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The Product

Assessment Tests and Tools in Go Essential:
  • 1,900+ unique, exclusive, non-repeated practice assessment questions with answers and fully worked solutions
  • The best-in-class portal to launch aptitude tests, track progress, access your reports and pro-tips
  • 50 full industry-standard ability tests: Numerical (15), Logical (15), Verbal (10), Abstract (3), Diagrammatic (4), Spatial (3) Reasoning Tests
    • ideal to prep for: SHL, Kenexa IBM, Korn Ferry Talent Q, Saville Assessment, Cubiks, Talentlens,
  • 20 full industry-standard practice Checking Tests
  • 2 Full Practice Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)
  • Work Personality Questionnaire SHL OPQ-Style
  • 7 IBM IPAT Practice Tests:
    • ideal to prep for: IBM
  • 2 Watson Glaser Practice Tests
  • 3 CAPP Practice Tests
    • ideal to prep for: Cappfinity
  • 2 Full Sets of assessment centre practice exercises: Presentation , Group Discussion, Written Exercises, Role Play Exercises, all with assessor’s marking notes to help you win
  • CBI Question Identifier Tool – impress your interviewer; discover competency interview questions you’ll likely be asked
GF Quality and Service Guarantee:
  • Tests designed and scientifically tested by professional psychologists and psychometricians, former employees of SHL and Kenexa IBM – global leaders in aptitude test solutions
  • Tests and tools recommended by leading global recruiters for preparation
  • No risk: 100% satisfaction, or your money back guaranteed if you do not pass your test!*
  • Lifetime access
  • Dedicated 24/7 free support
  • Know what you pay: one-time payment; no subscriptions or automated renewals
  • Practise tests anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • For preparation for following tests: SHL, Kenexa IBM, Korn Ferry Talent Q, Saville Assessment, Cubiks, Talentlens
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