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Are you applying for Accenture’s 2024 graduate program or wondering how to crack the Accenture aptitude test and Accenture assessment centre? Find everything you need for your Accenture assessment practice applicable across the globe including the UK and the US in this guide. 

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessments tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process. 

Not sure if you should practice to prepare for the Accenture assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude tests results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) found that candidates who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.


How to prepare for the Accenture assessment process and tests to get the job?

1. Complete your Accenture Online Application form

  • Fill in your Accenture application online
  • Match your application to Accenture’s 5 core values
  • Use language from the job description in your resume

2. Practice for the Accenture Online Assessment Tests

Accenture uses a variety of aptitude assessment tests depending on a job role. These Accenture assessment tests may include:

You may get rejected already after your aptitude tests. These tests sift out 50-80% of candidates. The only proven way to get to the next round is to practice.

3. Record Mock Videos Interviews of Yourself

Practice for your Accenture HireVue Video Interview by answering questions that typically come up in consultancy interviews. Your answers need to flow and be timely. Avoid filler words. Your verbal communication should be convincing, and filled with content that presents you in the best way for the job. 

For Accenture video interview practice, use:

Use the STAR method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

4. Prepare for the Accenture Assessment Centre Exercises

Accenture makes use of a variety of competitive exercises to assess candidates using extended reality (Augmented reality and Virtual reality) during the assessment centre to find the right candidates. Ensure that you practice a variety of exercises including:

Hone your written and spoken communication technique for these exercises and final interview. Research online, prepare and practice presentation of as many business case studies as possible.

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  1. What is Accenture online assessment test?
  2. How do you pass the Accenture communication assessment?
  3. What is Accenture online coding assessment?
  4. How do I prepare for an Accenture technical interview?
  5. What is Accenture virtual reality assessment?

Start practicing relevant assessments with us by simply clicking in the table below!

Relevant Assessments to AccenturePractice Now
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
Verbal Reasoning Start Practicing 
Situational Judgement Test Start Practicing 
Personality Questionnaire Start Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Practice for your Accenture online aptitude tests with all our assessments above as part of our Premium practice package.

In order to do well in the assessment tests of any company it’s very important that you understand the company and its values. Therefore, we have come up with some tips on how you can research Accenture to get ahead in your Accenture recruitment process. 

Who is Accenture?

Accenture is an Irish-American professional services company based in Dublin, specializing in information technology (IT) services and consulting. The company offers solutions to clients in various industries, including but not limited to, financial services, healthcare, communications, media, and technology, consumer goods, energy, and resources, and government.

Accenture operates in around 50 countries with over 738,000 employees worldwide, growing significantly from 624,000 employees in 2021. They have served thousands of clients across more than 120 countries.

What jobs are available at Accenture?

Some of the many job functions available at Accenture are:

Accenture Career AreasExample Job Roles
Strategy – Deal and Contract Associate
– Content Designer Specialist 
Operations – Security Delivery Analyst
– Business Strategy
Consulting – Salesforce Consultant
– Strategy and Consulting Analyst 
Technology – Data Architect
– Network Engineer 
Security – Cybersecurity Analysis and Triage Analyst
– Federal Security Controls Assessor 
Digital Engineering and Manufacturing – Asset Integrity Specialist
– Critical Manufacturing MES Analyst 
Accenture Song – Digital Product Owner
– UX Designer 

Now that we’ve covered some of the jobs you can apply for at Accenture, let’s cover their 6 key values. Understanding Accenture’s core values is a great way to adapt your application and interview answers to demonstrate your skills.

What are the Accenture Values?

  1. Stewardship: Accenture expects you to take on responsibility, search for improvements, and make efforts to improve local communities and the global environment.
  1. Client Value Creation: This means putting clients first, delivering excellent work, and developing strong relationships built on trust and collaboration.
  1. One Global Network: Accenture operates as one global team, leveraging the power of diversity and inclusion to bring together the best talent, ideas, and expertise from around the world.
  1. Respect for the Individual: Accenture values diversity and inclusion, treating all individuals with dignity and respect, and creating a culture that is open, inclusive, and supportive.
  1. Best People: Accenture attracts, develops, and retains the best people in the industry. They invest in their people, providing opportunities for learning, growth, and career advancement.
  1. Integrity: Accenture expects its employees to be honest, transparent, and ethical in all of their interactions, and they hold themselves accountable to the highest standards of excellence.

Good to know: Accenture recently published a 360° Value report in 2022, which focuses on adding value to 6 key areas: sustainability, talent, inclusion & diversity, clients, experience and finances. Accenture aims to continue the 360° Value Reporting Experience for all areas of their business.

We recommend you do some further extensive research on Accenture. We have come up with a few pointers on what areas you should focus your research in order to ace your Accenture application. 

