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What are SHL tests? Why do employers use SHL tests? How to pass SHL tests? If these are questions on your mind, then this is the guide for you.

In the text, we will discuss in-depth SHL ability tests, their types and how to prepare for them.

Our website offers SHL-style assessments tailored by expert chartered psychologists that can prepare applicants to kickstart their SHL test practice. So, start your SHL test practice today with GF!

Wondering whether you should be practising for the SHL assessments?  According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude test results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study found that 54-84% of the candidates fail at the first step of psychometric assessments only due to lack of practice. The study analysed the Top 100 Global Employers.

Bradley et. al, (2019)
In a nutshell:
  1. Practice for SHL Pre-Interview Assessments

Understanding the SHL ability test is key. Learn what the assessments measure, what you need to do, and how much time each assessment exercise will take. Ensure that you use the recommended browser and hardware ( Eg., Laptop or Mobile) for SHL tests.

Develop your understanding and techniques for SHL assessments with

  • Proper planning for completing assessment packages.
  • Research the prime strengths that each of the SHL tests measures.
  • Read the test instructions carefully before starting with the test. Ensure that you attempt the assessments in a distraction-free environment.

SHL assessment tests at GF simulate real-time SHL assessments to help candidates for the best SHL psychometric test practice.

  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

Record and practice with mock interviews using potential questions you will encounter in SHL Smart Interview.

Find a job description similar to your job role and practice enough highlighting your strengths. Ensure that your answer flows smoothly and is convincing to present you as the best fit for the job.

For your SHL Smart Interview practice, use:

Our virtual interview platform comes with pre-determined competency and industry questions associated with the job role. It will provide you with the best experience to practice before you face a real-time SHL smart interview. 

Record your answers and watch them to develop your interview technique, timekeeping and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

Pro tip: Use the STAR method to frame your interview answers and practice each answer enough to let it seep into your subconscious.

  1. Prepare for the SHL Virtual Assessment Centre

SHL offers a variety of assessment exercises to employers to hire the best-fit candidates with its SHL assessment centre

These include:

  • Individual Exercises
  • Group Exercises
  • Final Interview

Sharpen your spoken and written communication skills with enough practice. For group exercises, practice relevant business case studies based on the role and company as much as possible.

Practice Assessments Similar to SHLPractice Now
Verbal ReasoningStart Practicing
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Situational JudgementStart Practicing
Personality QuestionnaireStart Practicing
Video InterviewStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

We will decode everything about the SHL assessment centre a little later.

Keep reading to get your answers to these critical questions: 

Before we get started, let’s check out the content we will cover in this guide.


  1. What are SHL Assessment Tests?
  2. Who uses SHL Talent Assessments?
  3. Why do employers use SHL Assessments?
  4. SHL Assessments
  5. SHL Smart Interviews
  6. What is SHL Virtual Assessment Center Test? What does it include?
  7. How to Pass SHL Assessment Tests?
  8. SHL Assessment Tests: FAQs

So, with that, let’s dive right in!

What are SHL Assessment Tests?

SHL, Saville and Holdsworth Limited is a leading global psychometric assessment provider that provides psychometric assessments ranging from numerical reasoning to simulation tests. 

Available in over 30+ languages, the SHL assessment tests are one of the favourites in the recruitment industry. They are used by employers in over 150+ countries to cherry-pick the top from the candidate pool across industries and levels.

Who uses SHL Talent Assessments?

SHL provides to over 10,000 companies, of which 80% are of the FTSE 100 and 50% of the Fortune Global 500. 

Which companies use SHL tests?

A few top companies who use SHL talent assessment are:

AmazonThe Adecco Group
Bayer Bombardier

Keen to learn more about assessments used by 10,000+ companies around the globe? Check out our step-to-step employer guides for expert tips that help you stand out a teach stage of the job application process.

Why do employers use SHL Assessments?

Here are 7 top reasons why top employers like Microsoft use SHL ability tests as an important part of their recruitment process.

