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Are you considering a career in Baker McKenzie or exploring popular Baker McKenzie graduate programs spanning across the globe including the US and UK? This latest all-inclusive guide will help you ace the process, first time.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessment tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the Baker McKenzie application and assessment process. 

Not sure if you should practice to prepare for the Baker McKenzie assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude test results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) found that candidates who do not practice assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.


How to best prepare for Baker McKenzie assessments to get hired?

  1. Complete your Baker McKenzie Online Application 
  • Fill in your Baker McKenzie application form on the Baker McKenzie official website.
  • Tailor your application to Baker McKenzie’s core values.
  • Use keywords from the job description in your resume, application and cover letter for Baker McKenzie.
  1. Prepare for your Baker McKenzie Online Assessments

Baker McKenzie may require you to sit in the following of its Baker McKenzie online assessment tests. These include:

  1. Situational Judgement Test
  2. Watson Glaser Test
  1. Record Mock Video Interviews of Yourself

Practice with mock interviews before your Baker McKenzie interview process. Develop your interviewing technique by practising recording your answers and watching them to analyse your technique, presentation skills, timekeeping, and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

For your Baker McKenzie interview questions practice, use our GF video interview platform equipped with predefined competency and industry-based questions, emulating the experience of a Baker McKenzie video interview.

  1. Ace the Baker McKenzie Assessment Centre Exercises

The Baker McKenzie assessment centre will be the last stage of the Baker McKenzie recruitment process. At this stage, the recruiters at Baker McKenzie may assess your on-the-job competency through the following exercises:

Practice for your Baker McKenzie final interview using example strength-based, motivational, competency-based, and commercial awareness questions. Baker McKenzie will also assess your legal knowledge at this stage.

Hone your technique for your Baker McKenzie interview questions to showcase your:

  • Thorough understanding of the organisation and the job role
  • Passion for work
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical and analytical skills
  • Business acumen 
  • Organisation skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Problem-solving abilities

Continue reading to find answers to the following critical questions:

  1. What is Baker McKenzie’s graduate recruitment process?
  2. What questions are frequently asked in the Baker McKenzie video interview?
  3. How to prepare for Baker McKenzie’s assessment centre?
  4. What is Baker McKenzie’s vacation scheme?
  5. What is the Baker McKenzie virtual internship?

Wait no more and start practicing for Baker McKenzie assessment tests with our expert-crafted assessments. Click on any of the tests below to get started.

Relevant Assessments to Baker McKenzie Practice Now
Situational JudgementStart Practicing
Watson Glaser Start Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

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Before we dive into each of the Baker McKenzie tests, let’s walk you through what’s coming up in this guide:


  1. Who is Baker McKenzie?
  2. Baker McKenzie Online Application
  3. Baker McKenzie Online Assessments
  4. Baker McKenzie Interview
  5. Baker McKenzie Assessment Centre

Good to know bonuses:

  1. Baker McKenzie Early Careers
  2. Baker McKenzie Assessment Tests FAQs

So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Who is Baker McKenzie?

Baker McKenzie is an American international law firm known globally for its cross-border work and is ranked 1st in the USA. Headquartered in Chicago, USA, it was founded in 1949 by Russel Baker and John McKenzie. 

The firm is spread across 45 locations globally with nearly 4779 attorneys offering legal services in the following areas:

  • Banking
  • Finance 
  • Capital Markets
  • Dispute resolution
  • Corporate 
  • Data and Technology., etc

Now, let’s cover what Baker McKenzie job areas you can apply for with the Baker McKenzie application process.

Baker McKenzie Job Areas

Where can I apply for Baker McKenzie graduate jobs?

Baker McKenzie offers a variety of jobs available in its practice areas. You can apply in any of the following divisions:

BankingProjects and EnergyIP TechStructured Capital MarketsTaxReal Estate
PensionsEU, Competition and TradeEmploymentDispute ResolutionCorporate

To apply to these Baker McKenzie job areas, you need a solid grasp of the core values that Baker McKenzie follows. So, let’s discuss these values below.

