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Are you considering working at Citi? This is the perfect guide to help you ace each part of the Citi application process, tests, and interviews to land a job at Citi anywhere in the world, including the US and UK.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessments tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the Citi recruitment and assessment process. 

Not sure if you should practice for your Citi aptitude tests? A recent study found that candidates who do not practice assessments tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric tests (54% – 84%). It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired .

Bradley et al (2019)

How to prepare for Citi tests and get the job?

  1. Complete your Citi Online Application
  • Fill in the application page online and attach your CV and cover letter.
  • Tailor your application to align with Citi values.
  • Submit the application as early as possible.
  1. Practice for the Citi Online Tests

Citi uses various aptitude tests for recruitment. Depending on the position, these may include:

It is very important to practice for these tests and apply the tips provided in this guide as a lot of applicants fail to pass this stage in the Citi screening.

  1. Record Mock Video Interviews of Yourself

Prepare for the Citi video interview by practicing common banking interview questions you are very likely to encounter. 

Feel free to practice with our video interview platform, which has standard competency and industry questions and replicates the same experience as platforms like HireVue, Pymetrics and Sonru. Record your answers and watch them to improve your interview technique, timekeeping, and vocabulary.

  1. Prepare for the Citi Assessment Centre Exercises

The Citi Assessment Centre is the last stage of the Citi screening for recruitment. This stage is used to pick the most suitable candidate for the role. The activities in the assessment centre include:

Research Citi beforehand and practice relevant assessments to boost your confidence.

  1. Ace the Citi Final Interview

Prepare for your Citi final interview with a senior manager and a member of the recruitment team. Demonstrate your keen interest in the role at this final stage, and be free to share some information to allow the team to get to know you better.

Keep reading to find answers to the following critical questions:

  1. How do I apply to work at Citi?
  2. What is involved in the Citi test?
  3. How do I pass Citi online tests?
  4. What Citi programs are open for students and graduates?

Wish to quickly practice aptitude tests relevant to Citi? Simply click on the assessment of your choice in the table below and start practicing right away!

Relevant Assessments to CitiPractice Now
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical Reasoning Start Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

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These are the steps to landing a job at Citi. Now let’s get into the full details to discover crucial secrets about the process.

In this guide, we will uncover…


  1. Who are Citi?
  2. Citi Online Application
  3. Citi Tests
  4. Citi Interview
  5. Citi Assessment Centre
  6. Citi Final Round Interview

Good to know bonuses:

  1. Citi Student and Graduate Programs
  2. Citi Recruitment FAQs

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Who are Citi?

Citigroup Inc. or Citi is an American-owned multinational investment banking and financial services corporation. Citigroup boasts over 200 million customer accounts and operates in more than 160 countries, employing around 230,000 employees worldwide. 

Citi serves 90% of all Fortune 500 companies and is arguably the biggest card issuer globally. In order to boast this achievement, Citi recruits employees across a variety of areas, including: 

  • Finance
  • Markets and securities services
  • Technology
  • HR
  • Compliance, Risk, Audit, and Legal
  • Operations

Knowing Citi’s core work values can boost your chances of success when applying for roles in these sectors. Let’s take a look at the work values of Citigroup.

Citi Values

What are Citi’s core values?

As a business organisation, Citi is very committed to its work values and is always on the lookout for like-minded people to join their team. These values include:

  1. Financial services that enable growth and economic progress: This is one key objective for Citi’s customers. Citi also values this for its employees, promising professional and personal growth in their careers as Citi employees.
  1. Responsible Finance: Citigroup makes financial decisions that are insightful, thoughtful, and appropriate for each of its clients’ finances. Decisions are based on a thorough understanding of a client’s needs and aspirations.
  1. Core Businesses: Citi is passionate about banking, its core service. The company aims to better the lives of its customers by delivering excellent results for them, from their first savings account to their homes.
  1. Ethics: As a business, Citi vows to always do the right thing. The company makes decisions in its client’s best interest, creates economic value, and holds itself to the highest standards.
  1. Citizenship: Citi prides itself on being a global family of dedicated people across the globe, understanding that its success is tied to the success of the communities it operates in. 

Good to know: Understanding Citibank’s work culture and values is important as you aspire to work at Citi. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of these values when applying to work with Citi or during your Citi test and interview.

Now let’s check out the steps you’ll take when applying to work at Citi.

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Citi Online Application

How do you apply to work at Citi?

Your Citi job application is the first step in your journey to work at Citi. You will need to create a profile on the job portal on Citi’s official website. Then you can proceed to the ‘Search & Apply’ column to apply for any vacant position available.

