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Who are HireVue?

  • HireVue is a leading global provider of video interviewing, game assessment and AI (artificial intelligence) technology to talent acquisition functions, recruiters and line managers helping them hire the best fit talent for their organizations
  • HireVue’s game-based assessments are backed by neuroscience and data science and are excellent tools for employers to select the best candidates.
  • Hundreds of leading employers use HireVue video interviews, game assessments or AI based candidate screening tools to hire
  • HireVue games offer a number of benefits for the employers and the candidates and are scientifically robust. They assess the candidate’s cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence and personality.
  • Hundreds of large employers use HireVue video interviews platform and game assessments to hire
  • HireVue now offer 9+ game-based assessments which can be bundled as per employer’s request depending on the role
  • Similar games can be practiced on this website to get familiar with the environment, interactivity and measurement criteria
  • Video interviews preparing for HireVue can be practiced on our website

This text will give you a thorough understanding of:

– who HireVue are

– how to practice and prepare for HireVue games to succeed in employer assessments

– what games HireVue offer and what they measure

– which employers use HireVue video interviews and game assessments

Get your pad and paper ready as we jump in!


  1. Who are HireVue?
  2. Who uses HireVue assessments to hire candidates?
  3. Why employers use HireVue video interviews, game assessments and AI based screening tools to recruit candidates?
  4. What are HireVue game-based assessments?
  5. How to prepare and pass HireVue game assessments?
  6. What are HireVue video interviews?
  7. How to prepare and pass HireVue video interviews?

Who uses HireVue assessments to hire candidates?

Hundreds of companies worldwide use HireVue recruitment and pre-employment tools such as video interviews and games to assess job applicants in the hiring process. Job applicants can interact with HireVue tools at key stages of their recruitment:

  • during ability testing with the use of gamified assessments that replace or complement the traditional psychometric testing
  • pre-record interviews answering a set of questions
  • live video interviews with HR, hiring managers

Examples of companies that have used HireVue assessments, games and video interviews to hire applicants:

  1. Unilever
  2. JP Morgan
  3. Accenture
  4. Tesco
  5. Shell
  6. Deloitte
  7. Glaxo-Smithkline (GSK)
  8. Coca-Cola
  9. Philip Morris International
  10. Foxtel group
  11. Kraft Heinz
  12. Dow Jones
  13. Sodexo

Interested in learning about candidate recruitment and assessment processes and tools used by 100+ largest companies? Head to: step-by-step employer guides to get the details that will help you prepare and outpace your competitors.

Why employers use HireVue game assessments to hire candidates?

You may wonder why so many employers are investing in gamified recruitment processes or video interviews.

  • Engaging: Game based assessments are by nature more engaging and interactive for candidates. At the end there might be a bit of fun in assessments.
  • Accessibility: HireVue game assessments can be taken by anyone on various devices; translation is limited and the games can be deployed very fast in multiple countries and languages.
  • Data-driven decisions: Game results provide the insights necessary for employers to make informed decisions about the strengths of a candidate, and the suitable role since they track many more data points (primarily behavioural) than more traditional online assessments.
  • Reduce Bias: They use algorithms, free of gender or ethnicity biases. This is why their solutions increase the gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of hires.
  • Suitable for novices: HireVue game assessment do not require any previous experience with gaming. They are very simple in operation and work on multiple devices.

Employers use HireVue’s game assessment to assess candidates using a combination of short games, that measure various attributes including:

  • memory
  • numerical ability
  • competence
  • problem solving
  • workplace preferences

Keep reading to find out how best to prepare for HireVue assessment games and video interviews.

Now, let’s move on to find out the key benefits of HireVue game based assessments and HireVue video interviews technology.

What are HireVue Game-based Assessments

First off, the question arises: What are Game-based assessments?

Game-based assessments are digital assessment tests that are presented in a more engaging format, but equally designed to assess the candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality traits and emotional intelligence.

