Saville Consulting – Towers Watson

Professor Peter Saville founded SHL, or as it was previously known as Saville & Holdsworth Limited, with his partner Roger Holdsworth (who later founded Talent Q). However shortly after floatation, a dispute emerged and both Peter and Roger left the board. Peter Saville set up Saville Consulting to compete with SHL, and made significant progress, but not to the extent of the success enjoyed by SHL.

Saville Consulting

Saville Consulting was acquired by Towers Watson in 2015 – a trend which seems to be more and more common, and appears similar to what accountancy and law firms previously underwent.

The services provided by Saville Consulting include that of the “Wave” – a personality based assessment again modelled on the big-5 personality factors. A suite of ability tests, but in essence no different to what is already available by other publishers. Needless to say, that standard of their assessment were exceptional.

Graduates First was founded and is run by previous SHL and Kenexa Consultants. As such they have first-hand knowledge of how employers assess candidates.

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