Inductive reasoning Tests – Key Facts

  • Inductive reasoning tests are very similar to Logical and Diagrammatic tests. In essence, these names are simply provided by various test publishers.
  • The Inductive Reasoning tests require the candidate to identify patterns underlying a sequence of images, so that you can use this information to identify any missing patterns.

You do not need to have a large variety of tests to improve – focussing on a handful of tests repeatedly will encourage deeper learning and understanding, which is better than spreading yourself thinly across say 15 Inductive Reasoning tests.

Inductive Reasoning Test

Inductive reasoning tests are designed by Psychometricians and Occupational Psychologists to help identify an individual’s ability to solve problems. Similar to diagrammatic reasoning, abstract reasoning and logical reasoning, inductive reasoning tests require a test taker to identify underlying rules of logic and patterns and use this information to choose what the correct answer would be from a number of options.

Investment banks and general banking recruitment make use of logical / inductive reasoning tests in high volumes. These have been demonstrated to predict job performance, and validity studies have provided support for these indicating that those who do well in these tests tend to perform better in the job.

The biggest global test supplier is SHL, providing tests to over 8000 employers worldwide. SHL are the leaders in the design and development of psychometric assessments worldwide and set the benchmark accordingly. Whilst other online companies offer SHL style tests for practise, the online tests available on GF have been designed by the same experts who have in the past developed tests for SHL. We are confident that you will not get another SHL style experience anywhere else other than at SHL itself.

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