The text below provides a full candidate recruitment, assessment and preparation guide and practice for those applying to jobs, internships and graduate programs at Unilever.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessments tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process. 

Check here for Free and Premium aptitude assessment tests and video interviews to practice and prepare for Unilever recruitment.

If you are aiming to apply to Unilever or have a Unilever assessment test coming up, our text below is the best place to start.

Not sure if you should practice to prepare for the Unilever assessments? Many large employers are leveraging gamified assessments as part of their recruitment processes (Institute of Student employers, 2018). A few of these major companies include Unilever, HSBC and RBS.

Researchers at the University of Sussex Business School, in association with the Institute for Employment Studies, have warned that young jobseekers feel confused, dehumanised and exhausted by automated recruitment systems.

In a nutshell:

How to prepare for the Unilever assessment process and tests to get the job?

  1. Complete your Unilever Online Application
  • Fill each of the 4 sections of the Unilever application online
  • Match your application to Unilever’s core values, vision statement and goals
  • Use their keywords from the job post in your resume and answers in your application
  1. Prepare for Unilever Pymetrics Game-based Assessments

Understand Pymetrics game assessments. Learn what the games measure, what you need to do, how much time each game will take. Practice games with us similar to those used by Unilever today.

  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

You should practice answering questions that typically come up in interviews. Your answers need to flow and be timely. Avoid filler words. Your verbal communication should be convincing, filled with content that presents you in the best way for the job.

Prepare for an online video interview by running mock interviews answering typical interview questions. For Unilever interview practice, use:

Our video interview practice platform contains predefined competency and industry questions and emulates experience you will have in platforms used for employers’ interviews (Hirevue, Pymetrics, Sonru). Always record your answers and watch them to develop your interview technique, timekeeping and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

Use the STAR method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Prepare for the Unilever Discovery Day

Unilever makes use of a variety of competitive exercises during the Discovery Day assessment center to find the right candidates. Ensure that you practice a variety of exercises including:

Focus on developing your written and spoken communication ability, as well as teamworking and problem-solving skills. Research online, prepare and practice presentation of as many business case studies as possible.

Be aware; not many get to this stage as the competition is very fierce.

  1. Final Interview

Prepare for your one-on-one interview with a senior manager. Expect and practice for behavioural and competency-based questions. Aim to stand out. They have interviewed dozens or hundreds of candidates at this final stage.

Refine your technique for your final Unilever interview to showcase your:

  • deep knowledge 
  • understanding of the role
  • business acumen
  • passion
  • critical thinking and ability to think on your feet

For your final interview, use the video interview platform and record yourself answering the example interview questions using the STAR method.

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  1. What is the recruitment process of Unilever?
  2. How much time does the Unilever recruitment process take?
  3. What is the digital interview with Unilever?
  4. How do I prepare for a Unilever digital interview?
  5. How do I pass a Unilever interview?
  6. How to successfully apply for Unilever Future Leaders Programme and Unilever Leaders Internship Programme?

Looking into assessments with Unilever, simply use your fingertips or click in the table below to practice assessments relevant to your assessment process!

Relevant Assessments to UnileverPractice Now
Game AssessmentsStart Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Applying for jobs and getting through their assessment processes for Consumer Goods Giants like Unilever can turn out to be a little hectic. If only there was a place that had all the info you need for the Unilever recruitment process, right? Including the various assessment stages, how to ace them, how to practice for all of them, et cetera. Well, Graduates First has got you covered with this complete Unilever job application guide. If you’re an aspiring Unilever employee and want to know all about its recruitment tests and how to ace them all, this article is for you.

In the guide that follows, we are going to discuss:


Before applying for a job in any company you should be sure as to why you want to apply there. Is it the reputation, the brands, the products, the values, the comfortable work culture, or the intimidating turnover per year? Since you’ve reached this article, it’s likely you’re pretty sure that you want to apply and the reasons you want to apply to Unilever. But, for those who are not, below is an overview of Unilever, you can decide the reason for yourself.

This is the start of your application and research journey, and yes, when applying, you can expect lots of research is required. After all, Unilever careers are well sought-after by people at all stages of their career.

Background to Unilever for your application

Who are Unilever?

Unilever is a British multinational consumer goods company, with its headquarters in London, England. Its famous subsidiaries are, Ben & Jerry’s, Hindustan Unilever, Nepal Unilever, Unilever United States, Seventh Generation, and many more.

Unilever Application Top Tip: Gain key insights into what Unilever has been up to by checking out the LinkedIn profiles of the current leaders, CEO Alan Jope and CFO Graeme Pitkethly.

What is the history of Unilever?

Unilever was founded by the merger of Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie and the soap maker Lever brothers

What are the best known Products, Brands and Competitors of Unilever?

Unilever owns 400 brands, and the most profit comes from some of the most popular brands such as, Dove, Sunsilk, Lifebuoy, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Sunlight and Axe. Unilever offers a wide range of products of which are categorized under three key divisions:

  1. Food and Refreshments
  2. Home care
  3. Beauty and Personal care

Unilever competitors are companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Loreal, Mondelez International and many more.

Unilever Application Top Tip: Getting yourself familiar with what are Unilevers’ brands, products and competitors, Will showcase your brand and market awareness of which will stand out to Unilever.

What are Unilever Values?

Unilever have four key values which are:

  • Integrity: It builds reputation and serves as a guide to do things the right way. 
  • Respect: Serves as a guide to treat people with honesty, fairness and dignity. 
  • Responsibility: It’s all about taking care of the customers and employees of Unilever.
  • Pioneering: Gives the passion for winning and creating a better future.

What is Unilever Vision Statement?

Unilever Vision Statement is “To be a global leader in sustainable business. We will demonstrate how our purpose-led, future-fit model drives superior performance, consistently delivering financial results in the top third of our industry”.

Unilever Application Top Tip: Try using Unilever’s own language throughout your application. For example, use the word ‘vitality’ and ‘delivering results’ to describe yourself or the result of a project you have undertaken.

What are Unilever Goals?

Unilever have four long term goals that they adhere to and want to achieve which are:

  1. Half a billion people improve their health and wellbeing
  2. Improve the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in the supply chain
  3. Halve the environmental footprint of the group’s products
  4. Reducing Unilever environmental impact by:
    • Eventually creating Net zero emissions for all products and a supply chain without and deforestation.
    • Empowering their suppliers with a regenerative agriculture code.
    • investing 1 billion euros into the Climate & Nature Fund

Why should you work at Unilever?

Unilever as a company have assets, many of which may make it enticing for you to apply to them as a future employee. For example, they place importance on diversity, Work-life balance, Individual growth and development training / tool, visionary management. Each of these presents an opportunity not only to help welcome you into the role, but also to get involved in their mission to implore progress in such areas when you start in the Unilever team.

Figured out your motivation yet? Have you found something to get excited about? If yes, without further ado, let’s walk you through the various stages of the Unilever Recruitment Process.

Unilever Assessment/ Recruitment Process

The Unilever Assessment process takes place in 4 stages:

Let’s look at all these stages of recruitment one by one and in detail, starting off with Unilever Online Application.

Unilever Online Application

Unilever online application is the first step that you take to be a part of your Unilever application journey before you will face any Unilever aptitude tests. During this stage, you will be asked many questions about yourself, to verify your suitability for the role and your right to work. 

Unilever Online Application Tip: Whenever you fill in an application such as this, keep your answers recorded on a document. You can then use this in any subsequent online applications to save you some time.

How to fill in the Unilever Online Application Form 

The Unilever Application has four sections that you’ll have to fill, as outlined below: 

1. My Information – You will have to fill in the basic details, such as your name, phone number, address, email.

Source Unilever Application Process

2. My Experience- Provide your previous job titles, experiences, internship programs or graduate schemes that you may have been a part of. You upload your resume at the same stage. Now, remember when uploading a resume, explain your job and responsibilities very clearly and in an attractive manner.

Source Unilever Application Process

For top tips on preparing your CV for your Unilever application, be sure to watch our video below!

3 CV Mistakes You Must Avoid (Resume Tips) | CV Writing Guide #shorts

3. Application questions- Answer critical questions with yes/no. 

Source Unilever Application Process

4. Voluntary Disclosures- The voluntary disclosures are the questions related to your personal life, such as the pronouns you prefer, the race you belong to, etc. Answering these questions is completely up to you, so feel free to answer with ‘I do not wish to answer’ if you are not comfortable disclosing the information. 

Summary: Unilever online application is your first step towards the selection process. Find a job vacancy in your field on the Unilever Careers page, log in/ sign-up and fill in the four sections of the application form, Information, Experience, Application questions and Voluntary Disclosures and hit Submit. You’ll receive an email confirming your form submission. If your application stands out, you’ll hear from Unilever in about 2-3 weeks for the second round of assessment, which is the Unilever gamified assessment. 

What happens when your application gets accepted? Well, you are invited for the second round of assessment, the Unilever game-based assessment tests. What are these Unilever assessment tests? Let’s find out.

Unilever Game-Based Assessment

What are Unilever Game-Based Assessments?

Unilever Game-based Assessments or Unilever gamified tests follow immediately after the success of your online application. This is the case, whether applying to Unilever USA or Unilever UK. However, the Unilever assessment tests you will face will likely vary depending on your location. For those applying to the USA Unilever branch, you can expect to face Pymetrics game based assessments. Those applying to the UK and many other locations can expect to face Unilever HireVue game assessments

In this section, we will cover some important topics to help you success in Unilever game tests. These topics include:

What are Unilever game based assessments? 

Unilever Gamified assessments are digital behavior-based neuroscience games designed to assess your skills and traits according to what choices you make while playing. These can be thought of as Unilever online assessments, so can be taken anywhere, including on a mobile device where specified.

These fun, relevant, reliable and mobile enabled games are supplied to Unilever by Pymetrics as well as HireVue, depending on your locale. Each game assessment platform utilizes AI technology to assess cognitive, emotional and social traits. You can either complete them all at once or save them and complete them whenever you are comfortable. You will receive immediate feedback. 

Let’s start by going through the Pymetrics game assessments, after which it will be time to look at Unilever HireVue Game based assessments.

What qualities or traits do Unilever Pymetrics games assess?

Unilever Pymetrics Games assess 9 qualities, each of which provide insights into how you are and behave as a person in the work place. The 9 qualities being assessed by Unilever digital assessments are: 

  1. Attention: To check if you pay attention to detail.
  2. Effort: To check how much effort you are willing to put in in order to get the best results.
  3. Fairness: To check whether you’ll be impartial and unbiased towards your fellow employees and be fair in taking the important decisions. 
  4. Decision Making: To check if you will be able to make the right decisions for the company for its best interest.
  5. Emotion: To check how your emotions affect your work or decision-making skills and whether or not they’re good.
  6. Focus: To see how much focused and dedicated you are towards your work or job.
  7. Generosity: Only a good leader can be generous and have a mind which allows people to make mistakes and learn.
  8. Learning: You never stop learning no matter how qualified or experienced you are. organizations want candidates who understand the significance of learning. 
  9. Risk Tolerance: To check how much risk you are willing to take in order to get the desired results. 

What to expect in Pymetrics Game Assessment: Overview of Unilever Game Assessments

Unilever Pymetrics Game assessments are comprised of 12 games, each of which measures one of the 9 qualities mentioned above. Here are is an outline of 9 of the Unilever IQ games as provided by Pymetrics, including the key quality that is being measured.

Source Pymetrics PDF

The completion of this stage requires only 25 minutes.

  1. Money Exchange 1
  2. In Money Exchange, you will be instructed to transfer an amount of your choice to a stranger (not with actual money but with the game money), and the stranger may return some, all or none of the amount transferred by you. Let’s say you transferred $5 and the stranger returned $6. Now, after this transaction you’ll be asked to rate the fairness of the transaction. So, it’s very clear that this game assesses Fairness. 
  1. Balloons
  2. In Balloons game, there will be balloons that needs to be inflated, but each balloon could burst at any time. Every inflation will give you points, but if the balloon pops, you’ll lose the points of that particular balloon. This game is designed to assess your Risk tolerance.

Unilever Balloons Tip: This is exactly like the BART game provided by Graduates First.

Check out our in-depth Balloon Game video below!

What is the Balloon Game Assessment? Pymetrics, Arctic Shores Game | PwC, JP Morgan, RBS use to hire

Money Exchange 2
As previously mentioned, Money Exchange game matches you with a random stranger and you have to make a transaction, but this time the transaction assesses how generous you are.

  1. Digits
  2. In Digits, a number of digits appear on the screen one by one and you have to memorize them all and fill them in the blank given in the order of their occurrence. This task gets more difficult as you proceed, i.e., the number of digits appearing on screen increases. This game assesses Focus.  

Unilever Digits Tip: Graduates First offers Cognition-M for testing memory.

Here’s a video which can clear up what memory games are for you.

What are Memory Game Assessments by Arctic Shores, Pymetrics, HireVue? | Ace PwC, Unilever Games
  1. Easy or Hard
  2. In Easy or Hard, all you have to do is press the key that is mentioned in the instructions from the keyboard of your laptop/mobile for the required number of times in the available time. You will have two options, either you can choose an easy task which can say “press the spacebar 12 times in 5 seconds” or the hard task which can say “press the spacebar 60 times in 12 seconds”, but the trick is that the easy task will fetch you fewer points than the hard task. This game assesses how much effort you are ready to put in order to get better results.
  1. Stop 1
  2. Stop 1 game will involve red and green circles on the screen appearing rapidly one after the other. If there is a red circle, press the spacebar and if there’s a green circle, don’t do any activity. This game has a shifting task, to see if you can pay Attention to different tasks at the same time.

Unilever Stop Tip: You can see the Cognition-A game provided by Graduates First which is of the same sort.

Source Tech website Mic Pymetrics
  1. Cards
  2. Cards game is when, a number of cards will appear on the screen, and you’ll have to randomly choose one of them, some cards will earn you points and others will lose points. You’ll start with $2000. This game assesses your Decision-making skills and the ability to predict the future.
Pymetrics cards game assessment example
  1. Arrows
  2. Arrows game instructions read, If blue/black arrows appear on the screen, you have to focus on the direction of the middle arrow and press the arrow key facing in that direction and when the arrows are red in color, you have to focus on the side arrows, and press the key in that direction from your keyboard. Simple, isn’t it? This game assesses Learning, i.e., you’re going to make a lot of mistakes in this game, but do you learn from your mistakes? Or panic and make more mistakes of the same sort.

Unilever Arrows Tip: You can see the Flanker Task game provided by Graduates First which is of the same sort. 

Source Tech website Mic Pymetrics
  1. Faces
  2. For the game Faces, you’ll have a picture with a person’s face on your screen with a backstory. You’ll have to read the story, see the expression and tell what the person might be feeling. (Pain, sadness, anger, stress, etc.) but the trick is that the facial expressions and the story may be completely different. The faces may try to deceive you and distract you from the actual story. The key is, stick to the facts. This game assesses your Emotions, as to how they affect your working.

Unilever Faces Tip: This resembles the i-EQ™ game provided by Graduates First. 

Here’s a video which can clear up what emotion games are for you.

What are Emotify & Emotions Game Assessments | Pymetrics, Arctic Shores, Revelian Games | PwC, RBS

These were some examples of the games provided, and what main skills they assess, but the whole Unilever gamified assessment process contains 12 games in total, so be ready for a few surprises. Check our our Pymetrics games page for the low-down one what to expect. 

Unilever Application Top Tip: Make sure you’re calm, don’t panic on making mistakes, have the latest version of whatever browser you’re using and make honest decisions. To see what the games are like, visit our website and practice game assessments.

Now, let’s move onto an alternative route, HireVue Game assessments that you may face depending on the locale and role that you’re applying for at Unilever. If this is not what you expect to face, jump to our ‘How to Pass Game Assessments’ section below!

Unilever HireVue Game-based Assessments

What are Unilever HireVue Game Assessments?

Unilever HireVue Game-based Assessments or HV assessment may await many of those as an alternative next stage in the Unilever application process. HireVue Game assessments are a collection of five game assessments, that are very short in length.

Here are three of the games that you may expect to face as part of your Unilever application:

1. Numerosity
Numerosity is a game Unilever uses which takes around 3 minutes to complete and tasks you with finding the equation that reaches the result. This measures one aspect of your cognitive ability assessment.

Unilever Numerosity Tip: Check out GF’s MathBubbles game, designed as a cognitive assessment to assess very similar mental arithmetic ability.

MathBubbles™ Gamified Assessment

2. Emotion Recognition Task

HireVue’s Emotional Recognition Task takes only a few minutes to complete and asks you to select the face expression represented in the image shown. This game assessment measures your emotional traits.

Emotion Recognition Task Tip: Check out GF’s i-EQ™ game, designed to assess very one aspect of your emotional intelligence.

3. Pathfinder

Pathfinder takes around 5 minutes to complete, pathfinder assesses another Unilever cognitive assessment aspect of your cognitive ability. You will be presented with a series of sliding blocks, of which you have to orientate to as to create a path from start to finish.

With many of the HireVue game based assessments Unilever use now outlined, let’s discover some more about these Unilever gamified assessments.

How long does the Unilever HireVue Game Assessments take?

Unilever’s HireVue game assessments are only short games, and as such you will not need to set aside any longer than 20 minutes to prepare for these. If you are invited to these however, be sure that you are afforded this short amount of time to focus, as they take attention to succeed.

What do Unilever HireVue Game Assessments Measure?

Unilever’s HireVue games assess three key areas. These include your:

  1. Sociability: That is, Unilever want to understand how you are with other people, with regards to teamwork and communication.
  2. Cognitive Ability: To gain an understanding of your technical ability, such as your numerical ability and problem solving skills.
  3. Emotional Traits: Attain insights into how well you respond to other people’s emotions and show empathy.

With a summary of many of the Game assessments you may face in your Unilever application in place, let’s look at some essential tips to give you the best chance of gaming success. 

How to Pass Unilever Game Assessments?

For Pymetrics and HireVue games alike, there are certain things that you can do beforehand to increase your chances of Unilever digital assessment success.

  1. Do the Game Research: The game assessments you will face will likely be conveyed to you by Unilever, or indeed any other employer you are applying to. Gaining information about the assessments can help remove the shock-factor you may get when first seeing this unique style of test.
  2. Get Familiar with Game assessments: With the game information in place, why not start your practice? You may do so in a safe environment such as a mobile app, computer game, or indeed on the Graduates First platform.
  3. Have a stable internet connection: This may seem obvious, but it is also vital. Many of these game assessments require attention and have continuity. If you have poor internet connection that interrupts your flow, this could effect your result. So, be sure to check this before you start.

To consolidate your success, why not take a break from reading to watch our short YouTube Video resource below, all about acing your Pymetrics and HireVue game assessments. 

How to pass game assessments | by Arctic Shores, Pymetrics, HireVue & Assess Candidates #shorts

Summary: The online Unilever gamification tests are games that are designed to assess cognitive, social and emotional traits of the candidates. Unilever game assessment consists of mini games, all of which are provided by Pymetrics or HireVue to assess areas such as your attention, focus, fairness, effort, decision-making, emotion, generosity, learning and risk tolerance. The completion time of this stage is 20-30 minutes

If you’re able to clear this round of assessment, you’ll head up to the next round of assessment process, i.e., the Unilever Video Interview. Let’s get right into that. 

Unilever Video Interview

Unilever Video Interview is next up on your Unilever application. If you’re selected after the game assessments round, it means you are on the right track. Because you did not give that game test on the basis of some prior preparation but according to your personality traits. And thus, now they’d like to check your knowledge and preparation through the Video-based interview round. So, below are all the things you would want to know about a HireVue video interview. The things we’ll discuss are:

  • What are HireVue video interviews?
  • Things to check and/or fix before giving a HireVue Video Interview
  • Mistakes to avoid in a video interview.
  • Practice Video interview questions and the best way to answer them

What is a Unilever Video Interview? 

Unilever video interview is, as the name suggests, an interview on video camera, like a digital interview only not live. This is a kind of video assessment interview which has pre-recorded questions by a Unilever interviewer, you have to see the video, understand the question and answer the questions in under 3 minutes, you also get a prep time of 30 seconds. You may also receive 2-3 questions in written form, but then the answers to those will also be typed in the given box. Unilever conducts its video interview with the help of HireVue which uses AI technology to assess candidates. 

Continue learning more about video interviews through the following video

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

How to prepare for the Unilever HireVue Video Interview

For the Unilever Hirevue Video Interview, although you won’t sit in front of a interviewer in this round, there might be a few things that you need to check before giving a video interview:

  1. Have an Appropriate Background: A plain background is best for your interview however you may consider a collection of your books behind you, this will help to keep your interview professional and does not detract from your recording.  
  2. Check your Internet Connection and Battery: Before you log in for the video interview, check your internet connection and the battery percentage in your device to prevent disruption to your recording and remove panic. Choose a place and time with best internet connectivity so that your recording does not stop in between or you don’t panic because of the network issue or the Wi-Fi went off or anything.
  3. Dress up well: This may not be a face-to-face interview, but you don’t want to bail on your apparel for this. Go with formal clothes, most probably a shirt or a blazer. You’ll never lose points for being overdressed in an interview.
  4. Monitor your Distance from the screen: Make sure you are at an appropriate distance from the screen. A close-up to your face will not look nice. You can be sure that you are at an accurate distance when your shoulders are visible on the screen and whatever hand-gestures you make, can be clearly seen.
  5. Use the right External devices: Use a microphone and not a headphone when sitting for a video interview. If you’re using a mobile phone for the interview make sure you use a tripod stand to keep it stable. A moving screen does not leave a good impact. 
  6. Smile: Last but not the least, Smile. A subtle smile can do wonders to your performance in the interview. This shows that you are confident about your skills and abilities. To make that smile even better, keep the camera where it can capture the best angle of your face.

