Santander Bank rejects 60 – 80% of candidates during their online assessment testing when they apply for a job.

In the article below, we will provide you with a step-by-step overview of the best tips for successfully passing the Santander candidate assessment process during recruitment:  job application, online aptitude tests, assessment centre, interviews.

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This is your 2018/ 2019 guide to passing Santander aptitude tests and theirs candidate interviews.

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The Santander recruitment process is made of five different stages; each requiring you to do your best and outperform your competitors if you want to land your dream job. This is why we are providing this step-by-step guide; so you can benefit from expert tips at each of the stages of Santander’s recruitment process, which consists of:

  1. Santander Online application
  2. Santander Online aptitude tests
  3. Santander Telephone interview
  4. Santander Assessment centre
  5. Santander Final Interview


Online Application

This part of the recruitment process is your first chance to set a good impression and stand out from your competition. The online form will ask you to provide details of your education and any academic results, work experience and potentially some motivational questions, depending on the business area you apply to.

Throughout your online application you need to refer to the key competencies sought after by Santander recruiters. Make sure your achievements and projects you have worked on reflect these skills or values:

  • Strength
  • Dynamism
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Professional ethics and sustainability
  • Quality service and customer satisfaction

Tip: Apply as early as possible. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. This way you increase your chances of progression to the next stage of the recruitment process.

It is very likely that this stage will also include some motivational questions, such as:

  • What is your motivation for working at Santander?
  • Why do you want to apply for this particular role?

Tip: In answering motivational questions remember to be as precise as possible: refer to unique facts about Santander that motivate you to work there, such as special awards, CSR projects, etc. When describing why you want to apply for this specific role mention the core skills required for this position and how these match both your previous experiences, and also personal interests.


Santander assessment –
Online aptitude tests

After you complete the online application form you will find out whether you have progressed to the next stage of the recruitment stage – and this will consist of online aptitude tests.
Depending on your line of business, these may include Santander’s:

The difficulty level of the Santander’s online tests will depend on the business area and position you applied to, so be sure to carefully read all the information in the aptitude test invite email.

A. Santander’s Situational Judgement Test

Santander’s Situational Judgement Test will provide you with a number of scenarios that you are likely to encounter when working at Santander; it will require you to identify the best and worst courses of actions. You will need to use your common sense, and appreciation of what it takes to excel in a professional environment, to give satisfactory responses.

Tip: Santander’s Situational Judgement Test is written in a way that makes all answers seem desirable. Always bear in mind which response is the most practical and demonstrates the key characteristics of an ideal candidate.

You will only need around 30 minutes to complete this test.

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Santander-style Situational Judgement Test Example

Santander-style Situational Judgement Test Example

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 B. Santander Numerical Reasoning Rest

 Since working at Santander will require you to use numerical skills and ability to interpret data from tables and charts, the Santander Numerical Reasoning Test will examine your ability to understand a previously unseen passage – as well as its data. You will be required to perform basic GCSE Maths calculations.

Do not worry if you have not done Maths in a while! The complexity of this does not lie in the knowledge tested but in the time pressure and stress involved. When taking your Numerical Reasoning Test, you will have less than a minute to read the question, analyse the data provided and perform the necessary calculations.

Tip: The only way to succeed is to take practice tests beforehand. This way you familiarise yourself with the types of questions and become more confident. Learn how to manage your stress in a safe environment and you will not have to face rejection – just because you were unfamiliar with the process.

Learn more about Numerical Reasoning Tests

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Santander-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Santander-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Santander-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

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C. Santander Verbal Reasoning Test

 In the same way numerical reasoning test examines how confident a candidate is in his numerical calculations, Santander’s Verbal Reasoning Test strives to identify whether a candidate can accurately extract the relevant information from a previously unseen passage of text to analyse whether subsequent statements are true, false, or impossible to say based on the information contained in the passage of text.

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Santander’s Verbal Reasoning Test could be more difficult for people who are not native-speakers in English, but nevertheless the advice we give is to practice Verbal Reasoning Test questions as much as you can to understand a specific way the texts are built and questions asked.

Learn more about Verbal Reasoning Tests

Remember, you will have around 45 seconds to answer questions like the following

Santander-style Verbal Reasoning Test Example

Santander-style Verbal Reasoning Test Example

Santander-style Verbal Reasoning Test Example

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Telephone interview

This interview will be competency based, and will be a final chance for you to demonstrate your passion, skills and enthusiasm to work for Santander.

Tip #1: The interview should last up to 30 minutes. Although it might seem long, remember to refer to specific arguments following the S, T, A, R method: describing the particular situation, the task you were faced with, and what action you took to resolve it, concluding with the result of your work.

Tip #2: Make sure to refer to the Santander core competencies outlined at the top of this article, when answering each question.

You should prepare some ideas of examples that you can later use during your interview based on the most common types of interview questions.

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Assessment Centre

You are nearing the last stage of the recruitment stage; congratulations if you have made it this far. There are only a few things left before you land your dream job.

The Santander Assessment Centre will be a chance for you to network with professionals working at Santander, and learn more about the company. It is the perfect time for you to get a better insight into what it is like to work at Santander.

The exercises you might be expected to take are:

  • Santander Group Exercise

 This exercise will examine your ability to work as part of a team. Throughout this task, various Santander employees will observe you and how you solve problems when required to work with others.

It is important that you are confident to share and argue for your ideas, but also be ready to contribute to somebody else’s input. Most importantly, speak clearly and do not interrupt anyone!

Tip: Try to persuade others towards your ideas and also ask critical thought-provoking questions; but only do so when it feels natural. You need to appreciate that other people on the team are just as important.

Learn more about Group Exercises

  • Santander Presentation Exercises

This exercise will mainly test you on your communication skills. Your assessors will be looking at your body language and tone to see how you would cope with delivering professional presentations, taking part in group discussions or explaining your point of view.

Presentation Exercise tip: Always stand straight, make regular eye contact with everyone in the audience and do not speak too fast.

Learn more about Presentation Exercises


Final Interviews

This stage of the recruitment process will consist of a number of one-on-one interviews with directors or senior managers from the business area you wish to join. They are likely to involve some competency-based questions, as well as motivational and technical questions. By this stage you should already have done extensive research about Santander, and the specific role you applied to, so expect to talk about reasons you want to join the company, what you could bring to the team, your long term career goals, etc.

At the end of the interviews, you will be given a chance to ask questions. You must definitely use this opportunity! This is a way of showing that you are interested and motivated, so prepare some thought-provoking and interesting questions beforehand. You can also ask your interviewer about their career path.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test: D

Verbal Reasoning Test: B



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