While they may seem less intimidating, game assessments like any test require concentration and high levels of attention. Often, such as in our BART game, there’s no right or wrong way of completing game-based assessments. However, be mindful that many if not most game assessments measure your technical ability such as MathBubbles which looks into numerical ability. The choices you make and the answers you provide will paint some of the picture of who a candidate is to their potential to a future employer.

What game-based assessments does HireVue offer?

HireVue game assessments provide good hiring experience for the recruiter and the candidate. HireVue game-based assessment consists of fun and engaging games divided into several groups, which contain a series of 3 and 4 games each. The series of games that you come across vary from employer to employer.

HireVue game assessments examples

What are the gamified assessments HireVue offers? Let’s find out.

HireVue game assessments

HireVue currently offers over 20 gamified assessments, of these we have identified 9 more commonly used game assessments which are:

  1. Numerosity
  2. Flashback
  3. Pathfinder
  4. Digitspan
  5. Puzzle picture
  6. PortraitXT
  7. Shapedance
  8. Disco numbers
  9. E-Motions

1. Numerosity

  • Numerosity is a Cognitive ability game that assesses your mental arithmetic ability
  • The time allotted for Numerosity is 3 minutes
  • Your task in Numerosity game:
    • Check the type of mathematical OPERATION (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
    • Pick the numbers that get you the RESULT
    • The operation changes as you progress.
HireVue Numerosity game assessment

How to pass HireVue Numerosity game

HireVue Numerosity game assessment tip: Numerosity focuses on your mental arithmetic, a key tip is to ensure that you pay close attention to the operation symbol as this can change mid game. With GF’s MathBubbles game, designed as a cognitive assessment, you can assess your mental arithmetic to help prepare for this game.

GF MathBubbles™ Gamified Assessment

2. Flashback

  • Flashback is a Cognitive ability game that assesses your memory and attention
  • The time allotted for Flashback is 3 minutes
  • Your task in Flashback game:
    • Decide if the shape on the screen matches the one that was displayed 1,2,3 or 4 steps back.
    • You will be presented with a sequence of shapes one at a time.
    • As an image appears, answer YES or NO, depending on whether the current shape is the same as the previous one.
    • At higher levels, compare the current shape to the one displayed 2,3 or 4 steps earlier.
HireVue Flashback game assessment

How to pass HireVue Flashback game

HireVue Flashback game assessment key tip: Flashback has separate levels based on difficulty. Each level has a time limit of 60 seconds. You have to solve as many questions as you can. Want to improve your chances of success with attention based assessments? Practice with GF Cognition-A™ game

GF Cognition-A™ Game Assessment

3. Pathfinder

  • Pathfinder measures your problem solving ability
  • The time allotted for Pathfinder is 5 minutes
  • Your task in Pathfinder game:
    • Slide the boxes to create a path between the endpoints
    • Some of the tiles can’t be moved.
HireVue Pathfinder gamified assessment

How to pass HireVue Pathfinder game

Pathfinder game assessment top tip: Pathfinder is not unlike games that you will find on your app store. We’d recommend using sliding puzzles to help you get to grips with the objective of the game, and to improve your speed.

4. Digitspan

  • Digitspan is a cognitive ability game that measures your memory
  • The time allotted for Digitspan is 3 minutes
  • Your task in Digitspan game:
    • You will be shown a sequence of numbers and alphabets
    • Using the game keyboard, you have to enter the digits you saw on the screen previously in the same order.
HireVue Digitspan gamified assessment

How to pass HireVue Digitspan game

HireVue Digitspan game Tip: Digitspan game focuses on how good your memory is. To practice this we at GF provide Cognition-M, a game we have developed for testing and improving memory.

GF Cognition-M™ Gamified Assessment

5. Puzzlepicture

  • Puzzlepicture measures your speed in recall and problem solving.
  • The time allotted for Puzzlepicture is approximately 7 minutes
  • Your task in this game:
    • Memorize the target image
    • Move the tiles to recreate that image
    • Solve as many puzzles as possible.
HireVue Puzzlepicture game assessment

How to pass HireVue Puzzlepicture game

HireVue Puzzlepicture game assessment tip: Do not get frustrated if you find a particular puzzle harder than the last. You have to keep a level head throughout. Do not be afraid to go back to the start of your line of thinking, as this could help reset and solve the questions more rationally.

