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Are you applying for the Bank of America 2024 internship or graduate programs or exploring professional opportunities? Look no further than this comprehensive guide.

The text below provides a full candidate recruitment, assessment, and preparation guide and practice for those applying to jobs, internships, apprenticeships, and other graduate programs at Bank of America across the globe, including the UK and US.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessment tests, interviews, and assessment center exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process.

Not sure if you should practice preparing for the Bank of America Assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude test results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) found that candidates who do not practice assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

  1. Fill out Your Bank of America Online Job Application
  • Complete your Bank of America registration online.
  • Respond to the four competency queries.
  • Match your responses to the Bank of America Assessments core values.
  • In your CV and application, use the wording and keywords from the job post.
  1. Prepare for Bank of America Online Assessments

There are a variety of Bank of America aptitude tests used in the application process. These may include:

Did you know that these tests sift out up to 50-80% of candidates at this stage? The only proven way to get to the next round is to practice.

3. Record mock video interviews of yourself

Prepare for your Bank of America HireVue video interview by running mock interviews and answering typical banking interview questions. Ensure your answers flow well and are to the point. Avoid filler words. For your Bank of America interview practice, use:

Our practice video interview platform simulates the experience you will have on platforms used for banking job interviews with preset competency and industry questions. Record your responses and watch them to develop your interview technique. Practice until you feel satisfied.

Use the STAR+R method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

4. Prepare for the Bank of America Assessment Center Exercises

Bank of America makes use of a variety of competitive exercises in the assessment centre to find the right candidates. Ensure that you practice a variety of exercises including:

Hone your written and spoken communication technique. Be aware. Not many candidates get to this stage. The competition is very fierce.Continue reading to find out the solutions to the following critical questions:

  1. What is the hiring process at Bank of America?
  2. What is the Bank of America online assessment?
  3. How should I prepare for the Bank of America interview?
  4. What are the early career programs offered by Bank of America?

For your Bank of America assessment practice, click on the links below to get started now with our practice assessments!

Relevant Assessments to Bank of America  Practice Now
Numerical Reasoning Start Practicing
Verbal Reasoning Start Practicing
Situational JudgmentStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Practice all the assessments above for your Bank of America application with our Go Premium package.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


  1. What is Bank of America?
  2. Bank of America Online Application
  3. Bank of America Online Job Assessment
  4. Bank of America HireVue Video Interview
  5. Bank of America Assessment Center

Good to know Bonuses:

  1. Bank of America Early Careers
  2. Bank of America FAQs

What is Bank of America?

The Bank of America (BoA) is a leading multinational bank, offering a comprehensive range of financial services. Founded in 1904 as the Bank of Italy by Amadeo Peter Giannini and over the years, mergers and acquisitions led to its transformation into Bank of America in 1930.

Bank of America is the second-largest bank globally by market value, with over 217,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank provides a wide range of career choices such as:

Investment Banking– Investment Banking Analysts
– Mergers and Acquisitions Associates
Retail Banking– Branch Managers
– Personal Bankers
Wealth Management– Financial Advisors
– Wealth Planners
Corporate Finance– Financial Analysts
– Treasury Analysts
Risk and Compliance– Compliance Officers
– Credit Risk Analysts
Technology and IT– Software Engineers
– Data Scientists
Human Resources– HR Managers
– Learning and Development Specialists
Legal– Legal Counsel
– Contracts Analysts
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)– ESG Analysts
– Sustainability Managers

Did you know? Tailoring your responses to align with Bank of America’s core values holds the key to leaving a lasting impression throughout the hiring process. But what are these values?

Let us find out in the next section.

Bank of America Values

  • Deliver together: 
    • Treat each client and teammate as an individual. 
    • Connect person-to-person, fostering empathy and understanding.
    • Solid business foundation for clients, teammates, and communities.
  • Act responsibly:
    • Integrity and risk management are foundational.
    • Decisions are clear, fair, and grounded in shared success.
    • Responsible citizenship and community building guide actions.
  • Realize the power of our people:
    • Empower employees to their fullest potential.
    • Embrace diverse backgrounds and experiences.
    • Respect and value differences in all aspects.
  • Trust the team
    • Great teams are built on trust, ownership, and accountability.
    • Unified effort meets client needs and delivers shareholder value.

Now that we know more about Bank of America, let’s dive into the recruitment process with the first step: the Bank of America online application!

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Bank of America Online Application

How to get a job at Bank of America?

