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Considering applying for EY? Your ultimate guide awaits you right here – read on to learn which ey practice tests you need to focus on.

In this text, we shall cover all aspects of EY online immersive assessments, their preparation and how to practise to ace the tests. Not just for job seekers, this guide will help aspiring interns strategize their practice for EY assessment tests.

Tailored by highly-qualified chartered psychologists, our assessment tests and guide will help boost your chances of securing your seats at EY. Not to forget, our expert tips will add a feather to your hat to a solid EY test preparation.

Check here for Free and Premium aptitude assessment tests and video interviews to practise and prepare for Ernst & Young recruitment.

Not sure if you should practise to prepare for the EY assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude test results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study found that candidates who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

Bradley et al (2019)

How to pass EY online assessments

  1. Complete your EY Online Application
  • Fill in your EY application using your CV/Resume.
  • Ensure to use a CV customised for the job role and description at EY.
  • Use language and keywords from the job post.
  • Match your application to EY’s core values.
  1. Prepare for EY Online Immersive Assessment Tests

Candidates are shortlisted based on a range of EY aptitude tests. These EY aptitude tests include:

You may get rejected already after your numerical and/or verbal tests. These tests sift out 50-80% candidates. The only proven way to get to the next round is practice.

  1. EY Job Simulation

Practise SJTs and Personality questionnaires to develop your understanding and ability to efficiently answer the variety of questions asked and to demonstrate your work style and strongest competencies.

  1. Record your mock video interviews

Record and practice rigorously using mock interviews before your EY interview. Whether it be an EY video interview or in-person, consistent practice will help boost your confidence and help practise framing answers to potential questions based on your job role. 

Ensure your answers flow smoothly, connect with the interviewer and prove you as the best-fit candidate for the job. Hone your preparation with enough business case-study preparation.

For your EY video interview practice use the GF video interview platform equipped with predefined competency and industry-based questions, emulating an EY video interview experience.

EY Video Interview tip: To ace the EY strength-based interview, frame your answers using the STAR+R technique. Be watchful of your time and the words you use in your answers.

  1. EY Experience Day/Assessment Centre

EY Assessment Centre is likely the second-last stage of most EY recruitment processes. Here, your potential on-the-job competency will be put to the test using the following exercises:

EY final interview will be the last step to your dream job role. Once a senior manager/CEO and then your potential team partner will interview you one-on-one. Practise your best strength-based and competency-based questions to boost your chances of getting hired.

In your answers, showcase your:

  • Thorough understanding of the job role
  • Passion for work
  • Critical and analytical skills
  • Business acumen 
  • Decision-making skills
  • Problem-solving abilities

Continue reading to find answers to the following questions:

Start practising for EY online assessments now with our expert-crafted assessment tests. Simply click below to get started!

Relevant Assessments to EYPractice Now
Situational JudgementStart Practising
Numerical ReasoningStart Practising
Verbal ReasoningStart Practising
Logical ReasoningStart Practising
Work Personality QuestionnaireStart Practising
Game-based assessmentsStart Practising
Video InterviewsStart Practising
Assessment CentreStart Practising

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But first, before we dive into the EY assessments, let’s walk you through the content list of this guide.


  1. Who is Ernst and Young?
  2. EY Online Application
  3. EY Assessment Tests
  4. EY Job Simulation Test
  5. EY Game-based Assessments
  6. EY Interviews
  7. EY Experience Day
  8. EY Student Careers Programmes
  9. EY Recruitment Assessments: FAQs

Check out the EY recruitment process you’ll face in a nutshell with our video below:

EY Assessment Tests (2024) | Online Motion Challenge & Job Simulation | Insights into Success

Who is Ernst & Young?

Ernst & Young or EY, is a multinational firm headquartered in London that offers professional services. Ernst & Young offers services like accounting, consulting, tax., etc. Employing 230,000 people globally in 150 countries, this organisation operates as a giant international network of member firms situated in individual countries.

