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Are you wondering what are on demand Criteria Corp assessments? What gamified assessments do they provide? How do we pass the Criteria Corp video interview? Look no further, this text is just for you. 

In this text we go into depth about Criteria Corp, the assessments they provide, the top employers which use these and a lowdown on how they work so you can uncover what to expect and start preparing.

We at GF are the psychometric assessments, game assessments and interview practice website. With us, you can practice game assessments, cognitive ability assessments and digital interviews similar to those from Criteria Corp to prepare for your job assessment.

Wondering whether you should be practicing to prepare for your gamified assessments, cognitive ability assessments and video interviews? Studies have found that applicants report higher levels of satisfaction when gamified assessments are used, and as such many large employers are making the switch to using gamified assessments in their recruitment processes.

(Institute of Student employers 2018, K. Georgiou & I. Nikolaou 2020)
  1. Prepare for Criteria Corp Game-Based Assessments 

Most employers use game-based assessments these days which is why Criteria Corp offers various gamified assessments which allow employers to assess behavioural traits in candidates. Criteria game assessments 

The practice game assessments on our platform emulate the experience of the game assessments you will face when facing Criteria Corp game-based assessments. 

  1. Practice Criteria Ability Assessments 

Criteria offers various cognitive abilities assessments which allow employers to assess various skills in candidates. The different Criteria cognitive ability assessments are: 

Research suggests that 50-80% of candidates do not get past the online assessment stage of the recruitment process. The proven way to get ahead is practice.

  1. Record Mock Video Interviews of Yourself

Practice for Criteria Corp video interviews by practicing answering typical pre-recorded questions and recording your responses. Your answers need to flow and be timely. Avoid filler words. 

Identify potential interview questions you will face from Criteria  interview questions by finding a similar job description to the position you want to apply for. Prepare for Criteria video interview by running a mock interview answering typical interview questions. For interview practice, use:

Our video interview practice platform contains predefined competency and industry questions and emulates experience you will have in Criteria Corp video interviews. Always record your answers and watch them to develop your interview technique, timekeeping and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.Read on to find out answers to the most critical questions such as: 

  1. What is Criteria Corp? 
  2. What are the Criteria Corp assessments? 
  3. What is Criteria Corp Cognitive Ability Test?
  4. What is the Criteria Corp personality test? 
  5. How to pass the Criteria test?

Looking into assessments with Criteria Corp, click on the table below to practice assessments relevant to your assessment process!

Relevant Assessments to Criteria CorpPractice Now
Game-based AssessmentsStart Practicing
Situational JudgementStart Practicing
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Verbal ReasoningStart Practicing
Personality QuestionnaireStart Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing

Practice your online aptitude tests, game-based assessments, and video interviews with us to improve your score and get ahead of your competition with our Premium practice bundle.

The major topics being discussed in this text ahead are: 


  1. Who are Criteria Corp?
  2. Criteria Corp Assessments
  3. Criteria Corp Game Assessments
  4. Criteria Corp Ability Tests
  5. How to Pass Criteria Corp Assessments?
  6. The Science Behind Criteria Assessments
  7. Criteria Corp Video Interview
  8. Criteria Corp FAQs

Before we dive into the assessments, let’s find out more about Criteria Corp first. 

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Who are Criteria Corp?

  • Founded by Josh Millet, Criteria Corp is a prominent player in the field of pre-employment testing and assessment solutions. 
  • Criteria Corp provides a number of aptitude, skills, and personality assessments to evaluate a candidate’s workplace behaviors, cognitive skills, and job-specific skills. 
  • Criteria’s assessments are used by around 4,500 employers for their organizations to hire candidates for various job postings. 
  • The solutions provided by Criteria aim to assist companies in identifying top-performing candidates, reducing turnover, and increasing overall workforce productivity.
  • Criteria Corp provides various game assessments to assess the behavior and various soft skills of the candidates.
  • Criteria Corp is the provider of the Hireselect platform, where you will be taking the on-demand Criteria Corp assessments.

