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In the article below, we will provide you with a step-by-step overview of the best tips to successfully apply to and pass the Unilever recruitment process to start your career with Unilever. If you are a professional changing job, or a student looking for an internship or graduate scheme at Unilever, this text is for you.

Unilever is a Dutch-British international consumer goods company co-headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands and London. Its products include food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Career opportunities at Unilever include many different roles in a variety of business divisions. Each year Unilever receive thousands of job applications for just a few job openings. To make the selection of the best candidates easier, Unilever divided their recruitment process into four stages of assessment. Competition for their jobs is extremely tough, so you need to be prepared to do your best at every stage of the recruitment process.

How to pass Unilever Assessments – Key Tip: Throughout the application process, remember to show that you possess the skills and characteristics that would make you an ideal candidate. Demonstrate your appropriateness for the job role, by being committing yourself to the attributes and competencies that Unilever look for in their candidates. These are as follows:

  • Growth Mindset

    Competitive leadership; positive, realistic, attitude to the company’s future.

  • Customer Focus

    Able to see Unilever’s brands through our customers’ eyes.

  • Bias for Action

    Urgency in decision-making, prepared to think things through to take risks.

  • Accountability and Responsibility

    Taking responsibility for your part in Unilever’s overall performance.

Now that you know our Key Tip, check out the four stages of the Unilever job application and assessment process:

1. Unilever Online application

Once you have done the necessary research about Unilever and its business divisions, and have decided on the programme you wish to apply for:

You will need to register to their job portal and complete the online application form, which requires:

  • your A-Level results,
  • your academic background,
  • relevant work experience and
  • motivational questions on your reasons to join Unilever

You will need to make sure you have provided accurate information before your submission, and you should never leave this until the last minute.

Apply as early as possible, as this increases your chances of being reviewed on a rolling basis. Check your email frequently in case Unilever’s HR department should require any clarification or further details.

2. Unilever Online Psychometric Tests

Every candidate applying to Unilever might be required to take two Unilever psychometric assessment tests, which are supplied by IBM Kenexa

These will include Unilever’s:

The difficulty level of the assessments will depend on the business area and position you applied to, so be sure to carefully read all the information in the email from Unilever’s recruiters asking you to complete the aptitude tests.

Unilever Numerical reasoning test

If it has been a while since you did Maths – do not worry! All you have to do is a quick recap of basic GCSE calculations, such as ratios, percentages and reading data off charts. What makes Unilever’s numerical reasoning test difficult is not the knowledge tested, but how you cope with the information presented under the time pressure.

You need to learn to manage your stress and work quickly, but correctly through the questions – and the best way to achieve this is by practicing tests in a safe environment before your actual test.

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Unilever-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Check if you got the correct answer at the bottom of the page.

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Unilever Logical reasoning test

Unilever’s logical reasoning test does not test any particular area, but rather presents candidates with 5 diagrams with changing shapes and spatial arrangements, and requires them to identify the right pattern and determine what would come next in the sequence.

The main difficulty of this particular logical reasoning test is that there is no limit to how abstract these patterns and trends can be; in terms of the: size, arrangement, movements and colours of two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Sound complex? In fact, it is actually not that difficult. What you need to do is to have a look at sample questions to get comfortable with what these questions are after, and the only way to achieve this is by practicing specific Unilever-style logical reasoning tests, such as the ones offered by Graduates First (see sample question below).

Remember: you will never get the same questions as those in the practice tests, but you will gain experience in recognising test patterns and managing your stress and time pressure.

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Unilever-style Logical Reasoning Test Example


In the example above, you will have ONLY around 45 seconds to notice that:

  • the arrow moves around the diagram
  • shapes change from triangle to circle to square and
  • the long line is either horizontal or vertical
  • and then to find the right answer!

There is a lot of time pressure which often leaves candidates feeling  anxious, which subsequently harms their performance.

Got the answer? Check it out at the bottom of the page.

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You will also get detailed expert reports with worked solutions and personalised feedback that will help you improve as you progress.

3. Unilever Video Interview

After you successfully pass the online tests, you will be required to take a short, self-recorded video interview to tell Unilever more about yourself and your background. This is an opportunity for you to show your interest and demonstrate the potential skills that make you suitable for the particular role that you applied to.

This interview will be made up of two sections, including three hypothetical questions.

Tip: Before your interview, you are advised to think of some ideas that you could then use during your interview. If you are looking for Unilever interview questions, it is a good idea to check the most common types of interview questions .

For each idea remember to follow the STAR model: always describing what the particular Situation was, what Task you were faced with, which Action you took to accomplish the goal and what was the Result of your work.

Unilever interview questions tip: If you are expecting a video interview, make sure you find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed, and make sure that you are settled at least 10 minutes prior to the interview start. Remind yourself why you would like to work for Unilever, and what your key achievements are – both in personal and professional life. You need to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job and the company, and need to prove that you will stay equally determined and enthusiastic throughout your time with the company.

Want to know what questions could come up in your interview? Graduates First has developed a proprietary tool that helps to identify the questions that are likely to come up in your interview: the Question Identifier Tool (QIT). You can purchase it by following this link.

4. Unilever Discovery Day

Congratulations: this is last stage of the recruitment process. During the Discovery Day, you will get the chance to meet Unilever employees, other candidates for the position, the management team and participate in some welcome sessions. Although it might seem less stressful than other parts of the recruitment process – do not relax just yet. The recruiters will still observe you closely to see if you have the potential to make the most out of this role.

For examples of case study questions that you may experience, look at our in-tray exercises prepared by experienced occupational psychologists at Graduates First. The best way to prepare for this type of assessment is to practice your skills on sample case studies; once you learn how to critically analyse a piece of information and present your findings, you will be able to cope with any topic!

You may also look at other materials to prepare for your assessment centre. Graduates First provide a comprehensive explanation of e-tray and in-tray exercises, presentation exercises, role-play, group discussion and written exercises. We also offer the assessment preparation toolkit which contains all the above.

Video: Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test – D

Logical Reasoning Test – C