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Are you considering submitting applications for Coca-Cola’s 2024 graduate programs, early career opportunities, or perhaps a professional position within the company during this period across the globe, including the US and UK?

If so, continue reading to find out all you’ll need to know in this complete guide.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessment tests, interviews and assessment center exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process.

Not sure if you should practice for Coca-Cola assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude test results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) found that candidates who do not practice assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.


How do you prepare for Coca-Cola assessment tests and get the job?

  1. Complete your Coca-Cola Online Application
  • Fill in your Coca-Cola application online
  • Match your application to Coca-Cola core competencies
  • Use their language/keywords from the job post in your resume
  1. Practice For Coca-Cola Online Gamified Assessment

Coca-Cola uses an online gamified assessment during the application process. It involves the C-factor game which tests you through;

  1. Numerical reasoning and inductive reasoning
  2. Personality questionnaire
  3. Situational judgement test
  4. Cognitive ability games

Practice for the game-based assessments and familiarise yourself with what to expect with our GF practice game assessments.

  1. Record Mock Video Interviews of Yourself

Prepare for your Coca-Cola online one-on-one video interview by practicing your answers to behavioural and competency-based questions. Your verbal communication should be convincing, and filled with content that presents you in the best way for the job. 

For Coca-Cola interview practice, use these:

Use the STAR method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Prepare for the Coca-Cola Assessment Center

You will be required to attend the Coca-Cola assessment center, either physical or virtual. These exercises may include:

Hone your communication skill as best as you can before the exercises. Research online, prepare and practice presentation of as many business case studies as possible.

Continue reading to get answers to these critical questions:

  1. What is Coca-Cola?
  2. What is the Coca-Cola online gamified assessment?
  3. What is the Coca-Cola assessment centre?
  4. What can I expect at a Coca-Cola interview?
  5. What roles, graduate programmes and internships can I apply for at Coca-Cola?

Looking to practice for your upcoming Coca-Cola assessments? Simply click on the table below to practice tests relevant to your Coca-Cola application process!

Relevant Assessments to Coca-ColaPractice Now
Game AssessmentsStart Practicing
Video InterviewStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Go Premium to gain full access to all the assessments practice listed above and ace your Coca-Cola assessments for the first time. 

Let us go into details on the Coca-Cola recruitment process and what to expect!


  1. What is Coca-Cola?
  2. Coca-Cola Job Application Form
  3. Coca-Cola Online Gamification Assessment
  4. Coca-Cola Video Interview
  5. Coca-Cola Assessment Centre

Good to Know Bonuses:

  1. Coca-Cola Graduate Programmes/Internship
  2. Coca-Cola Application Process FAQs

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Coca-Cola?

The Coca-Cola Company, also known as Coke, is an American multinational beverage corporation established in 1886. They are one of the world’s most recognizable and iconic brands primarily known for their product, Coca-Cola, which is a carbonated soft drink.

Coca-Cola has a significant global presence, with operations in numerous countries and a distribution network of their products in over 200 countries. With the brand’s bottling partners, they also provide employment to over 700,000 people.

What business areas are in Coca-Cola?

Careers in Coca-Cola extends across several functions which provides a wide range of job opportunities and career experiences. Some of them include:

Data AnalyticsFinance & AccountingManufacturing
Information TechnologySalesTechnical
Public Affairs, Communications and SustainabilityBrand management/marketingRevenue Growth Management

To apply for any of these roles, you must make sure to match their core values.

What are the Coca-Cola Values?

In Coca-Cola, they are guided by certain values that describe their actions and how they behave in the world. These include:

  1. Leadership: Coca-Cola prides in taking up the courage amongst many to stand out and shape a better future
  1. Collaboration: They believe in working together with others to produce effective results
  1. Integrity: Coca-Cola strongly follows the rule of, ‘being real’
  1. Accountability: If anything is to happen, then it is up to you to handle and take control
  1. Passion: In Coca-Cola, you have to be committed to the brand in heart and mind
  1. Diversity: They embrace diversity in all forms and are as inclusive as their brands
  1. Quality: This stands out for them as what they do, they do well!

