The text below provides a full candidate recruitment, assessment and preparation guide and practice for those applying to jobs, internships and graduate programs at RBS NatWest.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessments tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process. 

Check here for Free and Premium aptitude assessment tests and video interviews to practice and prepare for RBS NatWest recruitment.

If you are aiming to apply to RBS NatWest or have a RBS NatWest assessment test coming up, our text below is the best place to start.

Not sure if you should practice to prepare for the RBS NatWest assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude tests results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) found that candidates who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

In a nutshell:

How to prepare for RBS NatWest assessment tests and get the job?

  1. Online Application
  • Fill in your RBS NatWest application online
  •  Match your application to RBS NatWest’s core competencies
  • Use their language / key words from the job post in your resume
  • Tailor the information you provide with RBS NatWest culture needs (check their website, social media and see text below)
  1. Prepare for RBS NatWest Arctic Shores Game-Based Assessments

Understand Arctic Shores SkyRise City game assessments. Learn what the games measure, what you need to do, how much time each game will take. Practice games with us similar to those used by RBS NatWest today.

  1. Practice For RBS NatWest Online Assessment Tests

RBS NatWest uses a variety of aptitude assessment tests. These may include:

You may get rejected already after your aptitude tests. These tests sift out 50-80% candidates. The only proven way to get to the next round is practice.

  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

You should practice answering questions that typically come up in interviews for banking jobs. Your answers need to flow and be timely. Avoid filler words. Your verbal communication should be convincing, filled with content that presents you in the best way for the job.

Prepare for an online video interview by running mock interviews answering typical banking interview questions. For RBS NatWest interview practice, use:

Our video interview practice platform contains predefined competency and industry questions for banking and emulates experience you will have in platforms used for employers’ interviews (Hirevue, Pymetrics, Sonru). Always record your answers and watch them to develop your interview technique, time keeping and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

Use the STAR method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Assessment Centre

RBS NatWest makes use of a variety of competitive exercises during the assessment center to find the right candidates. Ensure that you practice a variety of exercises including:

Hone your written and spoken communication technique. Research online, prepare and practice presentation of as many business case studies as possible. 

Be aware as not many get to this stage. The competition is very fierce.

  1. Final Interview

Prepare for your one-on-one interview with a senior manager. Expect and practice for behavioural and competency-based questions. Aim to stand out. They have interviewed dozens or hundreds of candidates at this final stage.

Refine your technique for your final RBS NatWest interview to showcase your:

  • deep knowledge 
  • understanding of the role
  • business acumen
  • passion
  • critical thinking and ability to think on your feet

For your final interview, use the video interview platform and record yourself answering the banking questions using the STAR method.

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  1. How to prepare for RBS NatWest assessment to get the job or internship at RBS NatWest? 
  2. What is the RBS NatWest assessment center? 
  3. What tests and games does RBS NatWest use to hire? 
  4. How do I prepare for a NatWest interview?
  5. How to answer RBS NatWest competency-based and behavioral interview questions? 
  6. How to successfully apply for RBS NatWest Graduate and Internship programmes?

Looking into assessments with RBS NatWest, simply use your fingertips or click in the table below to practice assessments relevant to your assessment process!

Relevant Assessments to RBS NatWest and CompanyPractice Now
Situational Judgement TestStart Practicing
Game AssessmentsStart Practicing
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

If you decide to apply for RBS NatWest, you can practice online aptitude tests with us to improve your results and get scores above their threshold.

Do not miss it. Enjoy the learning and best of luck!

The Royal Bank of Scotland, commonly abbreviated as RBS NatWest, is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of NatWest Group plc, together with NatWest and Ulster Bank. The Royal Bank of Scotland has around 700 branches across the UK and employs around 92,000 people.

The competition for jobs at RBS NatWest is fierce, and all candidates have great academic results and other achievements. Therefore, you need to make sure you perform your best at every stage of the RBS NatWest recruitment process, which comprises of:


With the plan in order, let’s head right in!

