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Are you interested in applying for the next recruitment batch for the 2024 Diageo graduate programme or internships across the globe, including the UK and US? This guide provides all you need for your Diageo online assessment practice.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice game-based assessments, assessments tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the Diageo recruitment and assessment process. 

Not sure if you should practice for Diageo assessments? Many large employers are leveraging gamified assessments as part of their recruitment processes (Institute of Student employers, 2018). A few of these major companies include Unilever, HSBC and RBS.

A recent study found that applicants report higher levels of process satisfaction, perceived fairness and organisational attractiveness when the gamified assessment method is used compared to the traditional version.

K. Georgiou & I. Nikolaou (2020)

How to pass the Diageo assessment process and tests to get the job?

  1. Complete your Diageo Online Application
  • Fill in your Diageo application online
  • Match your application to Diageo’s core values
  • Research Diageo and use the key words from the job post in your resume and application
  • Answer questions honestly and apply as early as possible
  1. Practice for Diageo Pymetrics game based assessments

Diageo uses a variety of Pymetrics game assessments. They are designed to find out more about you and your work habits. There will be 12 assessments which should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Practice similar game-based assessments with us similar to those used by Diageo today.

  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

Prepare for a telephone or video interview by running mock interviews answering typical interview questions. For Diageo interview practice, use:

Our video interview practice platform contains predefined competency and industry questions and emulates experience you will have in platforms used for HireVue interviews. 

Use the STAR+R method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Prepare for the Diageo assessment Centre

Diageo makes use of a variety of competitive exercises during the assessment centre to find the right candidates. Ensure that you practice a variety of exercises including:

Hone your written and spoken communication techniques. Research online, prepare and practice presentation of as many business case studies as possible.Be aware; not many get to this stage. The competition is very fierce.Continue reading to get answers to these questions:

  1. Who is Diageo?
  2. What is the Diageo hiring process?
  3. What is Diageo Pymetrics gamified assessment?
  4. What should I expect in a Diageo Hirevue video interview?
  5. How do I prepare for Diageo assessment day?

Looking into assessments with Diageo, simply click in the table below to practice assessments relevant to your assessment process!

Relevant Assessments to DiageoPractice Now
Game AssessmentsStart Practicing
Video InterviewStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Ace your Diageo online assessment first try with our Premium practice assessments. Practice with our video interview tool, game-based assessments and the full range of practice assessments designed to maximise your preparation. 

Before we dive into the Diageo recruitment process, let’s discover more about the company first.

Who is Diageo?

Diageo is a British multinational alcoholic beverage company, founded in 1997. It is headquartered in London, England and operates in 180 countries across five regions. Diageo was formed from the merger of Guinness Plc and Grand Metropolitan.

It is known popularly as a major distributor of scotch whiskey and other spirits, with its leading brands which includes, Guinness, Johnny Walker, Smirnoff and Baileys. Diageo has over 200 brands and is driven to be the world’s best brand builder paving the way in premium drinks. 

What are some Diageo business areas?

Below are some of the business areas and roles available at Diageo that you can apply for:

Diageo Business AreasRoles
Corporate Relations– International Trade
– International Tax Policy
Digital and Technology– Security Architect
– Data Process Manager
– Commercial Business Analysts
Finance– Finance Analyst
– Tax Reporting Specialist
Legal– Legal Counsel
– Risk Manager
Marketing – Brand Manager
– Digital Content
– Digital Product and Data
Procurement– Procurement Manager/Director

To increase your chances at getting a role such as these, researching Diageo’s values is essential. 

What are the Diageo Values?

  1. Passionate about customers and consumers: Diageo is very passionate about customers and consumers. They promote innovation that drives growth from customer and consumer insight.
  1. Freedom to succeed: Diageo encourages entrepreneurial spirit which allows for the freedom to succeed among workers. 
  1. Proud of what we do: At Diageo, diversity is key and helps in maintaining their highest standards of integrity and social responsibility.
  1. Be the best: Diageo strives to be the best with continuous efforts in learning and improving to deliver optimum results.
  1. Valuing each other: Diageo promotes diversity and a safe environment where people value and benefit from one another.

