IBM Kenexa

Kenexa was first set up in 1987 as a headhunting company under the leadership of Rudy Karsan. Since then Kenexa grew rapidly both organically and through acquisitions.

Kenexa became listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange and aimed to become a billion dollar company.

Kenexa acquired by IBM

Even through the economic challenges in 2008, Kenexa continued to stay focussed on their targets. In 2006, Kenexa acquired PSL, a SHL competitor, and grew the assessment business substantially offering clients end-to-end HR solutions.

In 2012, IBM acquired Kenexa and this part of the business has since become known as IBM Smarter Workforce.

Graduates First was founded and is run by previous SHL and Kenexa Consultants. As such they have first-hand knowledge of how employers assess candidates.

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