Too tired to read all that? Here’s a video which gives you the main tips you need for a video interview 

Epic Video Interview Tips and Tricks #shorts

Now that you know what you should do in an interview, let’s see some common mistakes that you should avoid in your Unilever video interview

Four things to avoid in the Unilever HireVue digital interview

In your HireVue Video Interview, there are four things that you should avoid at all costs. We want to enlighten you as to what these common mistakes are, so that you don’t make them when it really matters!

  1. Lack of preparation. The questions the digital interviewer Unilever uses are those which are designed to test your knowledge about the company and the field you’re applying to. Therefore, a clear knowledge of the company, its products, its goals, values and challenges faced by the company and what the company will require its employees to do. Download the job description and read it well. Know your job, your responsibilities and the behavior expected from you while you’re on the job. This will not only help you frame your answers better, but will also give you confidence. 
  2. Have control of your surroundings. Make sure you tell everyone at your house about your interview so that no one disturbs you while you’re recording yourself, because there’s only one take.
  3. Read the instructions very carefully. Read the instructions and the time provided for each answer very carefully. Also, never skip the practice question. The practice question enables you to see how you look in the recording, if the volume of your voice is okay, if the lighting is okay and other such factors which you can adjust before getting into the real question. 
  4. Do not close the answer abruptly. Now, this is a very minute but important thing, that your Unilever digital interview answers should have the correct flow and shouldn’t have abrupt endings. For example, if the employer asks you about your strengths, don’t finish by saying, “ so.. um yeah, those are all my strengths” or “yeah so, that’s it”. Instead, say something like this “…so at the end I really think my planning and organizing skills are my greatest strengths and can help me achieve goals in Unilever as a product manager.”

The YouTube video below will help make things clearer.

3 Video Interview Mistakes EVERYONE Makes (HireVue, Zoom, Skype) #shorts

Now we know what to avoid in a Unilever video interview, but wouldn’t it be useful to see some sample video interview questions and answers? Fortunately, that’s what we were thinking too. Continue reading for some answers to common video interview questions. 

Unilever HireVue video interview questions examples and how to answer them. 

  1. “Why did you leave your last job?” 

As much as companies like asking these questions, they also look for the issues due to which you’re likely to leave the job at their company too. 

At Unilever, they look for integrity and the sense of respect in an employee, so here are some tips that will come in handy for you to formulate an answer to this question. 

  • Mention the motivation behind your move. It can be readiness to take up more responsibilities or a career change or anything of this sort.
  • Mention the positive aspects of your decision.
  • Never badmouth your previous employer, because this may put them under the impact that you may do that for them too.
  • If you were fired, do not confine this information, because they’ll come to know anyway. Although, what you can do is accept the mistakes you made in the past and assure them about your commitment to future liabilities and responsibilities.

Gain further insight into how to answer this question with the video below!

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job? | How to Ace your Answer | Interview Question #shorts
  1. “Why do you want to work at Unilever?”

Through this question, they want to see if you have done your homework, i.e., if you have researched well and know enough about the company and its reputation. To answer this question better,

  • Focus on their reputation, their growth and development graphs. What challenges they have overcome in the past years.
  • Lay emphasis on the products and services. Tell them about your favorite product and the reason behind it being your favorite. (Conduct a good research on products)
  • Tell them what among their goals, missions, values, standards and vision motivates you the most to be a part of Unilever. 
  1. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

The main aim of asking this question is to see how ambitious you are and how that ambition will help with the betterment of the company. Therefore, to answer this question,

  • Do not involve unnecessary details, such as the house you have your eyes on, or the motor-vehicle you want to own. They want to know your attachment to your role in the company, so tell them how you want to improve and grow with the organization. 
  • ALWAYS involve the company in your future plans. 

Gain further insight into how to answer this question with the video below!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? | How to Ace your Answer | Interview Question #shorts

You’ve now started your prep for your Unilever application. So, let’s look now how to can get hands-on and record video interview answers yourself.

How to practice for the Unilever Video Interview

In Unilever Video Interview, it is important to consider that the questions given above are some of the very common video interview questions, and let’s face it we cannot ace a Video-Interview on tips alone. What we really need is a lot of practice and the courage to speak on camera. Now since most of us are camera conscious and these interviews can be harsh on us, Graduates First has a whole series of video interview questions with real experience for you. You can choose any field that you’re preparing for, and practice video interviews as much as you want. 

Video Interview Free Graduate Questions

Summary: Unilever Video Interview is a video-based interview in which there are pre-recorded questions from the interviewer and the candidates have to record themselves answering those questions. The place and time at which the candidate wants to give the interview is completely his/her choice. One should have the latest version of the HireVue app or the browser which is being used to record the interview. Few things to check before a video interview are, network, background, your look, surroundings, etc. 

Moving on to the last stage of the assessment process, The Unilever Discovery Center.

Unilever Discovery Center

What is the Unilever Discovery Center?