RBS NatWest Online Application form

What is the RBS NatWest Online Application Form?

RBS NatWest Application Form is an online form that forms the initial stage of screening for their intake of new employees. This is very much the stage where RBS NatWest understand who you are and if you can progress to the next part of the recruitment process. They want to find out personal information, motivational questions and killer questions such as visa status.  

What does the RBS NatWest Online Application Require?

Start by doing your research about RBS NatWest, and then find a suitable role. After doing this, you will need to complete the online form, which will include:

  1. Your education history
  2. Your resume
  3. Your previous experiences
  4. Motivational questions, which will be based on your role

The application questions for RBS NatWest could go like: 

  • What makes you interested in taking on this role? Please share experiences that make you suitable for this role (200 words) 
  • Have you previously had your employment terminated for misconduct by NatWest or any of its subsidiary companies? (do not lie in your application because in the background check round they will find out anyway) 
  • Are you able to work in the job location detailed on the job advert? 

RBS NatWest Online Application Tips

  1. Double check: Always double check if you have provided accurate information before your submission. Never leave this until the last minute – in fact, try to apply as early as possible as applications are often reviewed on a rolling basis.
  2. Save the progress you have made in your application on your PC to track information you have provided, and remember these facts for when you get to the interview stages – especially if you apply to multiple jobs/ employers.
  3. Remember who you are applying for: Do not input generic information. Instead, carefully consider how your profile and experiences matches so well to that of RBS NatWest.

With the RBS NatWest online application out of the way, you head into the testing section, in which RBS NatWest want to understand how you perform with certain skills and competencies.

RBS NatWest Situational Judgement Test

RBS NatWest Situational Judgement Test (SJT) will examine you on your main characteristics and skills in dealing with unknown situations, that you are likely to encounter when working at RBS NatWest. 

What is the RBS NatWest Situational Judgement Test?  

RBS NatWest Situational Judgement Tests are the kind of tests designed to test your behaviours in a job environment. This test consists of behavioural questions which will basically be daily work scenarios, the answers to which will determine your work ethics and personal traits. You will need to use your common sense to identify the courses of actions that are most desirable. Look for the answer that SOLVES the given problem. 

For more about SItuational Judgement, head over to our YouTube Channel and take notes on our Situational Judgement Video below.

What is a Situational Judgement Test (SJT)? | 2022 Guide for Job Hunters (PwC, Deloitte, Accenture)

How much time Do I have to complete the RBS NatWest Situational Judgement Test? 

In the RBS NatWest Situational Judgement Test you will be given 15 scenarios which should take you between 20-30 minutes. Do not spend too much time on the questions as this will very likely confuse you and harm your performance.

The main difficulty in Situational Judgement Tests comes from the fact that all answers might seem to be good ideas. They will all have some good qualities –so you need to differentiate between which ones are really key.

RBS NatWest Situational Judgement Test Tip: Always start with reading all the statements rather than evaluating them as you go. This will help you to make better decisions.

RBS NatWest-style Situational Judgement Test Example

Question: You are working in the commercial banking division of a prestigious bank dealing with client accounts that have a yearly turnover between £3.5 million and £17.2 million. Your job requires you to conduct a monthly audit of particular accounts, a requirement that occurs on the last Friday of every month. Whilst this work should take approximately 9 hours in the day, it has been taking you 14 hours given the interruptions you frequently receive by both customers and your team. It is coming to the end of the month and you know you will need the day to be free to focus on your audit. However, you have received two meeting requests; one from a very senior member of the management team, and the second from a client. Both of these meetings are highly important and require two hours in total. You already know that the meeting with the manager cannot be rescheduled, but you’re afraid that this may result in an even longer day than normal. What do you do?

