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What are Talegent gamified assessments and aptitude tests? How can you pass Talegent game assessments and tests? Find out in this complete guide.

In this text, learn about Talegent games and assessments used by top employers. Get insights on how the games and video interviews work to prepare effectively for the tests.

We at GF provide professional assessment games practice. You can practise game assessments, tests and video interviews similar to those from Talegent to prepare for your job assessment with us.

Not sure if you should practice preparing for game-based assessments? Many large employers are leveraging game assessments in recruitment (Institute of Student Employers, 2018) which is partly due to game-based assessments motivating individuals on an unbiased scale (Guhl & Cordeiro, 2017).

  1. Prepare for Talegent Assessments

Understand Talegent assessments by reading this text. Ensuring you do this will help to be aware of:

  • Learn what Talegent assessment and games measure
  • what you need to do, and how much time each game will take
  • Ensure you use the recommended browser and hardware (e.g. Laptop or Mobile) for Talegent game assessments. These games will track your behaviour and time.
  • Practice games we developed that are similar to those created by Talegent today.
  • Refine your understanding and technique for Talegent game assessments by: 
  • Finding a good time to complete the assessment
  • Research the key values that the Talegent games are being used to assess.
  • Read the instructions carefully before you start, and make sure you stay focused throughout the tests.
  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

Prepare for the Talegent video interview by running a mock interview and answering typical interview questions. For interview practice, use the following:

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  1. What are Talegent game assessments?
  2. What companies use Talegent assessments and why?
  3. What games does Talegent offer and what do they measure?
  4. How to pass Talegent tests?
  5. What is a Talegent video interview?
  6. How to practice and prepare for Talegent video interviews?

The practice games and various assessment tests on our platform emulate the experience of taking Talegent assessments.

Practice Assessments Similar to TalegentPractice Now
Game AssessmentsStart Practicing
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Verbal ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Situational JudgementStart Practicing
Personality AssessmentStart Practicing
Video InterviewStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


  1. Who is Talegent?
  2. Which Employers Use Talegent Game Assessments?
  3. What are Talegent Gamified Assessments? 
  4. What are the other assessments developed by Talegent?
  5. How to Pass Talegent Assessments?
  6. What is a Talegent Video Interview?
  7. Talegent Games & Assessments FAQs

Who is Talegent?

  • Talegent is a company that specialises in providing game assessments and testing solutions used by employers in their recruitment process.
  • Talegent offers various assessment tools that evaluate candidates’ skills, cognitive abilities, and personality traits to determine their suitability for specific roles.
  • Talegent assists employers in identifying the right candidates for their teams and ensuring a good fit based on data-driven insights.
  • Talegent assessments aim to improve the quality of hiring decisions through objective evaluations of candidates’ abilities and traits to identify those with the highest potential.
  • Talegent assessments and recruitment solutions are built on three principles; creative solution, candidate-focused, and agile delivery.
Talegent recruitment solutions
Talegent Recruitment Solutions
Source: YouTube

Gamified assessments and aptitude tests from Talegent are used by many large organisations worldwide to select and hire candidates. Read on to find out which major employers use Talegent to hire.

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Which Employers Use Talegent Game Assessments?

Talegent Game Assessments and aptitude tests are used by many employers worldwide in their recruitment process. Below is a list of employers that use Talegent.

Talegent Games tip: If your potential employer is on the list, read the rest of our article carefully to help you prepare for your upcoming Talegent gamified assessments.

Grant ThorntonGrain Corp
Air New ZealandUnion Bank
AXAExpedia Group

These employers use Talegent game assessments, aptitude tests and their various recruitment solutions to find the best fit for a role in their organisation.

To access detailed employer guides for over 100 of the world’s major companies, visit our step-by-step employer guides offering insights to help you prepare and stand out from your competitors.

Why are so many employers now using gamified assessments in their recruitment process? This is a common question surrounding recruitment today. Let’s move on to find out the benefits of Talegent gamified assessments.

Why do Employers use Talegent Gamified Assessments to hire?

Talegent gamified assessments, as well as its other recruitment solutions, help streamline the hiring process while also providing other handy benefits for employers. Below are the top reasons why employers use Talegent:

  1. Engaging and Exciting: Talegent gamified assessments allow employers to properly assess your quality and cognitive abilities while driving high completion rates with an engaging experience.
  1. Low Drop-out Rate: Talegent boasts of a 1% drop-out rate from its gamified assessment compared to the 14% drop-out rate from traditional assessment.
  1. Measure actual ability and Job Performance: Talegent Gamified Assessment makes it easier for employers to gauge your abilities and skills without any preset or underlying bias.
  1. Accessibility: Talegent Gamified Assessments are optimized for better accessibility. This means that they can be deployed easily anywhere around the world and taken on various devices.
  1. Enhances Employer’s Brand: Talegent offers customisable options for its gamified assessments that make it possible for employers to communicate their unique brand and culture.
  1. Gather Dynamic Feedback: Talegent games are built to collate and analyze large volumes of data from your gameplay and solutions. The data is then translated into simplified understandable feedback for employers.

