Aptitude Tests – Key Facts

  • Aptitude tests are similar to ability tests. Aptitude tests assess the potential to acquire knowledge generally, ability tests place these in a specific work context. For example, a numerical reasoning test for an Accountancy job.
  • Candidates, Graduates and Professionals, who are seeking professional careers in Business, Accountancy, Finance or Law, will most likely have to take an aptitude test.
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What is an Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test enables an employer to assess and appraise the potential, talent and ability levels of prospective employees. Aptitude tests within a specific context may involve a Verbal Reasoning Test which requires the analysis of written text and questions. Another category is that of Numerical Reasoning Tests, which consist of questions that whilst require basic arithmetic operations, involve deep reasoning to get correct. The numerical tests along with numerical literacy, can clarify how a prospective employee may analyse and apply their skills. Employers can appraise one’s ability using an aptitude test to make a decision on the best candidates, and further to decide on whether to hire someone or not.

For more information, see our section on ‘Psychometrics’ and ‘Ability tests’.

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