EY currently operates in the following areas, with job roles that may interest you:

Business AreaPopular Job Roles
Assurance Intelligent automation analyst, auditor, Research and development grants associate 
Core Business ServicesBusiness development professional, finance professional, lawyer., etc.
ConsultingManagement consultant, business consultant, risk advisory consultant, 
Strategy and Transactions Strategy and transactions analyst, strategy consultant, manager.,etc
Tax Tax consultant, tax analyst, tax executive, industrial trainee.,etc

While each EY recruitment may differ slightly based on location, most firms follow a similar pattern for hiring.

To get ahead in your application, you’ll also need to know the 8 EY core values as these are useful to know in your upcoming EY interview rounds.

What are the EY Core Values?

  1. Adaptability
  2. Integrity
  3. Relationship building
  4. Learning Agility
  5. Resilience
  6. Motivation to excel
  7. Collaboration
  8. Curiosity

Now that we know more about EY, let’s jump right into the EY assessment process, starting with the online application.

EY Online Application

What is the EY online application?

The EY online application form is the first step of the EY recruitment process. EY has a simple procedure for the candidates for their online application. Once you have selected the programme for you, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Personal details
  2. Academic background
  3. Relevant work experience

What will the EY online application involve?

Based on your role you might also be asked to answer some questions, e.g.

  • Your motivations to apply for the chosen role
  • Why you make a good candidate
  • What EY means to you

EY Application tip: Use the keywords and language from the job description in your CV/Resume to increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Many reputed organisations like Ernst & Young use an AI resume filter to sift out job applicants. 

Looking for more CV tips to boost impress your EY recruiters? Here are 6 more top tips to prepare a shortlist-worthy CV:

  1. Use a resume format that is easy to read: It’s increasingly known that recruiters spend an average of just 6 seconds looking at a CV. Make it count!
  1. Avoid including your picture and personal details not relevant to the role, such as your marital status and religion.
  1. Double check your CV: Ensure there are no spelling mistakes or errors on your resume, and use a professional email to show professionalism.
  1. Be specific: Include specific information about your achievements, work experience, etc. with measurable results.
  1. Refer to particular experiences and skills that match the EY competencies: teamwork, respect, determination, integrity, energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead
  1. Adhere to the 1-page limit: Only include the most relevant information. Don’t extend your CV beyond 1 to 1.5 pages. 

Once you’ve successfully completed the online application form, you will be provided with log-in details for the portal. You will then be invited to the next stage of assessment. 

Experienced candidates will be invited to an interview, however the next step for student career roles will be the EY online assessment tests. Let’s dive into these online tests first.

EY Assessment Tests

What is the EY assessment?

The EY Online Immersive Assessments are a set of EY aptitude tests that employers use to test candidates for hire. They form the second round of hiring after you get shortlisted on the EY first round of the application process for graduates, internships and apprenticeship roles.

Depending on the role, the EY tests may include some of the following:

Let’s dive into each of these assessments one by one.

EY Situational Strengths Tests

What are EY Situational Strengths Tests?

EY situational strengths tests are quite similar to situational judgement tests. As the name suggests, each question will aim to assess the strengths required to function efficiently in the workplace environment. 

For this test, you will be provided with 16 hypothetical video scenarios or text scenarios common to the workplace. You will be asked to choose, rate or record your answers in the form of short-video responses.

The most common EY situational judgement tests are provided by Cappfinity. In this EY Cappfinity assessment, you have to rank your responses from 1 to 4 or 5 depending on the number of options given. Here 1 indicates the least likely while 5 is the most likely response you agree with.

Good to know: The EY business behaviours test is identical to the situational strengths test, however in this test you will be given 8 multiple-choice questions based around a single scenario.

Discover more about the EY situational judgement test format with this quick video:

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

5 Tips to Ace EY Situational Judgement Tests

  1. Consider the strengths required: Research the role through the job description and think about which option shows the required soft skills for the job.
  1. Practice: Become camera-ready with enough practice recording yourself till you feel your voice tone and answer quality is the best.
  1. Choose an appropriate test location: Choose a well-lit and disturbance-free space to concentrate and record your videos responses.
  1. Be thorough with the question: Read the question and statements carefully to interpret the situation and the possible resolutions provided.
  1. Answer confidently: Whether you are answering through ranking or video, it’s key to be confident. Speak clearly and take a moment to think about your answer.