Did you know? Over 10% of employers use gamified assessments for hiring due to their advantages over traditional assessments and the positive impact game developers like Talegent have on both employers and candidates.

Are you an employer interested in gamified assessments for your hiring process? Discover the benefits companies like yours enjoy using our pre-employment gamified assessments platform: Assess Candidates.

Assess Candidates gamified assessments
Source: Assess Candidates

The Talegent game-based tests don’t just benefit the employer, but candidates such as yourself too! Let’s find out the key benefits for you below.

What are the benefits of Talegent games for candidates?

Just as Talegent gamified assessments are beneficial to employers, they are also beneficial to you as a candidate. Below are some ways in which Talegent gamified assessments benefit candidates:

  1. Accessibility: Talegent gamified assessments are accessible from anywhere in the world and available on various devices.
  1. Highly Engaging: Gamified assessments have been proven to be more engaging and interactive than traditional assessments and this is true of Talegent games too.
  1. Reduce Bias: Talegent gamified assessments are designed to evaluate candidates based on their cognitive abilities and skills free from personal preferences and human biases.
  1. Easy to Play: The games are designed with simple gameplay elements making it easy for candidates to play by following the provided instructions.

Keep reading as we cover the gamified assessments offered by Talegent which are used by many top employers including Deloitte, AXA, and Grant Thornton.

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What are Talegent Gamified Assessments?

What is a gamified Talegent Assessment?

Talegent gamified assessments are psychometric assessments with game elements that allow employers to create top-quality digital experiences while measuring your predictive cognitive capabilities. Talegent offers four gamified assessments which are encoded in its professional platform called the

Talegent Gamify Suite.Talegent’s four gamified assessments are;

  1. Talegent Immersify Game
  2. Talegent Logify Game
  3. Talegent Verbify Game
  4. Talegent Numerify Game

Let’s dive into what each of these games entails and tips on how to pass them.

1. Talegent Immersify Game

What is the Talegent Immersify game?

  • The Talegent Immersify game immerses you in a role to evaluate how you would interact, react, and respond in typical situations specific to the role you applied to.
  • This assessment checks how fast you can learn new things by evaluating your ability to learn from experiences and use that knowledge in situations and to solve problems.
  • In the Talegent Immersify game, a dashboard of a virtual workspace where you will be given a particular task that is related to the role you are applying for.

What does the Talegent Immersify game measure?

  • Learning agility
  • Attention to detail
  • Cognitive processing speed

How to Pass Talegent Immersify Game

Key Talegent Immersify Game Tip: Practice your learning agility skills and attention using puzzles. For personality questions, always keep the values and company culture of the employer in mind.

Talegent Immersify game
Talegent Immersify Game
Source: YouTube

2. Talegent Logify Game

What is the Talegent Logify game?

  • The Talegent Logify game evaluates your ability to solve problems with logic. It assesses how well you can learn new information and combine it with prior knowledge to solve a challenge.
  • This game will also provide insights into your capability to work with strategic ideas and abstract concepts for your potential employer
  • In the Talegent Logify game, you will be presented with a puzzle-like board where you are required to connect a flow of line from a start point to a finished point using directional arrow tiles.

What does the Talegent Logify game measure?

  • Logical reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Quick learning

How to Pass Talegent Logify game

Key Talegent Logify Game tip: Prioritize planning your moves before making them. Take a moment to assess the entire layout and consider the best possible path to connect the start point to the finish point.

Talegent Logify game
Talegent Logify Game
Source: YouTube

Practice for Talegent Logify game with our practice logical assessments with insights that help you get better and develop your logical reasoning skills with GF!

Below is an example of a logical practice assessment provided by our expert team.

Logical Reasoning Assessment Example

Talegent logical reasoning assessment example

3. Talegent Verbify Game

What is the Talegent Verbify game?

  • The Talegent verbify game assesses your ability to comprehend and process written information and make informed decisions.
  • This assessment provides your potential employer with an indication of how well you can understand complex written arguments and make accurate decisions based on that information.
  • In the Talegent Verbify game, you will be presented with a range of verbal reasoning questions. These questions could include reading a passage, filling sentence gaps, or picking a word similar to a main word.