Baker McKenzie Core Values

What are Baker McKenzie’s core values?

  1. Brave: Be innovative and courageous to challenge the status quo to progress with teamwork.
  2. Brilliant: Empower to shine without individuality and offer limitless potential with our careers 
  3. Kind: Be understanding and respectful of our people, their knowledge, skills and their personal attributes and treat them with empathy. 
  4. Client-centric: Put clients’ needs first, anticipate their needs and protect their interests.
  5. One-team mentality: Collaborate as a unit to bring out the best in everyone across geographical borders and different practice areas. 
Baker McKenzie Vision Statement”We’re dedicated to the sustainable success of our clients, our people and the communities we are part of. ”
Baker McKenzie Mission Statement“Our pro bono mission is to deliver first-class legal services to the underserved and disadvantaged at the local, national and international level”

Knowing Baker McKenzie’s values will help best prepare for your Baker McKenzie application as well as ace your Baker McKenzie assessment centre.

Ready for some top tips on how to research the company most efficiently? Here are our 5 tips to research Baker McKenzie.

5 Top Tips to Research Baker McKenzie 

  1. Stay attuned to Baker McKenzie’s social media: Research the company’s work culture by staying up-to-date with their social media and recent news.
  1. Research Baker McKenzie inside out: Check out the company’s official website to gain insights into the company’s range of services, strategy for the future, products and values. 
  1. Keep an eye on news about Baker McKenzie: Discover Baker McKenzie’s market positioning, its recent developments and any challenges it may be facing. It will boost your market awareness necessary to stand out in interviews.
  1. Tailor your resume/CV: Ensure your Baker McKenzie application has the CV/Resume tailored for the programme and it aligns with the goals, motivations, and core values of Baker McKenzie.
  1. Attend Baker McKenzie Open Days: Talk and discuss with the current Baker McKenzie employees at Open Days to learn more about the firm and its operations.

Want more such Baker McKenzie research tips from our experts? Check out this short video below:

How to Research a Company Before an Interview | Job Application & Interview Tips #career #shorts

Now that we’ve done our research, let’s jump right into your first stage of the Baker McKenzie application process: the Baker McKenzie online application form.

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Baker McKenzie Online Application

What is the Baker McKenzie application process?

The Baker McKenzie application is the first step of the Baker McKenzie application process where you have your first chance to set a good impression and stand out. 

The Baker McKenzie application process will require you to provide your:

  1. Contact details 
  2. Education and academic achievement
  3. Relevant work experience
  4. Skills and qualifications
  5. Motivation to apply for the role 
  6. Acknowledgement
Baker McKenzie Application Form
Baker McKenzie Application Form
Source: Baker McKenzie Careers

Important to know: During your Baker McKenzie application process, you will be required to attempt 3 questions in the essay format i.e. 300-400 word limit. The questions may include strength-based, motivational and/or scenario-based questions.

Looking for CV or Resume tips to stand out for your Baker McKenzie recruiters? Check out our 8 top tips to prepare a shortlist-worthy resume.

8 Top Tips to Prepare a Baker McKenzie Resume

  1. Use an eye-friendly resume format: Did you know recruiters spend an average of just 6 seconds looking at a CV? Make it count for your Baker McKenzie application!
  1. Avoid including your picture and personal details that are not relevant to the role, such as your marital status and religion as your Baker McKenzie recruiters may reject your application to avoid discrimination accusations.
  1. Double-check your CV: Ensure there are no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors in your resume for Baker McKenzie. Use neat and clear language to show professionalism.
  1. Use specific examples: Include specific information such as work experience, skills, and achievements that highlight you as the perfect fit for the role at Baker McKenzie. 
  1. Refer to particular skills from your experiences that match the Baker McKenzie competencies: problem solving, creativity, team-orientedness, leadership, etc.
  1. Keep to a 1-page limit: Only include the most relevant information in your CV for Baker McKenzie. Don’t extend your CV beyond 1 page.
  1. Quantify relevant experiences: Highlight relevant experiences, projects and extracurricular activities. Show how they helped you gain knowledge and skills to best fit the role at Baker McKenzie.
  1. Don’t forget to proofread: Proofread your resume/CV both manually and using Grammar-checking software to avoid grammatical errors.