Depending on their recruitment needs, there are 3 ways in which companies use Criteria hireselect: 

  1. Many employers hire using a combination of Criteria games, cognitive assessments and interviews.
  2. Some employers may use only Criteria games and assessments.
  3. Others may prompt to purely use the Criteria video interviews.

The employer’s recruitment process will likely be specified after you apply to the role.

Wondering if your upcoming job assessment could contain Criteria assessment tests? Let’s find out. 

Which Employers Use Criteria Corp to Hire?

Criteria Corp cognitive assessments have been used by many employers. Below is a list of the employers that use Criteria Corp to hire, so if the name of your potential employer comes in this list, read the rest of the article very carefully.

Incept Corp.TrintechTeladoc
Viking River CruisesEduCoBig Ideas Social Media
Marine Federal Credit UnionU-HaulLinfox

These employers above often use Criteria Corp to hire candidates like you during their recruitment processes. Keep reading to find out the key reasons why!

Why Do Employers Use Criteria Corp Assessments? 

The assessments provided by Criteria provide many benefits to enable employers to make faster and more effective hiring decisions. Check out some of the main reasons why these employers use these tests to hire you:

  1. Reduce workforce turnover: Criteria Corp assessments help employers build a committed and aligned staff by understanding candidate behavior and their preferences to help avoid staff turnover.
  1. Boost team performance: Criteria Corp uses assessments based in science to see who will collaborate well, resulting in increased hiring efficiency and overall organizational effectiveness.
  1. Enhance diversity: Criteria’s tests can be modified to the needs of diverse candidates. These assessments prioritize job-relevant candidate capability to identify people who have the capacity to succeed.
  1. Improve candidate experience: Criteria’s interactive assessment tests allow the candidates to present themselves authentically and so make the hiring process enjoyable and efficient.
  1. Saves costs: Criteria Corp assessments allows employers to assess the candidates who are qualified and fit best in the office culture and can also reduce the training and hiring costs.

Now that we’ve covered the key benefits for employers, let’s find out how these assessments also benefit many applicants like you as well.

How Does Criteria Corp Benefit Candidates?

Criteria Corp allows candidates to get the job based on real skills by eliminating bias. The ways in which Criteria Corp helps candidates such as you are listed below: 

  1. Fair Assessment: Criteria Corp’s assessments provide an objective evaluation of candidates’ skills and abilities. This means that candidates are evaluated on their merits rather than relying solely on resumes. 
  1. Efficient Process: For candidates, taking a pre-employment assessment might be less time-consuming and so they can move through the hiring process more quickly. 
  1. Transparency: Pre-employment assessments provide a clear understanding of what skills and abilities are being evaluated, allowing candidates to prepare appropriately.
  1. Reduce Bias: Pre-employment assessments provide a standardized way to evaluate candidates, ensuring that everyone is assessed on the same criteria. 
  1. Better Fit: By matching candidates’ skills and abilities with job requirements, both parties benefit from a better fit. Candidates are more likely to thrive in roles that align with their strengths.

Now that you know all about Criteria Corp, let us now see what kind of assessments do Criteria Corp offer. 

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Criteria Corp Assessments

The various evaluation tools provided by Criteria Corp are as follows:

Let’s discuss each of these assessments briefly, starting with the game assessments. 

Criteria Corp Game Assessments

What are Criteria Corp game assessments?

Criteria Corp offers a number of game-based assessments to understand your behavior, cognitive abilities, and attributes. Criteria Corp assessments immerse you in a simulated scenario and challenges that mimic real job situations. The game-based assessments offered by Criteria Corp are: 

  1. Criteria Corp Cognify
  2. Criteria Corp UCognify
  3. Criteria Corp General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME)
  4. Criteria Corp Emotify
Criteria Corp gamified assessments

Criteria Corp Gamified Assessments

Source: Criteria Corp

What can we expect in these Criteria game assessments? Let’s find out. 

1. Criteria Corp Cognify

What is Criteria Corp Cognify?