You will be required to provide the following on the application page:

  • CV and cover letter
  • Contact information
  • Educational qualifications
  • Relevant work experience

Good to know: You can save Citi job openings of interest on your account if you wish to apply for them. 

Citi online job application page
Citi Online Application
Source: Citigroup Careers

4 Tips to Pass the Citi Online Application

  1. Read the job requirements and ensure that you meet all of them before you proceed to apply. Ensure to apply before the application deadline.
  1. Provide the right details and documents when applying online. Ensure that the information you provide is up-to-date, including your CV/resume and cover letter. 
  1. Write a good cover letter. Make sure your cover letter highlights your core competencies relevant to the role and your keen interest in the job. Tailor the cover letter to Citi’s work values.
  1. Double-check all the details you have provided and check for spelling and grammatical errors before submission.

Check out this short clip for more insight on how to prepare and ace your Citibank job application.

How to prepare for and ace your job application form

The recruitment team will contact you if you are selected from your application form to tell you the next steps for your recruitment, which will likely include aptitude tests or interviews.

 Here’s what you need to know about these Citi assessments.

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Citi Tests

What are Citibank assessment tests?

The Citibank aptitude tests come next if your online application is successful. Note that the Citi aptitude test may vary depending on the job role and are often provided by Korn Ferry Talent Q

Citi mainly uses two tests for its recruitment process, which include:

  1. Citi Numerical reasoning test
  2. Citi Logical reasoning test

Did you know? You may be required to take a coding test run by Codility. During this assessment, you will be required to solve different coding problems in your preferred programming language.

These tests are done online, and you are allowed to choose a time to take the tests. Let’s take a closer look at these tests, and learn tips to prepare and pass them.

1. Citi Numerical Reasoning Test

What is the Citi numerical reasoning test?

The Citi numerical reasoning test is aimed at assessing your ability to read, interpret, and apply data from tables, graphs, and charts to answer a question. You will be scored based on the speed and efficiency with which you provide your answers.

You will have a one-minute time limit for each question. The answer options are mostly multiple choice, and the number of options you select will affect your score.

Practice free numerical reasoning test questions with GF and get a headstart today ahead of your Citi application or have a go at this Citi-style numerical reasoning test question we’ve developed below!

Citi-Style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Citi-style numerical reasoning test question

Check if you got the answer right at the bottom of the page!

5 Tips to Pass the Citi Numerical Reasoning Test

  1. Refresh your basic knowledge of percentages, ratios, fractions, and other arithmetic operations ahead of the Citi online test.
  1. Practice numerical assessments to improve your numerical reasoning skills and your ability to quickly solve numerical calculations.
  1. Carefully examine the question and make sure you understand the graph, table, chart, or any other data before you attempt the question.
  1. Use a notepad to note down key details of the question or to make rough calculations.
  1. Budget enough time for each question, and move on to the next one if you get stuck.

For more helpful tips on how to pass Citi numerical test, watch this short video below:

5 Tips and tricks to ace numerical reasoning tests

If you want more Citi-style numerical reasoning questions with answers, worked solutions, and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance, we at GF have you covered.

The other assessment you may take is the Citi logical reasoning test. Let’s check it out.

2. Citi Logical Reasoning Test

What is the Citi logical reasoning test?

The Citi logical reasoning test assesses your ability to solve problems. It requires you to identify patterns and draw conclusions in a short period of time. You will be required to fill in a gap or predict which would come next in the sequence using multiple choice questions.

Practice now for your Citi logical reasoning test with our free logical reasoning questions or test your logical skills with this Citi-style logical reasoning test question below.

Citi-Style Logical Reasoning Test Example

Citi logical reasoning test question

Got the answer? Check the bottom of the page to be sure!

5 Tips to Pass the Citi Logical Reasoning Test

  1. Practice solving puzzles. Try to practice solving puzzles ahead of your application to improve your skills and boost your confidence. You can also practice brain teasers, as they help sharpen problem-solving skills.
  1. Stay in a quiet environment. A quiet environment will help your concentration and calm, and this is important when attempting logical reasoning tests.
  1. Remember the key rules and patterns. Look out for changes to shapes, patterns, directions, and colours during the assessment.
  1. Eliminate incorrect options first. Start by eliminating the obviously wrong answers to narrow your options to the correct answer. This will help save time.
  1. Take a logical guess. If you get stuck answering a question, take a logical guess and move on to the next question.

Practice more Citi-style logical reasoning tests with answers, worked solutions, and professional score reports with GF and make progress in your Citi test preparation today!

Make sure to practice ahead of your Citi logical reasoning test. This short video explains why this is very crucial.