The best way to ace this EY Cappfinity assessment is to practise beforehand. Practice EY-style Situational Judgement Tests such as the sneak peek example below by registering to GF today. 

EY situational judgement test example

EY situational strengths test is just the start of your EY application process, let’s now discover more about how to ace your EY Numerical Reasoning Test.

EY Numerical Reasoning Tests

What are EY Numerical Reasoning Tests?

The EY numerical assessments help to gauge your ability to work with numerical data. It includes graphs, and statistical data, using which you have to identify trends and perform basic arithmetic problems.

This is a critical skill in consultancy and the first step to sift out candidates.

  • You will be mainly required to perform standard high-school mathematical calculations
  • Questions will include ratios, charts, percentages, relatively simple calculations, data comparisons and data interpretations

EY Numerical Test tip: What makes Ernst & Young’s numerical reasoning test difficult is not the knowledge tested, but how you reason with the information presented under time pressure given the time limit.

Test your numerical reasoning skills with a similarly-formatted EY numerical test question below:

EY-style numerical reasoning test example

EY numerical reasoning test

Feel you cracked the correct answer? Head to the bottom of this article to know the answer.

Top 5 Tips to ace EY Numerical Reasoning Test

  1. Revise the basics: These numerical reasoning tests demand a clear understanding of concepts like fractions, percentages, interest calculations., etc.
  1. Practise: Practising consistently using timed numerical reasoning tests to help you understand the type of questions that are likely to come in EY numerical reasoning tests.
  1. Implement feedback: Check the worked solutions to gain a thorough understanding of how to approach the different types of questions used in EY numerical tests.
  1. Balance speed with accuracy: Ace your EY test by balancing speed and accuracy through your practice to answer correctly in a minimum of the time possible.
  1. Focus on one question at a time: Approach one question at a time, understand it and then move on to the next question. If unsure, skip it and come back to it later.

For more such tips on how to pass your EY numerical assessment, check out our quick video below:

Top 5 Numerical Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks (2024) #shorts

For more EY-style numerical test practice, check out our numerical reasoning tests with answers, worked solutions, and professional score reports with personalised tips to improvise based on your performance. 

Now, let’s move on to another key component of your EY online immersive assessment: verbal reasoning tests.

EY Verbal Reasoning Tests

What are EY Verbal Reasoning Tests?

The EY verbal reasoning tests aim to assess your written language comprehension skills. The test presents you with a paragraph and a statement with it. Here, the candidate has to conclude whether the statement is true, false or whether they cannot say.

EY Verbal Reasoning Test tip: this test could potentially be more difficult for people who are not native-speakers in English. We suggest combating this by practicing Verbal Reasoning Test questions to help understand what to look out for in these questions.

Test your EY verbal reasoning test skills with our example question given below. Remember, you will have around 45 seconds to answer questions like the following:

EY Verbal Reasoning Assessment Example Question

EY verbal reasoning test

Think you nailed it? Head down to the bottom of this article for the answer.

4 Best Tips To Prepare for EY Verbal Reasoning Tests

  1. Make reading a habit: Read online articles or newspapers to ramp up your reading and comprehension speed.
  1. Invest in vocabulary: While EY verbal tests don’t want a language expert, a good vocabulary will help you understand the given information easier and quicker. So, there’s no harm in boosting your vocabulary skills.
  1. Avoid external information: Read the passage and statements carefully and ensure to answer only using the information provided in the test.
  1. Practice and practice: No verbal test preparation is levelled up without enough and consistent practice. Use EY practice tests, such as mock verbal tests, to understand the verbal reasoning test pattern and get used to attempting under a time limit.

Looking for more verbal reasoning test examples similar to what you may find with EY? Practice more FREE verbal reasoning tests with us or check out this comprehensive video below where we go step-by-step through five real verbal reasoning question examples:

Verbal Reasoning Test Practice Questions and Answers (2024) | 5 FULLY Worked Solutions!

Now, as we are done with this quick verbal reasoning test video, let’s discuss EY logical reasoning tests

EY Logical Reasoning Tests

What are EY Logical Reasoning Tests?

The EY logical reasoning tests aim to test your logical aptitude and ability to identify the logical pattern or trend amongst the given images in the form of diagrams or sequences. This will include sequences where you will be required to predict the next shape or number.

Sign up with GF and take FREE practice logical tests developed by our experts who have developed the tests for 8,000+ companies around the world.

Test your logical reasoning with our example EY-style Logical Reasoning Test question we’ve developed below:

EY Logical Reasoning Assessment Example Question

EY logical reasoning test

Think you cracked it? Head down to the end of this article to cross-check your answer.

Top 6 Tips to Ace EY Logical Reasoning Tests

  1. Practise a lot: Get the gist of the pattern and type of questions with EY practice tests, such as reliable logical reasoning assessments to boost your speed and accuracy.
  1. Choose a quiet environment: A quiet and disturbance-free environment for the test is the ideal way to attempt your logical tests with sheer focus.
  1. Read the question carefully: Before attempting the question, make sure you thoroughly understand what you are required to do.
  1. Remember the rules: Lookout for the key rules and patterns that show. Consider any changes to the colours, numbers, letters or shapes for the sequence.
  1. One question at a time: Don’t panic if you get stuck. Instead, move onto the next question and come back at the end of the test if you have time.
  1. Use the elimination technique: Eliminate the answers that are most clearly incorrect first to help reach the correct answer easier. 

Have a few spare minutes for first-class logical reasoning training? Check out our logical reasoning question and answer guide below:

Logical Reasoning Test Questions & Answers (2024) | 5 Examples & Worked Solutions | Practice

Good to know: As per the location and job role, you may be required to take additional tests such as a technical test e.g. Excel or a general knowledge assessment.

Now, let’s move on to another key component of your EY online immersive assessment: The What’s Your Mindset Questionnaire.

EY What’s Your Mindset Questionnaire

What is the EY What’s Your Mindset Questionnaire?

The EY What’s Your Mindset Questionnaire is a personality test that aims to assess your personality characteristics. You will be required to rank different descriptions as most likely you and least likely you. It is more or less the same like any personality questionnaire.

5 Top Tips to Pass Your EY Personality Test

  1. Understand how you fit into EY: Practising some mock personality tests for your EY personality test will help you become more self-aware. You can then select roles which align best with your personality profile.
  1. Answer honestly: Choose the option that best aligns with your personality. 
  1. Be consistent with your answers: Some questions tend to be the same only phrased differently to check whether you’re manipulating your answers or being honest and consistent.
  1. Avoid being too neutral or extreme: Don’t choose excessively, neither positives or negatives as it may give off an unrealistic impression. Too many neutral points to indecisiveness. So, adopt a balanced approach. 
  1. Don’t overthink: Don’t spend too much time on a single question. With personality questionnaires, it is best to go with the first answer that comes to your mind.

Want more tips for your EY personality test? Check our quick video below:

How to Pass Personality Questionnaires (5 Personality Test Tips) #shorts

Good to know: Register for GF’s Work Personality Package today to gain first-hand insights into a personality-style test.

Now that we have discussed the EY personality test, let’s move on to the EY job simulation. This is one of the next stages for many EY entry-level/graduate roles.

EY Job Simulation Test

What is the EY Job Simulation?

EY Job simulation tests assess your individual strengths and ability to perform on-the-job responsibilities using hypothetical scenarios that well align with your job role. This 14-question test may also require you to take the situational assessment and personality test again.

Good to know: While the EY Job Simulation itself is not timed, some questions have timed elements to them and you must complete the EY job simulation within one sitting. Ensure to set enough time aside to complete this assessment.

What are the types of EY Job Simulation Questions I could be faced with? 

