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In this guide, we go into depth about IBM Kenexa. We will look at the different types of Kenexa assessments that companies use to evaluate candidates during the recruitment process and provide guidance on how you can prepare for these assessments.

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Wondering whether you should be practicing to prepare for your IBM Kenexa assessment? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude tests results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study found that candidates who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

Bradley et al. (2019)

In a Nutshell:

Prepare for IBM Kenexa Assessments 

Understand Kenexa assessment tests. Know what each test measures, what you need to do, how much time each assessment will take. Ensure that you are using the recommended browser and hardware (e.g. Laptop or Mobile). 

Develop your understanding and technique for Kenexa assessments by: 

  • Finding a good time to complete the assessment packages
  • Research the key competencies that the Kenexa assessments measure
  • Read the instructions and information carefully before you start. Ensure you stay focused throughout the tests.

The practice assessments on our platform emulate the experience of the assessments you will face when facing Kenexa psychometric tests.

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Verbal Reasoning TestsStart Practicing
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Before we dive in, let’s check out what we’ll cover in this guide below:


  1. What is IBM Kenexa?
  2. IBM Kenexa vs. Other Assessment Publishers
  3. What companies use IBM Kenexa to hire?
  4. What assessments are developed by Kenexa?
  5. How does the IBM Kenexa tests work? The Science behind Kenexa assessments
  6. How to prepare for IBM Kenexa assessments
  7. IBM Kenexa assessments FAQs

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is IBM Kenexa?

IBM Kenexa is a job test publisher used in many industries, such as healthcare, retail, and financial services. Of the total 3,000+ clients, the largest customer segments are Professional Services, Information Technology and Services, Hospital & Health Care followed by Manufacturing, with 75% of Kenexa customers in the United States.

Did you know? Initially an enterprise SaaS firm established by Rudy Karsan, Kenexa has been developed to be worth $1 billion with a focus on innovation in the HR technology market.

IBM Kenexa essentially provides customized HR solutions to help organizations manage their human resources, including tools for recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, and performance management.

Kenexa acquired by IBM

In 2012, IBM acquired Kenexa HR Technologies, which became part of its HR software portfolio and helped expand its offerings in the HR technology market. 

IBM has continued to invest in Kenexa since the acquisition, improving its offerings and integrating it with other IBM HR solutions for easier human resource management from a single platform.

IBM Kenexa vs. Other Assessment Publishers

Test Publishers such as IBM Kenexa, Saville Assessment, and SHL provide assessments to help candidates land their desired job. However, IBM Kenexa stands out for its user-friendly and engaging format, making testing less stressful. 

Below is a summary of the key differences between Kenexa and the other publishers:

Assessment FocusAssessment TypesAssessment DeliveryCustomisation
IBM KenexaCognitive and behavioral abilitiesAbility tests, personality assessments, technical assessments and more. Web-based assessmentAvailable
SHLCognitive and behavioral abilitiesAbility tests, situational judgment, personality questionnaires, and more.Secure online platform, proctored testing centers.Available
CappfinityPersonality, strengths and behavior in the workplaceAbility tests, personality and behaviouralWeb-based assessmentLimited availability
SavilleAbility and personality assessments and industry and role assessmentsCognitive abilities and personality assessmentsWeb-based assessmentLimited availability
TalentQCognitive ability, numerical, verbal, and inductive reasoning testsCognitive abilities assessmentsWeb-based assessment Limited availability

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We’ll now move onto some of the companies using IBM Kenexa to hire.

What companies use IBM Kenexa to hire?

IBM Kenexa has become a popular recruitment solution for many large organizations in different industries. Check out the below list of some of the top recruiters that use IBM Kenexa for selection:

Lockheed MartinGrant ThorntonCVS Health Corporation
NomuraUBS Card Center AGEastman Kodak
University Of MississippiAmerican Greetings CorporationKPMG
Aberdeen GroupBank of America Fossil Group Inc.

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Why do employers use Kenexa IBM tests?

Many top employers such as the above companies choose Kenexa assessments to help streamline the hiring process and improve the quality of hires. The key features of IBM Kenexa that attract recruiters include:

  • Recruitment: Kenexa provides businesses with a robust recruitment platform to attract and engage top talent from job postings to resume tracking and candidate sourcing.
  • Onboarding: Kenexa aims to streamline the onboarding process, reducing the time it takes to get new hires adjusted to the company.
  • Employee engagement: Boost employee engagement by offering tools for soliciting feedback, monitoring employee satisfaction, and measuring the impact of HR programs.
  • Performance management: includes tools for managing employee performance, including performance appraisals, goal setting, and real-time feedback, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement and take action to boost employee performance.
  • Analytics and reporting: Kenexa provides insightful data about a company’s workforce through features like dashboards, reporting, and data visualization to help make decisions.

