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Are you applying to BMW 2024 graduate schemes or internships? Are you exploring a professional job opportunity at BMW? This comprehensive guide is for you.

The text below provides a full candidate recruitment, assessment preparation guide and practice for those applying to jobs, internships and graduate programs at BMW globally, including the UK and US.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessment tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process.

Should you practice assessments to prepare for the BMW recruitment process?

A recent study found that candidates who do not practice assessments tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers (Bradley et al., 2019).

It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

  1. Complete your BMW Online Application
  • Fill in your BMW online application
  • Use keywords from the job post in your resume.
  • Match your application and motivational question answers to BMW’s core values and BMW’s corporate strategy.
  • Tailor the information you provide with the role’s competency needs.
  1. Practice for BMW Online Assessment Tests

BMW uses a variety of aptitude assessment tests. These include:

  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

Prepare for your BMW video interview by running mock interviews and answering typical interview questions for the role you are applying for. For BMW interview practice, use the following:

Use the STAR+R method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Prepare for the BMW Assessment Center/Selection Day exercises

BMW uses a competitive set of exercises during the BMW Selection Day assessment centre that typically consists of:

Continue reading to get answers to the following important questions:

  1. How to get a job with BMW?
  2. How to pass the BMW competency tests?
  3. What do I need to know for a BMW interview?
  4. How to pass the BMW phone/video interview?
  5. How to pass the BMW assessment center?
  6. What are active BMW career opportunities?

Looking into assessments with BMW, simply click on the table below to practice assessments relevant to your assessment process!

Relevant Assessments to BMW TestsPractice Now
Situational Judgement TestStart Practicing
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Verbal ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing

If you decide to apply for BMW, Go Premium and practice all the online aptitude tests above to improve your results and get scores above BMW’s threshold.

The BMW application process has several stages which we break down under the following:


  1. Who are BMW?
  2. BMW Online Application
  3. BMW Assessments
  4. BMW Interviews
  5. BMW Selection Day
  6. BMW Graduate Schemes
  7. BMW Online Assessment FAQs

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Who are BMW?

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly known as BMW, is a German multinational manufacturer of vehicles and motorcycles headquartered in Munich, Germany. BMW operates in over 12 countries and, as of 2022, employs 149,000+ people across the globe.

BMW owns and markets its automobiles and motorcycles under brands such as BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad. With multiple brands under its wings, BMW has a range of exciting roles and positions to offer.

Business Areas in BMW

Where can I apply at BMW?

BMW operates in several key business areas in the automotive industry, each offering various roles and functions. Some of these business areas are;

AutomobilesFinancial ServicesManufacturing & Production
Electric MobilityBMW BrandsResearch & Development
Sales & DistributionLogisticsInformation Technology

How do you get a job at BMW?

BMW’s recruitment process has different stages, which we cover in the following sections below. Read on to find out!

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BMW Online Application

How do I apply to BMW?

The first step in the BMW application process and landing your dream job with BMW is your BMW online application. Get your BMW online application underway with these steps:

  1. Search for vacancies on the BMW Group Job Finder
  2. Select a job from current vacancies or create a candidate profile
  3. Begin the application process by creating and submitting your profile – Use an up-to-date CV or your LinkedIn account to speed up this part!

While filling out the online application, you will be required to provide information that covers the following areas:

  • Personal information 
  • Education and qualifications 
  • Contact information 
  • Resume upload/Experience
  • Job specific questions
  • Diversity e.g. race, ethnicity, etc.
  • Additional information, e.g. disability information, need for sponsorship, etc.
BMW online application
BMW Online Application
Source: BMW Group

BMW Application tip: Before answering the job-specific questions in the BMW online application, familiarise yourself with the BMW Group Strategy and BMW’s core values.

What is the BMW Group Strategy?

The BMW Group Strategy means goals set by the company to contribute to the global effort of making the future and earth a better place to live in. The BMW Group Strategy includes the following:

  • Position – First-class individual mobility and contribution to the sustainable development of the planet.
  • Direction – Use of powerful innovations, passion, and high profitability to shape the future of sustainable mobility through their products.
  • Strategic Approach – Focus on customer needs throughout the world and efficient customer support.
  • Cooperation – Deliver top performance through cooperation, diligent and effective teamwork.