Now that we know more about Diageo, let’s jump right in with your Diageo recruitment process!

Diageo Recruitment Process

How to apply to Diageo?

The Diageo hiring process comprises four different stages, with each of these stages aimed at assessing your analytical abilities, cognitive and critical thinking, decision-making skills and your overall work personality.

Depending on the role you apply for, the Diageo recruitment process entails these main four stages:

Now, let us proceed to the first step of the Diageo recruitment process. Get your pad and paper ready as we jump in!

Diageo Online Application Form

What is the Diageo online application form?

The Diageo online application form is the first step in the Diageo hiring process, therefore this is a chance at creating a good first impression and standing out from your competitors.

To complete your Diageo online application, you will be required to fill in these details;

  1. Personal information 
  2. Education and Employment History 
  3. Application Questions
  4. Voluntary Disclosures
Diageo online application form

Diageo application tip: Ensure you meet the minimum requirements for experience and qualifications for the role you apply for. For example, many roles may require a bachelor’s degree or higher and in other cases, some specific skills.

During your Diageo online application, you will be required to upload your CV/Resume, therefore take your time in creating a CV/Resume that amplifies your qualifications and stands out in competition.

Diageo online CV upload

5 Key Tips to Consider When Creating Your Diageo CV

This is highly essential in progressing to the next stage of the recruitment process. Therefore, these are basic tips to consider when creating your CV:

  1. Ensure your CV does not exceed 1-2 pages: This helps in making your CV appear structured and easy to read by the recruiter.
  1. Align your skills with the job requirements: Most recruiters go over your skills to ensure you have the basic competencies needed for the role. 
  1. Include only relevant information in your CV: Avoid unnecessary information. For example, only include work experiences relevant to the role you applied for.
  1. Avoid using a picture: Most companies reject the use of pictures in CV as it can sometimes be termed as a factor for discrimination. 
  1. Cross-check for errors: Employers sometimes check for errors in CV to reduce the number of candidates. Ensure to proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. 

For more tips on how to prepare for your Diageo job application form, watch this short video below:

How to Prepare For a Job Application Form | Job Application & CV Tips #shorts

Now, you have passed the first stage of the recruitment process, what should you expect in the next round: the Diageo Pymetrics gamified assessments?

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Diageo Pymetrics Games Assessments

What is the Diageo Pymetrics games assessment?

The Diageo games assessments are provided by Pymetrics and are used to assess your cognitive skills and abilities including your personality, level of risk, memory, using interactive tools and game-based elements.

How long is the Diageo Pymetrics games assessment?

The Diageo games assessment stage requires you to play 12 Pymetrics games in 30 minutes. These are not like more typical job assessments, as these are more interactive and vary in format significantly.

Diageo Pymetrics game assessment dashboard

Gain a better understanding of how Diageo game-based assessments work by visiting our website and practicing game assessments developed by our experts.

What are the Diageo Pymetrics games assessments?

These Diageo games measure your emotions, attention, focus, level of risk and other attributes you possess that can reflect in a work-related scenario.

Diageo Pymetrics GameSkills AssessedGF Game Practice
Towers GameAttentionCognition-A™
Digits GameMemoryCognition-M™
Balloons, Cards, Easy or Hard GamesRisk-TakingBART
Stop 1Organising, Attention, and Multi-TaskingMental ArithmeticAttention and ResilienceMTA-Tray™MathBubbles™PassCode™
Arrows Game, Lengths GameAttentionFlanker Task
Money Exchange 1 & 2Trust
Keypresses GamePressing and Processing Speed

Discover more about each of these games and how you can pass for them in our in-depth guide here.