What assessments are developed by Kenexa?

IBM Kenexa offers a variety of assessments to help organizations evaluate the skills and abilities of job candidates or employees. Some of the different types of assessments include:

Important Note: Kenexa also provides employers with other assessments, including ones that are technical and emotional intelligence focused. This depends on the requirements of the job role – we will cover what to expect in these further down.

Read on as we cover what you can expect in each of these Kenexa assessments below!

Kenexa Numerical Reasoning tests

The IBM Kenexa Numerical Reasoning test evaluates your ability to interpret, analyze, and draw conclusions from numerical data presented in the form of graphs, tables, and charts. This Kenexa skills assessment is an online interactive multiple choice test where you will be required to answer up to 25 questions within 30 minutes.

The test measures a candidate’s ability to perform basic arithmetic operations, understand percentages, ratios, and proportions, and use this information to answer questions related to the given data. 

Good to know: Do not worry if you haven’t done Maths in a while! The complexity of the IBM Kenexa numerical tests is less in the knowledge tested but more in the time pressure and stress involved. 

How to ace the IBM Kenexa numerical test?

Here are 5 quick tips to help you prepare for a Kenexa numerical reasoning test:

  1. Brush up on math skills like percentages, fractions, ratios, and decimals.
  2. Practice numerical tests under time pressure.
  3. Get organised before you start the Kenexa test.
  4. Read questions carefully to avoid being misled by distractors.
  5. Find a balance between speed and accuracy.

Enhance your numerical reasoning accuracy and speed by practicing with our example numerical test question, specially designed to prepare you for your IBM Kenexa numerical test

IBM Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test Example
IBM Kenexa numerical reasoning test example

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Want to give your brain a workout? Check out even more practice numerical questions similar to Kenexa tests in our video right here! 

Numerical Reasoning Test Practice Questions & Answers (2024) | 5 Worked Solutions & Tutorial!

Kenexa Verbal Reasoning tests

The Kenexa verbal reasoning assessment is used by employers to evaluate your ability to comprehend, interpret, and analyze written information with interactive elements. You will typically have up to 25 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice questions on the online test.

The Kenexa verbal assessment will include a series of passages or statements followed by statements and questions which test the individual’s verbal comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking skills. 

How to ace the IBM Kenexa verbal test?

Here are 5 quick tips you can use to prepare for the Kenexa Verbal Assessment:

  1. Read regularly to improve your vocabulary.
  2. Complete crosswords and other word puzzles. 
  3. Practice verbal reasoning tests to understand the answer options.
  4. Get plenty of rest the night before the Kenexa verbal test.
  5. Base your answers only using the information provided.

During the actual IBM Kenexa assessment, questions similar to the one below will require you to answer within approximately 90 seconds.

IBM Kenexa Verbal Reasoning Test Example
IBM Kenexa verbal reasoning test example

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Check out the below video to practice some sample IBM Kenexa verbal reasoning questions and answers to help you become familiar with the types of questions you may encounter on the test.

Verbal Reasoning Test Practice Questions and Answers (2024) | 5 FULLY Worked Solutions!

Kenexa Logical Reasoning tests

The Kenexa logical reasoning test, also known as an abstract reasoning test, looks at your logical and analytical reasoning abilities, measuring critical thinking, problem-solving, and the capacity to analyze and draw logical inferences. 

Good to know: The Kenexa logical test consists of 26 multiple-choice questions and requires you to identify patterns and solve problems within 25 minutes

How to pass the IBM Kenexa logical assessment? 

Check out these 5 simple expert tips you can use to ace your Kenexa logic test: 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the test format.
  2. Practice regularly to build confidence.
  3. Remember the key rules and patterns.
  4. Eliminate the wrong answers first.
  5. Focus on completing each question one at a time.

For more logical reasoning tips you can use to ace your Kenexa test first time, check out the below short video:

Logical Reasoning Tests | How to succeed during the test #shorts

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Take a shot at our example question below to accelerate your learning in logical reasoning.

IBM Kenexa Logical Reasoning Test Example
IBM Kenexa logical reasoning test example

Be sure to find the answer to this question at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for even more Kenexa-style logical reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance – then we at GF have you covered.

Good to know: Your Kenexa numerical, verbal and logical reasoning questions may be included as part of their Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT). The Kenexa CAT adjusts the difficulty level of questions based on the test-taker’s performance. 