Why You Should Practice Logical Reasoning Tests

Good to know: For some roles, you may be required to take the Citi Plum test. The plum test is an AI-based test that evaluates your personality, problem-solving abilities, and social intelligence.

If you pass the tests, you will be invited to the Citi interview rounds. Let’s check out what this involves!

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Citi Interviews

What are the Citi interviews?

The Citi interviews are the next phase if you pass the aptitude test. The number and type of interviews will depend on the role you have applied for, but they will likely include a video interview with the recruitment team.

What is the Citi interview process?

There are three rounds in the Citi interview process:

  1. Citi Pre-screen Interview: You will be interviewed by a recruiter and informed about the next steps in the Citi hiring process.
  1. Citi Hiring Manager and Team Interview: A more in-depth competency and strength-based interview session with the hiring manager and team members, carried out at a Citi office or virtually. 
  1. Citi Final Interview: This is the final round of the interviews after the assessment centre. We will cover this in more detail below.

Discover more about commonly used interview questions in our complete guide here.

8 Tips to Pass a Citi Interview

  1. Dress professionally. It is advisable to put on neutral-coloured clothes that are professional. Make sure the outfit is appropriate for the role you are applying for.
  1. Test your technology. Make sure your internet connection, your camera, and microphone are working to avoid technical problems ahead of the Citi interview.
  1. Keep your documents nearby. Have your resume and other important documents you used in your application nearby during the video interview to refer back to. 
  1. Demonstrate confidence. Do this by speaking in a clear, calm manner and maintaining a relaxed eye contact with the webcam or interviewer.
  1. Speak clearly. Structure your answers to provide a clear and understandable flow without sounding too robotic.
  1. Align your responses with Citi values. Research Citi’s values and competencies beforehand so that you can tailor your responses to them. This will demonstrate your suitability for the role.
  1. Pay attention. Listen to your interviewer in order to make relevant and insightful comments. If you are unsure about a remark or a question, feel free to ask your interviewer for clarification.
  1. Watch your body language. Try to smile, nod, and keep a neutral or cheerful facial expression throughout the interview. This will make a good impression on your interviewer.

This under-one-minute video reveals three common mistakes you must avoid in your Citi video interview.

3 Video Interview Mistakes Everyone Makes

Example Citigroup Interview Questions and Answers


Tip to answer: It is important to demonstrate your understanding of Citi, its values, products, and services, and how they align with your career aspirations when answering this question.

Good Answer:

I admire Citi’s core business operations, its global reputation, and its values and work culture. I am impressed by its focus on financial services that enable growth and economic progress for both its customers and employees.

I also appreciate the diversity of its global family of employees. As someone who aspires to be an expert in finance, I am sure that Citi is the right place for me, as the company holds itself to the highest standards.


Tip to answer: Try to structure your response in a way that highlights key elements of your teamwork and leadership experience when answering this question. Consider using the STAR+R model to structure your answer.

Good Answer:

  • Situation: In my previous role as a marketing coordinator, I was assigned to work with a team to organise an urgent major product launch event. The event was crucial for the company and the timeframe was tight.
  • Task: My role in the team was to spearhead the event logistics and planning. This involved scheduling, budgeting, and managing every logistical aspect including the procurement of resources.
  • Action: I formed a cross-functional team that included members from design, IT, and sales. We drafted the scope, goals, and timelines of the project. I also had to assess potential vendors for the logistics and negotiated contracts for their services.
  • Result: The product launch turned out to be a success. We achieved our goals for attendance and engagement of the product. This drove interest in the product and boosted sales by 27%.
  • Reflection: This project made me appreciate the importance of teamwork, planning, and leadership when handling complex tasks. Since then I have strived to improve my management, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Tip to answer: Be authentic and honest in your response, and focus on specific aspects to the field that resonates with you. Avoid generic and cliche answers and use concrete examples to demonstrate your passion. 

 Good answer:

I have always had a keen interest in managing money. As a kid, I used to join my mother in calculating her monthly sales for her small grocery shop. I grew up to understand how crucial finance management is to economic growth and stability. Now, I am drawn to the dynamic nature of financial markets and I am passionate about creating value and mitigating risks.

Practice more common competency and strength-based questions used by Citi with our 60 unique video interview sets used across top industries on our Practice Video Interview Platform.

Citi video interview practice questions

If your interview is successful, you will be given a job offer. In some cases, you will be invited to participate in the Citi assessment centre. Here’s what you need to know.

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Citi Assessment Centre

What is the Citi assessment centre?

The Citi assessment centre is held at a Citi office location. It is a session that allows you to interact with your employer and other job applicants for different assessments. The employers will look to evaluate your problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills.