Now that we know a little about the company, let us find out what the Coca-Cola recruitment process entails.

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Coca-Cola Job Application Form

What is the Coca-Cola online application?

The Coca-Cola job application form is the first stage of the Coca-Cola application process. To apply for any role, visit Coca-Cola’s careers website, select the job you are interested in, and click apply. 

The online application form will require you to provide these details:

  1. Personal information 
  2. Contact information
  3. CV/resume upload with education and work history 
  4. Additional documents, e.g. drivers licence, birth certificate

Coca-Cola application tip: When filling your application form, make sure to align your resume and skills to the requirements of the job role. Prior research should be done to understand the role more. 

Coca-Cola job application form
Coca-Cola Job Application Form
Source: Coca-Cola Careers

Good to know: Depending on the role you have applied for, you may be invited to a short telephone interview after your online application. 

After you get shortlisted, those applying for graduate, internship or apprenticeship schemes will be sent a link to the Coca-Cola online gamification assessment.

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Coca-Cola Online Gamification Assessment

What is the Coca-Cola Gamification Assessment?

The Coca-Cola online gamification assessment is an online game-based assessment provided by The Talent Games, to assess your personality trait and skills. The online gamification assessment incorporates game elements into traditional psychometric tests and can be used as an alternative or a combination.

Good to know: The Coca Cola game assessment is used to measure your behaviors and skills using elements of traditional situational judgement tests and personality assessments.

This form of Coca-Cola game-based assessment is the C-Factor game assessment. It immerses you in a virtual Coca-Cola office world with their brand image and culture in display

Coca-Cola game assessment example
Coca-Cola Game Assessment Example
Source: The Talent Games

What to expect in the Coca Cola C-Factor Game Assessment?

The Coca-Cola C-factor game consists of four sections, of which must be all attempted.

These include:

  1. Coca-Cola Aptitude Assessments
  2. Coca-Cola Psychometric Assessments
  3. Coca-Cola Situational Judgement Test
  4. Coca-Cola Cognitive Ability Games

1. Coca-Cola Aptitude Assessments

What are the Coca-Cola aptitude assessments?

The Coca-Cola aptitude assessments measure your ability to work with information. It includes three sub-sections, which are error checking, inductive reasoning and numerical reasoning.

Coca-Cola Numerical Reasoning Test Questions

What are the Coca-Cola numerical reasoning test questions?

The Coca-Cola numerical reasoning test questions are used to assess your numerical abilities with data presented in charts, graphs, tables and figures.

Test your numerical reasoning skills with this question numerical test question we’ve developed below:

Coca-Cola-Style Numerical Reasoning Test Question Example

Coca-Cola numerical reasoning question example

Think you got it right? Check the correct answer at the bottom of the page.

Coca-Cola inductive Reasoning Test Questions

What are the Coca-Cola inductive reasoning test questions?

For the Coca-Cola inductive reasoning test questions, you are evaluated on your logical reasoning of changes to different patterns, shapes and objects. You are expected to choose from multiple choice questions based on these changes.

Have a go at our logical reasoning practice question below to test your logical skills ahead of your Coca-Cola online assessments:

Coca-Cola-Style Logical Reasoning Question Example

Coca-Cola logical reasoning question example

Got the answer? Find out at the bottom of the page!

Good to know: The Coca-Cola numerical reasoning and inductive reasoning tests monitor your speed, accuracy, attention to details and your ability to solve problems.

4 Top Tips to Pass the Coca-Cola Aptitude Tests
  1. Familiarise yourself with the test format: Use the practice test to take note of how the questions are phrased and understand how it works before you begin the actual test.
  1. Observe and analyse the patterns carefully: Check for similarities or changes carefully in the data or shapes presented to quickly choose the right pattern. 
  1. Manage your time properly: Time management is essential during this test as the more questions you are able to answer within the time frame, the higher your score gets. 
  1. Stay calm and focused: Do not trade your speed for your accuracy as these tests use the negative marking format. Therefore relax before taking the test so you are not overwhelmed by the shapes or figures.

Practice for your Coca-Cola logical and numerical test with our free logical reasoning and numerical test questions that assess similar abilities. Register with GF to practice and further improve your reasoning skills today. 

2. Coca-Cola Psychometric Assessments

What is the Coca-Cola psychometric test?

The Coca-Cola psychometric assessments are personality questionnaires used to assess your skills and personality, such as your values and work behaviour using the Big 5 Model.

What do the Coca-Cola personality tests measure?

Find out with this video curated by our experts below.

What do Personality Tests Measure? (SHL OPQ, Big 5 OCEAN Model) #shorts

How to ace the Coca-Cola personality questionnaire

  1. Provide honest answers: There are no right or wrong answers during this assessment. Therefore, answer honestly to help show your true strengths, weaknesses and work preferences.
  1. Pay attention to questions: In some cases, you may be asked the same question in a different format. This is just to measure your behavioural style and characteristics. In this case,be consistent with your answer.
  1. Align your answers to the job role: Your answers reflect who you are at work, so consider the traits needed in the role that reflects the company’s culture and values.

Did you know? Our Work Personality Questionnaire (WPQ) is also based on the theory behind the Big 5 model and helps to prepare for these personality assessments, such as the Coca-Cola personality questionnaire.

3. Coca-Cola Situational Judgement Test

What is the Coca-Cola situational judgement test?

The Coca-Cola situational judgement test is used to evaluate your behaviours in a real-life workplace scenario. The tests are set up based on certain competencies chosen by the employer and are used to assess how your values and behaviours align with their culture.

Check out our example situational judgement question below to get an idea of how your Coca-Cola situational judgement test may look like:

Coca-Cola-Style Situational Judgement Question Example

Coca-Cola situational judgement question example

Good to know: The Coca-Cola situational judgement test immerses you in a virtual work environment aligned to Coca-Cola’s work values and culture while measuring your judgement in certain work-related scenarios.

Want to know more about the Coca-Cola situational judgement test? Watch our short video below.

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

Below are curated tips for you to ace the Coca-Cola situational judgement test in your first try!

How to pass the Coca-Cola situational judgement test

  1. Read the requirements and skills needed for the role you are applying for. This will help you get an idea of what is expected of you when answering the questions.
  1. Practice related questions before you take the test. At GF we provide similar questions to help increase your chances during the assessment.
  1. Align your answers to Coca-Cola’s culture and values. Each of the questions asked reflects the company’s cultures, therefore aligning your answers to them shows you are able to emulate their values.
  1. Choose the most appropriate answer for that scenario. Situational judgement test questions can be a little tricky, so ensure you pick the answer that most solves the problem related in the scenario.

Start your Coca-Cola situational judgement test preparation, sign- up for GF’s Situational Judgement Test package today to access real questions, live test reports, and progress charts!

4. Coca-Cola Cognitive Ability Games

What are the Coca-Cola Cognitive ability games?

The Coca-Cola cognitive ability games is a series of 1-2 minute games that measures your cognitive abilities such as, problem-solving skills, judgement making, memory retention and decision-making ability. These games employ a negative marking for every wrong answer, therefore make sure you stay focused while doing this.

At GF, we offer game-based assessments for you to practice. Try GF’s practice gamified assessments, and understand how they work before your actual assessment.

Top 5 key tips to help you ace the Coca-Cola Online Gamification Assessment

Now that you know all about the Coca-Cola online game assessment, here are essential tips to help increase your chances.

  1. Play similar games or practice interactive challenges to get familiar with the mechanics commonly used in these Coca-Cola assessments.
  1. Use key insights from practice games/sessions to identify areas for improvement and adjust your approach accordingly.
  1. Identify what is being measured: Each game assessment is used to assess certain traits and skills. Is it your personality, situational judgment ability or numerical skills?
  1. Read instructions carefully: Depending on what is being measured, the instructions for each game section will differ. Take note of these changes and focus while answering questions.
  1. Use a good device with good internet connection: Make sure to use the right operating system with good internet connection for the test, to avoid disconnections during the test.

Take a break from reading and watch this video below for even more quick tips to ace the Coca-Cola online gamification assessment.