Embark on your Bank of America career journey with ease by highlighting your skills and experience through the online application process. Once you have found a role that interests you, you can apply by filling out your: 

  • Personal information
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills

You will also be required to upload documents such as your Resume and a cover letter at this stage.

Bank of America online application form
Bank of America Online Application Form
Source:  Bank of America

What do I need to apply to Bank of America?

The minimum eligibility criteria required to apply for positions at Bank of America can vary depending on the specific job roles and requirements. However, there are some general requirements that all applicants must meet:

  1. Educational Qualifications: Most positions at Bank of America require a minimum qualification, such as a bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field.
  1. Skills and Competencies: Candidates should possess the skills and competencies relevant to the job. This could include:
    • Technical skills/coding
    • Communication abilities
    • Analytical skills, and more, depending on the nature of the role.
  1. Language Proficiency: For roles requiring interaction with clients or teams in specific regions, proficiency in the relevant languages might be necessary.
  1. Work Experience: Certain positions might require a minimum number of years of work experience, however, many entry-level positions do not require prior experience.

Check out our video below to get started on crucial research tips you can use to boost your Bank of America application:

How to Research a Company Before an Interview | Job Application & Interview Tips

Now let’s move on to the next step – the Bank of America online assessment, a crucial step in the recruitment process.

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Bank of America Online Job Assessment

What are the Bank of America Online assessments?

The Bank of America Online Job Assessment uses either Glider Assessment or Kenexa as part of their hiring process, depending on the role location. These Glider assessment tests are used to assess the cognitive skills and abilities of job candidates. 

The Bank of America Glider tests analyze your skills in the:

  1. Bank of America Numerical Reasoning
  2. Bank of America Verbal Reasoning
  3. Bank of America Logical Reasoning
  4. Bank of America Situational Judgement

Good to know: If you’re pursuing an IT role at Bank of America, it’s important to be familiar with the Glider assessments such as – AI Coding aptitude test that employs intelligent algorithms to evaluate your coding skills.

We’ve got you covered for all things assessment in this section! Keep reading to discover the best tricks and tips to ace your Bank of America online assessment.

1. Bank of America Numerical Reasoning Test

What is the Bank of America numerical reasoning test?

The Bank of America assesses your numerical reasoning by evaluating your ability to interpret numerical data from charts, graphs, and tables, enabling accurate calculations to arrive at the right solutions.

What does the Bank of America numerical reasoning test involve?

The numerical reasoning test may consist of 20 questions to be answered within 20 minutes.

Discover more about numerical reasoning test questions and how Bank of America uses these to hire with this short video: 

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test? #shorts

Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Your Bank of America Numerical Reasoning Test

  1. Refresh basic maths, such as percentages, ratios, fractions, estimates, time, currency, and other measurements ahead of the real assessment.
  1. Practice numerical reasoning tests: Consistently practice numerical tests to improve your speed and accuracy. Practice under timed conditions to boost your time management skills.
  1. Use GF Performance Reports to enhance your performance: Review areas of improvement. Understand the methods used in the worked solutions to help focus your practice.
  1. Get some rest: Never underestimate the importance of good sleep the night before. These tests require concentration, so it’s key to stay focused.
  1. Organize your surroundings: Ensure to find a quiet space to take the test, and bring a calculator, notepad, and pen with you to make calculations!  

Practice FREE QUESTIONS similar to Bank of America numerical tests, register with GF today! Or, have a go at this example question our team has developed below!

Bank of America-Style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Bank of America numerical reasoning test example

Think you nailed it? Check the bottom of the page for the answer!

For more Bank of America-style numerical questions, sign up with GF and practice numerical questions developed by experts who developed the tests for 12,000+ companies.

The numerical test is just the start of your application process, let’s now discover more about how to ace your Bank of America verbal reasoning test.

2. Bank of America Verbal Reasoning Test

What is the Bank of America verbal reasoning test?

The Bank of America verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to understand and interpret written or spoken information and draw conclusions to answer the questions. This is to measure your language literacy and communication skills.

What will the Bank of America Verbal Reasoning test involve?

For the verbal reasoning test, you will be given 20 minutes to answer 24 questions (45 seconds per question) and the question consists of a written paragraph of information followed by a statement.