  1. Role-playing simulation: you will take the role of an EY employee to analyse and respond to different workplace scenarios. Such scenarios may involve your crisis management skills and ability to work under pressure.
  1. In-tray simulation: This may include writing an email or blogs, handling customer service., etc. This type of EY job simulation assesses your planning, management, communication and decision-making skills., etc.

Good to know: This EY assessment test comprises ranking questions and some require video recorded answers. Some questions may require answers to be typed/written.

Ace your EY job simulation first try with our Premium practice assessments. Practice with our video interview tool, situational judgement tests and the full range of EY practice tests designed to maximise your preparation. 

Some graduate programmes may use game assessments. Keep reading to discover the key tips to pass in this article! 

EY Game-based Assessments

What are the EY game assessments?

EY game assessments comprise three types of games:

  • EY Motion Challenge game
  • EY Pymetrics assessments
  • EY HireVue game assessments

Let’s now cover each of these in further detail with tips to do your best.

1. EY Motion Challenge game 

What is the EY Motion Challenge game?

EY Motion Challenge (a.k.a. Motion Challenge test) is a EY game assessment from a popular job test provider called AON/Cut-e.

What does the EY Motion Challenge game measure?

The EY Motion Challenge test game assesses your strategic problem-solving abilities in a fun and interactive manner. You will be required to put your abstract thinking to work to find an appropriate path to move the red ball to its destination: a black hole by clearing away bars and objects on the way. The crux here is that you have to do so as minimum moves in as minimum time possible.

2. EY Pymetrics Assessments 

What are the EY Pymetrics assessments?

EY Pymetrics assessments comprise any of the 12 core mini-games provided by Pymetrics, a renowned games-based assessment provider. These game assessments tend to pick up key points like emotionality and cognitive attributes like memory and learning. 

Want to know more about how Pymetrics memory game assessments work? Check this out in our less than 1-minute video:

What are Memory Game Assessments by Arctic Shores, Pymetrics, HireVue? | Ace PwC, Unilever Games

Discover more about what comprises the Pymetrics Assessments and how each gamified assessment works.

3. EY HireVue Game Assessments

What are the EY HireVue game assessments?

These EY game assessments may also use game assessments from a global video interviews and game assessments provider, HireVue. Similar to EY Pymetric assessments, EY HireVue game-based assessments also assess your cognitive, emotional and personality traits. 

Learn more about what you may get in HireVue gamified assessments

How to pass the EY Game Assessments

  1. Be mindful of time: Don’t spend ages trying to find that perfect strategy in your mind as the timer keeps ticking. 
  2. Be patient: It’s possible that the strategy is not clicking in your mind and you’re becoming impatient and stressed. Take a deep breath and again try to pick up the game from that point. Who knows you may crack the code!
  3. Practise similar challenges: Have fun practising with games like Tetris. Not only will it teach you patience but also give your spatial ability a boost.
  4. Balance speed with accuracy: Your mind is the most powerful tool in game-based assessments. Not only do you need a quicker solution but within the least moves possible. 
  5. Try to relax and enjoy the experience: Take it on not as a stressful university exam, but more like a challenge to solve the best you can.

Practice for your EY game assessments using our practice game-based assessments and practise developing your attention skills with GF today.

EY Interviews

What is the EY interview?

Your EY Interview is a 2-stage round for experienced hires which can be either in-person, by telephone or a video interview.

What is the EY interview process?

The EY interview process often depends on which member firm of EY you have applied to, but often include:

Keep reading as we give the lowdown on what to expect in each interview stage.

EY HR / Behavioural Interview

EY behavioural interview can include either strength-based interview questions or competency-based questions, depending on the member firm, entry-level and the nature of the role.

Strength-based Interview

For EY strength-based interview questions, the interviewer will aim to assess your strengths, work personality, and your working style. Instead of focusing on your past experiences, these questions assess your ability to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.

Check out this common strength-based interview question that may come up in your EY interview, and our example answer to help develop your own answer.

Question: What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Tips to Answer: Pick one key strength and one weakness. For your strength, you can pick any of the competencies for the job from the job description, but make sure to provide several examples you could use. Avoid using a vague weakness such as pleasing people, difficulty in saying no, etc. Use a real weakness and tell how you work on improving it. Avoid using a skill required in the job description as your weakness.

Good Answer:

My strength is working well in a team, where I collaborate with the members to brainstorm effective ideas. I prioritise group goals over personal goals and am an active listener. Though I may struggle with time management, I strive to improvise on it through thorough planning and undertaking an ongoing time-management course. I constantly aim to develop my organisational skills for higher productivity so I can bring more diverse ideas to the table. 

EY Competency-based Interview

What is the EY competency-based interview?

For EY competency interview questions, the interviewer will try to assess your skills in dealing with different problems during your lifetime. Also known as a behavioural or personal experience interview.

EY Interview tip: Frame your answers using the STAR+R technique involving example stories from your experience. These questions help the interviewer evaluate you on the 8 EY core strengths and decide whether you are a great fit for EY culture. 

How to Ace the EY Competency Interview using the STAR+R Method?

STAR stands for Situation. Task, Action and Result. You should also follow your example experience with a Reflection. Let’s work through an example together using the STAR+R approach.

Question: When was the last time you managed a team?

Good Answer: 

  • Situation: In my third year of graduation, I worked as an event manager where I led a team of 8 people. 
  • Task: We were assigned to organise the new MOOC centre inauguration at our college. 
  • Action: After rigorous brainstorming sessions and thorough discussions, the duties were assigned to each of the group members and everything was planned with contingencies in place leading up to the event. I ensured everyone got the chance to give in their suggestions while planning for the event, and kept track of progress throughout the planning and development stages. 
  • Result: The event was successfully held and was a great success as our team’s coordination and dedication helped the event go smoothly. 
  • Reflection: Looking back, our effective planning skills to delegate tasks across the team was essential to ensure the event went smoothly. Using a strategy of open communication allowed me to monitor progress, make slight adjustments and assist where needed.

EY Interview tip: Be sure to ask your own questions at the end of the interview. interviewers like active candidates who love to know more about the job role, ideal job expectations., etc.

Want to know what questions you can ask in your EY HR interview? Check this short video out:

5 Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview #shorts

EY Technical Interview

What is the EY technical interview?

The EY technical interview is where your technical skills relating to the job role are put to the test. Be prepared to get asked about any past projects you worked on especially if you are from a background like programming etc. 

  • The number of rounds may depend on your performance and the job role. 
  • If you’re applying for a software developer role, honing your skills in computer fundamentals like Operating Systems, Database Management Systems (DBMS), etc is essential. 

Good to know: For those applying for job roles in accounting, there are likely 2 technical interview rounds after an EY Written Audit Test. While the first focuses on assessing accounting terms and financial statements, the second will involve solving auditing problems and interpreting data.

Once you’ve aced your job simulation or interviews, you will then be invited to the next and final stage of the assessment journey: The EY Experience Day

EY Experience Day

What is the EY Experience Day?

The EY Experience Day or EY assessment centre is the last stage of your hiring process before the final interview call. While it’s mostly conducted virtually, you may also be called to the office premises or at the testing centre for the EY assessment centre assessments.

Good to know: You will be informed beforehand about the details of the assessment centre day, joining instructions and what to expect at the EY assessment centre. Ensure to read these carefully! 

The EY virtual assessment centre tests you with the following exercises:

What is the EY Group Discussion?

You will be split into small groups of 4-6 candidates with around 40 minutes in hand to discuss a provided task amongst your group. One of you will compile the solution post-discussion to put it forward in front of the assessor during the Q&A round.

Want to take your EY group discussion preparation to the next level? Don’t miss out on this video for our top group exercise tips:

Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

What is the EY Individual Exercise?

The EY individual exercises will test you on numerous in-tray exercises and activities such as email sorting, prioritising on job-role-oriented tasks and scheduling meetings. Here, you will be assessed on your time management and communication skills.