Want more such tips to ace your Baker McKenzie application stage? Check our quick video below:

How to Prepare For a Job Application Form | Job Application & CV Tips #shorts

After your application gets accepted, you will proceed to the second stage: the Baker McKenzie online assessment stage. Let’s find out what these involve.

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Baker McKenzie Online Assessments

What are Baker McKenzie’s assessment tests?

The Baker McKenzie assessment is the second stage of the Baker McKenzie recruitment process. Provided by renowned providers like SHL and Pearson, the tests you may attempt will depend on the job location.

Here are the following types of Baker McKenzie assessment tests that you may take:

  1. Baker McKenzie Situational Judgement Test
  2. Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser Test

Let’s discuss each of these assessments one by one, starting with the Baker McKenzie situational judgement test.

1. Baker McKenzie Situational Judgement Test

What is the Baker McKenzie situational judgement test?

Baker McKenzie’s situational judgement test is a psychometric test that assesses how you would behave in workplace scenarios and solve problems effectively. Depending on the location, you may have to attempt it as part of your Baker McKenzie assessment stage

How does Baker McKenzie’s situational judgement simulation work?

Baker McKenzie’s situational judgement test tests you with different workplace problems to assess you, especially on the law firm’s competencies. Other skills assessed may include the following: 

  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Diplomacy
  • Work preferences
  • Tendencies to react in different situations
  • Critical reasoning skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving ability

Check out our Baker McKenzie-style situational judgement test example question to get a sneak peek into what your Baker McKenzie assessment test may look like: 

Baker McKenzie-style Situational Judgement Test Question Example

Baker McKenzie Situational Judgement test example

Ready to speed up your situation judgement skills for Baker McKenzie? Here are our top 5 tips to help you ace your Baker McKenzie’s situational judgement tests.

5 Tips to Ace the Baker McKenzie Situational Judgement Test

  1. Consider the skills required: Research the role through the job description and think about which option shows the required soft skills like teamwork skills and creative thinking etc. for the job role at Baker McKenzie.
  1. Match on the desired Baker McKenzie competencies: Focus on what makes a particular behaviour better than another for the same competency. These behaviours are often called behavioural indicators.
  1. Research the culture: Try to take the perspective of the existing Baker McKenzie employees on the scenarios prevalent in the workplace.
  1. Practice: Practice time management as Baker McKenzie generally utilises SHL situational judgement tests which may record the total time taken to complete the assessment.
  1. Ask the experts: See how experienced professionals would approach a given situation creatively and challenge their thinking to develop innovative solutions.

Practice our situational judgement tests to boost your critical reasoning, analytical and management skills for your Baker McKenzie situational judgement test to the next level! 

Want to know what to avoid in your Baker McKenzie’s situational judgement test? Check out this quick video below:

How to Fail a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) #shorts

Now, let’s move on to the next assessment, the Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser assessment.

 2. Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser Test

What is the Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser test?

The Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser assessment or Watson Glaser Critical Appraisal is a 40-question critical reasoning test that you have to complete within 30 minutes. It assesses your ability to infer, deduce, interpret, and evaluate information logically for effective decision-making.

What can I expect in the Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser Test?

Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser test comprises 5 types of questions each aiming to measure the following:

Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser Test QuestionsSkills Assessed
InferenceAbility to evaluate whether a statement is true, false, or impossible to confer based on the information in the paragraph(s) given.
AssumptionsSituational awareness skills and open-mindedness to distinguish assumptions from facts.
DeductionsDeductive reasoning and judgement skills 
InterpretationsProblem-solving and objective reasoning
Evaluation of argumentsDecision-making, emotional intelligence, objective reasoning and judgement skills

Want to know more about critical reasoning tests like Watson Glaser? Check our complete Critical Reasoning Tests guide here.