Don’t miss our short video below for an overview of verbal reasoning tests used by employers such as Bank of America:

What Is a Verbal Reasoning Test? #shorts 

Top 6 Tips to Ace the Bank of America Verbal Reasoning Test

  1. Boost vocabulary with puzzles: Improve your vocabulary and linguistic abilities through word puzzles and games. These activities help you better comprehend and interpret verbal reasoning passages.
  1. Rest for alertness: Ensure you are well-rested before taking the test. A refreshed mind is more adept at processing information, enhancing your ability to tackle verbal reasoning questions effectively.
  1. Understand the answer options: Ensure you are aware of what ‘True’, ‘False’ and ‘Cannot say’ means. To make accurate choices, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the answer options.
  1. Focus on the passage details: Prioritize identifying and highlighting essential details within the passage before attempting the questions. This ensures you have a solid foundation for your answers.
  1. Allocate time to read: Dedicate ample time to reading the passage carefully. Avoid rushing through it, as a thorough understanding of the context is crucial for answering correctly.
  1. Analyze language structure: Examine the structure of the language used in the passage. Consider how concepts are presented and the relationships between them to draw precise and accurate conclusions.

Practice numerical questions with GF or try out the example Bank of America-style question our team has designed for you below.

Bank of America-Style Verbal Reasoning Question Example

Bank of America verbal reasoning test example

Got the answer? Check the bottom of the page to see if you got it right!

Register with GF today and practice more verbal reasoning tests with answers, worked solutions, and professional score reports including personalized tips based on your performance.

After completing the verbal test, the next assessment you will likely be headed for is the Bank of America inductive reasoning test.

3. Bank of America Inductive Reasoning Test

What is the Bank of America inductive reasoning test?

The Bank of America inductive reasoning test involves identifying patterns and relationships in a series of shapes or seeing how a shape might change. It’s designed to assess your logical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are crucial for many roles within the organization. 

Check out this short video below which covers the basics you’ll need to know about Bank of America-style inductive or logical reasoning assessments:

What is a Logical Reasoning Test? #shorts

Check out our dedicated inductive reasoning tests page for a deeper understanding of this Bank of America assessment.

Top 5 tips to prepare for your inductive reasoning assessment

  1. Focus on one rule at a time: When attempting an inductive reasoning test question, focus on one shared rule in the sequence at a time and eliminate the options that don’t follow these rules.
  1. Practice Consistently: Take various inductive reasoning tests to get familiar with the format and different questions such as matrices, sequences, and figures.
  1. Search for patterns and connections: Finding common patterns or connections between various ideas or information is frequently required.
  1. Focus on building your speed: Develop confidence in your ability to solve inductive reasoning questions first, and then practice under timed conditions.
  1. Utilize feedback and score reports: to pinpoint areas for improvement and check your answers to ensure you didn’t make any mistakes.

For more FREE QUESTIONS similar to Bank of America Inductive Reasoning tests, register with GF and practice a FREElogical reasoning test now!

Bank of America-Style Inductive Reasoning Question Example

Bank of America inductive reasoning test example

For this test example question, you will be required to observe the diagrams in the sequence carefully to uncover a shared pattern to determine which of the options would be the next diagram in the sequence.

In the pattern above, you will only have around 45 seconds to notice that:

  • The arrow rotates clockwise around the diagram
  • The sequence of shapes is triangle-circle-square
  • The long line alternates between horizontal and vertical
  • …and to identify the correct answer!

Think you’ve cracked it? Check the bottom of the page for the answer!

If you are looking for even more Bank of America-style logical reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions, and professional score reports including personalized tips based on your performance – then we at GF have you covered.

Now let us move on to the next test – the Bank of America situational judgement test.

4. Bank of America Situational Judgement Test

What is the Bank of America situational judgement test?

The Bank of America situational judgement test is an immersive assessment that uses work scenarios to assess your competencies and behaviors based on how you would approach the situations and the actions you take to resolve any conflict.

For more details about situational judgement tests that are used in the Bank of America hiring process, check out our short video below:

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

5 Key Tips to Ace the Bank of America Situational Judgement Test

  1. Familiarise yourself with Bank of America values: Understand the Bank’s core values and culture, as the situational judgment test often assesses how well you align with the organization’s principles.
  1. Put ethics first: When faced with scenarios, choose responses that show integrity and uphold high moral standards. Prioritize ethical and professional conduct in your decisions.
  1. Highlight your team player skills: When evaluating scenarios, consider how your choices impact teamwork and collaboration.
  1. Time management practice: Practice under timed conditions to improve your ability to analyze scenarios efficiently and respond quickly.
  1. Analyse potential results: Before deciding, carefully consider each choice’s possible consequences. Choose responses with positive outcomes and minimize any negative effects on stakeholders.

