NHS Graduate Scheme, Assessments, Interviews, Assessment Centre 2024. Practice. A Comprehensive Guide.

SUMMARY Apply to NHS for a graduate or professional job? Look no further than this complete guide to accelerate your NHS online assessment practice. This article provides a complete candidate recruitment, assessment, and preparation guide for anyone applying for Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS) and other graduate programs at NHS.  Our platform offers scientifically validated […]

GF partners with NHS HEE

Written by:Peter Thornton MAConsultant Project We are proud to have worked closely with NHS Health Education England (HEE) for their 2020/21 Graduate Scheme. The GF Team played a pivotal role in providing the recruitment strategy, online assessments, and project management that enabled NHS HEE to hire 23 suitable candidates across the organisation. The experience of our […]

Practice Healthcare Job Tests

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Join thousands of satisfied students from 150+ universities and business schools who use our solutions to get their job first time Making us the Most Trusted & Complete Practice Test Service Provider on the Market. Our Tests Numerical Reasoning Numerical reasoning tests are designed to identify an individual’s level of ability to reason with information […]