6. PortraitXT

  • PortraitXT attempts to gauge and measure your workstyle preferences
  • The time allotted for PortraitXT is 5 minutes
  • Your task in this game:
    • You will read a series of statements that may or may not apply to you and what you like at work.
    • For each statement indicate your level of agreement by selecting one of the options presented.
    • You will be presented with 50 such statements and as such it is much like Graduates First’s Work Personality Test.
HireVue PortraitXT game assessment

How to pass HireVue PortraitXT game

HireVue PortraitXT game tip: It is important to be open and honest with the answers that you give, similar to a Work Personality Questionnaire. Register for GF’s Work Personality Package today to gain first-hand insights into a personality-style test.

GF Personality Questionnaire Free Question Example

Gain key insights in this under 1 minute video of what do personality tests measure which you may come across with HireVue

7. Shapedance

  • Shapedance examines the attention, agility and visual-spatial
  • The time allotted for Shapedance is 3 minutes
  • Your task in this game:
    • Examine the grids. At least two of them have the same pattern
    • Select all the grids that display the same pattern and hit COMPARE
HireVue Shapedance gamified assessment

How to pass HireVue Shapedance game

HireVue Shapedance Tip: Shapedance requires particular focus to complete successfully. So, be sure to get in the right mindset, and remove the potential for any disruptions before you start. You can practice your ability to focus using GF Flanker Task game.

GF Flanker Task Gamified Assessment

8. Disco Numbers

  • Disco Numbers measures your memory and numerical ability.
  • The time allotted for Disco Numbers is 3 minutes
  • Your task in this game:
    • Memorize the sequence of numbers that appear on the screen.
    • Reproduce those numbers and find the sum of all the numbers that were present in the sequence.

How to pass HireVue Disco Numbers game

HireVue Disco Numbers Tip: Disco Numbers requires you to have good memory, you can improve this skill by practicing with us at GF. The video below can clear up what memory games are for you.

9. E-Motions

  • E-Motions measures your emotion recognition
  • The time allotted for E-Motions is 4 minutes
  • Your task in this game:
    • Watch a series of very short videos, no longer than 5 seconds of people expressing an emotion.
    •  You have to identify and choose if the emotion is fear, disgust, sadness, anger, happiness, or surprise.

How to pass HireVue E-Motions game

HireVue E-Motions game Top Tip: E-Motions measures the ability to recognise others emotions. Make sure that you clear your mind and thoughts before you play this game as negative emotions and distracting thoughts can hinder your performance. You can also improve this skill through practice which can be achieved by playing GF’s i-EQ™ game TODAY.

GF Emotional Intelligence Game Assessment

Be sure to Check out the video below where we explain:

  • Why emotional intelligence gamified-assessments are used by employers globally
  • What a typical example Emotional Intelligence practice question looks like
  • How Emotional Intelligence Game-based assessments measure candidates

Remember: All HireVue games have a per-question time limit except for the PortraitXT, so you have to be quick. Solving the questions or puzzles before the time expires means more questions to try. This is a benefit on your part. It shows the employer speed and accuracy

Throughout HireVue’s game based assessments, you will notice that each has a purpose, measuring something about your cognitive ability, technical ability or competence. Accordingly, the employer can make an informed decision as to whether the candidate possesses all those qualities required to be successful in the role. The qualities assessed by HireVue’s game-based assessments are:

  • Numeracy
  • Problem-solving
  • Visual-spatial
  • Attention
  • Agility
  • Memory

Pro HireVue Game Assessment Tip: Use the browser and hardware (e.g. laptop, mobile, etc.) as per the recommendations from your employer. They’ll always email you with all the information needed, so be sure to read it carefully! Keep in mind that many data points such as sliding, moving, pressing in a game is likely also being tracked, so using the right device can only help, as well as thinking carefully about each step.