Accenture: Top 4 Tips to research 

  1. Check recent news: Research about the problems being faced by Accenture currently, this will assure your recruiters that you understand their problems and are willing to put in efforts to solve them.
  1. Consider their services: Consider the current and previous projects Accenture has worked on with their clients. Do these interest you? Think about how you can contribute to these in your role.
  1. Look for their contributions to the community: Research on how Accenture is helping the environment and the wider community such as Accenture’s aim to attain net zero emissions and gender parity by 2025.
  1. Find a personal connection: Consider key areas that connect you on a personal level with the organisation, such as any charitable trusts or partnerships that interest you, such as the virtual and in-person volunteering opportunities, locally and globally. 

Now that we know more about Accenture, let’s jump right in with your Accenture recruitment process!

Accenture Recruitment Process

What is the Accenture application process?

The Accenture recruitment process is made up of 4 main stages and these 4 stages consist of various sub-stages of assessment. The four stages of Accenture assessment are: 

  1. Accenture Online Application
  2. Accenture Online Assessment Tests
  3. Accenture HireVue Video Interview
  4. Accenture Assessment Centre

Before we jump in, take a look at our video below for a quick overview of the Accenture recruitment process:

 Accenture Graduate Programme (2024) | Ace Assessments, Digital Interview, Assessment Centre

Good to Know: The Accenture applicaton process is likely to vary slightly depending on the country and location Accenture operates in. Click here to discover more about the Accenture hiring process in India.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into each stage of Accenture recruitment process in detail, starting with the online application.

Accenture Online Application

What is the Accenture online application?

The Accenture online application uses a typical workday system to invite applications. This stage of the Accenture assessment process is your first chance to impress your employers and so you should make sure that your Accenture application consists of all the details required. 

What does the Accenture online application involve?

The Accenture application form requires you to fill in the following details: 

  1. Personal information 
  2. Education and qualifications 
  3. Contact information 
  4. Soft skills 
  5. Upload your resume 

Accenture Application tip: Do not use buzzwords such as specialized, experienced, skilled, passionate, expert, motivated, etc. Instead use words like, focused, diligent, collaborative, proactive, detailed, etc. 

The most important and job winning part of your Accenture application is your resume. Therefore, make sure you take some extra time and build a resume that can get you to the next stages of Accenture hiring process. 

Our recommendation to you is to keep in mind the following tips while building a resume for Accenture: 

3 CV Mistakes You Must Avoid (Resume Tips) | CV Writing Guide #shorts

What skills you add in your Accenture application play a major role in getting your application selected. The skills you may use in your Accenture application will depend on the job role you are applying to. For example:

  • Ethical and Professional conduct 
  • Technical Expertise  
  • Business Acumen  
  • Excellent written communication and interpersonal skills 

Accenture Application tip: Consider a few examples you can use from your experiences that you can use to demonstrate each of these skills. You may need to discuss these in an interview!

Accenture resume upload window
Accenture Application Resume Upload Window
Source: Accenture website

As soon as your Accenture resume gets shortlisted, you will be invited to the next stage of your Accenture application process: the Accenture online assessment tests, which will give you a chance to show your abilities to your employers.

 What are these? Buckle up as we dive in to find out more!

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Accenture Online Assessments Tests

What are the Accenture aptitude tests? 

The Accenture online assessment tests are designed by Cappfinity to examine your cognitive abilities and potential to perform the tasks or duties required for the role at Accenture.

You may get all of the Accenture assessments, some of them, or more depending upon the job position you have applied to. These Accenture tests include:

  1. Accenture Numerical Reasoning Test
  2. Accenture Logical Reasoning Test
  3. Accenture Verbal Reasoning Test
  4. Accenture Situational Judgement Assessment
  5. Accenture Personality Questionnaire
  6. Accenture Communication Assessment

Good to know: Accenture has recently adapted Pymetrics and Talegent gamified assessments into their recruitment process. Depending on your application process, you may be required to complete a few of these game-based assessments during this stage.

 Let’s discuss each of these Accenture psychometric tests in detail below. 

1. Accenture Numerical Reasoning Tests

What is the Accenture numerical reasoning test?

The Accenture numerical reasoning test designed by Cappfinity aims at measuring your capability to perform mathematical problems and interpret numerical data, since at Accenture you will be required to work with numbers through around 24 numerical reasoning questions. 

Although these numerical tests are untimed, the time taken by you to complete may be recorded.  

What does the Accenture numerical reasoning test assess?

The Accenture numerical test measures your:

  1. Ability to extract data from graphs, tables, pie charts, etc. 
  2. Ability to perform basic arithmetic calculations as well as ability to work with algebra, geometry, calculus, etc for those who are applying for engineering and technical roles. 
  3. Ability to identify trends using charts, graphs and statistics and make predictions accordingly.  

Gain key insights in this under 1 minute video about the Accenture numerical reasoning test:

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test? #shorts

Below, we have provided 7 top tips which will help you ace your Accenture assessment test questions.