  • OPTION A: Accept the meetings and aim to work harder on the day to make up for the time you will lose during the meetings. After all, both of these relationships are important and you cannot be seen as someone who is not available.
  • OPTION B: Telephone both the client and manager and explain your circumstances asking for both meetings to be rescheduled to another day. Ask them both to give you alternative timings for the meetings that are mutually convenient.
  • OPTION C: Telephone the client explaining your circumstances and ask for the meeting to be rescheduled, offering to take the client out for lunch to discuss on another day. Begin work for the audit on the day before and ask for support from a team member in advance to help you on the day during the period when you have the meeting with the manager.
  • OPTION D: Decline both meetings explaining your circumstances as you need to be realistic and you do not think you will be able to provide your full attention during the meetings. Both the manager and client will understand.

How do you do in this example Situational Judgement Question? 

If you need some more assistance, don’t hesitate to get more tips with our packed quickfire SJT Tips video.

Ace the SJT! | 5 Situational Judgement Test Tips #shorts

Continue developing your SJT skills, GF provides you with a deep-dive into situational judgement tests.

To prepare for your RBS NatWest situational judgment tests take a full online SJT offered by GF.

Situational Judgement Really does require thinking and time to master. Our next section is no different. The next stage in your RBS NatWest application will be the SkyRise City game based assessments.

Situational Judgement Free Question Example

Now that you have a strong understanding of Situational Judgement Tests, we move onto a more interactive part of the recruitment process. The RBS NatWest SkyRise City Game.

RBS NatWest SkyRise City Game

After you have successfully passed the RBS NatWest situational judgement test, you will be invited to take an interactive assessment game – RBS NatWest SkyRise City. You will find instructions on how to access this assessment in the email sent to you.

What is SkyRise City Game Assessment? 

SkyRise City Game Assessment, as the name suggests, is a game-based assessment test presented by Arctic shores. The SkyRise City Game Assessment consists of a number of games which are designed to measure complex personality traits and cognitive processes, including information processing. Now, don’t worry if you are not the gamer type, because these games are simple to understand and grasp.

How long is SkyRise City Game Assessment?

SkyRise City Assessment takes around 25 minutes to complete, however there is no time limit and you will work through questions at your own pace.

Your decisions in the game will be collected and analysed. The way you approach the game is important – just be yourself and relax. There are no good or bad answers. Hundreds of data points are being measured focusing on your behaviours and learning agility. This game measures suitability of your work personality in the specific RBS NatWest workplace.

What games are there in the RBS NatWest SkyRise Game Assessment? 

RBS NatWest SkyRise City Game Assessment mainly consists of 5 major games, you may or may not get some smaller games which will be more or less related to the 5 games given below. What are these games? Let’s find out.

  1. The Arrow/ Direction game: The first game that you will come across will be a direction determining game, meaning a few arrows will appear on your screen and you have to press a key from your keyboard if the direction is left and another key if the direction is right. Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not that simple because there are other obstacles which will be there to prevent you from pressing the right key. 
    • Task: A screen full of arrows will appear on the screen, you have to focus on the middle arrow and press Q if the arrow faces left and P if the arrow faces right and press no key if a dash (_) appears.
    • You screen would look somewhat like this and the middle arrow’s direction will change every time you press a key.  

To demonstrate, take a look at our very own attention suppression game.

Flanker Task Gamified Assessment

Get Preparing for this with GF’s very own direction based selective attention game – Flanker Task. You can prep on the GF platform by signing up for the Game Assessment Package