To have a better understanding of how game assessments work, you can visit our website and practice some games developed by our experts. We offer several practice games that can help you with some HireVue games:

We offer several practice games that can help you with some HireVue games:

GF TestRelevant HireVue Game/sSkills Practiced
Cognition-A™Shapedance & FlashbackAttention
Cognition-M™Flashback, Digitspin & Disco NumbersMemory
BARTPorttraitXTPreferences & Personality
i-EQ™E-MotionsEmotion Recognition
MathBubbles™Numerosity & Disco NumbersMental Arithmetic
Flanker TaskShapedance & FlashbackAttention
PassCode™ Attention and Resilience
MTA-Tray™ Organising, Attention, and Multi-Tasking
GF Practice Game Assessments

These gamified assessments provided by GF measure skills such as attention, memory, risk-taking, emotions, organizing, management, multi-tasking, resilience, etc.

Now that you’ve got the background to what are HireVue Game Assessments, lets take a look at how to prepare and pass HireVue Game Assessments

How to Prepare and Pass HireVue Game Assessments?

Before sitting HireVue games, there are certain things that you can do beforehand to increase your chances of digital assessment success.

  1. Do the Game Research: The game assessments you will face will likely be conveyed to you by the employer using HireVue, or indeed any other employer you are applying to. Gaining information about the assessments can help remove the shock-factor you may get when first seeing this unique style of test.
  2. Get Familiar with Game assessments: With the game information in place, why not start your practice? You may do so in a safe environment such as a mobile app, computer game, or indeed on the Graduates First platform.
  3. Have a stable internet connection: This may seem obvious, but it is also vital. Many of these game assessments require attention and have continuity. If you have poor internet connection that interrupts your flow, this could effect your result. So, be sure to check this before you start.

To consolidate your success, why not take a break from reading to watch our short YouTube Video resource below, all about acing your HireVue game assessments.

And that is all for HireVue game-based assessments! Let’s move on to find out about HireVue Video Interviews.

HireVue Video Interviews

What are HireVue Video Interviews?

HireVue provides pre-recorded video interviewing experience, alongside their suite of gamified assessments. Some companies use both HireVue games and video-interviews, while others use only video-interviewing.

Employers typically use HireVue’s video interviews to conduct two types if interviews:

  • pre-recorded
  • live

Down below, we are going to discuss

  • how the HireVue video interview process works,
  • how you can crack a HireVue Video interview by making your speeches AI friendly
  • how you can practice and prepare for your pre-recorded or live interview.
HireVue Video Interview example screen

You can learn more in our quick 1 minute video on What is a Video Interview below!

A HireVue video interview comprises three kinds of questions:

  1. Pre-recorded Video Questions: Pre-recorded video questions, as the name suggests, are interview questions recorded by your field manager. You are expected to understand the question and record your response to the question.
  2. Essay Type Questions: The question will appear in written form on your screen and you have to complete your answer to the question in written form which should be up to or less than 4000 words. Therefore, do not forget to brush up on your writing skills.
  3. Multiple-Choice Questions: You may also get questions that require you to answer by choosing the most appropriate option among the four options.

How much time you have to answer HireVue interview questions?

For the HireVue video response questions, you will have 30 seconds of prep time and 3 minutes to record your answer. They will also give you a practice question before you attempt the actual question in order to check the audio and video quality.

Let’s jump right in as we show you how to prepare and pass HireVue video interviews in our next section!

How to prepare and pass HireVue video interviews?

  1. Read the job description carefully and make a list of the important keywords.
    • Keep them with you and try to incorporate those keywords into your answers.
    • Practice answering typical interview questions before so you get fluent in using the keywords (can do it in front of the mirror or our video interview practice technology with dozens of predefined questions)
  2. Look confident and into the camera while answering. Eye contact and confidence
  3. Open and close your answers properly: Do not close the answer abruptly. For example, if the employer asks you about your strengths, don’t finish by saying, “ so.. um yeah, those are all my strengths” or “yeah so, that’s it”. Instead, say something like this “…so at the end I really think my planning and organizing skills
  4. Talk smoothly, without interruptions

For more tips, take a quick look at our Video Interview Tips video below.