Keep reading as we cover another commonly used test: the Kenexa behavioural assessments.

Kenexa Behavioural Assessments

The Kenexa behavioural assessment is a situational judgement test that measures an individual’s workplace behaviour and how they respond to specific situations. The behavioural assessment is an interactive test which presents candidates with hypothetical scenarios and asks them to choose the most appropriate response from a list of options. 

Good to know: The Kenexa Behavioural assessment often does not have a fixed number of questions, though will usually have a time limit of 20-30 minutes. However, these may change depending on the role and the employer. Ensure to read the instructions carefully before you begin!

For more information on all you’ll need to know about behavioural tests and situational judgement tests, check out this quick video below:

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

How to prepare for the Kenexa behavioural assessment?

Here are 5 top tips you can use to prepare the Kenexa behavioural test:

  1. Understand the role you are applying for.
  2. Research competencies and effective behaviors in the workplace.
  3. Research the company and their culture.
  4. Practice to familiarise yourself with Kenexa test scenarios.
  5. Seek advice from experienced individuals and challenge their thinking.

Below is a sneak peek of an SJT assessment to give you an idea of what you could expect in your Kenexa behavioural test.

IBM Kenexa Behavioural Test Example
IBM Kenexa behavioural test example

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Keep reading to uncover the key Kenexa personality tests used by recruiters, and how you best prepare for these.

Kenexa Personality Tests

The Kenexa Personality Test measures a candidate’s personality traits and evaluates their behavior in a work environment to determine their suitability for specific job roles. The Kenexa personality questionnaire uses a scale to rate a series of statements, ranging from ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’.

Check out this video below to discover more about how employers use personality tests provided by Kenexa to help make hiring decisions:

How Employers use Personality Questionnaires to Hire | 2024 Guide | PwC, Barclays, Apple, P&G

Below are the other key Kenexa personality tests commonly used by employers to hire and develop employees:

Kenexa Culture Fit Test

The IBM Kenexa Culture Fit test measures a candidate’s alignment with an organization’s culture and values, including personality traits, values, work style, and preferences. The assessment is tailored to the values and culture of the employer, and typically has 20 to 50 questions.

The Culture Fit assessment can include a mix of:

  • interactive scenarios
  • multiple-choice questions
  • open-ended responses

The employer can set a time limit of 20 minutes to up to an hour or more, or allow candidates to complete the assessment at their own pace.

Good to know: This Kenexa test is based on the idea that a candidate’s fit with an organization’s culture can be just as important as their skills and qualifications for the job.

Kenexa Career Fit Tests

The IBM Kenexa Career Fit assessment is an online tool designed to help candidates identify career paths that align with their interests, values, and personality traits. The assessment evaluates an individual’s preferences, work style, and personality traits to provide insights into potential career paths that may be a good fit based on their profile. 

Kenexa BMQ Personality Test

The Kenexa BMQ is a psychometric assessment package used to identify work-related motivators and demotivators at the managerial level. During the personality assessment, the candidate will be required to rate a series of statements based on their agreement or disagreement, and the results help create a profile of the individual’s motivational needs. 

How to pass the Kenexa personality tests?

Below are our 5 top expert tips you can use to ace your Kenexa personality questionnaires: 

  1. Ensure your answers are honest.
  2. Be consistent in your answers throughout the Kenexa assessment.
  3. Research the job role and reflect on your personality.
  4. Practice using our WPQ to help understand your workplace preferences.
  5. Use your learnings to determine the best jobs for you.

Take a break from reading by checking out these above tips in this short video below:

How to Pass Personality Questionnaires (5 Personality Test Tips) #shorts

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Other Kenexa Assessments

Did you know that Kenexa IBM offers more than just standard recruitment tests? In this section, we’ll explore some of the other assessments provided by Kenexa IBM as part of the Prove It! assessments platform. These include:

  • Job Fit Test
  • Technical Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence Tests

Good to know: Kenexa Prove It! is an online platform with over 1,200 tests that evaluate job candidates’ skills and knowledge in areas such as software, typing, and data entry. 

Continue reading as we cover what you can expect in each of these Kenexa assessment tests.

Kenexa Job Fit Test

The Kenexa Job Fit Test evaluates a candidate’s skills and knowledge to determine if they are suitable for a specific job, matching their abilities with job requirements. The test assesses the candidate’s skills and abilities through a mix of multiple-choice questions, interactive scenarios, simulations, or situational judgment exercises. 

Good to know: The Job Fit test may be taken online or in person and typically takes 20 minutes to up to an hour to complete.