Take a sneak peek into the test with an example our test developers have made to give you an idea of what your Bank of America situational judgement questions may look like.

Bank of America situational judgment test example

Start your Bank of America-style situational judgement test practice and sign-up for GF’s Situational Judgement Test package TODAY to access real questions, live test reports, and progress charts!

Now, we’re onto the main event of the Bank of America interview process, so be sure to continue moving toward success with us in this article!

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Bank of America HireVue Video Interview

What is the Bank of America HireVue video interview?

If you have successfully passed the online tests stage the Bank of America will invite you for an HireVue on-demand video interview, which can range in number based on the role, country, or business line. 

Good to know: The Bank of America interview formats can vary and may include phone calls, in-person meetings, conference calls, and video interviews to assess your suitability.

What does the Bank of America HireVue video interview involve?

Your Bank of America HireVue video interview will consist of around 3-5 questions, with 30 seconds to read and analyze the questions that you are presented with. 

You’ll have a 2-minute window to record your response to each question. Additionally, there might be written response questions with word limits. It’s important to refine both your speaking and writing abilities for this stage.

This interview will be competency-based (CBI) and will be focused on your CV and personal motivations, so prepare examples of situations where you demonstrated key skills of ideal candidates.

 The key skills that the Bank of America is looking for includes: 

  • Teamwork
  • Determination
  • Creativity
  • Initiative
  • Resistance
  • Leadership

It is crucial for us to prepare for competency interviews and understand the key questions that we might be asked. So how do we prepare? Keep reading to find out!

Top 5 Tips to Ace the Bank of America Interviews

  1. Identify the competencies required for the role. A good place to start is by checking the job description to understand the key responsibilities and skills required for the job.
  1. Familiarize yourself with competency-based questions that are commonly used by the Bank of America. You may find examples of these online or using an online interview practice platform.
  1. Practice structuring your answers to common competency-based questions to better prepare for the interview or assessment. A popular structure to use for your answers is the STAR+R method.
  1. Ensure to use scenarios from your experience that show these competencies in your answers. Use your own experiences from your past jobs or studies. Consider multiple examples for each question.
  1. Pay attention to your body language: Maintain good eye contact by looking directly at the camera. Sit up straight, maintain a confident posture, and use subtle hand gestures appropriately.

Check out our top five body language tips that can bolster your chances of interview success.

Top 5 Job Interview Body Language Tips #shorts 

Now that you know more about Bank of America’s video interview round, let’s explore some commonly used Bank of America interview questions with example answers!

Bank Of America Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us how you keep up with changes in technology, the market, or your field. What is something new that you recently learned?

Tip to Answer: To best respond to this question, use the STAR+R (Situation, Task, Action, Result, and Reflection) approach. Think of an example that demonstrates flexibility/ adaptability, creativity, and a growth mindset. 

Good Answer:

  • Situation: In my role as a marketing analyst, staying on top of technological advancements and market trends is crucial to my success.
  • Task: I recognize the importance of continuous learning and dedicate time to staying updated in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Action: Recently, I attended a virtual marketing conference that explored the growing impact of AI in personalized marketing strategies. During this conference, I actively engaged in interactive sessions, gathered insights from industry thought leaders, and actively participated in discussions about leveraging AI to enhance customer experiences.
  • Result: The insights I gathered from the conference were utilized to strategically enhance our marketing approach, and my efforts led to a 15% increase in customer engagement within the first quarter.
  • Reflection: Looking back, this experience reminded me how important it is to keep learning actively. It strengthened my dedication to embracing new technologies and using them smartly to bring innovation and success to my work.
Describe a time when you had to adapt to a sudden change in priorities or procedures in a previous role. How did you handle this and what was the outcome?

Tip to Answer: When asked about handling sudden changes, highlight your ability to adapt and solve problems. Share a real example of how your flexibility resulted in a positive outcome. 

Good Answer

  • Situation: In my previous role as a project coordinator at XYZ Company, we were on track to finalize a major client presentation when a sudden change in client requirements necessitated a complete overhaul of our approach.
  • Task: My task was to quickly realign our team’s efforts to meet the new client demands while ensuring the presentation’s quality and deadline were upheld.
  • Action: After analyzing the seriousness of the situation, I quickly organized a team meeting to explain the changes and get everyone’s thoughts. I created a plan that involved everyone’s skills and ideas, which helped us come up with creative solutions. I carefully assigned tasks, considering each person’s strengths and worked with the team to ensure the new requirements were met.
  • Result: Through efficient collaboration, we successfully transformed our presentation to align with the new requirements. The client not only appreciated our flexibility but also praised the revised approach for being more tailored to their needs.
  • Reflection: This situation taught me how being adaptable and working together as a team is crucial when unexpected problems come up. It showed me that clear communication and solving problems as a group is key to getting good results, even when things don’t go as planned.