  1. Revise basic mathematics concepts such as percentage, average, currency conversion, interest calculation, etc. as these will appear on these tests.
  1. Practice numerical reasoning questions in a similar environment beforehand to understand the format and experience of these tests. 
  1. Manage Your Time: as these tests are timed, so practice solving problems within the allocated time. Regular practice will help you develop a sense of how much time to allocate to each question.
  1. Improve Mental Calculation: work on your mental math skills by practicing calculations without relying heavily on a calculator to develop your speed and accuracy.
  1. Review Mistakes: After practicing, review any mistakes you’ve made. Understand where you went wrong and learn from those errors using the worked solutions and feedback reports.
  1. Be properly organised before your test, i.e., find a quiet place, keep all the equipment such as a calculator, pencil, paper, etc. with you to help with your workings.
  1. Strike a balance between speed and accuracy. Avoid only aiming to attempt as many questions as possible, but make sure that you are answering correctly. 

Practice FREE QUESTIONS similar to Accenture assessment testsregister with GF, and take your FREE Numerical Reasoning Test now, or test your numerical skill with this example question below!

Accenture Numerical Reasoning Test Question Example

Accenture numerical reasoning free question example

Solved it? Check the bottom of the page for the answer.

Practice even more Accenture-style Numerical Reasoning questions withworked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance  Boost your practice with 10,000 math questions to identify areas for development.

2. Accenture Logical Reasoning Tests  

What is the Accenture logical reasoning test?

Accenture’s logical reasoning test is designed by test publisher Cappfinity. You will be required to analyse complex problems by using critical thinking and solve the problems in a structured and logical manner. 

These test questions will be MCQ-based where you will be required to analyze, evaluate, and draw conclusions from information or data using logical and  critical thinking skills.

What qualities does the Accenture logical reasoning test assess?

The Accenture logical reasoning test measures your:

  1. Problem-solving skills 
  2. Ability to come to conclusions based on logic
  3. Critical thinking

Gain key insights for your Accenture logical test with this under 1 minute video about the logical reasoning tests:

What is a Logical Reasoning Test? #shorts
  1. Familiarise yourself with practice to get used to the commonly used formats and questions used to help develop pattern recognition skills. 
  1. Identify Common Question Types: Logical reasoning tests often consist of various question types, including abstract reasoning, inductive reasoning, and spatial reasoning. Learn to recognize these question types and the associated strategies for solving them.
  1. Manage your Time: with a short time limit, time management is essential. Practice under timed conditions to improve your abstract reasoning ability under time pressure. 
  1. Learn from Mistakes: Review your incorrect answers and understand where you went wrong. Analyze the patterns you missed and identify the strategies you could have used to find these.
  1. Remember the key logical rules that are most commonly used. Consider how the colours, numbers and letters change across the different objects.
  1. Use Diagrams: Creating diagrams or sketches can help you visualize and track patterns more effectively. Use pen and paper or digital tools to draw out the sequences and patterns.
  1. Focus on one question at a time. Don’t panic if you get stuck, move onto the next question and answer any remaining questions before the time limit ends.  

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Below is an example of the Accenture-style logical reasoning test question we’ve designed to help you familiarise yourself with the questions you can expect in your potentials test:

Accenture logical reasoning test free question

Got the answer? Check it out at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for more Accenture-style logical reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance, then GF has you covered.

Gain more experience on solving Accenture-style logical reasoning questions, watch this short video with 5 logical reasoning questions and worked solutions:

Logical Reasoning Test Questions & Answers (2024) | 5 Examples & Worked Solutions | Practice

Now, the next cognitive ability test used by Accenture is the verbal reasoning test. Continue reading to find out more details of this test. 

3. Accenture Verbal Reasoning Test 

What is the Accenture verbal reasoning test?

The Accenture verbal reasoning test is designed by Cappfinity and used to assess your ability to comprehend and analyse written information for roles that require strong written and verbal communication skills. 

Similar to the numerical test, this Accenture cognitive assessment will not be timed, though the time taken will be recorded.

What does the Accenture verbal reasoning test assess?

  1. Comprehension and interpretation of written passages. 
  2. Ability to understand the main idea and emotion of the text. 
  3. Ability to make inferences based on written information. 

Take a break from reading and discover more about your Accenture verbal reasoning test with this short video on all you’ll need to know about verbal reasoning tests: 

What Is a Verbal Reasoning Test? #shorts

How to pass Accenture verbal reasoning test? 

We’ve got you covered with these 7 top tips to help you ace the Accenture verbal reasoning questions.

  1. Read Actively: Invest some time in reading before sitting for the actual test. This will help you comprehend written statements and the language used.
  1. Spend some time solving crosswords and other English exercises to make sure you build up on your vocabulary and reasoning skills. 
  1. Practice a number of verbal reasoning test questions to understand the pattern of questions and develop strategies that suit you to crack the actual test. 
  1. Simulate Test Conditions: When practicing, try to replicate the test environment as closely as possible. Sit in a quiet space, set a timer, and work through passages under timed conditions.
  1. Understand the answer options. True means the statement is correct, false means it is incorrect and cannot say means the information provided in the passage isn’t enough to determine the validity of the statement.
  1. Identify Key Information: Pay attention to keywords and phrases within the passage. These often hold the answers to specific questions and statements.
  1. Base your answer only on the information provided in the passage. Candidates use their own understanding of a particular statement sometimes, which leads them to choose the wrong answer.