 Criteria Corp’s Cognify game-based assessment will present you with 6 interactive assessments which will measure your abilities in different ways. This Criteria game assessment will require only 15-20 minutes and each task will be timed. These interactive assessments presented by Cognify are: 

  1. Grid Lock 
  2. Proof It 
  3. Numbubbles
  4. Short cuts
  5. Tally up 
  6. Resemble 

Below are the details of the first three Cognify games, as these are the most commonly used. 


What is the Cognify Grid Lock game? 

  • The Criteria Corp Cognify Grid Lock game challenges you to fit all the puzzle pieces into the grid as quickly as possible. 
  • Make sure you solve the grid quickly because this game will have 9 rounds and you will be provided 3 minutes to complete as many rounds as you can.  

You will be able to rotate the puzzle pieces and change the positions of puzzle pieces even after they have been fitted into the grid.

What qualities does the Criteria Grid Lock game assess? 

The Criteria Corp Grid Lock game assesses a candidate’s:

  1. Problem solving 
  2. Planning
  3. Decision-making skills
  4. Strategic thinking

How to ace the Criteria Crop Grid Lock game

Criteria Corp Grid Lock Practice tip: Practice for your Criteria Grid Lock assessment and develop your spatial reasoning skills with our spatial reasoning assessments by practicing with GF’s Essentials.


What is the Cognify Proof It game? 

  • Criteria Corp Cognify Proof It game challenges you to find as many misspelled words and punctuation errors as possible in the time provided. 
  • The aim of this task is to measure your ability to quickly and accurately read passages and identify typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors. This task will have 5 rounds in total. 

What qualities does the Criteria Corp Cognify Proof It game assess? 

The basic qualities assessed by the Criteria Corp Cognify Proof It game are: 

  1. Language Proficiency 
  2. Spelling Accuracy 
  3. Language Adaptability 
  4. Error Recognition

Now, to do well at the Criteria Corp Proof It game, you must practice vocabulary and grammar, so that you get used to the pattern of the test. 

How to pass the Criteria Corp Proof It game

Criteria Corp Proof It Practice tip: Go further with the practice Essentials and maximise your Cognify Proof It game assessment practice with our spelling grammar tests and word checking tests designed and scientifically tested by our professional psychologists.


What is the Cognify Numbubbles game? 

  • Criteria Corp Cognify Numbubbles challenges you to pop bubbles containing equations that equal the target number. 
  • Make sure you practice solving basic arithmetic equations because you will be provided only 6 seconds for each round. This task will contain 10 rounds in total. 

What qualities does the Criteria Corp Numbubbles game measure? 

The Criteria Corp Numbubbles game measures your: 

  1. Numerical Reasoning
  2. Mathematical Aptitude
  3. Speed and Accuracy 
  4. Stress Management 
  5. Concentration and Focus

How to ace the Criteria Corp Numbubbles game

Prepare for your Criteria Numbubbles assessment with our own practice MathBubbles™ game  on our platform to develop your quick mental arithmetic ability ahead of your Criteria Corp game assessments. 

Cognify Numbubbles practice assessment

Now, let’s move on to the next game-based assessment provided by Criteria Corp, i.e., UCognify. Let’s find out more about this below. 

Criteria Corp Ucognify

What is Criteria Corp Ucognify assessment? 

The Criteria Corp’s Ucognify is similar to the Cognify game assessment. However, UCognify consists of only two mini-games, i.e., the Grid Lock task and the Numbubbles task. The employers use Cognify and Ucognify interchangeably as required by the role. 

You will be given only 10 minutes to complete this assessment. 

The next game assessment provided by Criteria is the General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME), let’s discuss this briefly. 

Criteria General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME)

What is the Criteria General Aptitude game assessment?

The Criteria Corp General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME) is an interactive assessment that uses gaming elements to assess your abilities. This assessment measures you on the basis of your critical thinking and problem-solving. 

What will the Criteria Crop General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME) involve?

This game will provide you with three different tasks each of which will contain 40 questions and will have 6 seconds to answer each question.