What are the BMW Core Values?

BMW’s core values are ethics and codes of conduct that guide the interactions of its employees to promote a supportive, equality-centric, growth-oriented, and progressive work culture. The BMW corporate culture is founded on 5 core values and they are:

  • Openness – Embraces change and is open to new opportunities. Encourage learning from mistakes.
  • Transparency – Acknowledgement of concern and identify inconsistencies in a constructive way with integrity.
  • Responsibility – Consistent decisions and commitment to them personally to work freely and more effectively.
  • Trust – Trusting and relying on each other to act swiftly and achieve company goals.
  • Appreciation – Reflect on actions, show respect to each other, offer clear feedback and celebrate success.

After you have submitted your application a member of the BMW Group Recruiting Team will review your documents. If yours is selected, you will be invited to take assessments or partake in interviews.

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BMW Assessments

What are BMW assessment tests?

BMW online assessments are psychometrics tests provided by Criteria Corp which evaluate your skills, cognitive abilities, and competencies that are required for the job position and to fit into BMW.

Depending on the position you are applying for, BMW assessment tests may include some of the following cognitive tests:

  1. Situational Judgement test
  2. Numerical Reasoning test
  3. Verbal Reasoning test
  4. Abstract Reasoning test

Let’s find out what each of these BMW tests are, what they entail and what they assess.

1. BMW Situational Judgement Test

What is the BMW Situational Judgement Test?

The BMW situational judgement test is designed to examine your behaviour in scenarios that you are likely to encounter in the job role. You will be presented with a series of realistic workplace scenarios to make decisions on.

What does the BMW situational judgement test measure?

BMW’s situational judgement test evaluates your problem-solving and decision-making skills, and how well you align with BMW’s core values. The test will also assess you for specific competencies you will need to succeed in the role and the company.

Want to understand more about the BMW situational judgement test? Watch our short video below.

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

Good to know: BMW uses the situational judgement test to assess desired behaviours in the job role. While most options might not seem like a wrong decision, keep in mind the appropriate approach and competencies required by the company.

Below is a BMW-style situational judgement test sample question provided by our experts.

BMW-style Situational Judgement Test Example

BMW situational judgement test question example

To help you ace your BMW situational judgement test, we have provided a few handy tips for you below.

Top 8 Tips to Pass the BMW Situational Judgement Test

  1. Take note of the required qualifications and abilities needed for the position you are applying for. Read the job description carefully and do a little research about the role and BMW.
  1. Familiarise yourself with BMW’s core values and BMW’s corporate strategy. Understanding the BMW corporate culture will help you align your responses with their expectations.
  1. Practice situational judgement tests beforehand to get a feel for the format and what to anticipate from the questions.
  1. Pay close attention to the details of each scenario presented in the test. Ensure you understand the context, the people involved, and the situation before making your judgement.
  1. Take your time to evaluate the response options available in each scenario. Consider the potential outcomes and consequences of each choice.
  1. Try to maintain a consistent approach to your decision-making. This will show that you can apply your judgement consistently across various scenarios.
  1. Consider multiple perspectives when answering the questions. Briefly imagine yourself as each person involved in the scenario. This could help you reach a decision that will serve everyone who is affected well.
  1. Avoid providing answers that don’t reflect your true approach to situations. Overall, the BMW situational judgement test is designed to assess your actual behaviours and attitudes. 

For more tips to help you nail your BMW situational judgement test watch our short video below.

Ace the SJT! | 5 Situational Judgement Test Tips #shorts

Start your BMW situational judgement test preparation with GF’s practice situational judgement test package today to access real questions, live test reports, and progress charts!

After completing the BMW situational judgement test, the following assessment you will likely be headed for is BMW’s numerical reasoning test.

2. BMW Numerical Reasoning Test

What is the BMW numerical reasoning test?

The BMW numerical reasoning test is an assessment used to evaluate your ability to comprehend and interpret numerical data using basic arithmetics. This test comprises multiple-choice questions that cover ratios, percentages, graphs and charts. 