Want to practice FREE QUESTIONS similar to those of Accenture aptitude questions, register with GF and take your FREE verbal reasoning test now or try your best at our example Accenture-style verbal reasoning test question below!

Accenture-style Verbal Reasoning Question Example

Accenture verbal reasoning example question

Got the answer? Check it out at the bottom of the page.

For even more Accenture verbal reasoning practice, register with GF today and practice more Accenture-style verbal reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance.

Another assessment you will be required to take at Accenture is the Accenture situational judgement assessment. Keep reading to find out more. 

4. Accenture Situational Judgement Assessment 

What is the Accenture situational judgement test?

The Accenture situational judgement test from Cappfinity examines your problem-solving and decision-making skills.  You will be presented with real work scenarios that you may face at Accenture, and you will be required to read the scenario, identify the problem, and choose the best action to solve the problem. 

While this Accenture competency test is not timed, it will require around 30 minutes to complete.

What does the Accenture situational judgement test consist of?

The different scenarios you may come across during your Accenture situational judgement test may be: 

  1. Handling customers and interpersonal conflicts.
  2. Prioritisation based on importance and urgency. 
  3. Making decisions that align with the values and ethics of the company. 
  4. Evaluating potential consequences of different actions. 

Looking for even more insight into Accenture situational judgement tests? Watch the following short video: 

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

How to pass the Accenture situational judgement test?

To ace your Accenture situational judgement test we’ve developed the following tips and tricks for you to prepare well for your upcoming Accenture situational judgement test

  1. Consider the competencies required for your job role at Accenture by reading the job description very carefully. Learn what employee behaviour is preferred.
  1. Reflect on Your Values: Before the test, take some time to reflect on your own values and ethical principles. This self-awareness can help you make consistent and authentic choices in the SJT.
  1. Research well about the work culture, role, and Accenture’s values to get an idea of what approach is favoured most in a particular situation. 
  1. Practice situational judgement tests before the actual test to get an understanding and expectation of the question. Make sure you focus on one scenario, read and analyse each scenario as you would do in the real Accenture test. 
  1. Avoid Extreme Responses: SJTs often present answer choices that are either overly cautious or overly aggressive. Try to select responses that strike a balance between these extremes, reflecting a practical and measured approach.
  1. Consider Multiple Perspectives: Think about the various perspectives of stakeholders involved in the scenario, such as colleagues, supervisors, customers, and the organization itself. Your response should consider the interests of all relevant parties.
  1. Time Management: Be mindful of time constraints. If you find yourself spending too much time on one question, move on and come back to it later if time allows.
  1. Review Your Responses: If time permits, review your answers before submitting them. Check for any errors or inconsistencies in your responses.

Here’s a sneak peek into what your Accenture situational judgement test may look like with our example question our expert team has developed below:

Accenture situational judgement test example question

Kickstart your Accenture-style situational judgement test preparation, sign-up for GF’s SItuational Judgement Test package today to access real questions, live test reports, and progress charts!

Next, let’s move on to the Accenture personality questionnaire. 

5. Accenture Personality Questionnaire 

What is the Accenture personality test?

The Accenture personality questionnaire is designed by Cappfinity and will aim to measure your preferences in a workplace. These personality assessments are often questionnaires with options to agree or disagree on a scale of 1-5 in response to behavioral statements such as “ I enjoy starting projects rather than finishing them”. 

The Accenture personality test is likely to be combined with the situational assessment as a job simulation test, which will be untimed.

How to ace the Accenture personality questionnaire? 

Below we have provided a list of 5 steps that you can take in order to prepare for your Accenture personality questionnaire. 

  1. Research the Role – Consider how the Accenture job description and responsibilities align with your own personality
  2. Practice with our WPQ – discover your work preferences with our practice Workplace Personality Questionnaire.
  3. Use the reports – write down experiences that demonstrate your personality. Use the report to discover the best job for you.
  4. Be Honest – This will help you and your Accenture recruiter align you with the career that suits your preferences
  5. Answer consistently – Inconsistent answers may lead to further assessments to verify your answers in this questionnaire

Alternatively, discover these simple to follow tips on how you can ace your Accenture personality questionnaire by watching this short YouTube video: 

How to Pass Personality Questionnaires (5 Personality Test Tips) #shorts

Gain more insights into your own workplace personality by taking our Work Personality Questionnaire to help prepare you for your Accenture personality test and get ahead in your application today. 

Good to Know: Consider how your workplace personality reflects Accenture’s 6 core values: Stewardship, Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Best People, Respect for the Individual, Integrity.

Moving on, let’s discuss the Accenture communication assessment, which may also be a part of your Accenture online tests.

6. Accenture Communication Assessment

What is the communication assessment at Accenture?

The Accenture communication test checks your spoken language ability. This test will measure you on the basis of your sentence mastery, fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation. The entire test will be divided into 6 sections and will aim at examining these traits. 

