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Are you applying to LEK Consulting’s 2024 internships or graduate programs? Are you exploring a professional job opportunity at LEK Consulting? This comprehensive guide is for you.

The text below provides a full candidate recruitment, assessment preparation guide and practice for those applying to jobs, internships and graduate programs at LEK Consulting globally, including the UK, US, and France.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessment tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process.

Should you practice assessments to prepare for the LEK Consulting recruitment process?

A recent study found that candidates who do not practice assessments tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

(Bradley et al., 2019)

How do you prepare for LEK Consulting digital assessments and get the job?

  1. Online Application
    • Fill in your LEK Consulting online application.
    • Match your application to LEK Consulting values.
    • Use keywords from the job post in your resume.
    • Tailor the information you provide with the role’s competency needs.
  2. Practice For LEK Consulting Digital Assessments

LEK Consulting uses a variety of aptitude assessment tests and may also include mechanical reasoning tests for some roles. These tests include:

  1. Record mock interviews of yourself

Prepare for your LEK Consulting case study interviews by running mock interviews and answering typical interview questions for the role you are applying for. For LEK Consulting interview practice, use the following:

Use the STAR+R method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

Continue reading to get answers to the following important questions:

  1. What are all LEK Consulting recruitment assessment stages?
  2. What are the LEK Consulting assessments?
  3. What is the LEK case study interview?
  4. What are the LEK Consulting graduate schemes?

Looking to prepare for your LEK Consulting assessments, simply click on the table below to practice evaluations relevant to your assessment process!

Relevant Assessments to LEK Consulting AssessmentsPractice Now
Situational JudgementStart Practicing
Numerical ReasoningStart Practicing
Verbal ReasoningStart Practicing
Logical ReasoningStart Practicing
InterviewsStart Practicing

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Let’s find out what’s to come in this complete guide:


  1. Who is LEK Consulting?
  2. LEK Consulting Online Application
  3. LEK Consulting Digital Assessments
  4. LEK Consulting Case Study Interviews
  5. LEK Consulting Graduate Schemes
  6. LEK Consulting Assessment FAQs

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Who is LEK Consulting?

LEK Consulting is a global strategy consulting firm based in London and Boston. The company focuses on corporate strategy, marketing and sales, mergers and acquisitions, and operations.

Being a global company, LEK has a presence in multiple countries and employs 2000+ people as of 2024. Due to the high competition for positions, LEK Consulting screens thousands of applications annually to select the best candidates.

Discover the range of roles available in LEK Consulting below.

Business Areas in LEK Consulting

LEK Consulting operates in several business areas of the management consulting industry, each offering various roles and functions. The following are just a few of the business areas LEK operates:

Strategy ConsultancyFinancial ServicesMergers & Acquisition
Private EquityMedia & EntertainmentBusiness Services
Marketing & SalesMedTechConsumer & Retail Products

LEK Consulting Application tip: Familiarise yourself with LEK Consulting’s values as you will need to demonstrate how you align with them throughout the recruitment process.

What are the LEK Consulting Values?

LEK has narrowed down their core values into 4 key areas:

  1. Adaptability and rigor
  2. Creativity and integrity
  3. Empowerment and inclusivity
  4. Happiness and high performance

Using these values, LEK constantly seeks to focus on improving processes, experiences, outcomes and impacts to ensure a better future for all stakeholders. 

What is LEK looking for in a candidate?

LEK has a dynamic, fast-paced work environment, and as such, looks for a combination of attributes that provide a solid foundation for a successful consulting career at L.E.K. These attributes are;

  1. Outstanding academic achievement: Do you race up new learning curves, delight in complex problems and strive for fresh insight?
  1. Analytical ability: Do you quickly identify the heart of a problem, draw insight from rigorous analysis and use data to support unexpected solutions to difficult problems?
  1. Demonstrated leadership: Do you inspire and motivate others? Leadership can take many forms, whether through school, work, extracurricular experiences or other passions.
  1. Collaborative approach: Do you share facts and insights and interact effectively with different personalities and cultures? The ability to work effectively with a team is key to your success at LEK.
  1. Intellectual curiosity: Do you have a passion for learning? At LEK, learning happens every day.

Summarily, LEK places a premium on teamwork, communication, flexibility and creative thinking.

So how do you get a job at LEK? The LEK recruitment process has different stages, which we cover in the following sections below. Read on to find out!

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LEK Consulting Online Application

How do I apply to LEK?

The first step to landing your dream job with LEK is completing an LEK online application. Visit the official LEK Consulting careers website and browse through the openings, find your desired role, click on apply and follow the instructions.

While filling out the LEK online application, you will be required to provide information that covers the following areas:

  • Personal information 
  • Education and qualifications 
  • Contact information 
  • Resume upload/Experience
  • Diversity e.g. race, ethnicity, etc.
  • Additional information, e.g. application source, need for sponsorship, etc.

LEK Online Application tip: LEK recruiters review all applications submitted so try as best as possible to ensure yours stand out by tailoring your CV to the role and highlighting relevant experience in your application.

LEK Online Application
LEK Online Application
Source: LEK Website

LEK Consulting uses data from the application to check if you meet entry requirements. If you do, you may be required to complete some LEK Digital assessments.

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LEK Consulting Digital Assessments

What are the LEK digital assessments?

The LEK Consulting assessments are psychometrics tests that are used to assess abilities, skills, and behaviours that are essential to your success in the role. These assessments help reveal more of your capabilities and potential.

Depending on the role and your location, you may be required to complete one or a combination of the following LEK digital assessments:

  1. LEK Consulting Situational Judgement Test
  2. LEK Consulting Numerical Reasoning Test
  3. LEK Consulting Verbal Reasoning Test
  4. LEK Consulting Logical Reasoning Test

Good to know: The format for these LEK tests may be different depending on your location, and may appear similar to the layout of GMATs.