What does the BMW numerical reasoning test measure?

Beyond your ability to analyse data and understand numerical information, this test will also assess your ability to make informed decisions from numerical data.

BMW numerical reasoning test tip: You are not tested on difficult maths problems, but on how you can reason with the information presented in different forms (graphs, tables, ratios etc.) under a time limit.

Check out the quick video to discover even more about how the BMW numerical reasoning test works!

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test? #shorts

How to Pass the BMW Numerical Reasoning Test

  1. Familiarise yourself with the format and structure of the test e.g. types and number of questions. Knowing what to expect allows you to allocate your time wisely and focus on answering questions correctly.
  1. Ensure you have a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts. Revising basic maths covered at the GCSE level is helpful.
  1. Develop a balance between speed and accuracy. Allocate a specific amount of time to each question and move on if you get stuck to ensure you complete all questions.
  1. Pay attention to the level of detail required in your answers. For instance, Some questions may not require precise calculations to arrive at the correct answer, approximations may be sufficient.
  1. Read questions carefully by paying close attention to the wording of each question. Misinterpreting a question can lead to errors. Understand what is being asked before attempting to answer.
  1. Create a quiet and distraction-free environment when taking the test. This will help you concentrate and perform at your best.
  1. Practice is key to improving your numerical reasoning skills. Using the GF platform to practice is proven to help you improve your speed and accuracy and overall, your score.

For more hints on how to pass the BMW numerical reasoning test, watch our short video below. 

Top 5 Numerical Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks (2024) #shorts

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Take the opportunity to try a BMW-style numerical reasoning test question below using the tips we provided above and in the video!

BMW-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

BMW numerical reasoning test example

Did you get the correct answer? Check the bottom of the page to find out.

Practice even more numerical reasoning questions with worked solutions with GF to prepare for your BMW numerical reasoning test and get a headstart today!

After assessing your analytical skills with the numerical reasoning tests, BMW will also look to understand your verbal skills through verbal reasoning tests.

3. BMW Verbal Reasoning Test

What is the BMW verbal reasoning test?

The BMW verbal reasoning test is designed to assess your ability to read and understand written information, as well as your language and communication skills. You will be presented with questions like true/false statements, word grouping, and summarizing text.

What does the BMW verbal reasoning test measure?

This test assesses your ability to read, understand, analyse, report and make accurate decisions from written information. 

BMW Verbal Reasoning Test tip: Be prepared to make logical inferences and deductions based on the information in a paragraph as some questions might require you to apply some level of logic to get the correct answers.

In our short video below, we explain more about what the BMW verbal reasoning test is all about.

What Is a Verbal Reasoning Test? #shorts

How to Pass the BMW Verbal Reasoning Test

Here are 7 important tips to help you ace the BMW verbal reasoning test in one go.

  1. Read actively and pay close attention to the text. Highlighting key information helps you concentrate on what matters most when answering questions.
  1. Expand your vocabulary through extensive reading to refine your ability to comprehend written statements and the language used.
  1. Practice! Using the GF platform to practice verbal reasoning tests is proven to help you improve your speed and accuracy and overall, your score.
  1. Pay attention to the structure of the passages. Look for the main idea, supporting details, and any shifts in tone or perspective.
  1. Identify keywords or phrases in the passage that are central to the meaning. This can help you quickly locate relevant information when answering questions.
  1. Eliminate obvious incorrect choices first to narrow down the options and increase your chances of selecting the correct answer sooner.
  1. Consider the context of the text when answering questions. This enables you to interpret the text accurately and answer questions in context.

For more tips on how to pass the BMW verbal reasoning test, check out this less than 1-minute video:

Top 5 Verbal Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks (2024) #shorts

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Using the tips we provided above, take the opportunity to try this BMW-style verbal reasoning test question below!

BMW-style Verbal Reasoning Test Example

BMW verbal reasoning test example

Did you get the correct answer? Check the bottom of the page to find out.

Practice more verbal reasoning questions with GF and get a headstart in preparation for your BMW verbal reasoning test today!