How to pass game assessments | by Arctic Shores, HireVue & Assess Candidates #shorts

Go further with the practice Essentials and maximise your Coca-Cola assessment practice with 50+ full industry-standard ability tests, SJTs, and personality questionnaire designed and scientifically tested by our professional psychologists.

After the Coca-Cola online gamification assessment, you will be reached out for the next phase of assessment. Let us find out more about the Coca-Cola Video Interview.

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Coca-Cola Video Interview

What is the Coca-Cola interview?

The Coca-Cola video interview comes after you have successfully made it through the online assessment stage. This is a 1-on-1 interview with a recruiter where you are asked motivational and competency questions based on your job role.

Check out the short video below to understand more about video interviews and how Coca-Cola use them in their recruitment process:

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

4 Top Tips to Pass Coca-Cola Video Interview

  1. Understand Coca-Cola’s culture: Reflect on the core values and use these to help you develop your answers to many Coca-Cola interview questions.
  1. Practice your answers: Practice makes perfect. Practice answering likely interview questions with a friend, family member or our practice video interview tool to develop your technique.
  1. Align your responses to the role: Read the job description to understand the requirements for the role. By doing so, you are able to reflect your skills and competencies related and important to the role.
  1. Use STAR+R model to answer competency based questions: Describe the situation, the challenges experienced, actions carried out and what you learned from the situation.

Get interview-ready with our video interview practice tool! Sign up with GF now and access Coca-Cola interview sets to practice and hone your skills.

Coca-Cola video interview example

Keep reading to check out the top questions asked in a Coca-Cola interview and how best you can answer them with our examples below.


Question: Why Coca-Cola?

Tip to Answer: Ensure you have done your research on Coca-Cola’s values and consider what interests you most about the company from recent news. How can you support Coca-Cola with their goals from within your role?

Good answer:

  • Coca-Cola is outstanding to me for their ground-breaking global reputation, culture and brand practice. I am drawn to the company’s focus on innovation, diversity, sustainability and technology-driven solutions. Following the growth and operation of the company, I have been convinced that Coca-Cola is the ideal environment to grow in my career choice due to the use of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain and behavioural analytics. With my growing skills in data science, machine learning and robotics, I believe I can be of great substance to Coca-Cola’s continued success in this field of technology. 

Question: What is your ideal working environment? 

Tip to answer: When answering this, your response should align with the company’s values, culture and the nature of the job. Be honest about your preferred work situation as it helps the interviewer know the work situation that fits you best.

Good answer:

  • My ideal working environment is one that promotes collaboration and innovation. I appreciate dynamic teams where we can work together to brainstorm ideas and find solutions to problems. Also, I value a serene work space where I can focus on detailed tasks when needed. I appreciate a company that encourages proper work-life balance and values employee well-being. Based on my research, I discovered that in Coca-Cola, your culture aligns with these preferences, which is one of the reasons I’m excited about the opportunity to work here.

Question: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Tip to answer: When answering this question, it is important for you to show you are ambitious and have a clear plan for your future.

Good answer:

  • My future goals in five years are mapped out to becoming a sales expert. In that timeframe, I want to complete the Coca-Cola sales apprenticeship programme and be on the fast track to becoming a full time worker in the sales department. This highlights one of my top goals, which also includes expanding my knowledge in this field and gaining hands-on-skills and experience needed to succeed in the career path.

Find out more tips to answer this Coca-Cola interview question in our short video below:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? | How to Ace your Answer | Interview Question #shorts

Want to know what questions could come up in your Coca-Cola interview? Practice the Essentials with GF and discover more potential Coca-Cola interview questions with our Question Identifier Tool (QIT).

Once you have aced your video interview, you will be invited to the last stage of the process: the Coca-Cola assessment center.

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Coca-Cola Assessment Center

What is the Coca-Cola assessment centre?

The Coca-Cola assessment centre is the final stage in the Coca-Cola recruitment process. It consists of a series of assessments used to evaluate your work abilities, decision-making skills and collaborative behavior.

What will the Coca-Cola assessment center involve?

In the Coca-Cola assessment center, you may be required to participate in these exercises:

Continue reading to find out more about these assessment exercises in detail.

Coca-Cola Group Exercise

What is the Coca-Cola Group Exercise?