  1. Easy and quick to administer: Since SHL tests are online, a large number of candidates can be assessed at any given time. This allows employers to speed up their hiring process.
  1. Free from bias: SHL tests allow objectivity and are free from bias as selection is simply based on how candidates perform.
  1. Predicts job performance: Performance in SHL ability tests help employers to predict how candidates would perform on the job.
  1. Convenience: Candidates can take SHL ability tests at any time, at their convenience.
  1. Assesses candidate values: SHL OPQ test allows employers to assess if a candidate’s preferences fit with the ideal profile and values for an SHL employee.
  1. Custom-tailored assessments: SHL’s job-focused assessments are fully customisable, allowing employers to look at different competencies and skill sets depending on the role they are hiring for.
  1. Compare against other test-takers: SHL’s norm-referenced tests allow employers to quickly see how candidates perform in relation to one another based on a specific skill or trait. This helps in deciding which candidates should be taken to the next stage.

Now that we know why employers use SHL assessments, let’s unpack and find out some more about these.

SHL Assessments

What are the SHL ability tests?

The SHL Ability tests can be divided into 3 main areas:

Read on as we break down each SHL assessment, and give insights into how you can ace these SHL tests. First, let’s check out the SHL cognitive assessments.

What is the SHL Cognitive Ability Test?

The SHL Cognitive Ability Test may also be referred to as the SHL general ability test or SHL verify G+ test. It consists of the following 6 cognitive assessments:

  1. SHL Numerical Reasoning Test
  2. SHL Numerical Calculation Test
  3. SHL Deductive Reasoning Test
  4. SHL Inductive Reasoning Test
  5. SHL Verbal Reasoning Test
  6. SHL Reading Comprehension Test

Good to know: The SHL verify test comprises 30 questions, with both multiple-choice and activity-based questions that you must answer within 36 minutes.

Without further ado, let’s dive into each of these starting with the SHL numerical tests.

1. SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

What is the SHL numerical reasoning test?

SHL numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to deal with numerical data, its analysis and interpretation. The questions also require you to use problem-solving skills to create graphs and even spreadsheets using numerical data.

Is Maths something beyond your comfort zone? Don’t worry, practice with GF to gain speed and accuracy ahead of your your SHL cognitive assessment test.

SHL numerical reasoning test
SHL Numerical Reasoning Test
Source: SHL Website

What does the SHL numerical reasoning test involve?

SHL Verify Interactive numerical reasoning tests require candidates to answer 10 questions within 18 minutes. The questions are interactive or activity-based, with a drag-and-drop feature to choose answers. It is also one of the parts of the SHL Managerial and Graduate Tests battery. 

Ready to test your numerical reasoning skills? Check out our one of the SHL-style test examples below.

SHL Numerical Reasoning Question Example

SHL numerical reasoning test

Cracked the answer? Check the bottom of the page to verify your answer.

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How to Pass SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests

Here are our top 5 tips to ace your SHL Verify Interactive numerical tests:

  1. Practice and practice: Nothing substitutes practice to familiarise yourself with the types of questions. Consistent practice will help you think fast and answer more accurately.
  1. Use feedback: Learn from the worked solutions to get a thorough understanding of how to work through the solutions. Check out our SHL-style practice tests and get detailed performance analysis reports analysis to gauge and correct where you went wrong.
  1. Stay attentive: SHL numerical tests require you to stay focused while attempting the test, so take the test in a distraction-free environment.
  1. Approach one question at a time: Focus on the question alone, pick out key clues in the question before trying to analyse the data provided.
  1. Balance speed with accuracy: Don’t rush through the questions to increase speed; this may compromise your performance accuracy. Practice enough to strike a balance between speed and accuracy.

For more tips on how to pass your SHL numerical reasoning, don’t miss our quick video below:

Top 5 Numerical Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks (2024) #shorts

For more SHL test practice, check out our numerical reasoning tests with answers, worked solutions, and professional score reports with personalised tips to improve based on your performance. 

2. SHL Numerical Calculation Test

What is the SHL numerical calculation test?

This SHL Verify Interactive numerical calculation test assesses your ability to work with numbers using basic mathematical operations. It is useful for screening candidates for entry-level job positions that require making quick calculations.

How long is the SHL numerical calculation test?

Good to know: You will be required to answer 12 activity-based questions within 10 minutes

SHL numerical calculation test
SHL Numerical Calculation Test
Source: SHL Website

Pro tip: To boost calculation skills, practice without a calculator for basic problems. Start with questions where you are comfortable and then challenge yourself with more complex calculations.

3. SHL Deductive Reasoning Tests

What is the SHL deductive reasoning test?