What does the Talegent verbify game measure?

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Attention
  • Decision-making

How to Pass Talegent Verbify game

Key Talegent Verbify Game tip: When presented with the questions, carefully read the passages provided. Pay attention to details, main ideas, and any relationships between the ideas and concepts.

Talegent verbify game
Talegent Verbify Game
Source: YouTube

To prepare for the Talegent verbify game, sign up with GF and Get the Essential verbal tests practice including: verbal reasoning tests, spelling and grammar tests, checking tests and more with experts who have developed the same tests for 8,000+ companies.

Talegent Verbal Assessment Example

Talegent verbal reasoning assessment example

4. Talegent Numerify Game

What is the Talegent Numerify game?

  • Talegent numerify game evaluates your ability to analyse numerical data or information and use it to arrive at the best possible decision.
  • This game also helps your potential employer understand how well you can understand and interpret information or data presented in tables, figures, and graphs.
  • In the Talegent numerify game, you will be presented with tables, graphs, and questions that contain numerical data. After analysing the data you will then be required to adjust the graph or move a box with the correct answer into a table.

What does the Talegent numerify game measure? This game measures;

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Attention-to-detail

How to Pass Talegent Numerify game

Key Talegent Numerify Game tip: Ensure that you accurately understand the data presented; small misinterpretations can cause mistakes. Review the information carefully before adjusting graphs or placing answers in tables.

Talegent numerify game
Talegent Numerify Game
Source: YouTube

Improving your numerical reasoning skill is important to pass this game and GF has got you covered. Sign up with us to practice numerical reasoning questions and get a headstart today!

Talegent Numerical Reasoning Assessment Example

Talegent numerical reasoning assessment example

Beyond its gamified assessments, Talegent also has other cognitive, psychometric, and behavioural assessment options that employers can use in their recruitment process. So what are Talegent assessments? Let’s find out in the next section!

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What are the other assessments developed by Talegent?

What is a Talegent Assessment?

The Talegent assessments are a range of assessments that employers can use in their recruitment process to screen, identify and select candidates with the highest potential. Employers can use a single assessment or a combination to objectively evaluate your fit.

Along with the four gamified assessments, Talegent has six other assessments. The six Talegent assessments are:

  1. PATH Cognitive Assessment
  2. Talegent Situational Judgement
  3. PATH Personality Assessment
  4. PATH Values Assessment
  5. PATH Skills Tests
  6. Talegent Psychomotor Ability

Talegent Assessment tip: Keep in mind that the combination of assessments used depends on the role’s required competencies. Conduct some research and thoroughly check the job description to help narrow down the assessments you are likely to take.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what these games entail!

1. Talegent PATH Cognitive Assessment

What is Talegent PATH Cognitive Assessment?

Talegent PATH cognitive assessment assesses how fast you can process information. This cognitive assessment is designed to measure your verbal, numerical, logical, and other reasoning capabilities, and then compare them to specific competencies required by your potential employer.

Talegent’s PATH Cognitive Assessments are:

4 Top Tips to Pass Talegent Cognitive Assessments

  1. Practice Diverse Reasoning Skills: Practice with the various types of reasoning tests. Engage in puzzles, maths problems, and logical exercises to sharpen your skills in each area.
  1. Practice Data Interpretation: For numerical and spatial reasoning, practice interpreting graphs, charts, and diagrams. This skill is crucial for accurate responses. 
  1. Prioritise Accuracy: While speed is important, accuracy should be your primary focus when practicing. Avoid rushing through questions and sacrificing correct answers.
  1. Use The Data Provided: Only use the information provided in the test. Avoid using any external knowledge or information when answering questions.

Ace your Talegent logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning assessments on the first try with our Essential practice range including logical, numerical, verbal, spatial reasoning and much more! 

2. Talegent Situational Judgement

What is Talegent Situational Judgement?

Talegent situational judgement allows employers to assess candidates under virtual job conditions and enhances predictive accuracy in selecting the right candidate. Talegent Situation Judgement immerses candidates into an interactive job simulation that is tailored to evaluate the employers’ company values.

Talegent Situational Judgement tip: Familiarise yourself with your potential employer’s culture and values. Consider how the company would approach the situation and the behaviours they are looking for.

Watch our short video below to discover even more tips to pass your Talegent situational judgement test:

Ace the SJT! | 5 Situational Judgement Test Tips #shorts

3. Talegent PATH Personality Assessment

What is the Talegent PATH Personality Assessment?