  1. Electricity Generator game:   The second game in the SkyRise City will be the Electricity Generator Game and as the name suggests, the setup will be of an electricity generating station with multiple levers. The levers will generate a certain amount of electricity which can’t be altered, but due to some technical issue, the levers consume an amount of energy whenever they generate some amount of energy which changes every time. 
    • Task:  You have to pull the levers to the maximum amount of electricity and make sure you don’t lose more energy than you gain. This is a risk taking game, where you’ll be assessed on your risk-taking trait, in order to know if you are determined to take a few risks in order to gain more returns. 
  1. Ticket Distribution Game: The third game will be the ticket distribution game. 
    • The screen will be divided into half, and numbers will appear in both halves alternatively. 
    • Task: Press a key Q if the number appears in the upper box and is even and press a key P if the number appears in the lower box and has rounded edges. DO NOT press any keys if the above conditions aren’t met. You’ll also see questions popping up on the top of your screen, like, “is the number given even?” and “Is the number given have rounded edges?” Just make sure you look at the correct box when pressing the keys. 
    • An error message will appear if you press too soon and the entry will be aborted. Try to reply as quickly as possible. 
    • An example of your screen can be seen below, if the question appears, “is the number given even?”  
  1. Stamps Sequence games: In the fourth game, event brochures, have to be distributed in the SkyRise Building.
    • Task: When the screen goes dark, a sequence of stamps will appear showing the order in which the booklets should be packed. Memorise the sequence of stamps and repeat the sequence when the screen lights up by clicking the booklets in the correct order. When you’ll be halfway through, to make the game more interesting and challenging, a new stamp will appear, but this stamp is not a part of the sequence and you must ignore them and repeat only the original type of stamps. 

Begin to practice for memory game assessments with GF’s Cognition-M. Develop the skills you need in this SkyRise City-like game.

Increase your chances of acing this game even more by engaging with our memory game video below.

What are Memory Game Assessments by Arctic Shores, Pymetrics, HireVue? | Ace PwC, Unilever Games
  1. Balloon Game: This will probably be the last game you come across, and a balloon will appear on your screen. 
    • Task: The job is to inflate the balloon and earn more and more points, every inflation gets you points, BUT the balloons have different bursting points. When you are inflating the balloons, make sure your balloon doesn’t burst because as soon as the balloon bursts, you lose all the points that you made while inflating it. 

They basically want to see if you’re the safe player or the risk taker. You can play and see what the Balloon Game Assessment is, by registering with Graduates First, because we have exactly the same kind of game-based assessment called BART (Balloon Analogue Risk Task)

We have an extremely popular video that you can’t miss if you wish to keep up with your competition. Check it out below!

What is the Balloon Game Assessment? Pymetrics, Arctic Shores Game | PwC, JP Morgan, RBS use to hire

When you finish, you will receive a full RBS NatWest assessment game report outlining how you performed. This report is a baseline to invite you to the next phase: RBS NatWest Online aptitude tests.

RBS NatWest Online aptitude tests

Depending on the position you applied to, you may be asked to complete a series of RBS NatWest online assessments, including:

RBS NatWest Numerical Reasoning Test

What is the RBS NatWest Numerical Reasoning Test?

RBS NatWest Numerical Reasoning Test aims to assess your fundamental numerical reasoning ability, to ensure that you have the basic aptitude to work for their prestigious banking group. 

RBS NatWest numerical reasoning test does not test you on difficult math problems, but on how you can reason with the information presented in an array of different forms (graphs, tables, etc.) under the time pressure. Time pressure is a very important factor here.

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test? #shorts

How long do you have to answer an RBS NatWest Numerical Test Question?

RBS NatWest Numerical Test will take around 45 seconds to answer each question so you need to be confident performing quick calculations. Like at school, there is no other way to achieve a level of proficiency and speed required other than practicing many numerical reasoning test questions, and improving your tactics and time control. Different people work out individual tactics. Practicing aptitude tests is KING.

This way you can become confident and familiar with the material tested and reduce the anxiety involved. Through practicing you want to eliminate any noise that can prevent you from tapping into your full ability.

RBS NatWest Numerical Reasoning Test Tip: Practice, practice, practice thoroughly and track your progress. You need to learn to manage your stress, and the best way to achieve this is by practicing psychometric tests in a safe environment before your actual test. You do not want your actual job or internship test to become a battleground, as you have already passed the screening phase and potentially more.