Let’s find out what each of these LEK digital assessments are, what they entail and what they assess.

1. LEK Consulting Situational Judgement Test

What is the LEK Consulting situational judgement test?

The LEK situational judgement test assesses how you would behave in workplace scenarios. You will be given a work situation and be required to decide on a course of action from the provided options.

What does the LEK situational judgement test measure?

The LEK situational judgement test is designed to get to know you better by measuring your behaviours and preferences to understand if your work culture aligns with LEK’s values and standards.

Good to know: LEK’s situational judgement test will also evaluate required competencies, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Want to understand more about the LEK Consulting situational judgement test? Don’t miss our short video below.

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

Below is an example situational judgement question provided by our experts that is similar to LEK Consulting’s situational judgement test question.

LEK Consulting-Style Situational Judgement Test Example 

LEK situational judgement example question

Below, we have curated a few handy tips to help you build confidence and adequately ace your LEK Consulting situational judgement test.

Top 6 Tips to Pass the LEK Consulting Situational Judgement Test

  1. Take note of the required qualifications and skills for the position. Read the job description carefully and research the role and company.
  1. Familiarise yourself with LEK Consulting’s values. Understanding the culture at LEK will help you align your responses with their standards.
  1. Practice situational judgement tests beforehand to get a feel for the format and what to anticipate from the questions.
  1. Pay close attention to the details of each scenario presented in the test. Ensure you understand the context, the people involved, and the situation before making your judgement.
  1. Take your time to evaluate the response options available in each scenario. Consider the potential results and consequences of each choice.
  1. Try to maintain a consistent approach to your decision-making. This will show that you can apply your judgement consistently across various scenarios.

For more tips to help you nail your LEK Consulting situational judgement test watch our short video below.

Ace the SJT! | 5 Situational Judgement Test Tips #shorts

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After completing the LEK Consulting situational judgement test, the next assessment you are likely to take is the LEK Consulting numerical reasoning test.

2. LEK Consulting Numerical Reasoning Test

What is the LEK Consulting numerical reasoning test?

The LEK Consulting numerical reasoning test will present you with tables, graphs, percentages, and general arithmetic questions. This assessment is used to evaluate your ability to analyse data and understand numerical information.

What does the LEK numerical reasoning test measure?

The LEK numerical test is designed to assess your ability to interpret numerical information, draw accurate inferences from them, and make properly informed decisions.

LEK numerical reasoning test tip: Your ability to interpret numerical data is crucial to ace this test with ease. Always ensure that you read through the questions and understand them thoroughly to avoid mistakes.

Check out the video to discover even more about how the LEK Consulting numerical reasoning test works!

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test? #shorts

Top 7 Tip to Pass the LEK Consulting Numerical Reasoning Test

  1. Familiarise yourself with the format and structure of the test e.g. types of questions. Knowing what to expect allows you to allocate your time wisely and focus on answering questions correctly.
  1. Ensure you have a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts. Revising basic maths covered at the GCSE or equivalent level will be helpful to prepare for the questions used in the LEK numerical test.
  1. Practice is key to improving your numerical reasoning skills. Using the GF platform to practice is proven to help you improve your speed and accuracy and overall, your score.
  1. Try to simulate test conditions to LEK’s tests as closely as possible when you practice. This includes using time limits and implementing your strategies to help you better prepare for the actual test environment.
  1. Take the test in a quiet and comfortable environment to minimise distractions. This will help you concentrate and perform at your best during your LEK assessments.
  1. Read the questions carefully by paying close attention to the wording of each question. Misinterpreting a question can lead to errors. Understand what is being asked before attempting to answer.
  1. Develop a balance between speed and accuracy. Allocate a specific amount of time to each question and move on if you get stuck to ensure you complete all questions.

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For more hints on how to pass the LEK Consulting numerical reasoning test, watch our short video below. 

Top 5 Numerical Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks (2024) #shorts

Using the tips we provided above and in the video, take the opportunity to try an example LEK numerical reasoning test question provided by our experts below!

LEK Consulting-Style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

LEK numerical reasoning free example question

Did you get the correct answer? Check the bottom of the page to find out.

If you are looking for more LEK Consulting-style numerical reasoning tests with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance – then we at GF have you covered.

After assessing your analytical skills with the numerical reasoning tests, LEK Consulting will also look to understand your verbal skills through verbal reasoning tests.

3. LEK Consulting Verbal Reasoning Test?

What is the LEK verbal reasoning test?

The LEK Consulting verbal reasoning test is designed to evaluate your ability to deduce information from written reports, paragraphs, or passages. In this test, you will be required to read short paragraphs and answer questions on them.

What does the LEK verbal reasoning test measure?

This test assesses your ability to read, understand, analyse, and make accurate decisions from written information. In our short video below, we explain more about what the LEK Consulting verbal reasoning test is all about.

What Is a Verbal Reasoning Test? #shorts

Below are 6 top tips to help you ace LEK Consulting’s verbal reasoning test.

6 Top Tips to Pass the LEK Consulting Verbal Reasoning Test

  1. Familiarise yourself with the LEK format and structure of the test. Knowing what to expect helps you prepare effectively and reduces anxiety.
  1. Practice speed reading techniques to increase your reading speed while maintaining comprehension. This can help you to read through passages in the LEK test more quickly.
  1. Expand your vocabulary and work on your understanding of words in context. This can help you answer questions related to word meanings and usage.
  1. Practice verbal reasoning questions regularly to improve your reading comprehension skills and become accustomed to the types of questions you’ll encounter.
  1. