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Got a HireVue game based assessment or interview coming up? Looking for the best HireVue games practice? Then you’re in the right place. In this in-depth guide, we cover all you’ll need to know about HireVue game assessments and video interviews.

We also provide practise game assessments and video interviews similar to those offered by HireVue to prepare for your job assessment.

Not sure if you should be practising in preparation for your HireVue assessments? Many large employers are leveraging gamified assessments as part of their recruitment processes (Institute of Student Employers, 2018). A few of their major companies include Unilever, HSBC, and RBS.

A recent study found that applicants report higher levels of process satisfaction, perceived fairness, and organisational attractiveness when the gamified assessment method is used compared to the traditional version.

K. Georgiou & I. Nikolaou (2020)

Here’s what to expect from this in-depth guide:


  1. What is HireVue?
  2. HireVue Game-Based Assessments
  3. Key Tips to Ace HireVue Game Assessments 
  4. HireVue Technical Assessments
  5. What are HireVue Video Interviews
  6. How to Pass a HireVue Video Interview?
  7. HireVue Assessments FAQs

So buckle up as we dive in!

What is HireVue?

HireVue is a leading global provider of video interviewing, game assessment, and AI (artificial intelligence) technology to talent acquisition functions, recruiters, and line managers to help them hire the best talents for their organisations.

  • HireVue’s game-based assessments are backed by neuroscience and data science, that helps employers determine the best candidates
  • Hundreds of leading employers use HireVue video interviews, game assessments, or AI-based interviewing tools to screen their candidates
  • HireVue currently offer 9+ game-based assessments for screening candidates
  • The HireVue games generally assess cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and personality.

Which Companies Use HireVue Recruitment Tools to Hire Candidates?

Several top companies worldwide use the HireVue platform in their hiring process to assess job applicants and select the best. Job applicants are made to interact with HireVue recruitment tools at key stages of their recruitment, including:

  1. Ability testing using gamified assessments that substitute for traditional psychometric testing
  2. Automated video interview to answer a set of interview questions
  3. Live video interviews with the HR team or company partners

These stages may vary according to the company or industry. However, here’s a list of top-rated companies that have used HireVue game assessments, video interviews, and other HireVue tools for recruitment:

JP MorganTescoDeloitte

Check out our step-by-step employer guides to discover recruitment processes and assessment tools used by 150+ top companies and prepare for your next interview.

Now, you may be wondering:

Why Do Companies Use HireVue?

There are several reasons why many employers make use of HireVue tools for their recruitment process. Here are some reasons:

  • User engagement: Game-based assessments are known to be naturally more engaging and interactive for candidates. Many candidates have admitted to having fun with game assessments during their recruitments.
  • Accessibility: HireVue assessments are supported on a range of devices, including smartphones. The transition is smooth, and the games can be launched in multiple countries and languages.
  • Data-driven: The game results provide the necessary insights for employers to make informed data-driven decisions about the strengths of a candidate, and their suitability because they are able to track data points, unlike traditional online assessments.
  • Less bias: HireVue tools employ automated processes that are free of gender or ethnic biases. This helps companies achieve diversity or inclusivity in their employee pool.
  • Simplicity: HireVue game assessments are simple and do not require any previous gaming experience. The interface is straightforward and can be operated on multiple devices

Most employers use HireVue game assessments to assess a specific range of attributes, including:

  • Memory
  • Numerical ability
  • Competence
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking

If you have just applied for a job with a reputable firm, there’s a good chance you will encounter a HireVue digital assessment. 

Here’s what you should know about HireVue game-based assessments.

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HireVue Game-Based Assessments

What are HireVue game assessments?

The HireVue game-based assessments are digital test tools in the form of games designed to assess the candidate’s cognitive abilities, critical thinking, personality traits, and emotional intelligence. 

On the surface, they may seem like a stroll in the park, but like any other test, game assessments require high levels of attention. Often, as in our BART game, there’s no fixed way of completing game-based assessments. 

Bear in mind that many game assessments can also measure your technical ability, such as our MathBubbles game, which measures your numerical ability. Your choices in the game will paint a picture of your personality or competence for your potential employer.

What game-based assessments does HireVue offer? 

The HireVue game based assessments consist of a range of fun and engaging games divided into different groups, which contain a series of 3 and 4 games each. The kind of games that will be assigned to you may vary from employer to employer.

Examples of HireVue game assessments

What are the most common HireVue games?

Here are the most commonly used game assessments that HireVue offers:

  1. Numerosity
  2. Flashback
  3. Pathfinder
  4. Digitspan
  5. Puzzle picture
  6. PortraitXT
  7. Shapedance
  8. Disco Numbers
  9. E-Motions

Now let’s breakdown the details:

1. Numerosity

What is the HireVue Numerosity game?