The three different mini-games of Criteria’s GAME are: 

  1. Identify Differences
  2. Words of a Feather
  3. Weigh Station 

Read on to find out more about these mini-games. 


What is the Criteria Identify Differences game?

  • Criteria Corp Identify Differences challenges you to identify if there are any differences between the two figures appearing on your screen. Press the F key on your keyboard if the figures are different, and press the J key if the figures are the same. 
  • 2 figures will appear on your screen, and you will be required to spot if they are the same or different in 6 seconds.

What qualities does the Criteria Corp Identify Differences game-based assessment measure?

 The Criteria Corp Identify Differences game measures your:

  • Agility
  • Attention to detail
  • Observational skills

How to ace the Criteria Crop Identity Differences game

Practice for the Criteria Identify Differences mini-game with our Flanker Task Game, designed by our experts to help you hone your attention and observational skills.

Criteria Corp Identify Differences game practice

Moving on to the next task of the Criteria GAME assessment, we have the Words of Feather game assessment. Let’s discuss this briefly. 


What is the Criteria Words of a Feather game?

  • Criteria Corp Words of a Feather challenges you to identify whether the two words appearing on the screen are synonyms or antonyms. 
  • If the words are synonyms, you will be required to press the key J on your keyboard. However, if the words are antonyms, you will be required to press the key F on your keyboard. 

What qualities does Criteria Corp Words of a Feather game assessment measure? 

The Criteria Corp Words of Feather game measures your:

  • Critical thinking
  • Attention
  • Vocabulary

Good to know: Employers may use this to assess your vocabulary skills. Check the job description to uncover whether the role requires excellent English skills. 

How to pass the Criteria Corp Words of a Feather game

Practice for the Criteria Corp Words of a Feather assessment using our Spelling and Grammar tests and Word Checking tests as part of our Go Essential bundle to refine your English communication skills.

The last task or mini-game of your Criteria Mobile Evaluation, will be the Weigh Station


What is the Criteria Weigh Station task?

  • The Criteria GAME Weigh Station game challenges you to perform quick basic arithmetic calculations and identify which of the trucks appearing on the screen carry the greater value.  
  • Press the F key if the red truck holds greater value and the J key if the blue truck holds greater value.

What qualities does the Criteria Corp Weigh Station game assess?

The Criteria Corp GAME Weigh Station task measures your:

  • Numerical ability
  • Critical thinking
  • Speed

How to ace the Criteria Corp Weigh Station game

To increase your efficiency at calculating game-based mathematical operations, turn to GF’s Mathbubbles game assessment and increase your chances of passing Criteria’s Weigh Station.

The interactive game assessment provided by Criteria Corp is the Criteria Emotify assessment, which measures your emotional intelligence. Find the details of it below. 

Criteria Corp Emotify

What is the Criteria Corp Emotify assessment?

Criteria Corp’s Emotify assessment aims to assess your emotional intelligence in a more engaging and enjoyable way. It presents candidates with various scenarios and challenges that require them to make decisions based on emotions and interpersonal interactions.

What does the Criteria Corp Emotify assessment measure?

The assessment aims to provide insights into your emotional intelligence and how well you can handle different emotional situations. 

Good to know: Emotional intelligence is considered an essential trait in many job roles, particularly those that involve teamwork, leadership, customer service, and managing relationships effectively.

What will the Criteria Corp Emotify assessment involve?

Criteria Emotify presents you with 3 different tasks, the names and details of which can be seen below: 

  1. Matching Faces: This task challenges you to find a matching face to the word given, for eg: happiness. This assessment consists of 30 rounds and each round is timed.  
  2. Emotional Ties: This assessment challenges you to find facial expressions that are in accordance with the statements that appear on your screen. This task contains 10 rounds in total and all of these rounds are timed. 
  3. Emotions in Action: In this mini-game, you will be presented with several work-place scenarios and then a set of possible courses of action among which you will be required to choose how you would behave in that situation. 