The Coca-Cola group exercise is an assessment used to assess your ability to work together with others, decision-making and problem solving skills. In this assessment, you will be grouped with other candidates and given a task to solve as a team.

Did you know? During the assessment, your assessors evaluate your performance based on specific competencies, including your: communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Watch this video below to learn more about what you should expect in the Coca-Cola group exercise:

Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

Below are our top tips to boost your chances during your Coca-Cola group exercise.

5 Top Tips to Ace the Coca-Cola Group Exercise 

  1. Understand the Task: Before you begin the exercise, make sure to go over the instructions with your team to ensure you all know what is expected.
  1. Communicate effectively: Remember this is a group work and not an individual task. Speak clearly and calmly, and avoid speaking over others.
  1. Contribute to the task: Ensure to work with team members and provide them with your suggestions. Build off of your team’s ideas where natural.
  1. Respect the opinion of others: listen actively to the ideas of others and contribute where needed. Ask questions and involve the quieter members.
  1. Time management: The exercise is usually timed. Keep track of the time to ensure your team completes the task within this time limit.

To gain more insights and do well in your Coca-Cola group exercise assessment center, check out our assessment centre package packed full of practice assessment center exercises to help you prepare.

The next assessment centre exercise you may face is the Coca-Cola case study exercise.

Coca-Cola Case Study Exercise

What is the Coca-Cola case study exercise?

In the Coca-Cola case study exercise, you will be provided with a real-life work case scenario where you are expected to analyse the situation, draw conclusions and provide a proposed solution to the problem.

Good to know: The Coca-Cola case study exercise may be either an individual or a group exercise, depending on the nature of the role you applied for. 

How to Ace the Coca-Cola Case Study Exercise

  1. Read and understand the instructions carefully: This exercise measures your analytical thinking ability, therefore check instructions to understand the requirements and objectives to help stay focused on the task at hand.
  1. Present your conclusion properly: Ensure you have a clear conclusion with suggestions and ideas. If presenting, speak clearly and in a calm tone of voice.
  1. Manage your time: your organisational skills are also assessed, therefore time management is key.
  1. Re-read before submitting your work: After you complete your assessment, make sure to check for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Sign up with GF today and get ahead of the competition for your Coca-Cola case study exercise with our own practice case study assessment exercises.

Next, let’s go into details for the Coca-Cola presentation exercise.

Coca-Cola Presentation

What is the Coca-Cola presentation?

The Coca-Cola presentation is used to assess your communication skills. This assessment centre exercise may be used to present your work during the group or case study exercises.

You will be provided with a candidate brief prior to the assessment day and are required to present on a given topic related to Coca-Cola.

Top 4 Tips to Prepare for the Coca-Cola Presentation Exercise 

  1. Practice: Practice for your presentation with visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides to help you with more effective communication. 
  1. Time yourself: When practicing, record and time yourself to develop your timings ahead of the real assessment exercise. 
  1. Show confidence: Maintain relaxed eye contact with your assessors and speak clearly and in a calm tone of voice to demonstrate confidence.
  1. Dress appropriately: Ensure to dress professionally for your presentation to create a good impression.

Practice presentation assessment exercises with us and impress in our Coca-Cola presentation, first time. 

Coca-Cola Panel Interview

What is the Coca-Cola panel interview?

The Coca-Cola panel interview is the final stage of the Coca-Cola recruitment process. Here, you will have your interview with the HR manager, employees, and your potential future team members. 

You may be asked several competency based, motivational, or technical questions, depending on the role you applied for.

Top 4 Tips to pass the Coca-Cola Panel Interview 

  1. Understand the business mission and vision: Ensure to research about the company as this will help you in providing answers that present your knowledge and skills related to Coca-Cola.
  1. Practice competency based and motivational questions: Practice with a family member or friend and use their feedback to hone your technique.
  1. Use specific examples: When answering competency questions, use 2-3 examples from your experiences to support your answers.
  1. Ask Questions: This interview is also a great opportunity for you to know more about Coca-Cola and their work culture, as well as about the role.