5 Best Tips to Ace Your Baker McKenzie Watson Glaser Test

  1. Practice regularly: Practice consistently using timed mock critical thinking tests to become familiar with the types of questions and the level of difficulty.
  1. Identify assumptions: Make identifying unstated assumptions in everyday situations or arguments your second nature through practice.
  1. Read carefully: Reading the instructions, questions and passages carefully shows attention to detail and avoids making mistakes or overlooking details.
  1. Use the elimination technique: Eliminate answers that are clearly incorrect first to improve your efficiency so you are left with the most probable correct answers.
  1. Review your answers: Revisit your answers at the end of the critical test to help catch any errors or misinterpretations you may have made.

Enhance your critical thinking skills ahead of your Baker McKenzie test with more Watson-Glaser practice questions with our Watson-Glaser practice questions today!

After the online assessments, the next stage in Baker McKenzie’s hiring process is the Baker McKenzie interview. Keep reading to discover more about what to expect.

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Baker McKenzie Video Interview

What is the Baker McKenzie video interview?

The Baker McKenzie video interview is a 30-minute on-demand interview that requires you to answer 4-5 pre-recorded video questions within the given time frame. You will have nearly 45 seconds to prepare and 90 seconds to record each answer. 

Good to know: Depending on the location and role, the Baker McKenzie interview process may also include a telephone, video or in-office screening interview round.

Find out more about virtual interviews such as Baker McKenzie video interview with our quick video below:

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

What questions will I be asked in a Baker McKenzie interview?

Baker McKenzie interview questions are typically competency-based, strength-based motivational and commercial awareness. Before sitting for the Baker McKenzie interview, you must be well aware of the following:

  1. The industry Baker McKenzie operates in
  2. Its competitors
  3. The company structure and corporate culture
  4. The company history and future strategy 
  5. Any recent development that could be affecting the business.

So how do we answer these questions? Keep reading for our example Baker McKenzie video interview questions to kick start your practice.

Example Baker McKenzie Interview Questions and Answers


Tip to Answer: Structure your answer to this question using the STAR+R format. Think of an experience where you worked in a team. Focus on what you had to do as part of the team and the positive results from your actions. 

Example Answer:

  • Situation: In my last internship, I worked in a team of six people to lead a business project.
  • Task: We were assigned to prepare a business proposal for a finance client. 
  • Action: After rigorous brainstorming sessions and thorough discussions, I devised a case study on the company of the client and came up with a business idea to help devise the business proposal. I took suggestions from all my team members, who helped me throughout the planning and development stages.
  • Result: The client loved the business proposal and our supervisor rewarded us with a certificate for our dedication, team spirit, and thorough planning.
  • Reflection: Looking back, our effective planning and teamwork skills helped us seek input from all team members at the right time to come up with a business proposal on time. Using a strategy of open communication allowed me to see the case from all possible perspectives and make slight adjustments where needed.

Tip to Answer: Use any one relevant strength you are confident about with some evidence or proof, and why you consider it to be your greatest strength. Ensure the strength doesn’t deviate from the skills essential as per the job description.

Example Answer: 

A key strength of mine is that I am highly analytical. In my previous workplace experience, I discovered this is my biggest strength as I seek to go in-depth to resolve a problem. I stay engaged effortlessly at work and am also able to collaborate effectively and handle conflicts with ease at the workplace. With my ability to go beyond face value, I also helped my team work on a case study to help prepare a suitable business proposal for a banking client. 


Tip to Answer: Frame your answer based on the skills you are passionate about, your long-term goals and how you plan to upskill for the job role. Research the skills necessary for the job role and your experience in them to support your answer.