 Top 6 Tips To Ace Your Diageo Games Assessments

  1. Assess what is being measured: Find out the skills required from the job description. This can serve as a guide to what skills are being assessed and the games to be expected to measure these.
  1. Discover the game format: Diageo uses the pymetrics games, therefore familiarise yourself with how the questions or games are designed to assess your abilities.
  1. Practice:Practice makes perfect’, as they say. You can increase your chances by practicing for your Diageo Pymetrics game assessments on our website. This helps boost your confidence and stay focussed during the assessment.
  1. Read all instructions carefully: Instructions are very important as they always describe the rules of the game. Never assume you know what to do without reading the instructions.
  1. Manage your time effectively: While playing the games, make sure not to get carried away as you are being timed. Manage your time effectively across all games to ensure you are done before the time elapses.
  1. Have a good PC/strong internet connection: This is to ensure the games do not stop halfway due to bad internet connection or wrong operating system.

Don’t miss our quick tips on how to ace Diageo games assessments in our short video below!

How to pass game assessments | by Arctic Shores, HireVue & Assess Candidates #shorts

Start your Diageo Pymetrics games preparation journey with GF. We provide practice game-based assessmentssimilar to Pymetrics assessments to help you get familiar with the most common styles of assessments.

After completing this step, you will be invited for the next step in the Diageo recruitment process: the Diageo hirevue video interview.

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Diageo Hirevue Video Interview

What is the Diageo HireVue interview?

The Diageo video interview is a pre-recorded interview. In this stage, you will be given pre-set video interview questions to which you are to record your answers within a time limit; typically 2 minutes.

What are examples of Diageo interview questions?

The Diageo hirevue interview mostly involves:

  • Motivational and competency based questions
  • Situational judgement questions
  • Written response questions
Diageo video interview questions practice

Discover more about the Diageo video interview with our quick 1 minute video below!

What is a Video Interview? #shorts

Diageo Interview Questions and Answers

What has been your greatest achievement?

Tip to answer: The recruiter is looking for you to detail a specific achievement, and how you achieved it. Showcase a real accomplishment and discuss what efforts you had taken to reach this goal. 

Good answer:

My greatest achievement so far is getting a promotion and formal recognition through self-motivation and learning. Working as a sales intern at my first job out of school, I exhibited excellence in performance as the best intern during the programme which led to my promotion. I achieved this through learning more on online sales courses.

These courses helped me grow and made my work easier. Using my learnings from these courses, I improved our sales and was shortly given an offer letter for a full time position. 

Why Diageo?

Tip to answer: When answering this question, show how your skills and experience can help you in being the perfect fit for the role you have applied for

Good answer:

  • I regard Diageo as a company where growth is definite. I believe working here will increase my growth professionally in this position. You must have noticed the trend in my previous work experiences and how it has been related to human resources. 
  • I believe I can apply all the skills I’ve acquired so far to the role of assistant human resources manager for Diageo while also increasing my knowledge from working with professionals and people with first-class minds.
Tell us about a time you had to collaborate with a coworker who was difficult to work with

Tip to answer: When answering this question, show how you can handle the situation through specific skills like, communication, interpersonal skills and conflict management.

Good answer:

  • Situation: In my previous role, I was assigned to work on a project with a coworker who had a reputation for always imposing his interests on others.
  • Task: The main challenges stemmed from the difference in our job roles and communication preferences and a short deadline of 2 weeks to complete the project. 
  • Action: I began by initiating a conversation with my coworker to understand his perspective and expectations for the project. I then identified areas of identical ground and the strength areas we can each focus on to help improve our efficiency. We also agreed to regular check-in meetings to ensure alignment on tasks and deadlines.
  • Result: Despite the initial challenges, we were able to complete the project successfully and within the set 2 week deadline.
  • Reflect: The experience taught me the value of effective communication, interpersonal skills and patience. It also reinforced the importance of maintaining professionalism and focusing on the project’s goal despite the challenges.