The SHL deductive reasoning test looks at your ability to draw conclusions from the provided information, complete scenarios using incomplete information and recognise strengths and weaknesses in the arguments provided.

How long is the SHL deductive reasoning test?

Good to know: This SHL assessment provides the candidates with 18 questions with a 20 minutes time limit to complete. The SHL deductive reasoning test requires understanding concepts like syllogisms and seating arrangements.

4. SHL Inductive Reasoning Tests

What is the SHL inductive reasoning test?

SHL Verify Interactive inductive reasoning tests assess your ability to understand the relationship between a set of patterns to predict outcomes. The outcomes may range from choosing the correct image pattern in the series to generating innovative answers.

How long is the SHL inductive reasoning test?

Good to know: SHL inductive reasoning test comprises 15 activity-based questions that you have to solve within 18 minutes. 

The test is also a part of the SHL verify G+ test package that we will discover in our SHL general ability test section.

Good to know: Click here to visit our in-depth guide on all you need to know on inductive reasoning assessments.

Try one of our SHL-style inductive reasoning test examples below to test your logical reasoning skills.

SHL Inductive Reasoning Question Example

SHL inductive reasoning test

Think you got its answer? Check the bottom of the page and verify yourself!

How to pass the SHL Inductive reasoning Test

  1. Practice: It is always important to prepare before any SHL inductive test by practicing to familiarise yourself with what to expect.
  1. Read the instructions: SHL will provide you with instructions and could provide a practice inductive reasoning test before you begin. Read these carefully as these may provide last minute tips!
  1. Notice the patterns: During your SHL inductive test, you should remember the key rules and patterns to look out for. This could be across shapes, directions or colour.
  1. Focus methodically: Just as with the numerical tests, focus on one part of the question at a time. For example, examining each shape within a sequence individually to see what pattern it follows.
  1. Keep going! Even if the last question seemed difficult, don’t let that put you off. Continue on and focus on completing the next question.

If you want to step up your SHL inductive reasoning practice, check out our logical reasoning test with answers, worked solutions and professional score reports, and inclusive professional tips to improve your score.

5. SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

What is the SHL verbal reasoning test?

The SHL verbal reasoning test allows you to assess your written language skills. Its questions usually comprise a passage to evaluate and draw conclusions from to determine whether the statement is “True”, “False” or whether you “Cannot Say”.

How long is the SHL verbal reasoning test?

Good to know: You have to answer 30 multiple-choice questions for a total of 19 minutes. This is typically used for those applying for jobs in industries such as HR, Marketing, Transportation. Click here to learn more about verbal tests.

SHL verbal reasoning test
SHL Verbal Reasoning Test
Source: SHL Website

Level up your SHL verbal reasoning practice with our FREE verbal reasoning test now! Or, test out your verbal reasoning skills right now with one of our SHL-style verbal reasoning example questions designed by our experts.

For a real challenge, try to answer this question in just 45 seconds!

SHL Verbal Reasoning Example Question

SHL verbal comprehension test

Want to know the answer? Check the bottom of the page!

For even more SHL verbal reasoning practice, register with GF today and practice more SHL-style verbal reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance.

6. SHL Reading Comprehension Test

What is the SHL reading comprehension test?

The SHL Reading Comprehension Test requires you to attempt 30 questions that can be either multiple-choice or adaptive within 90 minutes

What questions will I be asked in the SHL reading comprehension test?

The questions range from specific types to generic ones that require one to first grasp the understanding of the passage, such as its theme.

Did you know? The SHL Reading Comprehension Test looks at the same skills as assessed by a verbal test. Try a FREE verbal test now and receive expert feedback on your performance.

SHL reading comprehension test
SHL Reading Comprehension Test
Source: SHL Website

Now that we’ve covered the 6 types of SHL ability tests, let’s move on to the SHL personality test.

SHL Personality Test

What is the SHL personality test?

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire or SHL OPQ is a 20-minute test that allows the employer to assess your personality based on 32 personality dimensions relevant to job performance. The test is a forced-choice test with 104 questions wherein you have to select the statement that best and one that least aligns with you. 

The final score will then summarise your strengths and weaknesses. 

SHL OPQ 32 personality questionnaire
SHL OPQ Personality Test
Source: SHL Website

What does the SHL OPQ Report look like?

