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What are SHL verify ability tests? What types of SHL verify tests are there? How do I prepare for SHL verify? If these are questions on your mind, then look no further than this guide.

In the text, we will discuss in-depth SHL verify ability tests, their types and how to prepare for them.

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Wondering whether you should be practising for the SHL verify tests? According to research, 60-80% of candidates get rejected solely due to their psychometric test results. It is proven that practice multi-folds your chances of getting hired.

A recent study found that candidates who do not practice assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

Bradley et. al (2019)
In a nutshell:

Practice for SHL Verify Tests

Understanding the SHL verify test inside and out is key. Practice knowing first what the assessments measure, their significance and how much time each SHL verify test will take. Ensure to use the latest or at least the recommended browser and gadget for SHL verify online tests.

Kickstart your SHL verify assessments practice with these four tips:

  • Plan your practice sessions with the top and latest assessment packages.
  • Research the prime abilities that each of the SHL verify tests measure.
  • Ensure to read the test instructions carefully before starting with the test. 
  • Attempt the assessments in a distraction-free environment with a proper test strategy.

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Practice Assessments Similar to SHLPractice Now
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
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Verbal ReasoningStart Practicing
Checking TestsStart Practicing

Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions like those below in this guide.

Before we proceed, let’s have a look at the content we will cover.


  1. What Are SHL Verify Tests?
  2. Which Employers Use SHL Verify Tests?
  3. Why Do Employers Use SHL Verify Tests?
  4. What Are the Types of SHL Verify Tests?
  5. How to Ace SHL Verify Tests?
  6. SHL Verify Test: FAQs

So, without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

What Are SHL Verify Tests?

SHL verify tests are online psychometric tests provided by the leading test publisher SHL, which employers use in their various recruitment processes. These are different types of assessments and difficulty depending on the skills and abilities assessed as per the job role and level.

Which Employers Use SHL Verify Tests?

The list of employers using SHL Verify tests goes all the way to big giants and top employers all around the world. Here are some of the employers who use SHL and SHL Verify assessments:

AmazonThe Adecco Group
Bayer Bombardier

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Why Do Employers Use SHL Verify Tests?

SHL Verify is a range of tests that are not just useful for employers and candidates, but designed to be cheat-resistant. SHL tests are used to measure cognitive abilities like numerical reasoning to specific job-oriented skills like technical checking and mechanical reasoning.

This SHL new range of psychometric tests is highly accurate and helps employers choose the silver lining from the diverse pool of candidates.

SHL Verify Ability Test Advantage
Source: SHL Website

A study by SHL found that candidates in the range of the highest 30% on SHL verify ability tests have a high potential to succeed.

Here are 3 other top reasons why top employers like Amazon use SHL verify tests as an integral part of their hiring process.

  1. Easy to Use: Candidates can take SHL online verify tests at any time, allowing them to perform at their best in a place that suits them.
  1. Job-oriented Assessments: SHL verify skill assessments are job-oriented that go from assessing graduates to those for senior managers. It helps assess different aptitudes and skills pertaining to different job roles.
  1. Backed by Science: SHL verify tests are norm-referenced i.e, candidate scores are compared against others applying for the same role using percentile groups to find the best performing candidate.

Discover more reasons why employers use SHL tests to hire candidates like you in our full SHL guide here.

Did you know? Scoring a 90th percentile in your SHL verify test means you outperformed 90% of the total candidates that had taken the same assessment as you for the same job.

What are the Types of SHL Verify Tests?

The SHL Verify Ability Tests (SHL VAT) is the first stage in the SHL Verify tests range. These are online, unsupervised psychometric assessments used in the initial stage of the recruitment process. While SHL Verify test and SHL Verify Ability Tests are the terms used synonymously, SHL Verify Ability Tests are just one part of SHL Verify Tests.

Based on the types of skills and abilities assessed, the SHL Verify test consists of two key areas:

Good to know: After your Verify assessment, you may also be required to complete some verification tests. The SHL Verification tests are short online, supervised psychometric tests which are used to check if your unsupervised verify ability test scores are in line with scores in these supervised verification tests.

Therefore preparation is key to develop your ability consistently ahead of your SHL Verify Tests.

SHL Verify Cognitive Assessments

SHL verify cognitive assessments assess your cognitive abilities like perception, memory, reasoning, problem-solving, etc. The tests quantify your ability to grasp different concepts, solve problems and comprehend new ideas. They come with a well-comprehensive, candidate-friendly report that helps you understand your abilities.