Get ahead for your EY E-tray or In-tray Exercise with our practice In-tray exercises designed in-house by our team to help you develop your confidence levels and discover how you can go further with full example assessor marking guides.

What is the EY Case Study Exercise?

The EY case study assessment round can take two forms:

  • An Individual case study
  • A Group case study 

What does the EY case study exercise measure?

In the EY case study round, you will be tested on your technical skills and business skills. 

What will the EY case study exercise involve?

You will likely be given a business case study with relevant study material and around 30 minutes to come up with a plan of action to resolve the problem. The interviewer may ask you questions about how you arrived at the solution.

Common in EY Parthenon, the group case study will involve a group of 3-5 candidates and given a case study to solve within 45 minutes and deliver a 15-minute group presentation, likely on a PowerPoint or a Word document.

Get ahead in your presentation exercise preparation with GF and discover real experience with how top employers such as Ernst & Young assess candidates through presentation exercises and gain professional tips to improve your performance against competencies. 

6 Expert Tips to Ace EY Assessment Centre

  1. Consider EY’s core values: Ensure you understand the values and culture beforehand and demonstrate these in the assessment exercises.
  1. Work on your communication skills: Presentation and group discussion requires strong communication skills. So, practise your spoken verbal skills to increase language fluency.
  1. Practice and practice: Put your test anxiety at ease by thoroughly practicing to help get accustomed to what you can expect on your EY experience day.
  1. Learn the Language: Don’t get stuck on the material in the candidate brief by understanding the key terms used in the accounting industry and the main points addressed.
  1. Contribute when necessary: Group discussion and group case study rounds assess not just what but how you contribute. Speak clearly and contribute to the discussion
  1. Avoid interrupting others: Avoid speaking over your team and build on your group members’ points.

Good to know: Ace your next assessment centre with our 10 full sets of exercises including role play, presentations, group discussions and more in our Assessment Centre Prep pack.

EY Final Interview

What is the EY final interview?

The EY final interview will be the final stage of your EY recruitment. This strength-focused interview is where you will be evaluated by a senior manager or your potential team partner based on your skills and motivation, core strengths, ways of approaching tasks, and understanding of EY and its services. 

It is quite similar to the EY HR interview, except it will have a senior-level employee of the firm as one of the interviewers. It will likely be either virtual or in-person.

Good to know: Check out GF Question Identifier Tool (QIT) to discover potential interview questions you may be asked in your EY interview and take your interview practice to the next level.

Keep reading to discover the best EY interview tricks and tips.

Top 5 Tips to Ace the EY Final Interview

  1. Practice, practice and practice: Use our GF video interview tool to get the fluency and confidence to face your interviewers fully prepared. Our interview tool comes with pre-planned questions based on the industry and job role you are applying for.
  1. Research the company: Gather all information you can about EY related to your field and role, such as the ongoing trends in the company, problems faced, work culture, etc. Check our tips above for the key areas at EY to research.
  1. Use sustainable devices: Make sure the devices you use such as webcam, microphone, speakers, etc., work properly and are in good condition. You can also use a ring light for better video quality.
  1. Show enthusiasm: Speak at a clear and consistent volume, but do not sound monotonous. Be excited to present yourself but don’t try to go overboard by faking your personality. 
  1. Follow-up: After the interview is over, send in a thank you email addressing your interviewers for their time and support. This is a great opportunity to stay in the mind of the interviewers and stand out from the rest. 

For more tips for your EY interview, don’t miss the top 3 video interview mistakes candidates make that you should avoid ahead of your EY video interview:

3 Video Interview Mistakes EVERYONE Makes (HireVue, Zoom, Skype) #shorts

So, as we reached the end of the process, a big thumbs up to your patience and dedication. Now, if you pass all the EY recruitment stages, you will be contacted by EY if selected and will be given an offer letter. Congratulations!

Wait, before you go!

Check out some more bonus information about EY’s current student career opportunities especially for students below!