The HireVue Numerosity game is a cognitive game that seeks to evaluate your mental arithmetic ability.

  • The time allotted for Numerosity is 3 minutes
  • Your task in HireVue Numerosity is simply to:
    • Check the type of mathematical operation required (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
    • Pick the numbers that give you the result
    • Move to the next operation
HireVue numerosity game

What does the HireVue Numerosity game measure?

HireVue Numerosity game key tip: Numerosity evaluates your mental arithmetic ability. Pay close attention to the operation symbol, as this can change at any time. 

How to pass the HireVue Numerosity game

For your HireVue Numerosity game practice, develop your mental arithmetic ability with our MathBubbles™ designed by our expert team to emulate how these assessments assess your mental arithmetic.

HireVue maths game practice

2. Flashback

What is the HireVue Flashback game?

The HireVue Flashback game is a cognitive ability game that evaluates your memory and concentration.

  • The allotted time for Flashback is 3 minutes
  • Your task in Flashback:
    • Concentrate on the sequence of shapes being displayed on the screen
    • Decide if the shape displayed on the screen matches the one that was displayed some steps before by answering Yes or No.
HireVue flashback game

Key tip to ace HireVue Flashback: Flashback has different difficulty levels. Each level has a time limit of 60 seconds. The key is to concentrate on the shapes so that you can solve as many questions as you can.

How to pass the HireVue Flashback game

This game requires deep concentration. Practise ahead with our Cognition-A™ practice game to improve your concentration and memory.

HireVue attention game practice

3. Pathfinder

What is the HireVue Pathfinder game?

The HireVue Pathfinder game assesses your problem-solving ability

  • The allotted duration for Pathfinder is 5 minutes
  • Your task is simply:
    • Slide the boxes to create a connected pathway
    • Complete the game within the allotted time
HireVue Pathfinder game

How to ace the HireVue Pathfinder game

Key tip to ace the HireVue Pathfinder game: This game requires your problem-solving ability and speed. Try to take a moment to understand the puzzle, and then solve it as quickly as you can. You can do well to solve slide puzzles beforehand to sharpen your speed and puzzle-solving skills.

4. Digitspan

What is the HireVue Digitspan game?

The HireVue Digitspan game is a cognitive game that evaluates your memory like Flashback, except that Digitspan involves numbers and alphabets instead of shapes.

  • The period allotted for Digitspan is 3 minutes
  • Your task is to:
    • Study the sequence of numbers and alphabets displayed on the screen
    • Using the game keyboard, enter the digits you saw in the same sequence
HireVue Digitspan game assessment

Key tip to excel at Digitspan: Try to take your time to concentrate on the sequence. You can use mnemonics to memorise the sequence being displayed before attempting to solve the question.

How to ace the HireVue Digitspan game

You can practise to improve your memory ahead of your HireVue Digitspan game with GF’s Cognition-M™ game.

HireVue memory game practice

5. Puzzlepicture

What is the HireVue Puzzlepicture game?

The HireVue Puzzlepicture game measures your speed in recalling and problem-solving ability.

  • The completion time assigned for Puzzlepicture is approximately 7 minutes
  • Your task is to:
    • Memorise the target image
    • Move the tiles to recreate the target image
    • Solve as many puzzles as you can
HireVue Puzzlepicture game assessment

How to pass the HireVue Puzzlepicture game

Key tip to pass the HireVue Puzzlepicture game: Try to remain calm and do not get frustrated if you are having a hard time solving the puzzle. Try to study and memorise the target image before proceeding to solve the puzzle.

6. PortraitXT

What is the HireVue PortraitXT game?

HireVue PortraitXT game-based assessment is a simple game in the form of a questionnaire that aims to analyse your workstyle preferences.

  • The allotted time for PortraitXT is 5 minutes
  • Your task is simply to:
    • Read the series of statements about your personality or workplace preference.
    • For each statement, indicate your level of agreement by selecting from the options attached
HireVue PortraitXT game

How to pass the HireVue PortraitXT game

Key tip to pass the HireVue PortraitXT game: Try to be sincere in your answers, as being insincere may make your preferences inconsistent, which can be flagged by employers.

Register for our Work Personality Questionnaire today to discover key insights into personality-style tests and your own workplace preferences.

HireVue personality practice

7. Shapedance

What is the HireVue Shapedance game?