A range of activities are carried out at the Citi assessment centre, including:

  1. Citi Individual exercise
  2. Citi Group discussion
  3. Citi Group presentation

Let’s take a closer look at each of these activities.

1. Citi Individual exercise

What is the Citigroup individual exercise?

For the Citi individual exercise, you will be assigned tasks like case studies, written assessments, or role-play scenarios that will evaluate your communication and problem-solving skills.

5 Top Tips to Pass the Citi Individual Exercise

  1. Practice. Practice similar exercises with friends or family before you attend the assessment centre and gain feedback to help improve your skills and confidence.
  1. Understand the objective of the task. Carefully read the instructions provided in the candidate brief to understand what is required of you.
  1. Manage your time. Work within the time provided for the exercise by budgeting enough time to execute each task and review at the end.
  1. Demonstrate communication. Try to explain your work clearly if you are asked. Write or speak clearly to ensure your points stand out.
  1. Consider Citi’s values when making decisions in this phase. Think about the decision that is in line with Citi’s values and competencies.

Get ahead in your assessment exercise preparation with GF, and discover how top employers like Citi assess candidates through various individual exercises, and gain professional tips to improve your performance. 

2. Citi Group discussion

What is the Citi group discussion?

During the Citi group discussion, you will be grouped with other candidates and asked to complete a task together. This exercise seeks to assess teamwork, leadership, communication, and other essential skills.

5 Top Tips to Pass the Citi Group Exercise

  1. Understand the objective. Ensure that you and your team members understand the objective of the task. Feel free to ask for clarification if necessary.
  1. Collaborate and show support. Be involved in the task and cooperate with your team members to accomplish it.
  1. Build on your team members’ ideas. Ask relevant questions with your team or the recruiter to engage thoughts. This may offer helpful information for your task.
  1. Be respectful. Maintain a dignified and professional approach during the session. Avoid fights with your team, and always focus on finding common ground.
  1. Show your leadership skills. If the opportunity comes, lead your team by assigning responsibilities, initiating helpful discussions, and managing time.

Here’s a short video that gives even more important tips to help you during a Citi group exercise.

Assessment Center Group Exercises

Use the GF Assessment Centre Pack today and access full examples of assessor marking guides and top professional guidance with real assessment experience.

3. Citi Group presentation

What is the Citi group presentation?

For the Citi group presentation, your team will be assigned a particular topic or problem to present to the recruiters, and each member is expected to participate. The recruiters will evaluate the accuracy of the presentation and your team’s communication skills.

5 Top Tips to Pass the Citi Group Presentation

  1. Cooperate. Work with your teammates to strategize for the presentation. Delegate tasks and ensure that everyone is clear on what is required.
  1. Develop a clear draft. Make your presentation well-structured by including a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  1. Create a strong opening and conclusion. Create the strongest possible opening and conclusion. This can leave a lasting impression on the assessors.
  1. Make it engaging. Try to make eye contact and hand gestures, and ask the assessors or audience questions during your presentation.
  1. Manage your time. Be sure not to lose track of time as you present. Make sure your team members also work within the allotted time.

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Citi Final Round Interview

What is the Citi Final Interview?

The last round of the Citigroup interview process usually takes place after the assessment centre. A manager and a team member will ask further motivational questions to get to know you better.

Your final interview with Citi is also your opportunity to discover more about the company, culture and the team you are likely to be working with. However, asking interesting questions in the interview is about so much more than this.

How to prepare for the Citi Final Interview?

For your final Citi interview, come equipped with thought-provoking questions for your manager and team members. Stand out from the competition and demonstrate your genuine motivation and enthusiasm to work for the company.

Want to know some questions to ask in your Citi interview? Then don’t miss our short video packed full of example questions to ask your interviewer!

5 Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview #shorts

During this interview stage, your Citi recruiters may provide you with an offer and will tell you what to expect in your new role and the onboarding process. If you’ve followed our expert tips and received an offer at this stage, congratulations!

But wait, before you ace your Citi assessments…

Are you a student looking to start your career at Citi? Here are various programs available at Citi for both students and graduates.

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Citi Student and Graduate Programs

What are the Citi Student and Graduate Programs?

There are a range of programs open to students and graduates at Citi. These include:

  1. Citi Apprenticeship Programmes
  2. Citi Pre-internship Programmes
  3. Citi Internship Programmes
  4. Citi Graduate Programmes

1. Citi Apprenticeship Programmes

What are the Citi apprenticeship programs?

The Citi apprenticeship programs vary in length and structure depending on the region and training modules followed. The apprenticeship programs offer an opportunity for candidates to ‘earn while they learn’ and are designed to offer aspirants an alternative route into a career in financial services.

