Who are Cubiks

Along with Talent Q, Cubiks is a medium-sized player in the Assessment arena. As with all other Assessment Consultancies, Cubiks deals with a fair deal of psychometric tests and are known for both ability and personality assessments.

Cubiks Assessment Tests

The Cubiks’ In-depth Personality Questionnaire (CIPQ) is probably the most familiar. This tool uses preferred styles of working in conjunction with this measure to provide an in-depth understanding of how an individual is likely to behave.

Along with Talent Q, SHL CEB, IBM Kenexa and Saville Consulting, Cubiks employs many Organisational Psychologists and Psychometricians who develop assessment that are used by thousands of clients worldwide.

Did you know Graduates First was set up and is managed by Organisational Psychologists and Psychometricians, who are previous SHL and Kenexa test developers? Take a Personality assessment and get a FREE personalised report. Or try a FREE Verbal, Numerical or Logical Reasoning Test and receive expert feedback too. Click on the tab at the top-left of this page now.