How to prepare for the Criteria Corp Emotify assessments 

Ace your Criteria Corp Emotify assessments with our GF Emotions i-EQ™ game assessment to enhance your emotional intelligence skills. Practice using our Situational Judgement Tests to develop your ability to react to workplace scenarios effectively for the Criteria Corp Emotify assessment

Criteria Corp Emotify practice

Besides the game based assessments, Criteria Corp also provides a number of cognitive and mechanical ability assessments. Keep reading to find out more! 

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Criteria Corp Ability Tests

What are the Criteria Corp ability tests?

Criteria Corp ability assessments are standardized assessments designed to cognitive attributes, abilities, skills, and personality traits of individuals using the various cognitive assessments below:

  1. Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Tests 
  2. Cognitive Corp Mechanical Ability Tests
  3. Criteria Corp Attention Assessments
  4. Criteria Corp Personality Tests
  5. Criteria Corp Skill Tests

Let’s discuss these on-demand Criteria assessments and see what you can expect from them. 

1. Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

What is the Criteria Cognitive ability test? 

Criteria Corp CCAT and UCAT are Criteria Corp’s cognitive ability tests which aim to measure your cognitive abilities such as reasoning, problem-solving, attention, perception, etc., using a combination of types of questions to assess you. 

What is the time limit for the CCAT? 

The time limit for the CCAT is 15 minutes under which you will be required to answer 50 questions. 
Criteria’s cognitive ability assessments measure your:

  1. Numerical Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Spatial Reasoning

Did you know: While the UCAT is a similar assessment to CCAT, the UCAT provides you with 40 questions to answer within 20 minutes.

Looking for tips on how to pass Criteria CCAT and UCAT? We have got some excellent expert tips that will help you ace your Criteria Corp cognitive aptitude tests. 

  1. Understand the Test Format: Familiarize yourself with the test structure, question types, and time limits. Knowing what to expect will help you manage your time effectively during the test.
  1. Practice Regularly: Practice is key to improving your cognitive abilities. Utilize practice tests to become comfortable with the types of questions and challenges you’ll face.
  1. Improve Time Management: Cognitive ability tests are often timed, so practice managing your time wisely. Work on solving questions efficiently without getting stuck on any single question for too long.
  1. Eliminate Distractions: When practicing or taking the actual test, choose a quiet, distraction-free environment. Minimize interruptions to help maintain focus and concentration.
  1. Read Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to the instructions for each question. Misunderstanding instructions can lead to errors, so read them carefully before answering.
  1. Use Process of Elimination: If you’re unsure about an answer, use the process of elimination to narrow down your choices. Eliminating the incorrect options first can improve your speed.
  1. Balance Speed and Accuracy: While speed is important, accuracy is crucial. Focus on answering questions correctly rather than rushing through and making mistakes.

Wondering where to practice for your Criteria CCAT and UCAT? We have got you covered! 

Increase your chances of passing your CCAT and UCAT assessments and balance your speed and accuracy in the actual test by practicing various cognitive ability assessment questions with GF for FREE

Criteria Corp cognitive tests are all done, now let’s move to the Criteria Corp mechanical tests.

2. Criteria Mechanical Ability Tests

What are the Criteria mechanical ability tests? 

The Criteria Mechanical Reasoning Assessment (CMRA) and Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA) aim to assess your technical skills in engineering, i.e., you will only be taking these tests if you are applying for a technical position, such as mechanical engineering. 

Criteria mechanical ability tests are often used by employers and organizations that require individuals to work with machinery, equipment, or perform tasks involving mechanical concepts.

What do Criteria Corp mechanical ability tests measure?

These Criteria mechanical ability tests aim to assess your:

  1. Mechanical comprehension
  2. Spatial reasoning
  3. Logical reasoning
  4. Problem-solving skills 

How long do the Criteria mechanical tests take?

The Criteria Mechanical Reasoning Test (CMRA) has 30 questions to be completed in 15 minutes, whereas the Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA) includes 60 questions to be answered within 30 minutes.

