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Get your job with Nestle first time. Follow recommendations and tips from Graduates First, a team of organizational psychologists and recruiters. Pass Nestle’s aptitude tests, interviews and the assessment centre.

Make sure that you perform your best at every stage of the recruitment process. This article will provide you with a step-by-step overview of the tips to successfully pass the Nestle assessment process. If you plan to apply to Nestle for a professional job or graduate scheme, this text is for you. Read with attention.

Nestle is a Swiss multinational nutrition, health and wellness company headquartered in  Vevey, Switzerland. Being a leading expert in the industry, it is of no surprise that Nestle attracts thousands of the best global candidates, for a limited number of job openings, each year. The competition is fierce, and so Nestle screens its candidates using online aptitude tests and rejects those that receive results around the bottom 60%. If you are serious about scoring a job with Nestle, you need to prepare beforehand for each stage of the recruitment process.

You want to know how to successfully pass the Nestle online assessment first time. Learn from the text below.

These are the five steps of the Nestle job application process:

  1. Nestle Online application
  2. Nestle Online aptitude tests
  3. Nestle First-round interview
  4. Nestle Assessment centre
  5. Nestle Final Interview


Nestle Online application

Completing the online application form is the first stage of the recruitment process and the first chance for you to impress the recruiters.

Tip: The answers to these questions will form a basis for any future interviews so make sure to do your research about the company, industry and the specific role you applied for. Next: apply your personal skills and experiences to the above.


  • Please describe your motivations for working in this business area at Nestle. Briefly discuss your skills that make you an ideal candidate.

Tip: Always apply as early as possible, as applications are often checked on a rolling basis. This will give you a head start ahead of the competition.


Nestle assessments
Online aptitude tests

These will include:

  • situational judgement test
  • numerical reasoning test

Nestle Situational Judgement Test

Nestle’s Situational Judgement Test examines you on your behavior in unknown situations that you are likely to encounter when working for the company. You will be presented with short scenarios and will be asked to identify which courses of actions are most and least desirable.

This type of test is especially difficult because all answers will seem like good ideas and will have some positive qualities. What you need to focus on is what Nestle are looking for in an ideal candidate, and which answers are actually practical and possible – given your common sense and what you have learned about the company.

Have a look at the Nestle-style Situational Judgement Test below. Analyse each option carefully and consider benefits and difficulties in each of the following.

Nestle-style Situational Judgement Test Example

Remember that there is no right or wrong answer – everything will depend on your characteristics. Do not try to cheat as the test is designed to detect any inconsistencies.

Nestle Numerical Reasoning Test

  • Don’t worry if it has been a while since you last did Maths! What you need to do is refresh yourself on basic GCSE calculations; such as reading data off charts and calculating ratios, percentages, etc.
  • Tip: This test is difficult – not because of the knowledge or its requirements, but because you will need to work under stress and time pressure. If you want to learn how to manage your stress and be able to get the correct answer as quickly as possible – you need to practice these tests in a safe environment and learn from the worked solutions.
  • Learn more about numerical reasoning tests

If you are looking for a Nestle-style numerical reasoning test with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance – then Graduates First has it covered.

Nestle-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Nestle-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Check if you got the correct answer at the bottom of the page.

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First-round interview

  • If you have been successful at the online aptitude tests stage, you will be invited to a first-round interview which usually takes the form of a telephone interview. You will be assessed on your compatibility with Nestle’s values, as well as your general skills and motivations. Questions and answers during Nestle’s interview may vary; however, you should ideally follow a STAR model in your responses.

Tips for Nestle’s job interview:

  • Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Put a card with the acronym STAR in front of you. This stands for: Situation, Task, Action and Result. After every question think about how you can give your answer by referring to each of the four points mentioned above; explain what the particular situation was, what task you were faced with, what action you took and what the result Get prepared for the interview by identifying a few situations from your personal, professional or student life that can present a full STAR mode. Practice how you will be talking about them to the recruiter, and take notes of key points you will refer to during the interview.
  • Get familiar with Nestle’s values, vision and mission, and read reviews on Glassdoor to be able to gauge the culture of the company. Try to accommodate your answers to your findings.
  • Your interview will be competency based (CBI). You should be prepared to talk about specific times when you proved to possess certain skills, such as: determination, teamwork, leadership skills, etc. Think about your previous projects and experiences, whether they stem from: your professional life, education, your private life, or whether they relate to your sports and hobbies.
  • You can also be asked some technical questions, so make sure you know major facts about Nestle, the industry and any recent developments.
  • Tip: it is important to give a variety of examples from your experiences so do not spend too much time referring to only one. Show that you are a well-rounded individual who always tried to get involved in various projects.
  • Do you want more Nestle-style interview questions and answers? Prepare some ideas for your answers before your interview by analysing the most common types of interview questions.
  • Want to know what questions could come up in your interview? Graduates First can help with the Question Identifier Tool (QIT). You can get it by following this link.


Nestle Assessment centre

The next stage of the recruitment process is the Nestle Assessment Centre, during which you will be assessed by senior members of the relevant business area across a variety of exercises. These include both motivational and business interviews, which may take the form of the:

  • Nestle Group Exercise

This task will examine your ability to communicate with a team and reach a final decision. Throughout this exercise, you will be closely observed by recruiters and so ensure you are confident and able to demonstrate your strengths: be engaged and share your ideas, make sure to ask your teammates critical questions, but also build on somebody else’s input and develop on their points when you get a chance. Always try your best to persuade others towards your opinions, but do not be too aggressive. And most importantly – stay calm and confident.

  • Learn more about the Group Exercise here
  • Nestle Written Exercise

This time you will be asked to independently work on a previously unseen case study. This will be provided in the candidate brief.

Start by skim reading through the candidate brief and plan your response.

Remember – it is better to omit a few details and make your arguments shorter, than to run out of time! Finishing your conclusion is the most important part of this task.

  • Learn more about the Written Exercise here

Tip for Nestle Assessment Centre: all Assessment Centre exercises are timed. It is therefore advantageous to practise beforehand, as this reduces the (precious) time taken for candidates to familiarise themselves with the task.

Learn more about assessment centres here

You can practice the Assessment Centre using Graduates First’s resources. GF offers sets of questions for each stage of the assessment day. You can purchase them here.


Nestle Final interview

The final part of the pre-employment testing process, is an interview with a senior manager or director from the department that you have applied to. This is your last chance to stand out from the competition and prove that you deserve to be offered a job or internship at Nestle.

However, it is also your last opportunity to ask questions and see if this job is for you. If you ask interesting and thought-provoking questions, you will find out more first-hand but you will also impress your recruiters and prove your passion and enthusiasm. Do not be afraid of asking your interviewer for their personal experiences with the company, and their career path.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical reasoning test: D

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