After the BMW verbal reasoning test, you will be moving on to complete the BMW abstract reasoning test. Read on to find out what it’s all about!

4. BMW Abstract Reasoning Test

What is the BMW abstract reasoning test?

The BMW abstract reasoning test is an assessment designed to evaluate your logic and strategic thinking, ability to identify patterns, adapt to and process new information. This test is also known as a diagrammatic or logical reasoning test.

What does the BMW abstract reasoning test measure?

The BMW abstract test aims to assess your following skills:

  • problem-solving
  • attention to detail
  • level of creativity
  • innovative thinking

Watch our short video below to understand more about the BMW abstract reasoning test.

What is an Abstract Reasoning Test? #shorts

6 Top Tips to Pass the BMW Abstract Reasoning Test

  1. Familiarise yourself with the format and structure of abstract reasoning tests using similar practice tests to eliminate uncertainty and anxiety.
  1. Regularly practice timed abstract reasoning test questions to improve your pattern recognition and deduction skills under time pressure.
  1. Work on a variety of puzzles to further hone your ability to recognise and reason with different types of patterns and sequences. 
  1. Take a moment to analyse the patterns or rules that guide a sequence when presented with the set of shapes. Look for similarities, differences, and trends.
  1. Trust your instincts and avoid overanalyzing. Abstract reasoning questions are designed to be solved logically, but spending too much time on one question can be counterproductive.
  1. Maintain a balance between time and accuracy. A good way to ensure this is to spread the time given across each question equally.

Get yourself ready for the BMW abstract logic tests with these 5 worked logical questions and answers:

Logical Reasoning Test Questions & Answers (2024) | 5 Examples & Worked Solutions | Practice

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Using the tips you have learned above and from the video, practice this logical reasoning question similar to the BMW abstract reasoning test question below!

BMW-style Abstract Reasoning Test Example

BMW abstract reasoning test question example

Did you get the right answer? Check the bottom of the page to find out.

Good to know: Our logical reasoning practice tests with worked solutions and professional score reports have the perfect practice questions you can use to prepare for your BMW Abstract reasoning test.

If you are successful in the BMW cognitive ability assessments, the next stage is the BMW interviews round. Read more about it in the next section!

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BMW Interviews

The BMW interview process may involve a telephone or video interview, and depending on the role and level you have applied for, can include various interviews with departments and teams.

What is the BMW telephone interview?

The BMW telephone interview is typically an initial screening interview conducted over the phone. It serves as an opportunity for BMW recruiters to get to know you, your motivations, and your experience a bit better.

What is the BMW video interview?

The BMW video interview is a virtual interview that requires you to record video answers to a set of pre-recorded questions. Similar to the telephone interview, BMW uses this video interview to get to know you better.

Our short video below explains further what the BMW video interview is all about and how it is used.

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

6 Top Tips to Pass the BMW Interviews

  1. Research the role and BMW beforehand. This shows how committed you are to the role and helps you answer role-specific questions better.
  1. Understand BMW’s core values. This helps you to prepare to give answers that reflect BMW’s values when questions that relate to it come up.
  1. If you are invited to a video interview, practice and review your answers before you record yourself. This helps you articulate yourself and your answers.
  1. If it’s a video interview, test your camera, microphone, and internet connection in advance. Ensure you have appropriate lighting and a quiet, clutter-free background.
  1. Prepare answers to common interview questions, including those related to your background, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and why you want to work at BMW.
  1. Understand that silence is okay. If you need a moment to think before answering a question, don’t be afraid of brief pauses. It’s better to provide a well-thought-out response than to rush.

Watch our short video below for tips on how to prepare for your BMW interviews on the day

5 Tips How to Prepare for a Job Interview on the Day #shorts

The BMW interview questions typically follow a structure which is tailored to the specific job. These are often motivational and strength-based for student and entry-level roles. 

Use the tips above to practice the following example BMW interview questions.

BMW Interview Questions and Answers

  • Why do you want to work for BMW?
  • What sets BMW apart from the competition?
  • Would you consider yourself a creative person?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you see your career at BMW?