Wondering how to pass the Criteria Corp mechanical ability tests? Find some expert tips below: 

  1. Review Basic Mechanical Concepts: Make sure you have a strong understanding of fundamental mechanical concepts, such as levers, gears, pulleys, simple machines, forces, and mechanical advantage.
  1. Study Mechanics Principles: Familiarize yourself with principles of physics and mechanics, including torque, friction, velocity, acceleration, and basic mechanical equations. This knowledge will be essential for solving problems.
  1. Understand Diagrams and Visuals: Mechanical ability tests often include diagrams, schematics, and visual representations of mechanical systems. Practice interpreting these visuals and understanding how components interact.
  1. Practice Problem-Solving: Mechanical ability tests often involve problem-solving scenarios. Practice breaking down complex problems into smaller, manageable steps to arrive at solutions.
  1. Focus on Efficiency: Mechanical tasks often require efficiency. Practice identifying the most efficient way to accomplish a task or solve a problem, considering factors like time and energy.

Another type of cognitive aptitude test offered by Criteria Corp are the Criteria attention tests. Let us discuss the details of this. 

3. Criteria Corp Attention Assessments

What are Criteria Corp Attention Assessments? 

Criteria Minicog Rapid Assessment Battery (MRAB) and Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST) are designed to assess your critical thinking, accuracy, attention, speed and problem-solving skills. Both of these tests will put you through various mini tasks and will expect you to answer using certain keys. 

How much time do the Criteria attention tests take? 

  • The Minicog Rapid Assessment Battery (MRAB) includes 9 tasks as soon as you can. There is no time limit, however the time taken is recorded.
  • The Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST) has 4 tasks to complete within a time span of 10 minutes

Make sure you read the instructions very carefully!

How to pass Criteria Corp attention tests?

 To ace the Criteria Corp attention tests, you must: 

  1. Practice Criteria attention tests using GF’s Cognition-A Game to test your attention and critical thinking. 
  2. Eliminate distractions and take these tests in a quiet environment to help you improve your focus and reduce your response time. 
  3. Read the test description and the task very carefully before you start to understand what the assessment expects you to do.
  4. Place your fingers on the keys that the task expects you to use. For example: In the above picture the task expects you to use 1,2,8 and 9. 

That’s it for Criteria Corp attention tests. Let us now discuss Criteria Corp personality tests. 

4. Criteria Corp Personality Tests

What is the Criteria Corp personality test?

Criteria Corp provides various personality assessment tools that allow employers to assess your overall personality and whether or not you are fit for the job role applied to. These assessments can be used with the results of other assessments, interviews, and evaluations to create a comprehensive picture of your behaviour. 

What are the types of Criteria Corp personality tests?

The various personality assessment tools offered by Criteria are: 

  1. Employee Personality Profile (EPP): These assessments are designed to provide insights into an individual’s personality traits, work styles, and preferences. They can help employers understand how well a candidate might fit into a particular role, team, or company culture
  1. Illustrait: This Criteria Corp assessment is an intelligent next generation assessment that enables your employers to identify the candidates who have competency potential required for your unique role. 
  1. Criteria Personality Inventory (CPI): Criteria Personality Inventory  uses the Big Five Model to assess candidates which evaluates traits like openness to experience, concentration, boldness, agreeableness, and emotional stability in a candidate. 
  1. Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CSAP): The Criteria Customer Service Aptitude Profile is an assessment tool developed by Criteria Corp that focuses on evaluating an individual’s suitability for customer service roles. It evaluates candidates on the basis of interpersonal skills, communication, stress management, etc. 
  1. Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP): The CSAP is specifically designed to evaluate individuals’ suitability for sales roles by assessing their sales-related skills, such as customer-centric approach, negotiation skills, adaptability, etc. 
  1. Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA): The WAA measures the alignment of what the organization provides with the candidates’ work preferences.  

The above Criteria Corp personality tests present you around 140 statements to which you will be required to select any one of the following options: 

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Unsure
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree 

Discover more about how personality tests such as the Criteria assessments are used to assess you with our short video:

What do Personality Tests Measure? (SHL OPQ, Big 5 OCEAN Model) #shorts

Practice with GF’s Work Personality Package today to gain first-hand insights into your own workplace preferences ahead of your Criteria personality tests.