Good to know: Only students who have not yet graduated from the university are eligible for this program. You will be given the necessary education, exposure, experience, and mentorship, and if successful, you will be considered for permanent roles at the end of the program.

This program is open to students residing in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East seeking a career in financial services. Applications vary according to region and vacancy.

2. Citi Pre-internship Programmes

What are the Citi pre-internship programs?

Citi’s pre-internship programs are for students just starting out their undergraduate or Master’s education. These programs are short-term and may take place during spring breaks or other periods throughout the year. They provide education, exposure, experience, and mentorship for the candidates to help them in their careers.

The availability of this program varies according to need across different Citi offices across the globe. It is mainly for analysts and usually open during spring breaks or various other times throughout the year.

3. Citi Internship Programmes

What are the Citi internship opportunities?

Citi provides students and graduates with many internship opportunities to kickstart their career in finance. Here are just some of the many programs available at Citi:


What is the Citi Summer Analyst program?

The Citi Summer Analyst program is a short-term paid Citibank internship program aimed at penultimate-year undergraduate or Master’s degree students. The program generally runs for 10-12 weeks over the summer. Candidates will be exposed to training, social events, and professional experience and successful participants will be offered full-time roles, starting after graduation.

This program is usually open at the start of the summer for students residing in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America. It cuts across various departments like finance, technology, and operations.


What is the Citi Summer Associate program?

The Citi Summer Associate program is another short-term paid internship for penultimate-year Master, MBA, JD or PhD students. The program runs for 10-12 weeks over the summer, or in a different season in some countries. It offers training, professional experience, and social events to the participants, and successful participants will be offered full-time roles after graduation.

This program covers various departments like commercial banking, finance, and technology. The openings vary according to region, and application is usually open from March to June.


What is the Citi Placement Analyst program?

The Citi Placement Analyst program is a long-term internship spanning between 6-12 months for undergraduate and graduate students. The duration depends on the participant’s university curriculum and accreditation requirements and may vary by location. It offers training, social events, and professional experience.

Application for this program depends on the candidate’s university curriculum and region. It is available in Citi offices around Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America.


What is the Citi Placement Associate program?

The Citi Placement Associate program is a long-term internship lasting between 6-12 months for Masters, MBA, JD, and PhD students. It offers training and work experience, and placement opportunities and length are dictated by university course and accreditation requirements and location.

Application varies according to the candidate’s university curriculum and region. The program is available in Citi offices across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America.


What is the Citi long-term internship program?

Citi offers a unique long-term internship program with a duration of 6-24 months. The scope of work in this program is similar to other internship programs, offering training and professional experience to the participants. It is open only to undergraduate and Master students aspiring to be analysts, and some MBA/PhD students where applicable.

Application periods vary by location, and students residing in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America are eligible to apply. It covers various departments like finance, technology, and markets.

4. Citi Graduate Programmes

What are the Citi graduate programs?

Citi also provides several graduate opportunities for undergraduates and masters students. Here are the two most popular graduate programs:


What is the Citi Full-Time Analyst program?

The Citi Full-Time Analyst program is for undergraduate or Master’s students in their final year of study. It offers in-depth training, mentorship opportunities, and interaction with clients and senior management staff to help the participants launch their careers as analysts.

Application period is on a rolling basis across various Citi offices around the world. Possible departments include finance, markets, operations, technology, commercial banking etc.


What is the Citi Full-Time Associate program?

The Citi Full-Time Associate program is designed for candidates in the final year of their Masters, MBA, JD, or PhD programs. It seeks candidates with a broad range of skills and talents to complement outstanding associates. It is a great launch pad for a successful career at Citigroup.

Application varies according to need across Citi offices around the world. Finance, commercial banking, and operations are the key departments for this program.

These are just some of the careers available at Citi for students. 

Keep reading to discover even more answers to popular questions other candidates are asking about the Citi recruitment process.

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Citi Recruitment FAQs

What is Citi work life balance like?

Citi has a work-life balance rating of 3.5 by most review platforms. The company, however, offers its employees a range of health insurances and allowances.

How long does Citi take to respond after interview?

Citi’s response time is usually short, depending on the opening. Expect feedback no longer than a month after your interview.

What skills does Citi look for?

Citi seeks candidates with strong analytical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. The company also desires people with relevant technical skills in finance, risk management, etc.

How much do Citi interns get paid?

The average Citi intern’s hourly pay in the United States is around $23.60, which is 34% higher than the national average.

How long does Citi interview take?

This may vary according to the opening, but a Citi interview generally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test: C

Logical Reasoning Test: C