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Why practise Video Interviews with us?

  • Win in the last stage of the recruitment process – the interviews
  • Impress your interviewer with professional, prepared and practiced responses
  • Learn to control your body language and master your verbal communication
  • Do not practise in the final;
    • Get interview experience to overcome anxiety and stress with unlimited recordings, AI-based feedback
    • Get familiar with conducting pre-recorded interviews in a professional environment.
  • Ensure you are prepared for a professional interview by using our platform
  • Come relaxed and prepared to unveil your true potential during the interviews

The Product

Tests and Tools:
  • AI-supported Video Interviews practice platform with 60 sets of unique questions for:
    • Competency Based Interviews
    • Strength-Based Interviews
    • 11 most common industries: Accounting, Banking, Construction, Consulting, Engineering, Finance, HR, Law, Marketing, Retail, Tech that you can practise, record and perfect your answers unlimited number of times
    • 39 employers including: Amazon, Barclays, Google, RBS, Deloitte, with common questions you will face in their interviews to practice and record your perfect responses
    • Case Study, Business Acumen, Market estimation and Logical Interviews
  • Prepare for Video Interviews:
    • record yourself
    • answer questions
    • get AI-based feedback and guidance on different emotions picked-up by an employer
    • improve your performance
    • hints for Improvement with each question
    • Familiarise yourself with recording technology and learn how to put on a professional look in your video interviews.
  • Most employers use video interviews during their recruitment
  • Prepared by experts, recommended by recruiters
  • Ideal to prep for interviews run on: HireVue, Zoom, Sonru, Skype, Facetime, MS Teams
GF Quality and Service Guarantee:
  • Video Interview platform designed and scientifically tested by professional psychologists, psychometricians and AI experts
  • Recommended by leading global recruiters for preparation
  • Lifetime access
  • Dedicated 24/7 free support
  • Know what you pay: one-time payment; no subscriptions or automated renewals
  • Practise Video Interviews anytime, anywhere
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