Looking to practice more Diageo interview questions? Get interview-ready with our video interview practice tool. Sign up with GF now and access 39 employer interview sets to practice and hone your interview technique.

Your body language is also important when you are in an interview! Gain key insights in this under 1 minute video about the Top 5 Job Interview Body Language Tips.

Top 5 Job Interview Body Language Tips #shorts

Now that you know more about the Diageo video interview, how do we ace the Diageo interview process? Let’s find out below!

5 Top Tips to Ace the Diageo HireVue Video Interview

  1. Practice your answers: Practice for your video interview with practice questions and answers using our Video Interview Platform to prepare and boost your confidence before the interview.
  1. Prepare your environment: This includes being in a quiet area, ensuring a good internet connection, setting the camera and other external devices.
  1. Speak clearly: Be confident in your responses by speaking calmly and in a clear tone of voice. Avoid rushing your answers and take the time to think if you’re unsure.
  1. Use the STAR+R technique: Answer using the S- Situation, T- Task, A- Action, R- Result and R-Reflection technique to help provide a structured response.
  1. Dress appropriately: You are expected to appear professional before the camera. Therefore, dress smartly as first impressions still count!

To discover more pro tips on how to ace your Diageo video interview, don’t miss the following short video:

Epic video interview tips and tricks #shorts

The next and final stage is the Diageo assessment centre. Continue reading to find out more about this stage.

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Diageo Assessment Centre

What is the Diageo assessment centre?

The Diageo assessment centre is the final stage of the recruitment process where you are examined on the basis of the competencies required for the job role.

What will the Diageo assessment centre involve?

During your Diageo assessment day, your performance and behaviours are evaluated by senior representatives based on real-life work environment. Depending on the role you apply to, you will be assessed by the:

  1. Diageo Case Interview
  2. Diageo Group Exercise
  3. Diageo Presentation

Let us find out about each of these exercises in detail.

1. Diageo Case Interview

What is the Diageo case interview?

The Diageo case interview involves the use of work-related problems with existing solutions that requires you to use the data and provide your own solution to the problem.

Good to know: This case interview creates a chance for you to show your problem-solving, technical and specialised skills. The assessment will be led by you, where you will be expected to provide a framework and explore your options.

It is important to prepare for your case interview through practice to develop a method to build this framework, but also to develop the analytic mindset needed to ace this Diageo test.

How to Practice for Your Diageo Case Interview

  1. Understand the basics: Study basic business concepts and terminologies related to the job role. Learning about these business principles will help you during the case interview.
  1. Use mock case studies: practice mock cases from similar industries and backgrounds and build your knowledge in this area.
  1. Practice your presentation: During a case interview, your presentation really matters. Therefore, It is important that you know how to present your proposed solution.
  1. Consider Diageo’s values: When approaching a mock case study, think about the actions that would best demonstrate Diageo’s values.
  1. Develop problem-solving skills: During your case study interview, you will be required to provide solutions to several cases. Train yourself to think logically and critically, focusing on breaking down complex problems.
  1. Prepare for behavioural questions: After your presentation, you may be asked behavioural questions. Prepare for answers that describe your leadership and problem-solving skills.

Ace your next Diageo case interview with our video interview practice tool – featuring strength-based, competency- based and public sector industry interview sets to boost your interview technique with practice.

Keep reading to find out more about the next Diageo assessment centre; Diageo group exercise.

2. Diageo Group Exercise

What is the Diageo group exercise?

The Diageo group exercise involves a group task which you will be expected to complete as a team. During this task, you will be divided into different teams and given a particular task or case study. You will be required to discuss the problems and reach an agreed conclusion. 