They include the following tests:

What is an SHL Verify G+ Test?

SHL Verify G+ is a cognitive ability test battery that tests you on the following three of the above cognitive abilities: numerical reasoning, deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. Similar to other verify suites of SHL assessments, SHL verify G+ comes in two forms:

  1. The Standard SHL verify G+ test has 30 multiple choice questions or 10 questions for each cognitive area, which you must answer within 36 minutes.
  1. The SHL verify interactive G+ test has 24 interactive or activity-based questions that you will be required to answer within 36 minutes

What is the SHL General Ability Screen test?

A similar assessment from SHL verify G+ is the SHL verify general ability screen test. It is a 10-minute quick assessment used as part of the initial stage of the recruitment process mostly for entry-level jobs. Additionally to testing numerical, inductive and deductive reasoning similar to SHL verify G+, it also tests your verbal reasoning skills.

Good to know: The SHL verify general ability screen test comes in both standard multiple-choice and interactive (activity-based) formats. Check the instructions carefully before you begin to find out which version you’ll take.

We will now cover each of the following tests under SHL Verify Cognitive Assessments and SHL Verify G+ as outlined above.

SHL Verify Numerical Reasoning Test

What is the SHL verify numerical reasoning test?

SHL verify numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to deal with numerical and statistical data and undertake its analysis and interpretation. The tasks can also include utilising knowledge of graphs and working with spreadsheets.

SHL Verify Numerical Reasoning Test
Source: SHL Website

What are the types of SHL verify numerical reasoning test?

SHL verify numerical reasoning tests are of two types depending upon the format: Standard and Interactive tests.

How long is the SHL verify interactive numerical reasoning test?

The SHL verify interactive numerical reasoning test requires you to answer 10 activity-based questions within 18 minutes. The aptitude assessment tests your ability to work with spreadsheets, graphs, etc in a workplace context.

The standard version will be formatted more in line with a traditional numerical reasoning test. Here’s a SHL verify-style numerical reasoning test question we’ve developed below:


Got the answer to this question? Check the bottom of the page to see if you got it right!

Want to challenge yourself with more such amazing numerical reasoning questions? Check out this video and level up your practice for your SHL verify numerical reasoning assessment.

Numerical Reasoning Test Practice Questions & Answers (2024) | 5 Worked Solutions & Tutorial!

Top 5 Tips to Pass Your SHL Verify Numerical Reasoning Test 

Here are our top 5 tips to ace your SHL verify interactive numerical tests:

  1. Practice consistently: A consistent and dedicated practice routine will help you build your confidence and accuracy, let alone just speed.
  1. Practice timed tests: Practice mock tests under timed conditions to help simulate a SHL test environment, to improve your time management.
  1. Implement feedback: Understand your key strengths and development areas. Practice with worked-out solutions to get the gist of the process and improve your mistakes.
  1. Don’t rush and choose: Rushing through may build speed but not guarantee accuracy most of the time.
  1. Tackle one question at a time: Our brain gets tired of multitasking and so with multi-questioning. So, pick one question at a time, uncover its key clues and then go on to decode its data for answers.

If you are looking for more practice numerical reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports similar to SHL Verify tests – then we’ve got you covered!

SHL Verify Numerical Calculation Test

What is the SHL verify numerical calculation test?

SHL verify numerical calculation tests assess your ability to efficiently work with numbers that include applying and understanding appropriate mathematical operations, checking for errors in calculation, etc.

What will the SHL verify numerical calculation test involve?

SHL verify numerical calculation test comes in two formats:

  • SHL verify standard calculation test requires you to answer 20 multiple-choice questions within 10 minutes.
  • SHL verify interactive numerical calculation test is an adaptive activity-based mobile-friendly assessment with 12 questions that the candidate has to answer within 10 minutes.
SHL Verify Numerical Calculation Test
Source: SHL Website

Top 2 Tips to Pass SHL Verify Numerical Calculation Test

  1. Quit the calculator: Practice performing calculations mentally without a calculator. You will not be allowed one in your SHL verify numerical calculation test. But remember to start simple and then slowly increase the difficulty level.
  1. Stay well rested: Performing quick and accurate calculations need a well-rested mind. So, get a sound sleep of at least 6-7 hours before your SHL verify assessment test.

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SHL Verify Deductive Reasoning Test

What is the SHL verify deductive reasoning test?