On completing a SHL OPQ test, the recruiter will receive a report that provides feedback on each candidate’s personality based on the answers given within the OPQ. Candidates may also receive this once they have submitted the assessment. The feedback on the personality traits is divided into the following categories:

CategoryPersonality TraitAspects
Relationships with PeopleInfluence Persuasive, Controlling, Outspoken, Independent Minded
SociabilityOutgoing, Affiliative, Socially Confident 
EmpathyModest, Democratic, Caring
Thinking Style Analysis Data Rational, Evaluative, Behavioural  Creativity and 
ChangeConventional, Conceptual, Innovative, Variety Seeking, 
Adaptable StructureForward Thinking, Detail Conscious, Conscientious, Rule Following
Feelings and EmotionsEmotions  Relaxed, Worrying, Tough-minded, Optimistic, Trusting, Emotionally Controlled
DynamismVigorous, Competitive, Achieving, Decisive

Check out this sample SHL OPQ Report below for an insight into what your feedback may look like:

SHL OPQ report
SHL OPQ Personality Report
Source: SHL Website

How to Ace the OPQ 32 Questionnaire?

  • Be Honest: It is in your best interest as well as the employer’s that you are not put in a role that you are uncomfortable with.
  • Remain consistent: SHL OPQ also has a social desirability measure that can detect if you’re adjusting your answers. Always maintain consistency in your answers.
  • Research the role: The OPQ matches candidate responses to the requirements of the job. Before you take the assessment, consider how you align with the role.
  • Practice: Practice ahead of the SHL personality questionnaire with our WPQ will help you develop an understanding of your workplace preferences.
  • Discover your best job: Use your learnings to help discover the jobs that best suit you based on your work preferences.

Listen along to these expert tips to pass your SHL OPQ with our short video below:

How to Pass Personality Questionnaires (5 Personality Test Tips) #shorts

Check out our Work Personality Questionnaire (WPQ) to become SHL occupational personality questionnaire opq32 ready.

SHL OPQ personality test example

In addition to the SHL personality test, there are SHL behavioural tests. We will now cover these in greater detail with tips to do your best.

SHL Behavioural Tests

What are the SHL behavioural tests?

SHL Behavioural Tests are tests that look at how you are likely to behave in the role. They are broken down into 2 types of assessment:

Keep reading to learn more about each of these and how they measure your performance. 

SHL Realistic Job Previews

What are the SHL realistic job previews?

The SHL realistic job previews are an interactive, multimedia-laden quiz-type SHL psychometric assessment that judges your competency based on 3-4 scenario-based questions tailored to the job role and the organisation’s work culture.

Good to know: The SHL realistic job preview can help you get a sneak peak into the role and help you quickly understand if the role fits well with your competencies and skills.

What is a competency you ask? Check out our short video below for everything you need to know:

What is a Competency? (Get Ready for SJTs & Interviews) #shorts
SHL Situational Judgement Tests

What is the SHL situational judgement test?

This interactive SHL psychometric test assesses how you would behave in workplace scenarios. These scenarios may include workplace conflicts, sales scenarios, team meetings and assess you on the following skills:

  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Diplomacy
  • Critical reasoning skills
  • Analytical skills

Good to know: For more on situational judgement tests, visit our in-depth guide here.

Check out our SHL-style situational judgement test example question below for a sneak peek into how your SHL SJT may look like: 

SHL Situational Judgement Test Question Example

SHL Situational Judgement Test

5 Tips to Pass the SHL Situational Judgement Test

  1. Understand the job role: Similar questions may have a different ideal answer depending on the requirements of the job role.
  1. Read further on competencies: Focus on what makes a particular behaviour better than another for the same competency. These behaviours are often called behavioural indicators.
  1. Research the culture: SHL tests are often used alongside the job role to analyse candidate responses. It is key to understand their favoured approaches to scenarios and use this to guide your responses.
  1. Practice: Get familiar with the types of questions and scenarios often used in SHL situational tests.
  1. Ask the experts: See how experienced professionals would approach a given situation and challenge their thinking to develop your own understanding.

Take a break from reading and check out these above 5 tips to ace your SHL SJT in this short video:

Ace the SJT! | 5 Situational Judgement Test Tips #shorts

We at GF offer a range of practice situational judgement tests to help candidates ace their recruitment process.

Before moving on to SHL interviews, we have one last SHL assessment type to cover: SHL simulation tests.