We give example answers to a couple of these BMW interview questions below and tips on how to answer them.


How to Answer: When answering this question, provide a response that highlights BMW’s unique strengths and differentiating factors, e.g. its unique products, brands, standout BMW features, etc. Support your answer with concrete examples, statistics, or specific features that illustrate BMW’s uniqueness.

Good Answer: What sets BMW apart from the competition is its unwavering commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence. BMW has a long history of pioneering automotive technology, often setting industry standards. For instance, BMW was one of the first automakers to introduce electric mobility on a significant scale with the BMW i3 and i8, showcasing its dedication to sustainability and forward-thinking engineering.


How to Answer: When answering this question, your response should reflect your self-awareness, your ability to apply creativity to your work, and how your creativity can benefit the position you’re applying for. Back up your answer with specific examples from your experience.

Good Answer: I consider myself a highly creative individual, especially when it comes to innovative engineering solutions and automotive design concepts. Throughout my career in this field, I’ve consistently applied creativity to address unique challenges and enhance the design and functionality of vehicles. One notable example from my experience as an automotive engineer involved optimising the fuel efficiency of a vehicle model. Instead of relying solely on conventional engineering practices, I led a cross-functional team that included engineers, designers, and data analysts.

Practice with our Video Interview Tool to get first-hand feedback to help you effectively prepare for your BMW Interviews. Practice likely questions and get tips on how to properly answer them.

GF video interview example

After your interview and you scale through, the next stage in the BMW recruitment process is the BMW assessment center

We cover all you need to know about this in the next section!

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BMW Selection Day

What is the BMW Assessment Centre?

The BMW Selection Day, also known as the BMW Assessment Center, is the final stage of the BMW recruitment process. BMW selection day is a way for the company to get to know you personally through various exercises.

What should I expect in the BMW assessment centre?

During BMW selection day, trained observers from various departments, including BMW HR representatives, will observe and test applicants or groups of applicants in a variety of real-life simulations and exercises.

The structure of the exercises used depends on the role and the applicant type (students, graduates, professionals) invited to that BMW assessment center. 

However, these exercises could be any of or a mix of the following:

  1. BMW Presentation
  2. BMW Group Exercise
  3. BMW Role-playing Exercise
  4. BMW Final Interview

Good to know: BMW may also include other exercises such as computer-aided testing, sample work, and self-presentation in its selection day process.

We break down what these exercises entail in the following sections and provide tips to help you scale through them!

1. BMW Presentation

What is the BMW presentation?

The BMW presentation exercise will require you to deliver a presentation on a given topic. The topic given to you will most likely be relevant to BMW’s business, trends in the area of business you have applied for, or trends in the automotive industry.

What will the BMW presentation measure?

This exercise will help the observers evaluate your understanding of the company, its business, market, competitors, and how well you process and relay new information.

  1. Understand the purpose and objectives of the presentation. Clarify whether it’s about demonstrating your knowledge, problem-solving or communication skills.
  1. Create a clear and logical structure for your presentation. Use a well-defined outline with an introduction, main points, and a conclusion to ensure a smooth flow.
  1. Consider the interests and knowledge level of your audience, which may include BMW representatives or assessors. Tailor your content to engage and inform them effectively.
  1. Make sure that you use all the provided information such as any reports and data to ensure that your presentation is accurate and informative. 
  1. Prepare for potential questions or discussions that may follow your presentation. Think about how to respond confidently and succinctly.
  1. Convey confidence and professionalism. To get your message across effectively, make relaxed eye contact and display confident body language.

2. BMW Group Exercise

What is the BMW group exercise?

The BMW group exercise will see you get paired with other candidates to analyse, solve, or discuss a specific scenario or problem within a specific time frame. The group exercise given will also depend on the position you applied for.

What will the BMW group exercise measure?

The BMW group exercise will enable the BMW assessors to evaluate your ability to work in a team and collaborate effectively with others.