Talegent PATH personality assessment assesses work potential using motivations and work style. It examines your thinking, decisions, communication skills, and interaction with others, giving insights to employers about your motivation and the work environment you perform best.

Talegent PATH Personality Assessment is judged against Talegent PATH Competency Framework which contains 23 competencies that are divided into five major competency groups. These competency groups are;

  • Leading – Managing talent, Directing action, Negotiation, Strategic Vision
  • Relating – Interpersonal sensitivity, Teamwork, Customer Focus, Building relationships, Communication
  • Solving – Evaluation, Numerical Analysis, Commercial acumen, Judgement, Ingenuity
  • Doing – Organisation, Implementation, Adherence, Achievement, Learning agility, Sales tenacity
  • Being – Resilience, Flexibility, Self-Insight

Talegent Personality Assessment Tip to Pass: Be authentic and self-reflective. Honest answers will help the results accurately represent your preferences. Answer the questions based on what you feel is right and not what you think the recruiter is looking for.

Wondering how Talegent PATH personality assessments work? Our short video explains concisely the psychology of personality assessments.

The Psychology Behind a Personality Questionnaire #shorts

4. Talegent PATH Values Assessment

What is Talegent PATH Values Assessment?

Talegent PATH values assessment simply weighs your values against the values of the hiring organisation. PATH Values Assessment measures your values and compares them with the values of the employer to find the best fit.

Talegent PATH Values Assessment has two variations; Values Insights and Values Alignment.

  • Values Insights is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s alignment with their values in a traditional assessment framework.
  • Values Alignment is designed for pre-screening to assess alignment with organisational values in an engaging assessment framework enhanced for candidate experience.

Both variations of the Talegent PATH Values Assessment assess candidates against the Talegent Values Assessment Framework. This framework was created by Talegent from analysing over 100 companies and identifying unique values that align with most organisation cultures. These values are;

  • Contribution: Altruism, Collaboration, Social Responsibility
  • Engagement: Learning, Passion, Recognition
  • Equality: Diversify, Integrity, Passion
  • Impact: Ownership, Excellence, Innovation
  • Stability: Balance, Safety, Structure

Talegent Values Assessment Tip to Pass: Research your potential employer’s company values and tailor your answers to them. Study their website, mission, and vision to understand their core values.

5. Talegent PATH Skills Test

What are the Talegent PATH Skills Test?

Talegent PATH skills tests assess hands-on job skills to meet an employer’s specific needs. Talegent skills tests offer tests and data on over 300 hands-on job skills that cut across several industries such as healthcare, finance, legal, IT, etc.

Talegent PATH Skills Tests are configurable by employers and allow them to bundle one or more tests and deploy them anywhere around the world to create a skills test session.

Talegent PATH Skills Tests tip to Pass: Prioritize refining relevant skills that are directly related to the role and focus on practising these skills. Engage in practical tasks that align with the skills being assessed.

6. Talegent Psychomotor Ability Test

What is a Talegent Psychomotor Ability Test?

The Talegent psychomotor ability test is an assessment for roles that require operating transportation vehicles or machinery. This test evaluates the hands-on abilities needed for rail, transportation, manufacturing, and more roles.

Talegent offers a comprehensive psychomotor testing solution to accurately predict performance for these roles. It measures not just psychomotor abilities, but also cognitive competencies that affect psychomotor performance.

Talegent Psychomotor Ability tip: Practice hands-on tasks similar to the assessment to enhance your performance. Use real-world experience during the assessment, recalling successful instances of similar tasks.

The Psychomotor Ability Tests can predict the rate of accidents or near misses a driver could be involved in. Talegent collects data metrics from its psychomotor ability assessment that help contribute to this analysis.

Good to know: Talegent also provides recruiters and employers with a Digital Assessment Centre. In Talegent Digital Assessment Centre (DAC), you will face the various Talegent gamified and psychometric assessments as chosen by the recruiter or employer.

Now that we have covered all the assessments developed by Talegent, how do we prepare and pass these assessments? Read on to find out!

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How to Pass Talegent Assessments?

Below, we highlight key tips that can guide you in your preparation and help you pass your upcoming Talegent assessments.

  1. Research the role and company you are applying to. Read the job description thoroughly and find out any information you can about the company and role. This will give you insights into what to expect in the assessments.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the types of assessments Talegent offers. They may include cognitive ability tests, personality assessments, and more. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare effectively.
  1. Practice with similar assessments. This will help you become more familiar with the question formats and also help you become more comfortable while answering the questions.
  1. Go through your practice results to identify areas or topics you need to brush up on and cover before taking the assessments.
  1. Read the instructions for each assessment carefully. Ensure you understand what each assessment is asking you to do before you begin.
  1. Work on managing your time effectively during the assessments and maintaining focus throughout. Practice techniques like mindfulness to improve your concentration and attention span.
  1. Find the right time and place to complete the assessment. Taking the assessment in a distraction-free place will help you stay calm and focused for the duration of the assessment.