Unilever Discovery center day is the final stage of the assessment process of Unilever. Unlike the standard assessment center format, Unilever’s discovery center day focuses on assessing the candidate on the basis of his/her behaviour in office and capability of coping up with different activities on a typical day of the office. This mainly involves examining your managerial skills, professionalism, decision making skills, leadership skills, communication skills, analysing power, written skills and so on. Companies generally have the Assessment Center Day to evaluate the candidates and compare them with one another and also to assess a wider range of skills that they’re looking for. The evaluation is done by conducting various exercises for the candidates, these exercises include: 

  1. Written exercises
  2. Group exercises
  3. Final Interview

How to Prepare for Unilever Discovery Center

Before we get into the details, there are three main things that you need to keep in mind before you go for a Unilever assessment centre, and those are:

  1. Be well rested: Do not lose sleep because of the performance stress. Because if you’re sleep deprived, even your best of skills will not be at their sharpest. 
  2. Be well-fed. Eat healthy but not heavy before you go in for the discovery day. You will have very few breaks, and while you’re there you will be unable to eat well because you will be stressed about your performance a lot. 
  3. Get you brain in motion: Consider completing a puzzle or thought-provoking task on the morning of your assessment centre. This will wake up your brain and get it into the gear it needs to be in to perform well. 
  4. Be ready: If you are required to travel for you assessment centre, do not travel on the day of your Discovery centre. Even if you don’t have motion sickness, you will definitely feel a bit off because of all the travelling. So, if your Assessment centre is far away, rent a hotel room near it, so that you don’t have to travel. That will be the best investment you make in order to increase your chances to get the offer. If your assessment centre is virtual, use the saved time wisely by checking your camera is working, and that you have a pad and pen ready at your side.

It is worth noting ahead of diving into the details of each activity, that Unilever often operate such Discovery centre’s virtually, so let’s take a look at what we mean by this.

Unilever Virtual Discover Centre

What is the Unilever Virtual Discovery Centre?

Unilever Virtual Discovery Centre day may stand in the place of your typical assessment centre. The key difference here is that you will not have to travel to a location and meet in-person with your Unilever future employers and colleagues. Instead, you will be required to work through a series of activities online, often over camera. The aim of these activities is to expose you to what a typical day is like for a future leader. Some of the activities used include:

  • Group Meetings to organize projects.
  • Face typical challenges for a business
  • Have a meeting with colleagues to share ideas
  • A one-to-one meeting with your line manager

Gain key insights in this under 1 minute video Why do Employers use Virtual Assessment Centers you may come across at Unilever.

Why Do Employers use Virtual Assessment Centres? #shorts

Now, let’s take a look at some of the exercises you may expect to be assessed on, whether virtual or the traditional assessment centre day, in detail that you have to do while you’re at the assessment centre, starting with the Unilever Written Exercise.

Unilever Written Exercises

What are Unilever written exercises?

Unilever Written exercises are one section of the Unilever assessment centre that you my be asked to take. They assess your writing skills, spelling, grammar, comprehension, as well as your ability to problem solve on your feet, all in a given time frame. 

What do Unilever written exercises involve?

Unilever written exercises are set out in the following way to gain some insights into how you will perform when you start your role at Unilever:

  1. Be seated in a room with other candidates, typically 6 individuals or less. Afterwhich, an administrator will present the task and ‘Candidate Brief’ which will outline the task at hand.
  2. You will be provided with a time limit in which to complete the task.
  3. You will be provided with many pieces of information to read and dissect. Be sure to do this carefully and at a good pace.
  4. Your end goal will be providing a report on a particular topic, using information that was presented in the ‘Candidate Brief’.

These exercises may seem easy, but they try their best to make this complicated for you. For example, they will mix junk mails with important mails, and you may end up wasting most of your time on junk mails. That’s when your time management and prioritization skills play their part. 

What Skills do Written Exercises assess? 

By now you must have gained a clear idea of why organisations take writing tests, but the main skills they’re looking for are:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Decision making
  3. Written communication 
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Time management 
  6. Organisational skills

How to ace Unilever Written exercises

  1. Stay calm. Enter the assessment centre in analysis mode not in test mode. 
  2. Manage your time well, as these exercises are time based, you need to divide your time for different tasks.
  3. Prioritize. Prioritization is very important to do well in this exercise. Give more time and finish those exercises first which seem more important or you think will fetch you more points.
  4. Read the instructions very carefully.
  5. PRACTICE is key to success to perfect the other top tips mentioned above!.

Where to practice written exercises? Again, back to Graduates First. We offer a series of written exercises for you to practice well. So, HURRY! You need as much practice as possible.

Assessment Centre Exercises Example

After the Unilever Written Exercises come the Unilever Group Exercises, these exercises not only assess your individual skills, but also your interpersonal skills. Let’s learn about this in detail.

Unilever Group Exercises

Unilever Group exercises mainly consist of

What are Unilever Group Exercises?

Unilever Group Exercises assess a candidate’s interpersonal skills, his communication and his regard to other people’s feelings. You’ll all be sitting in a room, and will be given a task, for e.g. ‘In which of the following schemes should the company invest’. You’ll sit down with the other candidates and have a discussion about the given matter and finally prepare and give a presentation about your views on that particular matter.

The group exercises assess your:

  1. Teamwork 
  2. Influence skills
  3. Communicational skills
  4. Analytical abilities
  5. Commercial awareness

Let’s see how you can show the assessors all these skills while you’re in your Unilever group discussion.

Unilever Group Discussion

How to pass your Unilever group discussion

  1. Listen: Listen well to the fellow candidates’ points. Be alert to other people getting left out and try to involve them into the conversation at regular intervals. Consider other people’s feelings. 
  2. Encourage others: Whenever someone makes a good point, address it, encourage and build your colleagues. 
  3. Focus discussion: Use the information given to address the issue to the rest of the group. Steer the discussion if it gets off track and try to get people to like your ideas, in order to demonstrate influence. Pay attention to the details of the task.
  4. Do not argue:If someone in the group does not agree with your points, do not get competitive or argue, don’t overtalk people and don’t get emotional. Instead, say, “I respect your opinion, but let’s look at this factually”, for example.
  5. Collaborate and stay focused. 
  6. Be Aware: Make sure that you’re aware of the environment you are in, including the facilities you have and the time in which you have to complete the task..