The SHL Verify deductive reasoning tests assess your ability to comprehend and interpret the information provided, fill in the gaps of incomplete scenarios and assess strengths and weaknesses in the arguments provided.

What will the SHL verify deductive reasoning test involve?

The SHL verify deductive reasoning test comes with two types: Standard and Interactive. 

  • The standard SHL Verify deductive reasoning assessment requires you to answer 20 multiple-choice questions within 18 minutes.
  • The SHL Verify interactive deductive reasoning tests you by using an engaging and interactive drag-and-drop answer format test. The question count and time limit remain the same as in the standard SHL verify deductive reasoning test.
SHL Verify Deductive Reasoning Example
Source: Lancaster University

Good to know: The SHL verify deductive reasoning test can often also require you to have a developed understanding of concepts such as reasoning, analogies and seating arrangements.

So now that we’ve covered the SHL deductive reasoning test, what is the inductive reasoning test? Keep reading to find out!

SHL Verify Inductive Reasoning Test

What is the SHL verify inductive reasoning test?

The SHL Verify inductive reasoning tests measure your ability to identify patterns by inferring the rule applicable in the question to give out the best solution or identify the next best image in the sequence. 

Did you know? The SHL verify inductive reasoning tests are quite similar to abstract, diagrammatic and logical reasoning tests. Head to our logical reasoning test practice guide to discover the key differences.

What will the SHL verify inductive reasoning test involve?

The SHL verify inductive tests also come in two formats: Standard and Interactive.

  1. The standard SHL verify inductive reasoning tests consist of two types of multiple-choice tests:
    • A 24 minute test which requires you to answer 25 questions in total.
    • A shorter version with 18 questions in 24 minutes.
  1. SHL verify interactive inductive reasoning test tests the candidate based on 15 interactive questions to be answered within a time limit of 18 minutes.
SHL Verify Inductive Reasoning Test
Source: SHL Website

Good to know: SHL verify interactive inductive reasoning tests are a good measure for assessing candidates for mid to senior-level job roles in IT, Management and Product Development.

Want to test your inductive reasoning skills? Check out our logical reasoning test example below in a similar style to SHL Verify inductive reasoning tests:

SHL Verify Inductive Reasoning Example Question


Think you cracked it? Head to the end of the text to check your answer!

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SHL Verify Verbal Reasoning Test

What is the SHL verify verbal reasoning test?

The SHL Verify verbal reasoning test assesses your written language skills. The questions come with a passage based on which you have to conclude a few statements as “True”, “False” or whether you “Cannot Say”.

How long is the SHL verify verbal reasoning test?

You will need to answer 30 multiple-choice questions within a time limit of 19 minutes.

SHL Verify Verbal Reasoning Test
Source: SHL Website

Good to know: SHL verify verbal reasoning tests are used by departments like HR, legal, marketing, administration, etc., especially where preparation, analysis and interpretation of oral and written documents are mandatory. 

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Ready to try out one more such verbal reasoning question? The challenge: Try to crack the below example question within 45 seconds!

SHL Verify Verbal Reasoning Example Question


Want to know the answer? Check the bottom of the page!

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SHL Verify Verbal Ability Test

What is the SHL verify verbal ability test?

The SHL verbal ability test assesses your ability to read and comprehend a provided passage of text. You will then be asked multiple choice questions where you will be required to summarise the tone, concepts and intent of the passage. 

SHL Verify Verbal Ability Test Example

Check out the below for an example of a verbal ability test you might end up taking:

SHL Verify Verbal Ability Test
Source: SHL Website

How long is the SHL verify verbal ability test?

Good to know: The SHL verify verbal ability test has 18 multiple-choice questions that you have to attempt within 15 minutes.

SHL Verify Reading Comprehension Test

What is the SHL verify reading comprehension test?

The SHL verify reading comprehension test requires you to attempt 18 multiple-choice questions within 10 minutes. It is similar to verbal reasoning and verbal ability tests as this will assess your ability to read and comprehend the material with its theme to answer a short written question.

Did you know? The SHL verify reading comprehension and verbal ability test measure similar skills as the verbal reasoning test. Target 3-in-1 tests with our FREE verbal tests and get expert feedback on your performance.

Top 2 Tips to Ace your SHL Verify Reading Comprehension Test

  1. Improve Vocabulary: Use flashcards and other learning strategies to learn new words every day. Most importantly, don’t forget to revise them often.
  1. Formulate questions: Coming up with your own questions based on a practice passage of text will help you grab the gist of what the text is all about.

