Written by:
Peter Thornton MA


We are proud to have worked closely with NHS Health Education England (HEE) for their 2020/21 Graduate Scheme. The GF Team played a pivotal role in providing the recruitment strategy, online assessments, and project management that enabled NHS HEE to hire 23 suitable candidates across the organisation.

The experience of our Organisational Psychologists and wider team resulted in a comprehensive, effective, and legally defensible recruitment strategy that we were truly proud of. We applied this conscious and deliberate approach to the entire process, whether it was data protection, the collation of data, and of course the delivery of the assessments themselves. Our aim is to reduce the workload of the client wherever possible, which we will elaborate upon further in our Approach section below.


We put into place a robust strategy that provided a polished experience for recruiters at NHS HEE and applicants during the hiring process. This began with understanding the organisations needs through multiple calls with the team, helping to really understand the “best-fit” profile they were looking for in an ideal candidate. In essence, we discussed how the NHS could use psychometrics to achieve the goal of finding suitable candidates for their graduate positions.

Our efforts extended further than best-practice advice, to our communication with candidates each step of the way. As such, we delivered regular and clear communication with candidates as to their position in the process, and reminders of the time remaining to ensure a maximal completion rate. Additionally, we provided recruiters with data breakdowns to save them doing the extra admin work. The team also delivered 24/7 IT support to ensure minimal disruption to the process for both candidates and the client.


We’re humbled to have had this opportunity to work with the NHS. The importance of team agility was a particular highlight and allowed us to further appreciate and develop our agile way of working. Crucially, this experience emphasised to us the value of quality service, and the benefit of bespoke recruitment processes.

Thanks to the NHS and GF Team for their hard work and determination during the project lifecycle.