We offer hints on how to pass a numerical reasoning test. Visit our YouTube channel to get the details.

Top 5 Numerical Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks (2023) #shorts

RBS NatWest-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

It’s about time now, with all these tips and tricks under your belt, to have a go. Let’s dive into a sample numerical question.

Check if you got the correct answer at the bottom of the page. 

Not had enough with just one practice numerical reasoning questions?

Well, not to worry, we have a whole video dedicated to giving you in depth guidance on real numerical questions, including worked solutions.

Numerical Reasoning Test Practice Questions and Answers (2023) | 5 Worked Solutions & Tutorial!

Numerical Reasoning is only the start of your aptitude journey. RBS NatWest are also keen to understand your abstract reasoning through logical reasoning tests – up next.

RBS NatWest Logical Reasoning Test

What are RBS NatWest Logical Reasoning tests?

RBS NatWest logical reasoning test does not examine any particular area of knowledge, but rather presents a candidate with 5 diagrams with varying shapes and spatial arrangements, and then asks them to identify the right pattern and decide what comes next in the sequence.

The main difficulty is that there is no limit to how abstract these patterns and trends can be, and two- and three-dimensional shapes are likely to differ on: size, arrangement, movements and colours.

Seems difficult, right? Actually – it is not as complex as you would think. The key to improve your scores is by practicing specific RBS NatWest-style logical reasoning tests – such as the ones offered by GF.

  • For logical reasoning questions and answers step-by-step tutorial, visit our YouTube channel
Logical Reasoning Test Questions and Answers (2023) | 5 FULL Examples & Worked Solutions | Practice

Develop your logical skills even further with our logical reasoning test dedicated page, all about how to pass them.

Get the lowdown on the steps you should take to prepare, we have the right video for you below.

How to prepare for Logical Reasoning Tests (Effective Tips) #shorts

RBS NatWest-style Logical Reasoning Test Example

In the example above, you will have ONLY around 45 seconds to notice that:

  • the arrow moves around the diagram
  • shapes change from triangle to circle to square and
  • the long line is either horizontal or vertical, and then to find the right answer!

There is a lot of time pressure which often leaves candidates anxious and harms their performance.

Got the answer? Check it out at the bottom of the page.

For more FREE QUESTIONS similar to RBS NatWest aptitude testsregister with Graduates First and take your FREE logical reasoning test now!

Keep your head held high, you’re doing great. At this point, you are done with the assessment stage, and will next face an RBS NatWest video interview.

RBS NatWest Video Interview

What is the RBS NatWest Video Interviews?

RBS NatWest Video Interview is a way for RBS NatWest to gain an understanding of your motivations for joining the company and how your experiences make you the right person for the role.

Contrary to what you would usually experience with the first interview, RBS NatWest conduct theirs in the form of the Video Interview. This means that you can access it and complete it at any time that is convenient for you, and that you will not face any interviewer. You will be presented with some pre-set questions and then you will be given a time limit to record your answer. Although you do not have to stress about having someone interviewing you in real-time, there are a couple of points you need to bear in mind.

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

To make the Video interview a success, make sure you have Stable internet and perfectly working external devices, such as microphone, webcam, etc. 

RBS NatWest Video Interview Tips:

  1. Dress Right: In the first place, the outfit you choose to wear is just as important as it would be in the real interview. You need to also make sure that the space behind you is clear of any distractions and looks professional.
  2. Watch the Time: Second, you need to watch your time limit as your answer will be stopped and uploaded automatically when you run out of time. Make sure, you close your answer well, it should be smooth and not abrupt. For example, don’t, “um, yeah …so that’s why I’m the correct fit for the job”, instead, say, “So, summarising all these aspects, I think my management skills and confidence can add value to the company”
  3. Use Body Language Effectively: Third, remember that your body language and voice say a lot about you and help set the first impression. Speak clearly, look directly into the camera and practice to sound both relaxed and confident.