This is it for Criteria personality tests. However, Criteria provides some other skills and risk assessments for employers, which we will cover below. 

5. Criteria Corp Skill Assessments

What are the Criteria Corp skill assessments?

Criteria offers a bunch of other assessments which are helpful in assessing your risk-taking abilities and specific skills. The various skill and risk assessments offered by criteria are as follows: 

Criteria Skill AssessmentAssessment Requirements

Criteria Corp CLIK (Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge test)
3 simulations and 10 multiple-choice questions relating to basic computer related knowledge to complete in 13 minutes.

Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST)
40 questions related to numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning within 20 minutes.

Criteria Corp Excel Test 
3 simulations and 12 multiple-choice questions, with a 1 minute time limit for each question. 

Criteria Corp Microsoft Word test 
1 simulation with 7-8 mini-tasks related to Word within 3 minutes

Criteria Corp Powerpoint test 
1 simulation with 7-8 tasks to complete within 3 minutes.

Criteria Corp Typing Test 
You will have to type as many words as you can based on an unseen paragraph.

Criteria Ten Key Test 
Copy 20 entries accurately. There is no time limit for the test, but this test will keep track of the time taken. 

So, now you know what all can you expect in your Criteria assessment tests. Let’s now see what steps you must follow to make sure you ace every Criteria assessment test. 

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How to Pass Criteria Corp Assessments?

We have come up with 5 expert tips to help you with your upcoming Criteria Corp assessment tests. Read on and find out.

  1. Review Basic Concepts: For cognitive ability tests, brush up on basic mathematical concepts, logical reasoning, and verbal comprehension. Review any relevant subject matter for the specific test you will be taking.
  1. Eliminate Distractions: Find a quiet and comfortable environment to take practice tests and eliminate distractions to simulate a test-like setting.
  1. Read Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to instructions during the actual test. Ensure you understand how to answer questions and whether there are penalties for guessing.
  1. Stay Calm and Focused: It’s normal to feel some pressure during the test, but try to stay calm and focused. Avoid spending too much time on difficult questions; move on and return to them later if time allows.
  1. Practice Sample Tests: Practice tests help you become familiar with the types of questions, improve your speed, and identify areas that may need improvement.

Ace your job assessments first try with our Premium practice assessments. Practice with our video interview tool, game-based assessments and the full range of practice assessments designed to maximise your preparation. 

For even more Criteria corp test practice tips, check out our quick video below for tips to improve your speed:

Improve your speed in online employer tests | Top Tips to get Quicker #shorts

You can improve your chances of acing the Criteria Corp assessments if you know for sure what these assessments assess and how. To understand how Criteria Corp assessments work, keep reading. 

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The Science Behind Criteria Assessments

  1. Reliability: Criteria Corp’s assessments provide stable and consistent results. A reliable test should be capable of yielding consistent scores if the same person attempts it multiple times. 
  1. Psychometrics: Criteria Corp uses psychometric principles to develop and validate assessment tools. Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. 
  1. Norming: Establishing normative data involves administering the test to a large sample of individuals to create a baseline of comparison. This enables the comparison of candidates’ scores to those of a relevant reference group. 
  1. Bias and Fairness: Assessments provide all candidate’s the same opportunity to succeed Criteria Corp aims to remove unconscious bias in a fair manner and do so without lowering the bar for candidate performance.
  1. Validity: Validity means how accurate and appropriate the tests are in measuring what they intend to measure. Criteria Corp pre-employment tests accurately evaluate your job performance and specific skills relevant to the job and thus predict valid results. 

The next important assessment tool offered by Criteria Corp is the Criteria Corp video interview tool. We have discussed this briefly below. 

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Criteria Corp Video Interview

What is a Criteria Corp video interview?

