creating a set of standard questions that go to all applicants.
  1. Efficient in hiring the best candidate for the role through predefined questions focusing on competencies and behavioural criteria.
  1. Flexibility of interview process allowing digital interviews to be taken at any time.
  1. Accessibility features for candidates can be implemented. These are intended to improve the comfort of the candidate.

And with that, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Pymetrics’ game-based assessments and its digital interview to have you prepared for your upcoming Pymetrics assessment.

But wait!

Before you go ahead and ace your Pymetrics assessments, check out our FAQ section below to find even more answers to frequently asked questions concerning Pymetrics.

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Pymetrics Assessment Games FAQs

Are Pymetrics Games Easy or Hard?

Pymetrics games are designed to be easy to navigate with simple instructions. The real challenge lies in understanding the appropriate behaviour for each game but with practice, this can be understood.

How long does Pymetrics Take?

The assessment duration varies based on the company or recruiter(s) you’re applying to. Core games last 25 minutes, while the numerical and logical reasoning games take about 7-10 minutes. If bundled, the assessment would be between 30-40 minutes.

Should I take Pymetrics on my phone or laptop?

Always try to use the device and browser that is recommended by Pymetrics and the employer. Officially, Pymetrics supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, and it is mostly recommended to take the assessment on a PC.

What are Pymetrics Video Interview Questions?

Pymetrics digital interview questions include introductory, behavioural, and motivational questions. Some of these questions may include:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What about the job appeals to you?
  • Tell us something that is not in your resume
  • Tell us about a time you faced conflict in a team.

Practice and structure your answers for your Pymetrics Digital Interview with our Question Identifier Tool (QIT).

Can you retake the Pymetrics test?

No, you can only take the Pymetrics online assessments once in 330 days. 

Practice and Register with GF to ace your Pymetrics game recruitment assessments the first time

Do you want to pass your Pymetrics game assessments the first time? Take Pymetrics game practice assessments today with GF, the only aptitude practice test experts providing practice test solutions to over 100 UK universities and their students, and also across Asia and continental Europe.

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