You may practice Video Interview with GF. Our AI-powered VI technology with unlimited recordings will help you answer typical interview questions for banking industry, see your progress and improve as you go.

Video Interview Free Graduate Questions

Video Interviews are your penultimate stage in the RBS NatWest process, keep going as you have only one aspect left of your process before you land the job, the RBS NatWest Assessment Centre.

RBS NatWest Assessment Centre

Ufff, this has been a long process. Congratulations if you have made it this far!

You are just as step ahead of your next career move: an internship or a job with RBS NatWest.  There is only a tiny percentage of candidates who get to this point of the RBS NatWest assessment journey. Well done!

What is the RBS NatWest Assessment Centre?

RBS NatWest Assessment Centre will be divided into two main parts: the interviews and the assessment centre exercises.

RBS NatWest Interviews

What is the RBS NatWest Interview?

RBS NatWest Interview will be a one-on-one interview, and questions will be asked by the senior manager from the area that you are applied to. It will be competency based and will require you to demonstrate all the characteristics that RBS NatWest are looking for. Have some examples ready for use during your interview, and base these on the most common types of interview questions.

Gain key insights in this under 1 minute video what is a competency that you may come across in your RBS NatWest interview.

What is a Competency? (Get Ready for SJTs & Interviews) #shorts

Example RBS Natwest Interview Questions and Answers

Below are a few interview questions that the candidates were asked during an RBS NatWest interview. 

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

How to Answer: By asking this question, your interviewer wants to know your intention with RBS NatWest, as to how you want to progress with the bank and what efforts you are willing to put in order to prosper with the company. So, make sure you tell them your long term plans that are integrated with the company.  

  1. When have you put your team’s needs ahead of your own? 

How to answer: This is a behavioural question through which the interviewer assesses your personality traits. In the answer to this kind of behavioural questions you will be expected to explain a situation where you showed team spirit and put your teammates ahead of you. Think of various examples of situations when you succeeded at something and proved your skills, and then explain carefully what the situation was, how you reacted and what the outcome was. Use the STAR framework to do so: Situation, Task, Action and Result. Every time you answer the question, make sure to talk precisely about each of these points. Also, make sure there is a logical flow between situations you describe under S, T, A, R.

  1. How do you see yourself providing value to a team?

How to Answer: In the answer to this question, your main focus should be showing and discussing your traits as a team member. Being a part of a team is crucial. You won’t always be doing something you decided, most of the time the decisions would be taken on voting basis and you might have to do something you don’t like or do not agree to. But, how you put yourself to work and make the project successful in accordance with your team even if you don’t like it is what your interviewer is looking for. Therefore, think as a part of a team and not as an individual, because every move you make will affect the team’s work. Show them how you would strive to make the project a success. 

  1. Tell us what brings you into RBS NatWest today? 

How to Answer: When asked a question like this, focus on the company’s reputation, like, how the company is doing on the global market. Talk about how you like the company’s work culture, how inspired you are with its growth and how dedicated you are to make the company proceed with your efforts. 

Top RBS NatWest interview tips:

RBS NatWest Interviews take a lot of preparation, and so we have for you some interview tips to help you to impress the RBS NatWest team.

  • Plan: When you are asked a question, always take a few seconds to plan the answer. If you have had several jobs, try to think of examples from each of them and always try to mention all the extra-curricular activities you have been involved in. Check how to answer job interview questions.
  • Take practical steps: Want to know what questions could come up in your interview and stay ahead of competitors? GF proprietary Question Identifier Tool (QIT) will be of great help! Remember only the best candidates have reached this stage of the assessment. Small things may make it or break it. Make sure you have all cards at hand.
  • Use the STAR Technique: When facing competency based questions, we recommend using the STAR technique, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. Discover how to master this with our resource video below.
How to Answer Competency-Based Interview Questions (STAR Technique) #shorts

The second stage of your RBS NatWest assessment centre after the interview is the RBS NatWest Assessment Centre exercises.