What does the Accenture communication test consist of?

The 6 sections of the Accenture communication test are:

  1. Reading: This section will require you to read out loud 8 sentences that will appear on your screen in text form within 20-30 seconds
  1. Repeating Sentences: You will be required to listen carefully to 16 audio sentences and repeat what you heard. This exercise will test your aural skills and pronunciation. 
  1. Jumbled Sentences: In this section, you will be required to unscramble 10 jumbled audio jumbled sentences and read out loud. This exercise tests your intellectual skills. 
  1. Question and Answer: You will be required to answer 24 easy and obvious questions which will be in audio form and you will have to answer in one or two words. 
  1. Story telling: This exercise measures your memorization skills. Here, you will listen to a short story twice and then repeat it in your own words in around 30 seconds after the beep. 
  1. Open Questions: This section is like a virtual HR interview. You will be required to answer each HR question in up to a minute.

Stay ahead of your fellow candidates and stand out for your Accenture communication test, refine your English communication skills with GF’s Spelling and Grammar tests and Word Checking tests.

Good to know: If you have applied for a technical job, you may take a technical test or a coding test. This Accenture technical assessment requires you to solve 2 coding questions in under 45 minutes. Similarly if you have applied for a special skills position, you will be required to take a multiple-choice Accenture skill assessment test. 

With this, we come to an end to the Accenture online assessments. If you qualify the above stages of assessment, you will be required to sit the Accenture video interview. Let’s dive right into the details!

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Accenture HireVue Video Interview

What is the Accenture video interview?

The Accenture video interview will be an automated interview provided by HireVue, where you will be required to record yourself answering some pre-recorded Accenture interview questions on the platform. These questions will be behavioural in nature.

Accenture Video Interview tip: your Accenture recruiters use competency-based questions during this video assessment to understand how you react to likely workplace scenarios you will face within the company.

Unlock even more information in under 1 minute about the Accenture pre-recorded video interview, particularly how these are used to assess you as a candidate: 

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

But, just how do you ace the Accenture video interview?

We’ve got you covered! We have come up with 6 key tips and tricks which will guide you to prepare and ace your upcoming Accenture video interview.

6 Top Tips to Ace the Accenture Video Interview

  1. Practice and Timing: Practice delivering your responses in a concise and confident manner. Do not deliver answers that are too long, tailor your responses to the time allocated to you. 
  1. Note down the points you want to discuss: Identify 2-3 main points or examples that directly address the question. Talk about each main point in a chronological order.
  1. Add a catching introduction: Start with a brief and engaging introduction that directly addresses the question. Provide context and set the stage for your answer.
  1. Structure and Flow: Maintain a logical flow throughout your response using the CAR or STAR+R method to ensure that your points connect and build upon each other.
  1. Impact and Results: Whenever possible, highlight the impact or results of your actions or experiences and highlight your achievements using numbers and percentages. 
  1. Summarise your answer and hit the main points again: While concluding your answer make sure you revisit the points you have discussed and their relevance in your answer.  

Good to Know: GF has a dedicated guide on HireVue to help you ace your Accenture video interview. Click here to learn more!

To unlock more pro tips on how to ace your Accenture video interview, don’t miss the following short video: 

Epic Video Interview Tips and Tricks

Now, using the above tips, let’s try to form a sample answer for one of the most commonly used Accenture interview questions: 

Accenture Interview Question and Answer

Question: Describe a time when you were given instructions that were either vague or unclear, how did you handle it?

Good Answer

  • Situation: Whilst I was working as a Quality Control Assistant during an internship at a local manufacturer, my superior tasked me with carrying out a full inspection of the latest batch on my own. 
  • Task: As I had just started, this task was unclear to me at this time as I did not understand the inspection procedure and the key areas to look out for. 
  • Action: I first requested an updated checklist from my supervisor for these items to use for my inspection. Once provided, I then immediately went to work, ensuring to inspect each product carefully before checking each box. I also aimed to find further potential errors beyond the checklist in a safe manner to ensure quality was at its best for all stages of production.  
  • Result: Once I completed my inspection quickly, I found a few faults and reported these to my superior. My superior was impressed when she saw the thoroughness of my review and complimented me on the timely delivery. She also gave a few pointers that I could use to further improve my efficiency in my inspections. 
  • Reflect: I found that asking for further guidance and materials to assist with my work is useful for gaining further understanding of processes to ensure high quality. I also found it useful to gain feedback from my supervisor and co-workers that I can use to further improve my performance and experience.

Ready to take your interviewing skills to the next level? Discover what top employers such as Atkins, Deloitte, Google, Amazon and Barclays commonly ask candidates with over 39 employer interview sets with our video interview practice platform today. 

Accenture video interview free practice

The next and the last stage of your Accenture assessment process is the Accenture assessment centre. Read on to find out more. 

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Accenture Assessment Centre: Accenture Virtual Reality Assessment

What is the Accenture assessment centre?