Check out our Group Exercise video below for more insights into what you can expect on the day.

Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

Now you are ready to go and ace your Unilever Group Exercise! After the Unilever group exercise you’ll be tasked with a Unilever Presentation Exercise.

Unilever Presentation Exercises

How to Pass Unilever Presentation Execise

Unilever’s presentation exercise, whether you have to present virtually or in front of your future employer and colleagues in person, takes some practice to get confident and comfortable with taking charge of the room and conveying all the right messages. So, we’ve got some tips that can help you ace this challenging assessment. 

  1. Volunteer to present your recommendations, conclusions, and the important points. Grab the pen and list them out, no one will direct you to do anything, this shows enthusiasm. Show time management by making important points in less time and discussing each of the listed points. 
  2. Get feedback from your fellow candidates, this shows teamwork.
  3. Talk in terms of ‘We’ and not ‘I’ or ‘You’
  4. Make eye contact with your audience. 
  5. Remember the names of your teammates. 

You’re doing great. We’ve covered almost the whole Unilever recruitment process through this article guide. As you may have anticipated, we close with the Unilever Final Interviews.

Unilever Final Interview

Unilever’s final interview stage is up next, but try not to get too nervous. After going through all the previous Unilever assessment centre phases individually, you sit for one last step which is also the one last shot you give towards getting an offer, and that is the Unilever Final Interview. The only thing that will get you through this stage is your competence and knowledge of the sector and company.

Common Final Interview Questions and Answers

Unilever interview questions will likely be challenging but be aimed at understanding more about you, your knowledge and what makes you tick. In this section we provide some food for thought to get you started on Unilever internships and Unilever graduate schemes interview question success.

  1. “Tell me about yourself”

The interviewer asks this question to know you better and also cross check all the information given in your resume. While formulating the answer to this question, include the following things:

  • Qualities and skills
  • Your motivation
  • Uniqueness of your personality
  • Last job
  • Remember to involve only that information which is relevant to the job and give to the point answers.

You can also watch our video below on how to answer this interview question!

Tell Me About Yourself | How to Answer this Competency Interview Question
  1. “What do you do when you’re not at work?”

The interviewer wants to know if or not you are a productive person. Include the following:

  • Include those activities which help you build up a personality in some way, like solving crossword puzzles, or talking your heart out with your family to reduce your or their nervousness. 
  • Tell them what workout regime you follow to stay healthy and to increase your energy level in order to feel better mentally and physically.
  • Tell them how you engage yourself in self-development, by reading books, meditating, etc.
  1. “If someone in your team was not pulling their weight, what should you do?”

By asking this question, your interviewer wants to know about your teamwork mindset. So, when answering this question:

  • Don’t say you’d do the work yourself, or report that person to your superiors. They want to know how ‘you’ would deal with the situation.
  • Tell them about how you would talk to the person, not in an aggressive and confrontational way, but confidently and tactfully, by understanding the concerns the fellow colleague may have and help them overcome it. 
  1. “Tell me about a time when you succeeded despite of the pressure” OR “Tell me about a time when you didn’t get along with a colleague”

These are behavioural interview questions, whenever you get these questions, use the STAR technique: This stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. After every question think about how you can give your answer by referring to each of the four points mentioned above; explain what the particular situation was, what task you were faced with, what action you took and what the result was.

How to overcome interview nerves 

Under this head you’ll get a few tips to overcome the nervousness before the interview.

  1. Treat it as a meeting between you and a superior. Strike a balance between getting nervous and being relaxed. You don’t want to be too relaxed because then the interviewer might get the impression that you don’t care. 
  2. Be confident of your research. First, you need to research well about Unilever and next, you should be able to rely on the collected information and be confident. 
  3. Read the job description well. Find out what skills are required and think about the questions that can be made from that information.
  4. Almost all organisations ask the question “Tell me about yourself”, to which you must formulate the best ever answer. Unilever looks for its values in all the employees, so make sure when you’re describing yourself you hint them that you have all the qualities they need in an employee. Remember you’ll be sitting on a SEAT in the interview. By SEAT you’ll remember what are the least things that you need to cover in the answer to the question, “Tell me about yourself”. It stands for Skills, Experience, Achievements and the Type of person you are
  5. Ask relevant questions at the end of an interview. Most candidates say they don’t have any questions, but this is a mistake. Asking questions gives the interviewer the clear impression that you are genuinely interested in the job. Some questions that you may ask are as follows.
  • What advice would you give to the successful candidate, who wants to work for the betterment of the company?
  • What are the current challenges faced by Unilever in which I can be of some help?
  • What would you expect me to concentrate on in the first 30 days of my job?

And with this, the Unilever Assessment process comes to an end. The process is lengthy and stressful The Unilever graduate schemes offered by Unilever in which you can apply if you have just graduated college and looking for some experiences are ULIP and UFLP. The details of which we will be discussing below. 

Summary: Unilever Discovery Day is the last of all the assessment rounds. It focuses on evaluating a candidate on the basis of his interpersonal skills and his regard to other people’s feelings in a competitive work environment. A candidate has to go through several stages efficiently in order to get a job offer, these stages are: 1) Written exercises, 2) Group Discussions, 3) Presentation and 4) Interview.

The assessment process of Unilever ends at this stage. If you get through all these stages successfully, Congratulations! you’re a part of one of the leading multinational consumer goods company.

