Korn Ferry Talent Q

Talent Q was founded by Roger Holdsworth, a co-founder of SHL. Having left SHL along with his partner Peter Saville (now Saville Consulting), Roger Holdsworth developed innovative approaches to assessment methodology used by many clients across the globe. Hay Group acquired Talent Q in 2014. Korn Ferry, a part of the Hay Group, administers the Talent Q assessment tests.

Some of the ability assessments offered by Talent Q differ in the typical stance of what has historically been the case. For example, the use of more than 5 options from which to choose an answer from. Nevertheless, the assessments tap in to the same psychometric aspects that would be expected from and well-established assessment developed by Chartered Psychologists such as those used by SHL and IBM Kenexa.

Unlike SHL and Kenexa, Talent Q have limited global presence but appear to be growing at a substantial rate.

Graduates First was founded and is run by previous SHL and Kenexa Consultants. As such they have first-hand knowledge of how employers assess candidates.

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