Example Answer:

I am highly passionate about becoming a Solicitor. Being an LLM graduate, I did some internships at some small-scale legal firms. I love reading about legislation laws and how law and order works in our country. 

My love for legal terminology traces back to my 11th grade. I have a habit of researching extensively on one new legal topic every day and studying the recent cases related to them since the day I entered my LLM. 

I am highly passionate about everything legal and based on my research, a career as a Solicitor is the best way to utilise my potential to serve the best for Baker McKenzie.

Discover even more such tips on how to answer this common Baker McKenzie interview question with our quick video below:

How To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?” | Job Interview Question #shorts

Tip to Answer: This question aims to check your knowledge and awareness so you know how to answer why Baker McKenzie. Frame this answer by praising the company and its unique qualities and aspire to pursue a role here.

Example Answer:

Baker McKenzie has been my dream company for a variety of reasons. I love working with people from diverse backgrounds. Even in my last internship, I had the chance to collaborate with people globally for a project. 

Its global positioning with a highly inclusive environment intrigued me as the firm attracts talent from all over the world even with a diverse academic background. Its value for innovation, supporting out-of-the-box thinking and prioritising individuality even with a one-team mentality matches my work style. Baker McKenzie offers a positive work-life balance and a friendly yet competitive environment to realise your potential. 

Moreover, the company supports overall employee personality development with its specialised support teams like the Graduate Recruitment & Development team and Leadership & Learning team that makes it unique and different from its competitors.

Discover more potential interview questions that you may face in your Baker McKenzie interview with our Question Identifier Tool (QIT) as part of our Essential practice bundle and hone your technique!

Want to know how to level up your game in your Baker McKenzie interview? Check out our 11 top tips to best prepare and get ahead in your Baker McKenzie interview preparation.


11 Top Tips to Ace the Baker McKenzie Interview

  1. Research the company: Gather key information about Baker McKenzie related to your field and role, ongoing trends in the company, challenges faced and latest deals done.
  1. Practice, practice and practice: Practice enough by recording yourself answering common interview questions again and again until you feel satisfied with your overall performance.
  1. Be sure to be well-rested: A good night’s sleep beforehand is essential for keeping good focus and attention. 
  1. Sharpen your commercial instincts: Read BBC and Financial Times in-depth and research any 2-3 topics of commercial world subjects, especially the legal sector, what’s impacting it currently and what may impact it in the future.
  1. Re-read your initial application: Be ready to elaborate on your experiences, skills and achievements mentioned in your CV or application.
  1. Test the technology: Test it out your device’s webcam, and microphone functioning properly and connected with a high-speed Wi-Fi with a minimum speed of 100kbps to 350 kbps.
  1. Take the interview where you won’t be disturbed: Ensure to take the Baker McKenzie video interview in a noise-free and clutter-free space with a neutral background and decent lighting.
  1. Show enthusiasm: Speak slowly at a clear and consistent volume, but do not sound monotonous. Show enthusiasm to present yourself and use hand gestures to express your points.
  1. Don’t read from notes: Use sticky notes for main points only and avoid reading from a script. Use practice to frame your answers till they feel natural and comfortable to you.
  1. Be concise but specific: You don’t need to use the full response time for each question. Paint a full picture to answer each question, and there you go!
  1. Maintain eye contact: Maintain eye-contact with the interviewer or the camera to showcase confident body language.

Ace your next interview with our video interview practice tool – featuring 60 unique interview sets including technology interview questions used by employers such as Baker McKenzie to boost your interview technique with practice.

baker mckenzie video interview practice

Once you’ve aced your interview, you will be then invited to the next and final stage of the assessment journey: Baker McKenzie assessment centre.

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Baker McKenzie Assessment Centre

What is the Baker McKenzie assessment centre?

The Baker McKenzie assessment centre is the last stage of the Baker McKenzie hiring process. Here, you will participate in numerous in-office individual and group exercises that may vary depending on the job role and job level. These exercises may include the following:

  1. Baker McKenzie Group Exercise
  2. Baker McKenzie Document Checking Exercise
  3. Baker McKenzie Final Interview

What does the Baker McKenzie assessment centre measure?