Why you must practice answer HireVue Interview questions

To succeed in a HireVue interview you need to practice your answers. There are several reasons for that:

  1. You need to smoothly embed the keywords from a job description answering questions
  2. You need to fit within the time limit of the recording
  3. You need to show good performance since your recording may be viewed many times and may be transcribed into text

Utilise the video below to gain further understanding into the most common interview questions

How to practice for HireVue video interviews

  1. Find a similar job description to the position you apply for and practice answers to typical questions in front of a mirror or record yourself on a smartphone
  2. Gain Feedback by having a friend of yours watch over your recording.
  3. Use GF AI video interview practice platform to help you improve with timed recordings, replay, practice dozens of questions for various jobs just like those used by HireVue. Graduates First has a whole series of video interview questions with real experience for you. You can choose any field that you’re preparing for, and practice video interviews as much as you want.
Video Interview Free Graduate Questions


Why use HireVue video interviews in recruitment?

  1. Fast interviewing of high volumes of candidates
    • HireVue video interviews help employers interview much higher volumes of candidates for jobs or internships than traditional face-to-face interviews in a short period of time. An employer may actually interview hundred or thousands of applicants within a timespan of several days
  2. Low cost per candidate
    • The cost per candidate interviewed goes down with an increase of the candidates interviewed and is relatively low
  3. Easy, semi-automated matching of candidates to a specific profile and its requirements
    • AI-enabled software transcripts the interview and compares the answers to a pre-defined baseline
    • Software suggest which candidates scored best and should be kept moved to the next recruitment stage
    • AI-driven approach towards hiring candidates reduces the probability of a biased selection process and ensures the same, uniformed level of treatment for all candidates
  4. Pre-recorded interviews can be easily shared within the organization
    • For example a recruiter can share the interview with a line manager or other people participating in the process
  5.  Pre-recorded video interviews can be taken at any time
    • It increases candidate flexibility and the recruiting managers can make decisions at their own time
    • It makes it much easier to interview candidates across time zones
  6. Predefined questions allow recruiters to easily compare applicants and tailor questions to specific jobs
  7. Face-to-face video interviews help interview the candidates by multiple people in a short period of time at a low cost

HireVue hiring decision support process

Before discussing the features of HireVue hiring, we need to understand what are the things that make hiring through HireVue such a success.

HireVue hiring decision support goes on in three steps:

  1. Job Analysis
  2. Data collection
  3. Model Building

Job Analysis

At this stage, HireVue’s AI Technology goes through the job description closely and collects keywords and competencies required for the job. It also analyses what skills are important for the job title and what attitude the person who gets the job should possess. These keywords can be teamwork, consulting, client management, etc.

Data Collection

After analysing the job, it’s now time to analyse the content. The AI looks for the keywords in the candidate’s answer to the question proposed. It looks for the skills and competencies of the candidate. AI closely monitors the compatibility of your words with your facial expressions. For example, if you say you possess strong analytical skills with a boring tone, there’s a fair chance that AI will not believe you. Therefore, it’s important that your way of saying matches what you say.

When sitting for a HireVue AI-driven video interview, your body language is also being analyzed. Therefore, do not be unconstrained just because you’re at home. This interview is tough just as much.

HireVue hiring decision data process Statistics

Model Building

Once the whole data collection part is done, HireVue generates a video and runs the video interview through the existing employees for the evaluation. These people evaluate the candidates based on the video answers and the AI-generated report. The evaluation is then summarized and given to the employers (recruiters and hiring managers) so that they can make an informed decision.

Now that you know how the HireVue AI Technology evaluates candidates and what qualities does it focus on, it’s easier for you to prepare for your upcoming HireVue video interview.

To accompany this AI guide check out our video Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) used in Video Interviews, available below!