The HireVue Shapedance game simply focuses on your attention to detail

  • The assigned duration for Shapedance is 3 minutes
  • Your task in Shapedance is to:
    • Study all the grids of shapes displayed on the screen
    • Select all the grids that carry the same pattern and hit the COMPARE button
    • Solve as many questions as you can.
HireVue Shapedance gamified assessment

How to pass the HireVue Shapedance game

Key tip to pass the HireVue Shapedance game: Shapedance requires your attention-to-detail skills. So do well to relax, remove all distractions before you start, and take time to study each grid before you select the similar ones. 

For your Shapedance game practice, get ahead with the GF Flanker Task game to improve your focus.

HireVue focus game practice

8. Disco Numbers

What is the HireVue Disco Numbers game?

The HireVue Disco Numbers game evaluates your memory and numerical ability

  • 3 minutes is the allotted time to complete the game
  • Your task in Disco Numbers is to
    • Memorise the sequence of numbers displayed on the screen
    • Reproduce the number sequence that was displayed and calculate the sum of all the numbers.

How to pass the HireVue Disco Numbers game

Key tip to pass the HireVue Disco Numbers game: Quickly try to calculate the sum of the numbers displayed after memorising the sequence. This will help you when trying to reproduce the sequence of numbers that was displayed.

Practise for the Disco Numbers game by improving your memory with our Cognition-M™ game.

Check this short video to learn some insights about Memory Game Assessments and how to navigate them.

What are Memory Game Assessments?

9. E-Motions

What is the HireVue E-Motions game?

The HireVue E-Motions is a unique game that measures your ability to recognize emotions

  • The time allotted for E-Motions is 4 minutes
  • Your task is to:
    • Watch the short videos of people expressing an emotion
    • Identify what emotion was being expressed

How to pass the HireVue E-Motions game

Tip to pass the HireVue E-Motions game: Ensure your mind and thoughts are clear and settled before playing the game, as negative emotions and distracting thoughts can alter your ability to recognize the expressed emotions. 

You can also prepare beforehand with GF’s i-EQ™ to improve your emotion recognition ability.

HireVue emotions game practice

Check out this short video to discover:

  • Why emotional intelligence gamified-assessments are used by employers globally
  • What a typical emotional intelligence practice question looks like
  • How emotional intelligence game-based assessments analyse candidates
What are Emotify & Emotion Game-Based Assessments?

So how do we prepare and pass these HireVue game assessments? Keep reading to find out more!

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Key Tips to Ace HireVue Game Assessments

HireVue’s game assessments can be more difficult to practice when compared to the traditional aptitude tests as these game tests measure your behaviours as well as your results.

However, our experts have uncovered these top 5 tips that you can use to prepare and crack your upcoming HireVue game assessments:

  1. Research the Employer
    • Understand the values and the skills required for the role. Look out for personality traits that they praise in their existing employees, and core competencies that are valued. You may begin by looking on the following:
      • Company Website
      • Company Social Media
      • Company YouTube videos
      • News Websites
    • If you are applying for more competitive jobs, risk-taking and initiative are likely to be some of the top sought after competencies. When taking game-based assessments, do not shy away from trying to get extra points, but do lean backwards if things do not go easy at first.
  1. Find the right time and place to complete the HireVue assessment
    • Ensure you select a place that is quiet and free of distractions, and sit for the test when you are not anxious or stressed but in the right frame of mind. Take the test at a time of day when your brain performance is at its peak.
  1. Use the browser or computer recommended by your employer
    • You will be provided with the necessary information to take the assessments. Be sure to follow this information carefully as data points from sliding and clicking on buttons will be tracked.
      • Ensure you use a functioning device with a stable internet connection, as a faulty device or slow internet will negatively affect your performance.
  1. Read the instructions carefully and remain focused 
    • Remember that this is not just a game for fun; it is an assessment for an official job recruitment. So, even if you are a pro at video games, take the time to read the instructions before proceeding with the game assessment.
  1. Practice similar gamified assessments to HireVue
    • Find out what type of gamified assessment you could be taking. By knowing the main scenario and demands of the assessment, you will feel more confident and familiar with the game, and therefore be better able to focus on completing the tasks.

Kickstart your HireVue practice with our own practice games and tools that can help you develop the key skills assessed in your HireVue games.

Relevant HireVue GamesSkills AssessedGF Practice Test
Shapedance & FlashbackAttentionCognition-A™
Flashback, Digitspin & Disco NumbersMemoryCognition-M™
PortraitXTWork PersonalityWork Personality Questionnaire
E-MotionsEmotional Intelligencei-EQ™
Numerosity & Disco NumbersNumerical abilityMathBubbles™
Shapedance & FlashbackFocusFlanker Task

Check out this short video and learn more insights on how to pass your upcoming HireVue game assessments:

How to pass game assessments | by Arctic Shores, HireVue & Assess Candidates #shorts

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HireVue Technical Assessments

What are the HireVue Technical Assessments?