  1. Listen Actively: Pay close attention to what other participants are saying. Actively listening to your team members’ ideas and perspectives is essential for effective collaboration.
  1. Contribute Constructively: Offer your input and ideas when appropriate. Be constructive in your contributions and support your statements with reasoning or evidence.
  1. Balance Leadership: If the exercise allows for leadership roles, consider taking on a leadership role or assisting the leader. However, also be willing to follow and support the team’s chosen direction.
  1. Manage Time Wisely: Keep an eye on the time, and help the group stay on track. Avoid getting overly focused on one aspect of the exercise to ensure that all tasks are addressed within the allotted time.
  1. Stay Calm and Positive: Maintain a calm and positive demeanour throughout the exercise, even if challenges arise. Positivity and composure can contribute to a more productive team dynamic.
  1. Respect Differences: Respect diverse viewpoints and approaches within the group. Differing perspectives can lead to innovative solutions.
  1. Practice Prioritisation: When faced with multiple tasks or decisions, practice prioritizing based on importance and impact. This helps ensure that critical aspects are addressed first.

Watch our video below to learn more about what to expect in your BMW group exercise!

Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

3. BMW Role-playing Exercise

What is the BMW role-playing exercise?

In the BMW role-playing exercise, you may be paired up with either another candidate or one of the BMW representatives. This exercise will have you act out a typical scenario you could experience in the role.

What will the BMW role-playing exercise measure?

The BMW role-playing exercise will measure your communication, interpersonal, negotiation, customer service, and team-playing skills.

  1. Understand the objective: Clearly understand the purpose of the role-play. Is it to assess your problem-solving abilities, customer service skills, or teamwork? Understand what’s expected so you can approach the task appropriately.
  1. Study the scenario: Thoroughly review the scenario provided. Pay attention to your role, the context, and any specific instructions or constraints. This helps you in your decision-making.
  1. Listen proactively and communicate effectively: Pay close attention to what your partner is saying and give clear responses. This will greatly highlight your communication skills.
  1. Display Empathy: This is important especially when role-playing a customer-employee/manager scenario. Trying to understand the perspectives and needs of your partner is crucial to succeeding in this exercise.
  1. Manage Conflict: If conflicts arise, address them diplomatically and professionally, regardless of how aggressive your partner may appear. Your partner may simply be doing this to see how you respond.
  1. Take Initiative: Show initiative in driving the scenario forward, particularly if your role requires leadership or decision-making. Be proactive in achieving your character’s goals.

Good to know: Practice and prepare for BMW selection day in the best way possible with assessment centre practice exercises designed by our experts to help you perform better. 

4. BMW Final Interview

What happens in the final BMW interview?

After the exercises on BMW selection day have been completed, a selection will be done. If you are shortlisted, you will go on to have a final interview with a senior BMW staff and possibly other BMW representatives too.

This final interview is a chance for BMW to learn more about you, your experience, competencies and motivations, as well as your career ambitions. The questions asked will probe for these.

What questions are asked in the final BMW interview?

Some examples of BMW interview questions you could be asked in this final interview are;

  • Give an example of a time you were challenged on a project.
  • If you were a part of the team what AI innovation would you apply to the car?
  • What are the skills that you have developed from previous experience?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • Why do you believe you will succeed in this position with BMW Group?
  • At BMW Group we put a lot of pride in our customer service. How do you go above and beyond for your clientele?
  1. Personalise your answers. Ensure that your answers are about you and how you align with BMW and the role. This helps you give concrete and well-curated answers.
  1. Practice beforehand. Always practice your answers before your interview. practice your answers in front of a mirror or with friends until your flow and delivery are naturally clear.
  1. Leverage your experience when giving your answers. Your answers are more effective when they are backed up with evidence from your work or academic experiences.
  1. Align your motivations with BMW’s corporate strategies and core values. Consider what interests you about the company from its goals to recent news and projects.
  1. Use the STAR+R model to answer competency-based questions. This technique helps you structure your answers properly.
  1. Keep your answers simple. Overall, the assessors are trying to get to know you better and assess how well you would fit in at BMW.
  1. Prepare questions of your own. This final interview is also a chance for you to get to know more about the role and internal structures or procedures at BMW.