This Baker McKenzie assessment centre aims to evaluate you on the following qualities: 

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Planning and organisation 
  • Personal initiatives 

Read on as we dive into detail about the exercises you can expect at the Baker McKenzie assessment centre.

1. Baker McKenzie Group Exercises

What is the Baker McKenzie group exercise?

The Baker McKenzie group exercise assesses your interpersonal skills, communication and ability to work in a team. You will be split into small groups of 4-6 candidates to solve a mock business problem based on the objectives provided.

How does the Baker McKenzie group exercise work?

The Baker McKenzie group exercise assesses you based on a mock business scenario which you have to read and then discuss with the group to arrive at an effective plan of action. It may include deciding which project or service shall receive the funding and why. 

What skills does Baker McKenzie’s group exercise measure? 

Baker McKenzie’s group exercise aims to assess you based on the following skills:

Ability to work with the teamProblem-solving skillsNegotiation and persuasion skills
Leadership CreativityCourage
Communication skillsAttention-to-detailActive listening 

Want to take your Baker McKenzie group exercise preparation to the next level? Don’t miss our top 5 group exercise tips.

5 Top Tips to Ace the Baker McKenzie Group Exercise

  1. Maintain positive body language: Showcase effective and engaging body language by smiling, nodding and using hand gestures.
  1. Use the resources you are given: You will likely be provided with resources during the assessment centre. Use these resources to assist your team in finding the solution.
  1. Contribute your ideas: Actively contribute to the discussion by sharing your creative ideas and building on the points of your team.
  1. Keep an eye on the time: Ensure you complete the task within the time limit by monitoring the time and keeping the team updated.
  1. Communicate effectively: Avoid speaking over your fellow candidates by speaking clearly and calmly. Listen and involve your team in the discussion.

Take a break from reading and check out these 5 tips for your Baker McKenzie group exercise with this video below:

Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

2. Baker McKenzie Document Checking Exercise

What is the Baker McKenzie checking test?

The Baker McKenzie document-checking exercise is a 30-minute exercise that you have to attempt as part of your Baker McKenzie’s assessment centre. Herein, you have to check the document for errors and it requires no legal knowledge but a sharp eye for detail. 

What does the Baker McKenzie checking test measure?

Baker McKenzie’s document-checking exercise aims to assess you on the following skills:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Time-management skills
  3. Ability to thoroughly comprehend the data
  4. Work effectively under pressure
  5. Ability to spot inconsistencies or illogical components 

Practice with the Essentials to boost your data comparison and accuracy skills with a variety of number-checking tests, word-checking tests and spelling & grammar tests to prepare for your Baker McKenzie’s document-checking tests.

5 Top Tips to Ace the Baker McKenzie Document Checking Exercise

  1. Practice tests ahead of time: Practice with timed mock Baker McKenzie-style checking tests to help you boost speed with accuracy.
  1. Find a distraction-free zone: Ensure you take the test in a noise-free area with sufficient lighting and a strong internet connection.
  1. Don’t spend too much time on one question: Follow a balanced approach and spread time evenly across each question to keep both speed and accuracy. 
  1. Don’t rush: Maintain speed but don’t rush through that you compromise on the accuracy. If unsure, make an educated guess or skip to the next question.
  1. Don’t forget to proofread: Ensure to proofread or cross-check the whole test before submitting it to rule out any oversights.

Good to know: Depending on the location like Hong Kong, you may have to complete a one-hour-long drafting exercise as part of your Baker McKenzie Clerkship Day. For this exercise, you will be required to draft an executive summary after your group case study.

3. Baker McKenzie Final Interview

What is the Baker McKenzie final interview?