HireVue technical assessments are designed for employers looking to hire tech talents. The technical assessment provides a comprehensive assessment of technical talents with the aid of videos, artificial intelligence, and coding challenges.

What do the HireVue technical assessments measure?

These HireVue tests support a range of technical competencies, including coding, programming, and data analytics. The assessments offer coding tests that measure proficiencies in coding languages like Java, Python, Perl, PHP, and Haskell.

It also offers live coding sessions that enable employers to see how candidates perform and interact with one another in a team environment.

Key tips to ace HireVue technical assessments

  1. Practice your coding: As a coder looking to secure a job with a top-rated firm, the importance of practise cannot be overemphasised. Practising well ahead of the interview will help you prepare adequately for your assessment.
  1. Practice writing well-structured codes: Neat and quality codes are well appreciated by employers. Try to practise writing well-structured and formatted codes with good methods and variables.
  1. Come up with a similar question: trying to come up with a similar example to the coding question you are attempting will help reinforce your understanding of the question. Multiple examples can also serve as test cases to verify your solution at the end.

That’s all for assessments. Let’s dive into another crucial part of HireVue’s recruitment tools: video interviews!

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What are HireVue Video Interviews?

During the HireVue video interviews, you will answer recorded or live interview questions that focus on core competencies, skills, and behaviours. The interviews are mostly standard recorded interviews, and some versions use AI to measure a candidate’s skills and competencies.

If you are not sure what a HireVue video interview involves, check out this under 1 minute video that aptly explains more:

What is a Video Interview?

What are the types of HireVue interview questions?

A HireVue video interview comprises three kinds of questions:

  1. Pre-recorded Video Questions: these are already recorded questions by your interviewer. You are expected to record your response to the question in the form of a video.
  1. Essay Questions: The essay question will appear as text on your screen. You will be required to write an essay response, usually no more than 4000 words.
  1. Multiple-Choice Questions: This involves you answering a question by choosing the most appropriate option from the four options provided.

HireVue interviews are quite straightforward. For the on demand video interview, you will be given 30 seconds of prep time and 3 minutes to record your response. You will also be given a practice question to check your audio and video quality.

Video interviews can be intimidating and tricky, but with the right approach, you can ace them. Here are some helpful tips on how to ace HireVue video interviews.

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How to Pass a HireVue Video Interview?

  1. Study the job description beforehand and make a list of keywords that support the role. During the interview, try to incorporate these keywords into your responses to demonstrate your suitability for the position.
  1. Practice video interviews to boost your confidence and prepare good responses. Practice the STAR+R method for competency-based questions to structure your answers until the responses feel natural to you.
  1. Dress appropriately in an outfit that is respectful and reminiscent of the role you are applying for. Research the company culture to understand the desired work attire.
  1. Stay in a tidy and quiet environment that is free of distraction. While you are allowed to sit for the interview from the comfort of your home, it is important to stay in a clean and quiet environment to help you concentrate well on the interview and impress your employer.
  1. Talk smoothly when recording your response. Stuttering or jerky speech may indicate lack of sincerity or confidence, and this could discourage your employer. Ensure to speak clearly and in a calm tone of voice.
  1. Show confidence by looking into the camera while recording your responses. This will make a good impression on the recruiter who analyses your performance.

Get interview-ready with our video interview practice tool! Sign up with GF now and access 39 employer interview sets to practise and hone your skills ahead of your HireVue digital interview.

HireVue video interview questions practice

Still got other questions about HireVue game assessments and video interviews? Here are the top questions other candidates are asking.

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HireVue Assessments FAQs

What is a HireVue on-demand video interview?

A HireVue on-demand video interview is one done at your convenience. You will be given the chance to practise questions to familiarise yourself with the system before attempting the real interview questions. The questions will mostly require a recorded response.

Does HireVue record you the whole time?

No. Only your recorded responses are collected by HireVue, and you always have the option to re-record your response for a total of two tries.

Does HireVue show you your score?

HireVue does not show you your score at the end of the interview. Your performance data is only made available to your employer.

What happens to all my HireVue interview and assessment data after the hiring decision is made?

HireVue keeps your personal data based on the retention period chosen by the company you are interviewing with. HireVue will automatically delete your data once the period expires.

Can you use notes in a HireVue interview?

Yes, you are allowed to use a notepad to take down important details during a HireVue interview.

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