Prepare for your interview questions commonly used by Bank of America with our 60 unique video interview sets used across top industries including banking with our Practice Video Interviewing Platform.

Bank of America video interview free graduate questions

Now, let’s move onto the last key step of your recruitment process: the Bank of America assessment center.

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Bank of America Assessment Center

What happens in a Bank of America assessment center?

If you have successfully passed the first interview stage, you will receive an invitation to the Bank of America assessment center based on the role you have applied for. You will be asked to take part in a few assessment exercises, that are very likely to include:

  1. Bank of America group exercise
  2. Bank of America presentation
  3. Bank of America role play exercise

Now that we know more about the Bank of America assessment center, let’s jump right in with your assessment exercises in detail!

1. Bank of America Group Exercise

What is the Bank of America group exercise?

The Bank of America group exercise will examine your ability to work as part of a team. Throughout this task, various employees will observe you on how you solve problems as part of a team, when under time pressure.

Top 6 Tips to Excel in the Bank of America Group Exercise

  1. Show Confidence –  Share and defend your ideas with confidence, while remaining open to others’ contributions.
  1. Speak Clearly and Respectfully– Speak clearly and avoid interrupting others during discussions.
  1. Influence Others – Try to persuade your team toward your ideas, but do so in a natural and respectful way.
  1. Ask Relevant Questions –  Ask thought-provoking questions that stimulate discussion and critical thinking.
  1. Include Your Team –  Recognize the importance of every team member and encourage their input and ideas.
  1. Balance Your Approach – Strike a balance between advocating for your ideas and appreciating the contributions of others within the team.

2. Bank of America Presentation

What is the Bank of America Presentation round?

In the Bank of America presentation exercise, you will be provided with a candidate brief that will tell you what is required of you, including any relevant extra information you might need to use. 

You will then be given a strict time limit to review the information and prepare a presentation.

Top 6 Tips to Ace the Bank of America Presentation:

  1. Manage your time: stay within your allocated time, avoiding being too brief. Being concise yet comprehensive shows your ability to communicate key points efficiently.
  1. Pick up the key facts – Familiarize yourself with all relevant information and key facts provided. Be ready to discuss these confidently if questions arise, demonstrating your grasp of the material.
  1. Use positive body language and maintain eye contact. Speak clearly, varying your style, speed, and tone. Practice standing confidently to convey confidence, and donning a warm smile to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  1. Engage your audience: Keep your audience engaged by using anecdotes, examples, or stories to illustrate your points. This helps to make your presentation more relatable and memorable.
  1. Seek for Feedback– At the end of your presentation or during Q&A, proactively ask your assessors or audience if they have any questions or need further clarification. This helps in highlighting your openness to feedback and your willingness to address any uncertainties.
  1. Ask Questions – Don’t hesitate to ask questions for clarification or to prompt discussion. This shows your commitment to ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of your presentation, making it more interactive and informative for your audience.

3. Bank of America Role Play Exercise

What is the Bank of America role play assessment?

In the Bank of America role play task, you will be given around 20 minutes to work in a pair and analyze a set of information. You and your partner will then need to prepare your response. In the second part, your interviewer will play the role of a client and you will be representing Bank of America. In this task, you must display your:

  •  Negotiation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical thinking

Top 5 Tips to Succeed the Bank of America Role Play Exercise

  1. Practice: Rehearse role play exercises with a friend or family member to gain confidence in finding the best strategy to resolve the situation.
  1. Show active listening: Pay close attention to instructions and cues from the assessor or role-play partner, and respond thoughtfully.
  1. Consider different perspectives: Put yourself in the shoes of the other person and consider their needs, wants and motivations to help develop your response.
  1. Adapt to the scenario: Be flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances within the role-play scenario, showcasing your ability to handle dynamic situations effectively.
  1. Build relationships: Show you can understand and connect with the other person’s needs and concerns in the role play, which helps in building trust and rapport.

Ace your next assessment center with our 10 full sets of exercises including role play, presentations, group discussions, and more in our Assessment Centre Prep pack.

And with this, your Bank of America Application comes to a close! Once you’ve impressed in your interview, you will shortly receive an offer from the bank.

But wait, before you go!

Keep reading below to discover the range of career opportunities Bank of America currently offers for freshers and students.