5 Top Tips to Ace Your Diageo Group Exercise 

  1. Focus on the task. Keep calm and ensure your team completes the task at hand by concentrating on the goals, purpose and skills assessed for the exercise. 
  1. Show active listening by asking your fellow candidates to present their opinions. Do not interrupt or disregard their contribution and avoid conflict.
  1. Maintain a friendly tone while expressing your opinion to your teammates. If you have a better idea, communicate with your team members without using a dominating tone. 
  1. Involve all the team members to ensure each member contributes to the discussion. Encourage quieter team members to share their ideas.
  1. Manage your body language: When communicating with your team, ensure to use relaxed eye contact and use subtle gestures of agreement such as nodding.

Spare a few minutes to unlock more info on Diageo assessment centre exercises and tips and tricks on how to ace them: 

Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

3. Diageo Presentation

What is the Diageo presentation?

The Diageo Presentation Exercises is used to evaluate your skills and abilities in communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. You will be given a candidate brief beforehand and will be required to present on the topic related to the company or job role you applied for.

5 Top Tips to Ace Your Diageo Presentation Exercise

  1. Improve your delivery: During a presentation, your delivery matters, as it shows your level of confidence. Practice your delivery and use feedback to focus your practice.
  1. Record and time yourself: It is important to keep to time during a presentation. This usually lasts for about 30 minutes, therefore do this to manage your time well and boost your overall confidence.
  1. Practice with visual aids: Practice your delivery with a presentation slide by making it simple and easy to understand with pictures and flowcharts. This way, you are able to easily speak on the given brief.
  1. Dress appropriately: Your appearance matters during your Diageo hiring process. Make sure to dress professionally in formal business attire.
  1. Involve the Diageo recruiters: Ask the assessor if they are looking for anything specific. Allow time for questions during and at the end of your presentation.

Sign up with GF today and get ahead of the competition with 10 full sets of assessment centre exercises including role play, group discussions, presentations and more. 

Diageo assessment centre practice

Congratulations! You have successfully made it to the end of the Diageo recruitment process. You will get feedback on your status depending on how well you performed and will shortly receive an offer if successful.

Diageo offers numerous opportunities for students and graduates through their early careers programmes. Let’s go over a few that you can consider applying for below.

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Diageo Graduate Schemes

What are the Diageo graduate schemes?

Diageo provides a wide range of opportunities including internships, apprenticeships, and graduate programmes that will prepare you for the future. 

Find out more about these programmes offered by Diageo: 

Diageo Graduate Programme

What is a Diageo graduate programme?

As a graduate in Diageo, you are presented with opportunities to help kickstart your career while collaborating with people across different business areas and regions.

The graduate programmes opens you to contributing to the business and industry while harnessing your talents through; Formal training, mentoring and coaching from respected colleagues and real-world, on-the-job experience.

Some of these Diageo graduate programmes include:

Digital and Technology Graduate Programme
  • Be directly involved in various aspects of the end-to-end Digital and Technology function as you increase your functional capability and leadership skills.
  • Locations: Budapest and London.
Finance Graduate Programme
  • This programme is a three-year programme where you will have the opportunity to experience several rotations within finance with the support of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). 
  • Locations: Budapest and Europe
HR Graduate Programme
  • This is a two-year programme, where you’ll have a combination of formal training with a global leadership curriculum, mentoring, and coaching from qualified and senior colleagues.
  • Location: Europe
Marketing Graduate Programme
  • Become the best marketer with various graduate programmes in this two-year rotation programme through hands-on experience in the Diageo world.
  • Locations: Ireland, Turkey, Great Britain
Sales Graduate Programme
  • Learn from the most talented sales professionals in the industry within this two-year programme and begin your journey to becoming one of the best in your career. You will gain deep knowledge in areas such as Account Management, Customer Marketing, Shopper and Customer Activation, Innovation, and Reserve.
  • Locations: Turkey, Great Britain
Supply Chain and Manufacturing Graduate Programme
  • Begin your career in the supply chain and manufacturing industry with graduate programmes that provide the opportunity to gain experience in areas such as, technical, manufacturing, procurement and planning and logistics.
  • Location: Turkey, United States
Eligibility Requirements
  • To qualify for the Diageo graduate schemes, you must:
    • Education: Have obtained or be expecting to obtain an academic degree
    • Language Proficiency: Be fluent in English and the language relevant to the market you’re applying to
    • Work Authorization: Have the right to work in the market you’re applying to (Relevant to specific locations)
    • Depending on the role: have a full, clean driving licence

Diageo Internship

What is a Diageo internship programme?