RBS NatWest Assessment Centre exercises

RBS NatWest assessment centre exercises are designed to get an in-depth indication of how you will perform when you start the role. There are three key aspects to this typically, and so we focus on these three styles of assessment centre exercise in this section.

Examples of exercises you might need to complete during RBS NatWest Assessment Centre include:

RBS NatWest Group Exercise

What is a RBS NatWest Group Exercise?

RBS NatWest Group Exercise will assess your ability to communicate and reach decisions as part of a team. You will be observed by RBS NatWest recruiters throughout the exercise, so remember the following top tips.

RBS NatWest Group Exercise Top Tips 

  1. Demonstrate your strengths and share your ideas, but also be ready to appreciate others’ input and develop on their points
  2. Persuade others to your ideas
  3. Ask interesting questions
  4. Remain calm and speak clearly, this is very important! Do not argue or get emotional
  5. Involve the passive members into the discussion 
  6. Memorise the names of your teammates 
  7. Ask your teammates for their personal opinions on the ideas you present 

You can start to get used to RBS NatWest-style assessment centre Group exercises with Graduates First. Make use of industry standard mark sheets, to see what RBS NatWest are looking for in your performance.

Assessment Centre Exercises Example

During your practice on the Graduates First platform, why not supplement your learning with our dedicated Group Exercises page.

And be sure to check out our Assessment Centre Group Exercise video on our YouTube channel below!

Now you are ready to go and ace your Group Exercise! After the group exercise you’ll be tasked with a RBS NatWest Role-Play Exercise.

RBS NatWest Role Play Exercise

What is a RBS NatWest Role Play Exercise?

RBS NatWest Role Play Exercise will ask you to be given around 20 minutes to work in a pair and analyse a set of information. You and your partner will then need to prepare your response. In the second part, your interviewer will play the role of a client and you will be representing RBS NatWest. In this task, you will need to prove your negotiation skills, teamwork and analytical thinking.

How to ace your RBS NatWest Role Play Exercise?

The RBS NatWest role play exercise will be assessed by one or more of the NatWest team, and so you will need to demonstrate certain things to succeed. You will need to demonstrate:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical thinking.

You can start to prepare for the assessment centre role play exercise right now. Head over to the role play assessment centre info page to develop your knowledge of what this exercise could entail.

You’ve almost there! After completing your Role Play exercise you’re final exercise is something less conversational, a RBS NatWest Written Exercise.

RBS NatWest Written Exercise

What is a RBS NatWest Written Exercise?

RBS NatWest Written Exercise will ask you to work on your own to prepare a response to a case study problem, in the candidate brief provided to you. You will need to develop your arguments fully, and will need to persuade the recipient towards your team’s recommendations. The best practice is to start by analysing all the information and planning your response; only then should you start writing your response. Be sure to check your grammar and spellings throughout the essay, and be cautious of the time that you have been allocated – sometimes it might be better to skip some points in order to finish in time.

 RBS NatWest Written Exercise Top Tips

  1. In-depth Practice: Written Exercises can be tricky and can be pressured by time. So, take the time to read more about this style of exercise. 
  2. Communicate Effectively: Ensure that your written language is as good as your spoken language. They’ll be looking to see that you can clearly put across your thoughts on paper too.
  3. Keep and eye on the time: WIth the pressure that comes with written exercises, you need to be ultra organised. Understand how much you have to do, and organise your time carefully. 

Don’t forget that you can prepare any time using GF’s example written exercises prepared by expert psychologists, with decades of experience in the field.

Excellent work for completing this article and for getting through each step of RBS NatWest’s process. All that is left now is to wait for your result which should arrive within one week.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test – D

Logical Reasoning Test – C