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Why practise Game-based Assessments?

  • Succeed in most demanding hiring processes, get your job first time
  • Save time by practicing game-based (gamified) assessments created by industry global experts
  • Accelerate your preparation for assessment with Top Employers with our breakthrough emulated practice environment
  • Gain a real gamified test experience to overcome anxiety and stress, show your true potential
  • Maximize your results at game-based assessment with Top Employers

The Product

Tests and Tools:
  • 8 unique, exclusive game assessments:
    • A Balloon game (risk taking): typical assessment for banking and finance jobs
    • Cognition-A ™ (attention): typical assessment for consultancy and pharma jobs
    • Cognition-M ™ (cognitive memory): typical assessment for consultancy, FMCG and tech jobs
    • i-EQ ™ (emotional intelligence, EI): typical assessment for consultancy, banking and finance jobs (e.g. PwC)
    • MTA-Tray  (organisational skills): typical assessment for IT, consultancy, banking, accounting jobs
    • MathBubbles  (level of arithmetic): typical assessment for Consulting, FMCG, Big Tech, and Banking jobs
    • Flanker Task (attention): typical assessment for consulting, banking, and technology
    • PassCode ™ (attention, resilience): typical assessment used for technology, banking, finance, and more
  • Fast track your preparation for assessments with Top Employers with our breakthrough emulated practice environment:
    • interactions
    • answers
    • worked solutions
    • progress tracking
    • real candidate assessment experience
    • practice against the clock
    • benchmarking against thousands of others
    • pro tips to accelerate your learning
  • Ideal to practice for: Arctic Shores, Pymetrics, Revelian, Cognify, HireVue, AON e-Cut assessments
  • The best-in-class test portal recommended by recruiters
GF Quality and Service Guarantee:
  • Games designed and scientifically tested by professional psychologists, psychometricians and game developers
  • Tests and tools recommended by leading global recruiters for preparation
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  • Practise game assessments anytime, anywhere
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