Baker McKenzie’s final interview round is the last stage of the Baker McKenzie hiring process. Herein, you will be evaluated by the recruitment manager and HR respectively. The Baker McKenzie interview process for the final interview involves:

  1. Baker McKenzie Case Study Interview
  2. Baker McKenzie Competency-based Interview

Baker McKenzie Final Interview tip: Prepare for being asked about your past projects and their learnings relevant to the job role. Ensure to prepare the answers related to your previous projects based on the STAR+R technique.


What is the Baker McKenzie case study interview?

The Baker McKenzie case study interview is a 30-45 minute case-study round wherein you will have 30 minutes to read a business case study and 15 minutes to present your observations, thoughts, opinions and recommendations to the two partners. 

Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Baker McKenzie Case Study Round

  1. Practice solving case studies Practice using mock business case studies to sharpen your analytical skills in a timed environment for your Baker McKenzie case study round.
  1. Read the material twice: Ensure that you get an understanding of the material provided to you for your Baker McKenzie case study round and the key points on which you can base your recommendations.
  1. Take notes throughout: Note down key points of the case during your Baker McKenzie case study round to help connect the dots of what you are expected to cover.
  1. Keep it short and simple: Base your Baker McKenzie case study business plan on key details. For example, if something is a strength, then why and how it supports your business goals.
  1. Ask questions: Ask the interviewer anything that seems unclear as understanding is key to developing an effective roadmap to the Baker McKenzie case study provided.

What is the Baker McKenzie competency-based interview?

The Baker McKenzie competency or managerial interview is a one-on-one HR round where an associate will assess you based on your CV. You will be asked questions based on your relevant skills for succeeding, work experience, past projects, academics and extracurriculars.

Baker McKenzie Final Interview Tip: Elaborate on your past projects and achievements using the STAR+R approach. Consider examples from your experiences which demonstrate excellent interpersonal and team working skills.

5 Expert Tips to Ace the Baker McKenzie Final Interview

  1. Consider Baker McKenzie’s core values: Ensure you understand the values and culture beforehand. Demonstrate your critical thinking, problem-solving, and ability to work in a team through your answers.
  1. Maintain positive body language: Ensure your body language shows confidence! Positive body language keeps the nerves calm, and you can think better, so double the advantage! 
  1. Be realistic and yourself in your answers: Use real-life examples that demonstrate who you are as a person and how your natural strengths or skills help to achieve a goal or resolve a situation. 
  1. Ask your own questions: Baker McKenzie is looking for enthusiastic candidates who want to know more about the job role and ideal job expectations.
  1. Don’t forget the thank you note: Solidify your pitch with a thank you note that may include any interview question asked, and how you researched post-interview and understood it better. It will show your genuine enthusiasm for the job role.

Want to know what questions to ask in your upcoming Baker McKenzie interview? Check out our short video below:

5 Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview #shorts

So, as we reach the end of the process, a big thumbs up to your patience and dedication. 

Now, if you pass all the Baker McKenzie hiring stages, you will be contacted by Baker McKenzie if selected and will be given an offer letter. Congratulations!

Wait, before you go! Check out some more bonus information about Baker McKenzie’s current student career opportunities, especially for the students below:

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Baker McKenzie Early Careers

Baker McKenzie offers a variety of programmes and schemes to upskill undergraduates and make them job-ready in its London office. These include:

Let’s cover these one by one, starting from Baker McKenzie’s graduate programmes.

Baker McKenzie First Year Insight Scheme Programme

What is Baker McKenzie’s first-year insight scheme?

Baker McKenzie’s first-year insight scheme is a 2-days programme conducted every year in Spring. Commencing in April, you will participate in structured sessions, interactive training workshops and group tasks to develop your core skills and commercial awareness through hands-on training. 

Besides, you will get ample networking opportunities and guidance from a trainee buddy who will guide you throughout your training. You will also attend one-on-one sessions with the firm’s Graduate Recruitment and Development team for personal and professional development.

Baker McKenzie’s First Year Insight Programme Eligibility:

First-year students of any degree discipline with a track record of or more than 2:1.