You can gain hands-on experience through an internship with Diageo in any of their business areas, ranging from Finance and Sales to Human Resources, Legal, and more. You can apply to any of these below considering you meet the requirements.

MBA Internships
  • Diageo offers full-time, paid summer internships for students currently pursuing an MBA degree in the United States.
  • Location: United States
  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • You must have unrestricted authorization to work in the United States
    • Be of legal drinking age
Bundaberg Distillery Internship
  • Diageo offers part-time, paid summer internships for 3 months to students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Engineering or Science at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery.
  • Location: Bundaberg, Queensland
  • Eligibility Requirements 
    • You must have unrestricted authorization to work in the United States
    • Be of legal drinking age
    • Must have completed at least two years of coursework towards a bachelor’s degree.
Diageo Latin America and Colombia Intern Programmes
  • Diageo offers full-time, paid internships in a variety of business areas ranging from, HR, supply, marketing, finance and others for students currently pursuing an undergraduate or technical degree.
  • Location: Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico
  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • Must have completed at least two years of coursework towards a bachelor’s degree.

Diageo Apprenticeship

What is a Diageo apprenticeship programme?

Apprenticeship at Diageo provides you with an opportunity to contribute to the work that goes into making, bottling and distributing their premium brands. You’ll gain knowledge by:

  • Learning in the classroom: you’ll study for the national qualifications that are specific to your programme and field (e.g. an SCQF Level 6, HNC in Engineering)
  • Learning in the workshop
  • On-site learning: you’ll put everything you learn into real-world practice

Some of them include:

Engineering Apprenticeships
  • Diageo provides three types of engineering apprenticeships across their sites globally. This includes; electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical instrument and controls engineering. You gain knowledge from combining in-college learning with on-the-job experience.
  • Location: United Kingdom and Ireland
Packaging Operations Apprenticeship
  • This Diageo programme provides a continuous opportunity for a long and rewarding career in manufacturing. The two-year programme offers in-college and on-the-job learning experience every week.
  • Location: United Kingdom and Ireland
Spirit Supply Operations Apprenticeship
  • During this Diageo apprenticeship, you will contribute in producing and preparing the spirit that goes into Diageo most iconic brands. During this 3 year apprenticeship, you will spend one day a week in college to study for your HNC/D in Chemical Engineering and SVQ, and you will be on-site four days a week, putting all your skills and knowledge into practice. 
  • Location: Leven, Fife

With this, we have come to an end with the complete ultimate guide to help you in your Diageo hiring process. However, you can discover more insights into Diageo with our FAQs section below.

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Diageo Application Process FAQs

How do I apply to Diageo?

  1. Visit the Diageo official website
  2. Search for available job opportunities
  3. Apply by filling the online application form
  4. Make sure to submit a CV/resume that stands out

How long does the Diageo hiring process take?

The Diageo hiring process involves four general steps: apply, game assessment, interview and assessment centre. Depending on the role you applied for it can last long or not, however duly communication will be made during the process.

How long does it take to hear back after an application?

You will find out if your application is successful within two weeks within the assessment centre.

What is a graduate scheme at Diageo?

Diageo provides graduate schemes to grow and motivate ambitious, commercially savvy graduates, while offering them a world full of future opportunities. Depending on your interests and goals, you can also spend your scheme living and working in another country.

Can I apply for more than one graduate scheme?

Diageo promotes confident decision making, therefore it is recommended to apply to one graduate scheme at a time.

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