EY Student Careers Programmes

Ernst & Young offers career opportunities to students, which provides them with a chance to make their career an amazing one. These programmes not only help the students get financially independent but also help them to grow and develop as a person and become experts in their respective fields. Some of these programmes are as follows:

EY Career Starters

It is a two-day programme that gives candidates a chance to work in the following business areas:

  • Assurance
  • Tax
  • Turnaround and restructuring strategy


  • A minimum of grade 4/GCSE or equivalent in Maths and English Language.
  • For Scotland: A minimum of grade 5/ National 5 or equivalent in Maths and English

The Application Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Online Assessments

Smart Futures

It is a ten-month programme recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management. The candidates get on-the-job experience with 2 weeks of employability training with interactive workshops. Some of its programmes are secure futures, tech futures, smart futures professional services,.etc.

Business areas: Security, technology, professional services, banking, public sector, sustainable finance,etc.


  • Minimum year 12 of England or 5th year in Scotland at the time of commencement of the programme.
  • Attending a state school.
  • Eligible for Education Maintenance Allowance with household income less than £24,421.

The Application Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Online Assessments

Good to know: For those opting for the EY Smart Futures Professional Services programme, a mandatory C-equivalent in GCSE English and Maths alongside on track for 112 UCAS Points with their top A Levels or 5 Highers is necessary.

EY Apprenticeship Programme

EY Apprenticeship Programme is a government-accredited programme that allows you to spend 20% of your time in off-the-job training. This helps you to develop essential knowledge, skills and behaviours for the programme that you’ve chosen. 

Attending this programme gives you a professional qualification, technical, non-technical, internal learning, coaching, work shadowing, and all other experiences which will, in turn, help your development. You’ll be working with excellent support teams and will have access to specific apprenticeship benefits.

Intake Time: Mostly July or August, though the dates for some apprenticeship programmes for different sectors may open at different times of the year.

Business areas: Tax, consulting, finance, strategy and transactions and assurance.

The Application Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Online Assessments
  3. EY Experience Day
  4. Final Interview

EY Summer Internship

In the EY Summer Internship programme, you’ll be applying your theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios and a challenging job. It is a five-week internship in the assurance, consulting, tax and strategy and transactions sectors. You’ll be attending interactive seminars for training and development. 

This will help you receive training in the following areas:

  • Business challenge
  • Project management fundamentals
  • Digital disruptions
  • Department training
  • Brand training
  • Presentation training Quality and Risk management training
  • Interview training

EY Industrial Placement

EY Industrial Placement is a one-year placement for penultimate-year students that allows you to apply your university knowledge to the working world.

Intake time: end of July

The areas that you can apply to for placement are:

  • Assurance
  • Business Consulting
  • Tax
  • Technology Consulting

Discover more answers about your EY recruitment process with answers to these frequently asked questions!

EY Recruitment Assessments: FAQs

What is EY ONE Assessment?

EY ONE Assessments is one of the EY immersive online assessments which is a blended assessment that comprises situational strengths test, role-playing (problem-solving)and numerical reasoning sections. It is a 40-minute test which you have to complete in one sitting.

What is the passing rate of EY online assessments?

The EY online assessments pass rate hovers around 40% of the total applicants that attempt the EY tests each year. The most important way to secure your place in the EY assessments round is to practise with EY-style online assessment tests

How many tests are there in EY?

Since EY is a multinational firm with global subsidiary firms, the exact number of EY tests vary as per the location and job role. However, most assessments include:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Personality Test
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • E-Tray Exercises
  • In-Tray Exercises

Is EY job simulation timed?

While the EY job simulation is not a timed round in itself, it comprises multiple timed assessments like situational judgement test etc. Though it is untimed, you will also have a limited time to record the answer for each video response.

How long shall I wait after the EY final interview round?

EY generally will get back to you no longer than 2-3 weeks about your result, however may be faster depending on the role. Keep checking your mail regularly for updates. If you are unselected, you will receive a rejection email from EY.

How hard are the EY interview rounds?

EY interviews are moderate to very difficult with multiple rounds and with multiple interviewers. There are multiple rounds with strength-based and competency-based questions with challenging technical interview questions that assess your technical skills in the job area you are applying for.

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