 Criteria provides video interviewing experience alongside their suite of gamified assessments and psychometric tests. Candidates will be required to record their responses to pre-recorded questions by their employers.

Good to know: The time taken by your Criteria video interview, how many retakes you get and how much time you get to answer each question will depend on your employer, since all of these details can be altered depending on the job role. 

What makes Criteria’s video interview platform different?

 Criteria offers an unbiased video interviewing platform by implementing the following:

  1. Structured interviews: Criteria follows a structured interviewing approach which allows the employers to not get carried away by non-yielding information such as likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. And hence, there’s no favouritism. 
  1. World-first blind interview feature: The video interviews at Criteria allows the employers to hide your personal details such as name, education, etc. It also allows the employers to turn off video mode and get the answers in audio mode with a disguised voice feature to reduce biases. 
  1. On-demand video interviewing: Criteria allows diverse candidates to take the interview at their convenience and at a time that suits them best. 

You must be wondering how to pass Criteria’s video interviews. Here are our top tips that will help you ace your upcoming Criteria video interview.

7 Top Tips to Ace Criteria Corp Video Interview
  1. Read the job description carefully: Make a list of the important keywords that you find in the job description and try to incorporate those keywords into your answers.
  1. Dress appropriately and look confident: Dressing in formal attire is always best, even for a video interview. Make sure you maintain relaxed eye contact with the camera and smile subtly so that your employer knows that you are confident about your knowledge.
  1. Put pointers in front of you: Note the exact situations and specific skills you want to include in your answer and keep them near you. This will allow you to provide examples from your experiences to give a full-fledged answer. 
  1. Monitor your time: Make sure to use the preparation time provided to measure your answers and ensure that your answers fit comfortably within the given time. 
  1. Impact and Results: Whenever possible, highlight the impact or results of your actions or experiences and highlight your achievements using numbers and percentages. 
  1. Summarise your answer and hit the main points again: While concluding your answer make sure you revisit the points you have discussed and their relevance in your answer. 
  1. Follow-Up After the Interview: Send a thank-you email promptly after the interview to express your appreciation for the opportunity and reiterate your interest in the position.

For more tips to ace your upcoming Criteria interview, take a quick look at our video below.

Epic Video Interview Tips and Tricks #shorts

How to prepare for the Criteria Corp Video Interview? 

We recommend you practice using our video interview preparation platform to record yourself answering most common recruitment questions, playback, improve answers and learn to manage time.

Criteria Corp video interview practice

So, with this we have provided you all the information about Criteria Corp. To gain more insights about your upcoming Criteria Corp assessments take a look at our FAQs section below. 

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Criteria Corp FAQs

What are On demand assessments by Criteria Corp?

Criteria Corp provides various cognitive aptitude, personality and game-based assessments which allow the candidates who are supposed to take those assessment tests, to do so at their own convenience and at a time preferred by them and thus these assessments are called Criteria Corp on demand assessments.

What is a good score on Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Tests?

Out of 50 if you manage to get 40-42 marks on your CCAT, you will be considered to have scored good marks. An average score for the Criteria CCAT is 24 marks.

What does Criteria Corp do?

Criteria Corp is the provider of Hireselect which allows organisations to find the right fit for their company using assessments specially tailored for their specific job requirements. Criteria Corp makes use of a number of assessment tests to evaluate candidates on the basis of their skills.

How do I get Criteria results?

After you complete your assessment, the results or the marks scored by you in your assessment will be directly mailed to you. The Criteria supportive team does not have access to your result.

Is it hard to pass the CCAT?

The questions in the CCAT are pretty simple and based on a person’s logical reasoning and common sense. However, what makes this test difficult is the time pressure involved because you have to complete 50 questions in 15 minutes. Thus, you may easily crack your Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test if you practice solving questions under a time constraint.

How to login to Criteria Corp assessments?

Once your employer sends you an invite on your email, you will be able to start your assessment by simply clicking on “Start Assessment”. After starting the Criteria assessment, an Event ID will be generated which you will be able to use if somehow you get logged out of your assessment to start the assessment again.

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