The SHL Verify reading comprehension test is not just about having an extensive knowledge of vocabulary. Work smart by focusing on key phrases or sentences to quickly figure out the theme of the passage.

SHL Verify Mechanical Comprehension Tests

What is the SHL verify mechanical comprehension test?

SHL verify mechanical tests assess your mechanical knowledge and understanding of its concepts to use in real-time scenarios like troubleshooting, hardware designing, installation, maintenance and repairing a broad range of machinery and operations. 

SHL Verify Mechanical Comprehension Test
Source: SHL Website

What are the types of SHL verify mechanical test?

There are of two types of tests:

  1. SHL verify mechanical comprehension standard test is a non-adaptive version in which you will be required to complete 15 multiple choice questions in 10-minutes.
  1. SHL verify mechanical comprehension test is an adaptive test that requires you to attempt 20 multiple-choice questions within 15 minutes.

Top 5 Tips to Ace SHL Verify Mechanical Comprehension Tests

  • Work smart not just hard: Understand basic mechanical principles that deal with the rotation of shapes, levers, gears and pulleys, fluid hydraulics, weight and balance, temperature and pressure. 
  • Focus on understanding: Simply memorising answers isn’t as useful for practice. Aim to develop your underlying knowledge to understand these physics concepts and principles.
  • Tackle the forgetting curve: Schedule your practice and revision sessions regularly to ensure you don’t forget or miss out on any important concept that may cost you in your exam. 
  • Read the instructions carefully: Before you take the test, ensure to read the instructions to understand what you are required to do. Check each question carefully before you attempt to answer.
  • Don’t fixate on one question: Keeping up with the time is also essential to ace your SHL mechanical test. If you are unsure of an answer, skip or take an educated guess and proceed to the next question.

SHL Verify Spatial Ability Test

What is the SHL verify spatial ability test?

The SHL Verify spatial ability test is a non-verbal assessment test that assesses the ability to perceive and manipulate visual images, shapes or forms. This adaptive SHL verify test assesses if you can anticipate and thus identify an object positioned at different angles. 

How long is the SHL verify spatial ability test?

You will be required to complete 22 multiple choice questions within 15 minutes

SHL Verify Spatial Ability Test
Source: SHL Website

Good to know: SHL Verify spatial ability tests are an integral psychometric recruitment test commonly used for job roles like pilots, engineers and mechanics.

Discover more about spatial ability tests such as the SHL Verify ability test, check out this quick video below:

What is a Spatial Reasoning Test? #shorts

Top 5 Tips to Pass the SHL Verify Spatial Ability Test

Here are our top 5 tips to make the most of your SHL verify spatial ability test practice:

  1. Read Instructions Carefully: Read the instructions with caution as missing a ‘NOT’ will be a free invitation to a wrong answer.
  1. Eliminate Wrong Answers First: Eliminate the answers that are most clearly incorrect first to narrow down the options.
  1. Rotate Shapes One by One: Don’t rush through and use your time wisely by approaching one rotation of the given shape at a time.
  1. Break 3-D into 2-Ds: When given a 3-D shape, imagine it as several layers of 2-D shapes.
  1. Beware of shape-into-shape: Those figures with more than one shape embedded in a figure can have their inner content rotated in the final figure as well. Don’t fixate on the orientation of the shapes while ruling out options.

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And with that, we’ve covered the main SHL cognitive assessments. Let’s keep going to discover the SHL Verify Skill assessments.

SHL Verify Skill Assessments

SHL verify skill assessments aim to assess different types of job-oriented skills. These are the following test types:

Let’s dive into each of these below!

SHL Verify Checking Test

What is the SHL verify checking test?

SHL verify checking test aims to check the candidate’s ability to identify data accuracy and quickly while dealing with sequences of numbers and letters.

SHL Verify Checking Test
Source: SHL Website

What are the types of SHL verify checking test?

It comes in two forms:

  1. The Next Generation: This lasts 5 minutes and tests you on 50 multiple-choice questions.
  1. Current Generation: This has a duration of 4-5 minutes and tests your ability with 25 questions in the same multiple-choice format.

Practice your ability to quickly and accurately identify data with our own quick example below:

SHL Verify Checking Test Example


Aced this question? Check the end of the page for its answer.

2 Quick Tips to Ace SHL Verify Checking Test

  • Take the Test in a Suitable Place: Checking tests require focus and concentration to ace. Ensure you are not distracted by taking the test in a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Practice: Practice regularly with timed SHL-style checking tests to build your speed and accuracy in a real test environment experience. 
SHL Verify Technical Checking Test

What is the SHL verify technical checking test?