The job vacancies aren’t the only way to be a part of this glorious organisation, there are various other steps you can take that can pave your way and get you into this British multinational consumer goods company.

Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP)

What is the Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP)?

Unilever Future Leaders Programme or (UFLP) is a growth and development programme, dedicated to provide experience and training to the future managers and leaders and build a strong talent pipeline that will support and lead the business. This lasts for 2-3 years; students may need to relocate for good. In this initiative of Unilever, the graduates are trained on the job, and given theoretical knowledge in the field of management and leadership. Applying for a job at Unilever becomes easier if you have attended the UFLP. This provides a whole new experience to the students who want to work at Unilever. The application process of this programme is the same as an application for the job. The UFLP 2023 application can be done on their website.

Application Process for UFLP:

  1. Online Application: To get a seat in the UFLP you need to fill out the online application form. Try to fill them out as soon as possible.
  2. Game assessments: These are Unilever assessment games are designed in a way to assess your cognitive, emotional and social traits. 
  3. On-demand Video Interview: this is the video-based interview just like the one you get while applying for a job in Unilever, split into two components, which consists of three hypothetical questions followed by a business case. 
  4. In-person or virtual Discovery Centre: This is your chance to ‘live a day in the life’. This is basically an assessment centre day in which you go and work at the office like you would if you were an employee. The questions you may come across in a Unilever Future Leaders Programme Interview are: “Tell us about your biggest achievement so far, and what did you learn from that”, “Tell us about your long-term career aspirations. Who do you want to become? What do you want to achieve?”, “What are you interested in working for Unilever UFLP 2023 and for the function you have selected?”, etc. To receive notifications regarding the application forms click here.

Unilever Leaders Internship Programme (ULIP)

What is the Unilever Leaders Internship Programme (ULIP)?

ULIP is the Unilever internship programme or graduate scheme that Unilever offers. This is a three-month programme, which strives to give the interns the experience of a real working environment and where they can learn as much as they want about the company. The duration of this internship can be extended up to 12 months in certain cases. The Unilever Leaders Internship Programme 2021 intakes have closed now but the programme generally goes on from May – July. Receive notifications about the opening of applications for 2023 intake. The required qualification for ULIP is Second to Penultimate year students. The five fields to choose from for an internship at Unilever are;

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Customer Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources

To be accepted onto this Unilever Internship programme, you will be expected to sit many of the games discussed throughout, that you may refer to a series of ULIP aptitude tests.

Unilever Recruitment FAQs

How much time does the Unilever recruitment process take?

The Unilever recruitment process takes about 2-3 months. After the online application it takes 3-4 weeks before you hear back about the selection and next round of assessment, whereas, after the Discovery centre Day you’ll be notified within a week telling you if you did/did not get the offer.

How do I prepare for Unilever Assessment tests?

Unilever assessment tests, like any other company’s assessment tests, are basically posed to check your knowledge about the company and the role you have applied for. 

To prepare for Unilever game assessments:

  • Practice and gaining familiarity is key. You can prepare for this style of assessment on reputable websites such as Graduates First. Or, prepare on your own with regular mobile apps and console games, also designed to assess your cognitive ability.
  • Do your research. You can see some examples of the game assessments you might receive on the HireVue and Pymetrics websites. 

For the Unilever written exercises, you may prepare by:

  • Testing yourself: Test your grammatical knowledge, your spellings and your writing structure.
  • Practise: Try to read case studies online and see if you can figure them out or answer the questions. Prepare a short summary of them and watch yourself improve in speed and accuracy.
  • Be organised: Prepare yourself to have to prioritize the information you pick our and draw upon, as well as honing the skills to use your time wisely.

 To prepare for Unilever Video interviews and the Unilever Final interview:

  • Practice recording yourself on camera.
  • Look at the most popular interview questions and formulate your own answers to them.
  • Research all about Unilever. Make notes of its values and purposes.
  • Read the job description carefully and look for the potential questions.
  • Formulate relevant questions that you can ask the employer when you’re done with the interview.

What is the Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP)?

Unilever Future Leaders Programme or (UFLP) is a growth and development programme, dedicated to provide experience and training to the future managers and leaders and build a strong talent pipeline that will support and lead the business. This lasts for 2-3 years; students may need to relocate for good. In this initiative of Unilever, the graduates are trained on the job, and given theoretical knowledge in the field of management and leadership

How do I answer Unilever Interview questions?

For Unilever Interview Questions, the answers depend on your personality as an individual but here are few tips that can come in handy:

  • Always make eye contact with the interviewer in case of a face-to-face interview and with the webcam in case of a video interview. 
  • A subtle smile on the face will work wonders.
  • Treat the interview as a meeting so that you’re not nervous while answering.
  • Have confidence in your research and your knowledge in your field of study.
  • Hint them about how your qualities correspond with Unilever’s values and standards.
  • Be professional while explaining the situations in behavioural questions. Aggressions and emotions are off the charts.

How do I get a job at Unilever?

Unilever Assessment process takes place in 4 stages, namely Unilever Online Application, Unilever Game based Assessments, Unilever Video Interview and The Discovery Day or the Assessment Centre. You need to clear all these stages in order to get a job offer from Unilever.

What is the Unilever Leaders Internship Programme (ULIP)?

ULIP is the internship programme or graduate scheme that Unilever offers. This is a three-month programme, which strives to give the interns the experience of a real working environment and where they can learn as much as they want about the company. The duration of this internship can be extended up to 12 months in certain cases. The Unilever Leaders Internship Programme 2022 / 2023 intakes generally go on from May- July