Accenture’s Assessment Centre is the last stage of the Accenture Recruitment Process and will take place at Accenture offices or virtually with Cappfinity. The Accenture virtual assessment centre examines you on the basis of your behaviours in a real work environment. 

What will the Accenture assessment centre involve?

Accenture’s Assessment Centre typically consists of the following exercises:

We will discuss the various assessment centre exercises in detail below. 

Accenture Management Presentation

What is the Accenture Management presentation?

The Accenture management presentation will require you to give a presentation on a particular provided topic as required by your assessors. You will be given a time limit of around 10 minutes within which you will have to complete the presentation. 

Time management here plays a very important role, since you will have to cover all the given points of your presentation within the given time. 

What does the Accenture management presentation assess?

  • Time management
  • Prioritization 
  • Comprehension 
  • Business knowledge  

How to pass the Accenture management presentation

To boost your chances of acing this presentation, check out our 4 key tips below: 

  1. Manage your time accurately: Make sure you time the presentation properly. Don’t worry too much about finishing just under the time limit, however avoid finishing too soon or too late!
  1. Include necessary details: Make sure that you use all the relevant data such as any reports and statistics to ensure that your presentation is accurate and informative. 
  1. Work on your speech delivery: Practice and improve delivering answers to improve your confidence in your presentation. Gain feedback from your friends or family to improve how you communicate ideas.
  1. Involve the assessor: give time for questions at the end of the presentation, and if the recruiter has any questions when concluding a section during the presentation.

Boost your confidence and develop your Accenture assessment centre preparation with full example assessor marking guides and top professional guidance with real assessment experience with our GF Assessment Centre Pack today.

Accenture Group Exercise

What is the Accenture group exercise?

The Accenture group exercise examines your behaviour when put in a team. You will be divided into a group of 6-8 candidates and will be required to discuss your ideas as a group and come to a conclusion based on all the information you have been provided.

At the end of your discussion, the assessors may ask questions about your proposal. They may also request a short presentation as a summary.

To assure your employers that you will be great in a team, make sure to keep in mind the following tips.

4 Quick Tips to Pass the Accenture Group Exercise 

  1. Do not argue or raise your voice to make your point heard. 
  2. Do not interrupt someone while they are expressing their views. 
  3. Ask your teammates for their opinions and uplift the quiet ones in the group, this will make them feel valued. 
  4. Address your teammates by their first names, this will help you build a more personal relationship with them. 

For more tips on Accenture group exercises and assessment centre preparation with full example assessor marking guides and top professional guidance with real assessment experience with our GF Assessment Centre Pack today.

Your next assessment centre exercise at Accenture will be the Accenture virtual reality assessment. You can find more details on this below.

Accenture Virtual Reality Assessment

What is the Accenture virtual reality test?

The Accenture Virtual Reality Assessment is an innovative and immersive experience. You will enter the testing environment where you will need to solve problems and identify the right courses of actions. These will require you to apply data interpretation, problem solving, resilience and work agility to succeed.

Good to Know: The Accenture virtual reality assessment is only introduced in some areas. Therefore, you may or may not be required to take this assessment depending on your area of interest. 

What will the Accenture virtual reality assessment involve?

There are three different Accenture virtual reality scenarios that will be used to examine you:

  1. The Egyptian Crypt, where you will be asked to work on moving a set of hieroglyphs, strategically using as few moves as possible, until you order them in the correct form.
  1. A set of ten podiums will be presented to you, each involving a problem or puzzle to be solved.
    • These will include arranging rocks into correct size order, counting the number of specific objects or answering quick common knowledge questions, e.g. capitals of some well-known countries.
    • This task will put you under time pressure and examine your management skills and prioritization as you may not be able to complete all of them successfully.
  1. The final Accenture Virtual Reality exercise will simulate an office environment.
    • Here, you will be presented with a virtual device including all information regarding your current live project.
    • You will need to analyse given information to evaluate the status of the project and make a conference call to record a summary of your findings.

How to pass Accenture virtual reality assessment?
As Virtual Reality assessments help recruiters evaluate your behaviour and performance in unusual situations, there is no direct way to prepare for Accenture’s Virtual Reality Assessment. However, our team has uncovered the following 7 key preparation tips you can use:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Technology: Research and practice with some virtual reality platforms or games to become comfortable with the immersive experience. 
  1. Technology setup: Make sure you have all the necessary technical equipment required for the test. You will be provided an email by Accenture in advance about what equipment and what software you need. Therefore, make sure to download that software and learn its usage in advance. 
  1. Choosing a Safe Space: Ensure you have enough physical space to move around safely while wearing the VR headset. Clear any obstacles that might interfere with your movements.
  1. Read the Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to the instructions provided before starting the assessment. Understand the objectives, rules, and any specific tasks or challenges you need to complete.
  1. Focus on the Task: While the VR environment may be visually stimulating, remember that the assessment is about your performance on specific tasks or challenges. Keep your focus on the assessment objectives.
  1. Use Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: Accenture virtual reality assessments often present challenges that require problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Analyze the situation, consider different perspectives, and apply logical reasoning to make informed decisions.
  1. Pay Attention to Feedback: Pay attention to any feedback provided during or after the assessment and use it to improve your performance in subsequent tasks or challenges.