The SHL verify technical checking test is a quick 5-minute assessment that is similar to the SHL verify checking test as it provides certain rules which you will use to match symbols and switches. This SHL verify test type aims to check your accuracy and perceptual speed in a non-proctored setting.

SHL Verify Following Instructions Test

What is the SHL verify following instructions test?

The SHL Verify following instructions test assesses the candidate’s ability to understand certain rules/instructions provided and apply them to choose the best answer of the options provided. It is a 40-question multiple-choice test with a time limit of 8 minutes.

SHL verify following instructions test
SHL Verify Following Instructions Test
Source: SHL Website

Good to know: The SHL verify following instruction test comes with a twist. Though the test seems scary with 40 questions with an 8-minute time limit, completing all the questions is not compulsory nor expected by the employer.

SHL Verify Working With Information Test

What is the SHL verify working with information test?

SHL Verify working with information tests assess your ability to process information presented in the form of tables to answer questions.

SHL Verify Working with Information
Source: SHL Website

Good to know: SHL verify working with information test and SHL following instructions test are quite similar and measure similar abilities. It may be useful to practice for both using the same methods at the same time!

How to Ace the SHL Verify Tests?

SHL verify assessment tests cover a wide range of tests. However, the aim of all the psychometric tests is one: measure and locate those with the desired level of skills and abilities for the employer.

Top 9 Tips to Pass SHL Verify Tests

Therefore in order to get your dream job, we recommend these sought-after tips directly from experts in the recruitment field.

  1. Read the job description: A wise way to find out what tests to expect in advance is to read the job description carefully. It will help you point out the skills in demand for the job and work on them.
  1. Time your practice: Test yourself with different types of questions in a simulated environment that is timed. SHL verify test practice will help you step up your skills for the real SHL assessment.
  1. Revise ahead of time: Practice is key, and refreshing your technical knowledge is key too. Refresh your knowledge areas ahead of time through consistent practice.
  1. Use performance reports: Step up your SHL verify test practice with well-comprehensive reports that highlight your areas of improvement and strengths beforehand.
  1. Use the recommended device: Many SHL verify tests are remotely proctored which will require you to use a laptop or desktop to take the assessments.
  1. Have a good-night sleep before: A well-rested mind can give space for sharp focus. Choose to take the test at a time when you’re calm and ready to ace the test!
  1. Choose a disturbance-free environment: Ensure the place you take your SHL verify assessment is noise-free and has a stable internet connection.
  1. Check the instructions: Never assume you know the instructions without giving them a thorough read. You don’t want to cost your dream career from this simple mistake!
  1. Put a big full stop to self-doubt: Don’t forget to believe in yourself! Remember the practice you’ve taken so far and be confident in your skills.

With this, we have covered everything you’ll need to know about your upcoming SHL verify psychometric assessment. But wait, there is more awaiting you!

Check out our quick FAQ section to not miss out on some of the most common questions applicants ask about SHL verify tests.

SHL Verify Test: FAQs

Can you use a calculator in SHL verify interactive test?

Yes, a calculator is permissible to use in most of the SHL verify tests to do basic calculations as part of the assessments with speed. However, you can’t use one during SHL verify numerical calculation tests. So, boost your calculation skills by practising them in your mind.

What is the SHL verify G+ passing score?

There is no fixed passing score in any of the SHL verify tests including SHL verify G+ test. However, most employees prefer to shortlist one with a score of 80 percentile or above. At least a score of 75 percentile is enough to outshine other candidates.

Is SHL verify test proctored?

It depends. SHL offers proctoring in all SHL Verify assessments on desktops and laptops. However, it depends on the employer if they turn this option on. If you receive a dynamic review page to adjust system settings like turning the webcam on before proceeding with the test, then the assessment has remote proctoring on.

Are SHL verify tests hard to pass?

SHL verify tests are designed to assess the best pool out of the large crowd. However, they are not inherently designed to be tough to crack. With consistent practice and effective planning, it is not impossible to get the desirable cutoff range in the test and get shortlisted for the job.

What is SHL verify verification test?

SHL verify verification test as the name suggests is a supervised verification test to verify the results of an unsupervised remote test. It is similar to the original SHL verify ability test but is shorter and displays whether the results match the original.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test – C

Inductive Reasoning Test – E

Verbal Reasoning Test – B

Checking Test – B