Kenexa Technical Assessment 

The Kenexa technical assessments assess a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in a specific technology or field, and proficiency in specific skills such as software, language, or technical skills. You may be required to complete a typing exercise, accountancy tests or demonstrate your understanding of Microsoft Office through literacy tests.

Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Kenexa Technical Tests: 

  1. Check the job description to understand required skills.
  2. Refresh your technical skills like coding and problem-solving.
  3. Schedule adequate time to prepare ahead of the tests.
  4. Take the assessment with a stable internet and in a quiet environment.
  5. Carefully read and follow instructions.
Kenexa Emotional Intelligence Assessments

The Kenexa Emotional Intelligence test measures the emotional intelligence of a candidate to help predict job performance, as well as identify areas for improvement and development. The candidate will be required to respond to statements or scenarios with a series of multiple choice, ranking and rating scale answers.

The Kenexa emotional intelligence test aims to evaluate your:

  • Emotional awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills

Important note: Test your emotional intelligence and emotional awareness with our GF Emotions i-EQ™ ahead of your Kenexa Emotional Intelligence assessment!

IBM Kenexa emotional intelligence practice assessment

Now let’s take a look at how the IBM Kenexa tests work and the science behind them.

How does the IBM Kenexa tests work? The Science behind Kenexa assessments

  • Evidence of skills: IBM Kenexa assessments objectively measure your skills and abilities, which can serve as valuable evidence of your qualifications when applying for jobs.
  • Objectivity in the hiring process: IBM Kenexa assessments are designed to objectively measure a candidate’s skills and abilities, reducing the risk of unconscious bias in the hiring process.
  • Opportunity to stand out: By taking the assessments, candidates can stand out from other applicants by tangibly demonstrating their skills and abilities.
  • Improved self-awareness: Participating in IBM Kenexa assessments can help candidates better understand their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on improving their skills in areas that need development.

But how to prepare? We’ve got you covered!

How to prepare for IBM Kenexa assessments

Ready to ace your IBM Kenexa assessments? We’ve got you covered with these 7 tips that will help you rock your tests like a pro! 

  1. Familarise yourself with the types of assessment you will take and the format it will be in. This will help you better prepare and reduce your anxiety on test day.
  1. Practicing regularly with our practice assessments to help develop your skills and increase your confidence ahead of the real Kenexa assessments. 
  1. Brush up on your knowledge in the relevant areas for the technical assessments including the office tests, accountancy tests and typing exercises.
  1. Get enough sleep and stay relaxed. Being well-rested and relaxed will help you to focus and perform better during the assessments.
  1. Read the instructions carefully. Understand what you will be required to do in the assessment before you begin.
  1. Keep track of time during the assessment and allocate enough time for each question.
  1. Stay calm and focused during the assessment. If you encounter a difficult question, take an educated guess and move on to the next one.

Remember: The most important thing is to practice and prepare thoroughly. It is proven that practice helps boost your chances of being invited to the next stage of an employer recruitment process.

For the best preparation for your Kenexa aptitude assessments, register with GF and improve your chances of success by practicing assessments developed by former experts who have designed Kenexa tests!

You should also check out our quick FAQs for more answers to some of the top questions people commonly ask about the IBM Kenexa assessments, summarized below.

IBM Kenexa assessments FAQs

Are Kenexa tests difficult?

The difficulty level of Kenexa tests can vary depending on the specific assessment and the individual taking it. Some tests may be relatively straightforward, while others may be more challenging. For example, some cognitive assessments may require complex problem-solving and reasoning skills, while others may focus on more basic skills such as software proficiency.

How long are the IBM Kenexa tests?

The length of the tests can vary, but most of the tests are 20 minutes in length. The time it takes to complete an IBM Kenexa assessment can vary depending on the type of assessment you are taking. Some assessments may take as little as 15 minutes, while others may take up to an hour or more. Be sure to plan your time accordingly.

Are there any specific skills or knowledge required to take the IBM Kenexa tests?

No specific skills or knowledge are required to take the IBM Kenexa tests. The tests are designed to evaluate your abilities in various areas, such as numeracy, verbal reasoning and personality traits related to the job you have applied for.

Can I retake an IBM Kenexa assessment?

The ability to re-take an IBM Kenexa assessment may depend on the employer’s policies and procedures. It is best to check with the employer for their specific guidelines.

Is Kenexa an ATS?

IBM Kenexa Talent suite is an applicant tracking system (ATS). It provides HR departments with tools to automate and streamline recruitment, including resume parsing, candidate management, and job postings.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Verbal Reasoning Test – B

Numerical Reasoning Test – D

Logical Reasoning Test – C