Once you have aced the Accenture virtual reality assessment, you will be invited to the last stage of Accenture test, i.e., the Accenture final interview. Let’s see what you can expect.

Accenture Final Interview

What is the Accenture final interview?

The Accenture final interview will be conducted by a senior manager or director from the business area that you applied to.  You may be asked either technical or behavioural kinds of questions. If you are applying for a business role, you may also have to sit through the Accenture case interview. 

This will be your last chance to stand out from the competition and prove that you are an ideal candidate. Let’s get into more details of the Accenture case interview. 


The Accenture case interview examines the candidate’s ability to solve a business problem at the workplace. During the case interview your interviewer presents a situation or case and then asks you to explore the underlying causes of the problem and suggest recommendations to remedy the problem.

 The cases given in the Accenture case study are real business situations mostly drawn from the interviewer’s personal experiences and will last for 45-60 minutes.


The only way you can pass the Accenture case interview is cracking the code and breaking tasks into pieces. Here are the steps you may follow to do well in your Accenture case interview. 

Top 6 tips to pass the Accenture case interview

  1. Practice with Sample Cases: Familiarize yourself with case studies by practicing with sample cases. This can help you become comfortable with the format and the process.
  1. Understand the Problem: Identify and define the main issue or challenge that requires attention. Clearly express the central concern being explored in this case study.
  1. Identify the Nature of the Issue: Begin by identifying and providing a clear definition for the primary problem or challenge that needs attention. Convey the core aspect being investigated in this specific case study.
  1. Examine the Situation: Dissect and analyze each aspect of the problem at hand. Assess various factors, stakeholders, and variables involved. Consider employing frameworks to organize your analysis, if appropriate.
  1. Assess the Options: Evaluate both positive aspects and drawbacks associated with each solution you have proposed when prioritizing which solutions appear most promising.
  1. Review and Edit: After completing your case study analysis, review your work for clarity, coherence, and correctness. Check for grammatical errors and ensure your ideas flow logically.

This was all about your Accenture case interview, but you may be also required to answer behavioural and technical questions at your Accenture interview.

Access 60 sets of interview questions and answers using GF’s proprietary video interviewing software! This includes a set of case interview questions and a set of questions typically asked by Accenture. 

  1. Brush-up on Programming Language Concepts
    • If you are applying for a software programming role at Accenture, choose an object-oriented programming language you’re comfortable with. Aim to spend at least a week or two brushing up on key concepts. Practice solving tricky and complex coding problems to enhance your skills.
  1. Schedule Adequate Time to Prepare
    • Schedule adequate time to enhance your understanding of concepts in data structures and algorithms. Begin your Accenture interview prep at least 8 weeks before your interview to give yourself adequate time to get familiar with the problem-solving mindset you need to do well.
  1. Identify Problem-Solving Patterns
    • Pattern recognition and application is a useful method to solve unseen problems in the Accenture technical interview. Consider practicing case studies within your fields to develop a technique to solve problems.
  1. Use STAR+R method for behavioural questions:
    • Prepare answers for behavioral questions. Use the STAR+R method (Situation, Task, Action, Result, Reflect) to structure your responses when discussing past experiences.
  1. Ask questions at the end 
    • Don’t forget to ask the interviewer your own questions at the end of the final Accenture interview. Stand out from the competition with some thought-provoking questions, and demonstrate your genuine motivation and enthusiasm to work for the company.

But what questions can I ask in my Accenture interview? Here’s our top 5 interview questions that you should ask your interviewer:

5 Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview #shorts

Discover what behavioural and technical questions you can expect in your Accenture interview with our Question Identifier Tool (QIT) as part of our Practice Essentials package.

After the completion of the whole Accenture recruitment process, you will be required to submit references and the company will run pre-employment checks on you. If everything gets approved, you will be joining your dream job at Accenture. Congratulations!

But wait, before you go!

Are you a college graduate and want to start a career with Accenture? Then check out our dedicated section below, for more information on Accenture’s graduate schemes and internships

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Accenture Early Careers

Accenture offers various early career programs for students and recent graduates to kickstart their careers. Some of these programs include:

  1. Accenture Graduate Program
  2. Accenture Analyst Program
  3. Accenture Apprentice Program
  4. Accenture Internship Program
  5. Accenture Future Leaders Program

Let’s discuss these in detail.

Accenture Graduate Programs

This program offers comprehensive training and development opportunities to build skills and prepare for a career in consulting, technology, or operations within 12-24 months, after which you may be offered a full time position at Accenture.

The various functions in which Accenture offers graduate programs are: 

  1. Consulting Graduate Program 
  2. Technology Graduate Program 
  3. Operations Graduate Program 
  4. Applied Intelligence Graduate Program
  5. Interactive Graduate Program 

Accenture Graduate Programs Eligibility Criteria

  1. Education: Applicants must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field. However, some programs may require a specific degree or course of study.
  2. Work Authorization: Applicants must be authorized to work in the country where the program is based. 
  3. Language Skills: Applicants must be proficient in the language(s) required for the program. Fluency in English is typically required for most programs.
  4. Relevant Skills and Experience: What skills you require depend on the job function you’re applying to.