Below is a list of assessments you can practice with GF. Sign up with us and start practicing today!

Talegent AssessmentsPractice with GF Now
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Verbal ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Situational JudgementStart Practicing
Personality AssessmentStart Practicing

We have now covered all you need to know about Talegent gamified and psychometric assessments. However, Talegent has more recruitment solutions, one of which is a video interview. Read on to find out what Talegent Video Interview is all about.

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What is a Talegent Video Interview?

Talegent video interview is a virtual interview that involves answering pre-recorded video or written questions. Talegent video interviews can be bundled with its other assessments making it possible for an employer to get a comprehensive evaluation of every candidate.

Watch our short video below to understand more about video interviews, including those offered by Talegent.

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

How Does the Talegent Video Interview Work?

  1. Question

Talegent has three preset questions for different competencies. While your potential employer is allowed to customise the questions and their format, Talegent interviews typically contain between 2-3 questions with a maximum of 7.

  1. Preparation

Before you start recording, you will be provided with time to prepare your response. The allotted time is decided by your potential employer, however, Talegent recommends between 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the difficulty of the question.

  1. Answer

Talegent recommends giving a duration between 1 to 5 minutes with consideration to the depth of the question. However, this will also be decided by your potential employer and will be noted in the instructions.

Talegent Video Interview tip: Remember to pace yourself throughout the interview, allowing for pauses and avoiding rushing through your responses.

How to Pass the Talegent Video Interview?

  1. Read the job description carefully and make a list of the important keywords. Incorporating these keywords into your answers shows your attentiveness and interest in a role.
  1. Research likely questions that you could be asked and practice answering these questions properly. Practising beforehand enhances your preparedness and enables confident and relevant responses.
  1. Look confidently into the camera while answering. Eye contact and confidence are vital for showing you are professional and right for the role. This signifies professionalism and confidence in your answers.
  1. Start and end your answers properly: Do not close the answer abruptly. Always finish your answers by returning back to the question.
  1. Use the STAR+R model to answer competency-based questions. This structured approach enhances clarity and conciseness in your answers.
  1. Talk smoothly and without interruptions. This is a key way to show that you are confident in your ability and it also highlights your effective communication skills.
  1. Monitor your time so you are not cut off in the middle of a thought or a sentence. Proper time management ensures complete and well-articulated responses.
  1. Maintain positive body language. Even though the interview is conducted online, your body language still plays a role in communication. Maintain a good sitting posture and use proper hand gestures.

For more body language tips for your Talegent video interview, watch our short video below.

Top 5 Job Interview Body Language Tips #shorts

Practice using our video interview preparation tool to record yourself answering the most common recruitment questions, playback your videos, improve answers and learn to manage time.

Talegent video interview practice

And with that, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Talegent assessments and video interviews to have you prepared for your upcoming Talegent assessments.

But wait!

Before you go ahead and ace your Talegent assessments, check out our FAQ section below to find even more answers to frequently asked questions concerning Talegent.

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Talegent Games & Assessments FAQs

What is the Talegent Exam?

Talegent exam or skills tests refers to Talegent assessments which can include any of the following: PATH personality assessment, PATH cognitive ability assessment, PATH values assessment, PATH skills tests or situational judgement.

What is the Talegent Product Suite?

Talegent product suite refers to the catalogue of recruitment solutions and tools that Talegent has developed to help employers hire the best fit for a role while making the hiring process easier and faster.

How does Talegent Work?

Talegent offers various hiring tools and assessments for recruiters and employers. Tools like PATH Personality, PATH Cognitive, and Video Interviews allow for objective evaluation of candidates for job skills, competencies, values, and their fit for the role and company culture.

How does the Talegent Digital Assessment Centre work?

Talegent Digital Assessment Centre uses a combination of Talegent recruitment solutions to evaluate candidates, including gamified assessments, cognitive, personality, and situational judgment tests, to gauge your suitability for roles and organisational fit.

How long is the Talegent Digital Assessment Centre?

Talegent Digital Assessment Centre (DAC) is highly customisable by employers and recruiters to their various satisfactions. How long the Talegent Digital Assessment Centre (DAC) is depends on what the employer or recruiter wants and the number of assessments included.

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