SHL Simulation Tests

What are SHL simulation tests?

SHL Simulation Tests mimic tasks you are likely to face in the workplace to see how you would perform on the job. They can be broken down into 2 SHL tests:

Let’s unpack each of these some more and see how they work.

SHL Contact Centre Stimulation Test

What is the SHL contact centre simulation test?

In this simulation test, candidates get to assume the role of a contact centre agent and interact with customers using a realistic contact centre system. It is part of the SHL contact centre assessment test that is 39 minutes long with multiple-choice questions to answer. 

What does the SHL contact centre simulation test measure?

Good to know: The test assesses candidates based on skills like attention and problem solving.

SHL contact centre simulation test
SHL Simulation Test
Source: SHL
SHL Business Skills Assessment

What is the SHL business skills assessment?

SHL provides employers with many business skills assessments to screen candidates on their ability to work with commonly used software such as Microsoft Office. If you are applying for role with administration, you are likely to take one or a few of the following SHL online tests:

Business Skill AreaSHL Assessment
Word Simulation test: 30 tasks to complete within 35 minutes
365 Essentials – 20 tasks to complete within 25 minutes
Excel10 MCQs to answer within 12 minutes
Simulation test: 30 tasks to complete within 35 minutes
365 Essentials – 20 tasks to complete within 25 minutes
Outlook30 MCQs to complete within 90 minutes
Difficulty adapts based on your answers
PowerPoint12 MCQs to answer within 10 minutes
365 Essentials – 20 tasks to complete within 25 minutes
Computer Literacy15 MCQs to answer within 10 minutes Combination test that assesses skills in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
SHL Language Proficiency Tests

What are the SHL language proficiency tests?

The SHL language proficiency tests are divided into two main areas:

  • SHL Spoken Language Assessment 
    • This short assessment assesses the candidates based on their spoken communication skills. It evaluates language proficiency based on fluency, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.
  • SHL Written Language Assessment 
    • This SHL assessment evaluates the candidate’s written communication skills through grammar or essay, curated especially for screening people for sales and managerial roles.

We have now covered the 4 types of SHL assessments. Let’s now cover SHL smart interviews and how you can do your best in these.

SHL Smart Interviews

What are SHL Smart Interviews?

SHL Smart Interviews are interviews that are taken remotely to assess you for a given job role. They are broken down into 3 types:

Keep reading to learn more about each of these different SHL Smart Interview types.

SHL On-Demand Smart Interview

What is the SHL on-demand smart interview?

SHL On-Demand Smart Interview require you to record answers to competency-based questions hand-picked by recruiters from SHL’s job-specific question bank.

Good to know: The questions can be of three types: text-only, audio and video. The preparation time or thinking time depends on the time set by the employer and the question itself. You will be given up to 5 attempts.

Your answers are then evaluated based on pre-defined evaluation parameters, with an option of automated scoring to allow employers to score thousands of profiles in just minutes.

SHL smart interview on-demand
SHL On-Demand Video Interview
Source: SHL

SHL Live Video Interview

What is the SHL live video interview?

The SHL Live Video Interview allows the employer to take a real-time video interview. It facilitates the employer with features like whiteboards and instant file-share, besides being handy with a well-curated question bank. 

Good to know: The interview time can vary and depends upon the type of questions set by the employer.

SHL smart interview live
SHL Live Video Interview
Source: SHL

SHL Smart Interview Coding

What is the SHL smart inteview coding?

  • SHL Smart Interview Coding allows the assessment of the interviewee’s ability in more than 50 programming languages, including Java, C++, SQL,.etc, in real-time.
  • With guided assistance and an on-the-go feedback facility, it offers an immersive experience for both candidate and the employer.
  • SHL provides a question bank with 500+ structured questions tailored for assessing different competencies depending on the job role.

Become interview-ready ahead of your SHL smart interview through practice using our virtual interview platform

SHL smart interview

Take a break and check out our quick video on how to best prepare for your video interview.

Epic Video Interview Tips and Tricks #shorts

We’ll now move onto the SHL assessment centre and the likely assessments you will face in a virtual setting.

What is SHL Virtual Assessment Center?

The SHL virtual assessment centre is not a physical set-up but a group of exercises that SHL uses to look at whether you have the right competencies to succeed in the job.