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Bank Of America Early Career Programs

What are the Bank of America early career opportunities?

Bank of America is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of emerging talent through its robust Early Career Programs

Here are the key opportunity areas you can apply for at Bank of America:

Finance and AccountingTechnology InnovationCustomer Service and Operations
Business and StrategyWealth Management InvestmentRisk Management and Compliance
Human Resources and Talent DevelopmentMarketing and CommunicationsLegal and Regulatory Affairs

Bank of America offers the following opportunities for candidates interested in kick-starting their careers with the organization:

Here are some of the locations outside the United States where Bank of America offers its Early Career Programs:

  • Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa: London, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Johannesburg
  • Latin America: Mexico City, São Paulo, Santiago

Bank of America Internship Program

What is the Bank of America summer internship program?

Bank of America’s summer internships usually span 10 weeks. They’re a stepping stone for recruitment into full-time programs, offering real insights into potential roles. Interns benefit from structured assessments, training, and networking, improving skills along the way. 

Moreover, Bank of America also provides fixed-term placements such as off-cycle internships or industrial placements/attachments that take place at varied times throughout the year and can vary in length depending on needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Bank of America Internships

  • Education: You will need a GCSE-level qualification. A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required.
  • Application Deadline: The deadline is usually by March, and the program commences in June.

Did you know: That Bank of America welcomes applications from candidates outside the role’s city or country? The priority is to identify the best candidate, and if you’re open to relocating, you are encouraged to apply even if you’re not currently based in the role’s location.

Bank of America Insight Program (Pre-Placement)

What is the Bank of America insight program?

For students in the early stages of their university journey, Bank of America offers insight programs. These provide a concise and well-rounded experience across our businesses. 

These opportunities aid in skill development and offer a deeper understanding before applying for an internship. The school insight programs target students in Years 12 and 13, allowing them to explore the industry and start charting their career path.

Bank of America Apprenticeship

What are the Bank of America apprenticeship programs?

You’ll learn from experienced colleagues, gain valuable skills, and contribute to exciting projects. Connect learning to work at Bank of America as you progress through your degree program.

Apprentice in Global Markets, collaborate with experienced colleagues on strategic initiatives. Suggest and implement improvements for growth projects.

Successful apprentices will continuously assist in preparing business cases and presentations. Build advisory relationships and communicate insights to decision-makers.

Eligibility Criteria for Bank of America Apprenticeship

  • Education: You will need a GCSE-level qualification. A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required.
  • Application Deadline: The application deadline for the Bank of America Apprenticeship program varies depending on the specific apprenticeship you are applying for.

Good to know: In the UK, for those opting to enter the workforce directly instead of pursuing university, Bank of America offers Degree Apprenticeship programs.

Check out more answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below about the Bank of America recruitment process! 

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Bank of America Assessment FAQs

Can I apply for multiple positions simultaneously?

Yes, you can apply for multiple positions, but make sure to tailor your application and focus on roles that align with your skills and interests.

How can I stay updated on Bank of America's job openings and recruitment updates?

Regularly check the Bank of America careers website and consider subscribing to their job alerts for the latest opportunities.

How can I stay updated on Bank of America's job openings and recruitment updates?

Regularly check the Bank of America careers website and consider subscribing to their job alerts for the latest opportunities.

Can I reapply for a position if I was not selected in a previous application cycle?

Yes, you can reapply for positions in subsequent application cycles. Consider refining your application based on feedback and further enhancing your qualifications.

What happens if I encounter technical issues during the online application or assessment process?

Bank of America’s careers website typically provides contact information for technical support. Reach out to their support team for assistance.

How does Bank of America support diversity and inclusion in its recruitment process?

Bank of America is committed to diversity and inclusion. Their recruitment process aims to attract candidates from various backgrounds and perspectives.

What is Bank of America's Glider Assessment for coding skills, and how can I prepare for it?

Bank of America’s Glider AI Assessment is a coding evaluation that utilizes intelligent algorithms to assess your coding proficiency. To prepare:

  • Review coding concepts
  • Practice with coding exercises
  • Focus on clear and well-structured solutions.

Can I use any specific resources or materials to prepare for Bank of America's assessment tests?

While specific resources may vary, you can prepare with GF’s Premium practice platform with A-Z prep for Top Employers. 150+ Full Assessments and Tools in One Bundle.

Practice and Register with GF to get your job with Bank of America first time

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test: C

Verbal Reasoning Test: B

Inductive Reasoning Test: C