Find out our top 5 questions you can ask your interviewer during the Coca-Cola panel interview in our short video below:

5 Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview | Part 2 #shorts

Get interview-ready with our video interview practice tool! Sign up with GF now and access 39 employer interview sets to practice and hone your skills.

Congratulations! you are selected, and have accepted the offer. A background check and drug screening may be required depending on your country’s regulations.

Take a little time to go over the captivating range of entry roles and graduate programs that await you at Coca-Cola.

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Coca-Cola Graduate Programmes/Internships

Coca-Cola offers a wide range of opportunities in the early careers for those who want to pursue a career in their industry. They include:

  1. Coca-Cola Placement Programme
  2. Coca-Cola Graduate Programme
  3. Coca-Cola Internships
  4. Coca-Cola Apprenticeship

1. Coca-Cola Placement Programme

What is the Coca-Cola placement programme?

Coca-Cola presents a 9 to 12-month placement program that offers an excellent chance to engage in a variety of novel experiences, cultivate fresh skills, gain insights into the operations of Coca-Cola, and apply recently acquired knowledge within a challenging role within the company.

Location: UK

Coca-Cola Placement Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Ambitious students
  2. Effective communication skills
  3. A ‘can-do’ attitude with the desire to learn
  4. Ability to work well with others.

2. Coca-Cola Graduate Programme

What is the Coca-Cola graduate programme?

During the summer of 2021, Coca-Cola introduced the ‘University Talent Programme’, an initiative that includes either 3 or 4 rotations, depending on the specific program you choose.

The first cohort has already commenced their journey, while the second cohort is set to join shortly.

Location: UK, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria

Coca-Cola Graduate Programme Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s or master’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.00
  2. Fresh graduates or have maximum 1-year working experience
  3. If position requires driving, must have valid driver’s license 
  4. Must pass the post-offer drug and background test

3. Coca-Cola Internships

What is the Coca-Cola internship programme?

As a participant in the Coca-Cola Summer Internship, you’ll be immersed in practical learning that complements your academic pursuits. This experience will entail active engagement within a diverse team in various fields like, 

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Retail Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Public Affairs
  • Operations
  • Technicals

Duration: 10 weeks full-time paid

Start dates: Coca-Cola recruits for internships during fall and the beginning of the year.

Location: US, UK, Papua New Guinea, Netherlands, Bulgaria

Coca-Cola Internship Eligibility Requirements 

  1. High school Diploma and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or master’s degree
  2. Must be legally authorized to work in the country
  3. If internship requires driving, must have valid driver’s license 
  4. Must pass the post-offer drug and background test

4. Coca-Cola Apprenticeship

What are the Coca-Cola apprenticeship programmes?

The Coca-Cola Europacific Partners offers a wide range of apprenticeship schemes to help individuals gain hands-on experience and develop their skills in various fields related to the beverage industry. 

These four-year programs are typically designed to provide on-the-job training and mentorship opportunities in these fields:

  • Field Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Food Technology
  • Engineering

Location: UK, Papua New Guinea, Spain, Netherlands

Start date: Applications for the autumn will be up soon. Check the official website for up-to-date information.

Coca-Cola Apprenticeship Eligibility Requirements

  1. Work permit in the country of residence
  2. Aged 17 or over
  3. Must not be enrolled in a current degree

Now, we have come to an end with the ultimate guide to a successful Coca-Cola recruitment process. Discover even more insights into Coca-Cola with our quick FAQs section below.

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Coca-Cola Application Process FAQs

How do I apply to Coca-Cola?

  • Search for jobs in the Coca-Cola career website 
  • Apply by filling the online application form
  • Make sure to submit a CV/resume that stands out

Is Coca-Cola hiring?

Go to the official career website for Coca-Cola and check for open positions in your region.

How long does it take to hear back from Coca-Cola after the interview?

The process is usually fast and takes about two weeks to hear back from the company.

What type of individual do you need to be to apply for these opportunities?

Coca-Cola is on the lookout for ambitious students with effective communication skills, a ‘can-do’ attitude, the desire to learn and ability to work well with others.

What is the Coca-Cola scholars program?

The Coca-Cola scholars program is designed for graduating high school seniors as an investment to bring better to the world with their dedicated act to leadership and service.

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