How to prepare for and pass Strength-based-Interviews

Are you tired of Competency-based Interviews?

Tired of Competency-based Interviews? Great!

  • Showcase your strengths – take a Strength-based Interview
  • These are a tad harder to prepare for and require a more natural approach
  • They look at how you would respond in different situations

Strengths for the win – more and more employers are using this format. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Which employers use strength-based interviews?

Quite a lot – and more and more seem to be getting on board. Here’s some examples of the big employers that use strength-based interviews:

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Have you got any examples of Strenth-based Interview questions?

Sure – here’s a few:

  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  2. How would your close friends describe you?
  3. Do you like to be stretched beyond your comfort zone?

What do I do to pass a Strength-based Interview?

Strength-based interviews can vary greatly. If you’re not familiar with them, they can easily catch you out.

Strength-based Interview Tip:

  • The most important thing to remember is your responses need to indicate the strengths you wish to bring across to the company and the team.

For example, in response to Question ‘How would your close friends describe you?’, do not focus on the physical attributes your friends notice about you, such as running ability. Rather, you should highlight a strength: “My friends consider me a great planner. With our opposing schedules, we always find it difficult to make time for another. When we do, I consider the different options available to ensure all our needs are met.”

Best tips to ace your Strength-based Interview:

  1. Build an “ideal employee” profile using the job descriptionemployee reviews, and the organisation’s culture. Use this to guide your answering
  2. Be honest when asked a question regarding your areas of improvement. We all have areas we can improve further and being honest helps to showcase your integrity – an especially important strength in today’s organisations
  3. List your strengths that are always going to win you brownie points with all employers. For example: determination, initiative, teamwork, leadership, the ability to work hard, good communication and people skills. Find situations from your life that prove these strengths. Be precise describing your story
  4. Prepare to answer technical-ish questions. Brush up on company services and their position in the industry, list the technical skill they need for that job and have the answers handy
  5. Build a story with facts how you can fit and contribute to the company’s mission or vision
  6. Read recent news about the company and find out what kind of profiles they will need moving forward. Lot of companies transform, what brought them here may not take them there.
  7. Demonstrate that this job motivates you. If it does not, this will come up in the interview. Bring some unique questions – stand out. Showcase your enthusiasm
  8. Interview the interviewer (no, seriously!). Ask them about their experiences with the company and how they got to where they are today. Enthusiasm is key here

That’s all for now. We hope this article helps you to ace that Strength-based Interview.

Keep practicing and good luck!