Baker McKenzie’s First Year Insight Programme Deadline:

The applications will close in February 

Baker McKenzie Virtual Internship Programme

What is Baker McKenzie’s virtual internship?

Baker McKenzie’s virtual internship or virtual experience programme is a 1-2 hourslong self-paced job simulation certification programme. It comprises a series of tasks each 30-45 minutes long guided by pre-recorded videos and example answers featuring actual Baker McKenzie lawyers. 

The virtual experience programme aims to equip you with skills like

  1. Collaboration
  2. Communication skills
  3. Effectively draft court documents
  4. Civil Litigation

Baker McKenzie Vacation Scheme

What is the Baker McKenzie vacation scheme?

Baker McKenzie vacation scheme is a 2 to 3 week long programme held in London every year. Herein, you will work under an allocated associate-cum supervisor and a trainee buddy on live projects, and attend client meetings and team discussions. 

Besides, you will be trained for your client-pitch exercise and get to network with the firm’s professionals including its partners, associates and solicitors. The programme aims to give you exposure to the internal functioning of a global law firm and the life of a commercial lawyer. 

What are the types of Baker McKenzie Vacation Scheme?

Baker McKenzie Graduate recruitment under the vacation scheme is of two types:

  1. Baker McKenzie Summer Vacation Scheme: This 3-week opportunity is for graduates in their final or penultimate year. The summer scheme lasts from June-July. 
  1. Baker McKenzie Spring Vacation Scheme: This opportunity is for graduates or final year students during April and lasts for up to 2 or 3 weeks. 

Good to know: Applications for Baker McKenzie vacation scheme close in January so apply as early as possible as there are only 15 places available for each!

Baker McKenzie Training Contract Programme

What is Baker McKenzie’s training contract programme?

Baker McKenzie’s training contract is a 2-year long programme wherein you work under the 4 key practice areas of the firm for 6 months each. Commencing in February, it will begin with a two-week-long induction with an opportunity to work on live projects.

Herein, you get department-specific training, and research for client pitching, liaising with clients and projects. The written tasks range from writing blog posts to preparing agreements, deeds, contracts and other legal documents.

Baker McKenzie Training Contract Eligibility:

  1. Students with more or equal to a 2:1 degree
  2. Graduates in the fast track LPC from the BPP Law School, Holborn, London.

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Baker McKenzie Assessments FAQs

What are the key competencies of Baker McKenzie?

Baker McKenzie aims to follow up on its Key Performance Areas/ KPAs. They help employees to articulate the necessary skills to become an effective lawyer. Their 5 KPAs are:

  1. Client servicing
  2. Legal Knowledge and expertise
  3. Business development
  4. People management
  5. Matter management 

How many interview rounds does Baker McKenzie have?

Baker McKenzie overall usually conducts around 3 rounds of interviews. There is a screening interview conducted in-office or via Zoom//telephone/ video interview. Afterwards, you undergo one round each of the Baker McKenzie case study and Baker McKenzie competency-based interview.

How to prepare for the Baker McKenzie online assessment questions?

Here’s our quick guide to ace your Baker McKenzie assessment:

  1. Research the job role well
  2. Practice with mock tests and improvise with feedback reports 
  3. Revise the important concepts consistently
  4. Choose a noise-free and well-lit testing environment
  5. Balance speed with accuracy

What is the Baker McKenzie vacation scheme application process?

What is the Baker McKenzie Clerkship programme?

Baker McKenzie Clerkship programme is a 4-week long summer programme beginning in June/July in Hong Kong. Open for law students in their penultimate or final years with a 2:1 degree record, it aims to train them as Trainee Solicitors.

What is Beginnings at Baker McKenzie?

BEGINNINGS at Baker McKenzie is a 18-month long social-mobility focused programme beginning in March in London. Open for 12th grade or equivalent, it aims to train students for a career in law through virtual skills sessions and work experience placement.

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