Good to Know: The specific eligibility requirements and qualifications for each program may vary depending on the location and business area.

Accenture Analyst Program

The Accenture Analyst Program is designed for entry-level professionals who want to build their skills and gain hands-on experience working on client projects in areas such as consulting, technology, or operations. The program typically lasts for 12 to 18 months, and participants receive extensive training and mentorship in their respective areas of focus.

The job functions available in the Accenture Analyst Program include: 

  1. Interactive
  2. Technology 
  3. Consulting 
  4. Operations 
  5. Applied intelligence 

The eligibility requirements for the Accenture Analyst Program may vary depending on the specific program and location, but in general requirements remain the same as those in the Accenture graduate program above.

Good to know: The specific skills, qualifications, and experience required for each program may vary depending on the location and business area.

Accenture Apprentice Program

The Accenture Apprentice program is a skills development program designed for individuals who want to start their career in the technology industry. The program provides participants with the opportunity to develop their technical skills and work on real client projects while earning a salary and typically lasts for 12 to 24 months

The general eligibility criteria remain the same for all the Accenture early careers. Some specific criteria will depend on the job function you have applied to. 

Accenture Internship Program

Accenture offers a variety of internship programs for students and recent graduates to gain practical work experience and develop their skills. These internships are available in various business areas, including consulting, technology, and operations.

Accenture offers several internship programs for students and recent graduates. Some of the programs include:

  1. Consulting Internship
  2. Technology Internship
  3. Operations Internship
  4. Analytics Internship
  5. Cybersecurity 

 The basic eligibility criteria for the Accenture internship program is the same as the other early career programs by Accenture. However, the specific eligibility criteria will depend upon the job function you are applying to. 

Accenture Future Leaders Program

The Accenture Future Leaders Program offers an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience, receive mentorship from senior professionals, and develop their leadership skills.This program typically lasts for 10 weeks and takes place during the summer months. Participants receive a competitive salary and may be offered full-time positions with Accenture upon graduation.

Accenture Future Leaders Program application deadlines: The applications for the Accenture Future Leaders Program open in the month of April every year for the internships August to December and in September for internships from January to June. 

As we’ve mentioned above, the process you face may be different depending on the country or location you’ve applied to. One example is the Accenture India hiring process. Read on below to discover more!

Accenture Careers India: Assessment Process

The different stages of the Accenture India assessment process are: 

  1. Accenture Online Application 
  2. Accenture Online Assessment Tests 
  3. Accenture Video Interview 
  4. Accenture Assessment Centre

Whilst the Indian assessment process is mostly very similar to the general recruitment process, you may be required to take a few different online tests. These tests are divided into 2 stages. 

Stage 1: Accenture Cognitive and Technical Assessment
  • Accenture Numerical Reasoning
  • Accenture Logical Reasoning
  • Accenture Verbal Reasoning
  • Accenture Common Applications and MS Office: This section tests your knowledge on various applications of MS Office with 12 questions to be completed in 12 minutes. 
  • Accenture Pseudocode: This test measures your knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, OOPS and data structure. You will be required to answer at least 18 questions.
  • Accenture Fundamentals of Networking: A MCQ-based test on network security.  You will be required to answer at least 10 MCQs in about 10 minutes. You must score at least 70% questions correctly to pass this stage. 
Stage 2: Accenture Coding Test

What is an Accenture coding test?

The Accenture coding test, as the name suggests is a coding test but not like the one in the first stage, it’s much lengthier and more comprehensive. This Accenture exam will consist of 2 programming questions which you will be required to code in under 45 minutes. 

Good to Know: You are likely to also be required to take a communication assessment at this stage. The Accenture Communication Test measures your spoken language ability.

Unlock even more info and top tips on Accenture recruitment process by our short FAQs section below. 

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Accenture FAQs

How long does Accenture take to respond?

The Accenture recruitment process is a long process which takes about 5-6 months to complete. However, once you are done with the Accenture final interview, they will take around 15-20 days to respond about your selection or rejection.

How to prepare for the Accenture online tests?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the format
  2.  Practice tests regularly
  3. Be well rested
  4. Read the instructions carefully
  5. Don’t overthink: Try not to overthink the questions and go with your gut instinct.

Kickstart your Accenture test practice with our range of practice assessments in a similar style to the real experience.

What is the Accenture Talent of Future Program?

Accenture Talent of the Future is a program designed to develop and nurture young talent by providing them with the skills, experience, and resources they need to succeed in the digital economy. The program aims to help individuals build a successful career in areas such as technology, consulting, and digital transformation.

How do I apply for a job at Accenture?

You can apply for a job at Accenture by visiting their careers website, selecting a job opening that matches your skills and experience, and following the application process outlined in the job listing.

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