For example: A group task can allow an employer to assess whether you are proficient in the competency Teamwork and Communication. These competencies would be vital for an employer looking to hire for a sales role in which collaborating with colleagues and communicating effectively with customers is important.

What does the SHL assessment centre consist of?

SHL provides employers with the following virtual assessment centre activities which you may expect near the end stages of your application process:

  • SHL Individual Exercises 
  • SHL Psychometric Tests
  • SHL Group Exercises

Check out more about these in detail here to know more about them to best prepare for your SHL virtual assessment centre.

Also, learn more about why employers may use an SHL virtual assessment centre with our short video below:

Why Do Employers use Virtual Assessment Centres? #shorts

Let’s finish up with some top tips to pass SHL assessment tests. Almost there!

How to Pass the SHL Assessment Test?

SHL assessment tests are designed to challenge candidates and identify the most capable candidates to hire. As we’ve covered above, SHL provides a wide range of tests to measure a variety of skills and abilities with various methods.

Top 9 Tips to Pass your SHL Tests

Therefore, we found the following tips that you can use to get ahead and best demonstrate your skills during your SHL assessments:

  1. Read the job description carefully:  A great way to find out what tests to expect is to check through the key skills required and consider how these will be assessed using SHL tests.
  1. Practice with a timer: Familiarize yourself with the types of questions and practice in-depth under timed conditions. SHL test practice will help you step up your skills for the real SHL assessment.
  1. Be consistent in your practice: Taking practice for granted can cost you your dream job, so practice consistently e.g. daily to develop your accuracy, speed and understanding.
  1. Use feedback reports: Level up your SHL test practice by understanding the key areas of improvement and hone your competencies ahead of the real test.
  1. Use the recommended device: Many SHL tests are mobile-friendly and can be used on a variety of devices. Read the instructions carefully to ensure you use the best equipment.
  1. Be sure to be well-rested: A good-night sleep beforehand is essential for keeping good focus and attention.Take the test at a time where your mind works best.
  1. Take the test where you won’t be disturbed: Ensure to take the SHL online tests in a place with good internet connection and where you will not be disturbed to allow you to fully concentrate on the test.
  1. Read the instructions carefully: For each test, understand what has been instructed, and avoid assuming you know what to do. Some questions may change depending on the employer.
  1. Stay focussed: Be confident in your skills! You’ve practiced and prepared for the test and now it’s time to shine. SHL assessments do not take long so you will need to demonstrate your abilities throughout.

With this, we have covered everything you’ll need to know about your upcoming SHL assessment. But wait, before you go!

Don’t miss to check out our quick FAQ section to not miss out on some of the most common questions people ask about SHL tests.

SHL Assessment Tests: FAQs

What is an SHL Test?

An SHL test or SHL Ability test is either an ability test used by employers to assess hiring candidates’ competencies for the job role. The tests measure candidates based on aptitudes like numerical reasoning, situational judgement, deductive reasoning, etc., depending upon the job role the candidate is applying for.

How long is an SHL Psychometric Assessment?

An SHL psychometric assessment may vary from 10 to up to 36 minutes. The time range depends on the type of test and for which job level the candidate is applying. However, since most SHL psychometric tests are online, you can attempt them at your convenience.

Is it difficult to pass SHL Tests?

SHL tests are tailored to suit the competency requirements for the job role. While many deem them as hard, a proper practice plan will help increase your test speed and accuracy, thus chances to ace them with a great score. 

What is SHL talent central?

SHL talent central is a platform that offers candidates SHL practice tests. Most employers use the talent central portal for their SHL test during the recruitment process and will request candidates to sign up on the platform with the required details to complete the assessments.

What is the OPQ Universal Competency Report?

OPQ Universal Competency Report is an easy-to-interpret report that recruiters use to assess candidates for 20 critical job competencies. The report presents a summary of the candidate’s job potential with strengths and weaknesses based on the SHL Universal Competency Framework(UCF).

What is SHL Personnel Test Battery?

SHL personnel test battery is a group of psychometric tests that evaluates candidates for clerical and administrative positions. It includes tests for:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Clerical Checking

While the first two are SHL psychometric assessments, the third one aims to assess your ability to work and understand large volumes of numbers at a time and proofread for any errors

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test – C

Inductive Reasoning Test – E

Verbal Reasoning Test – B