Discover 5 top questions you could ask in your BMW final interview with our short video below:

5 Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview #shorts

Become interview-ready with our video interview practice tool! Sign up with GF now and access 39 employer interview sets to practice and hone your skills.

And….that’s a wrap on the BMW application process! If you are successful in the process, BMW’s team will contact you with their decision.

While you’re here…

Don’t miss the captivating range of entry roles and graduate programs that await you at BMW.

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BMW Graduate Schemes

BMW offers various graduate schemes and programs aimed at recruiting and developing talented individuals who have recently graduated or students who are looking for internship placements.

BMW also offers opportunities for people who want to work and study at the same time. Below is the range of opportunities BMW has made available for you to kickstart your career:

  1. BMW UK Graduate Program
  2. BMW UK Apprenticeship Programs
  3. BMW Trainee Programme AcceleratiON
  4. BMW Internships

These opportunities are also known as the BMW futures talent programs.

1. BMW UK Graduate Program

What is the BMW UK Graduate Program?

BMW takes on recent graduates and gets them involved in a variety of strategic and operational projects to help them strengthen their business profile, resume, and portfolio.

Eligibility Criteria for BMW UK Graduate Program

  • Education: A recent graduate.
  • Experience: No specific professional experience required.
  • Duration: 18-24 months
  • Location: UK
  • Application Deadline: Recruitment happens on a preceding year basis. Applications for next year will close in November.

2. BMW UK Apprenticeship Programs

What is the BMW UK Apprenticeship Program?

The BMW apprenticeship programs are opportunities provided to people who don’t have an official degree but only their GCSE qualification. The BMW UK apprenticeships offer entry into three major business areas of the company: craft, technical, and business.

Eligibility Criteria for BMW UK Apprenticeship Programs

  • Education: GCSE qualification
  • Experience: No specific professional experience required.
  • Duration: 2-3 years
  • Location: UK

3. BMW Trainee Program AcceleratiON

What is the BMW Trainee Program AcceleratiON?

The BMW trainee program acceleratiON is an international graduate program that provides the right platform for dynamic junior professionals and recent graduates from all disciplines to explore and grow in versatile fields.

Eligibility Criteria for BMW Trainee Program AcceleratiON

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline with excellent grades (Master’s degree preferred).
  • Experience: At least six months of relevant work experience (e. g. internships, training, initial professional experience) and at least four months of relevant experience abroad (e. g. studies, practical experience, work & travel).
  • Duration: 18-24 months
  • Locations: multiple countries

4. BMW Internships

What are the BMW Career Internships?

The BMW internship is an opportunity for students to get mentorship and broad supervision from BMW professionals to help develop their potential while also getting insights on different projects and working processes as a fully integrated team member.

This program offers opportunities in different business areas including, Business, IT, and Engineering.

Eligibility Criteria for BMW Internships

  • Education: An enrolled university student or in a gap year between two courses
  • Experience: No specific professional experience required
  • Duration: 6-13 months
  • Locations: countries BMW currently operate in

And with that, we’ve covered all you’ll need to know about BMW’s Assessments, recruitment process, and graduate schemes/programs you could potentially apply to.

But wait!

Before you start your BMW application and assessments, explore our FAQ section below for even more answers about the BMW hiring process.

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BMW Online Assessment FAQs

How long are the BMW assessment tests?

BMW often uses the Criteria Cognitive Ability Assessment which has 51 questions to be completed within 20 minutes. This BMW Criteria assessment includes a mix of different ability tests and questions to assess numerical, verbal and logical skills.

How old do you have to be to work at BMW?

You have to be at least 18 years old to be able to work at BMW.

Where is the BMW assessment center taking place?

The BMW assessment center could be done virtually or at a BMW branch office depending on where you live. However, recently, BMW has been having more virtual conversations for the sake of the environment.

Can I apply to multiple positions at BMW?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is create and set up your candidate profile and frequently update it with recent activities and accomplishments.

What should I wear to a BMW interview?

Consider the culture of BMW when choosing what to wear. Whilst the environment at BMW may be more relaxed and informal, a formal attire is often recommended to demonstrate your professionalism during your interview.

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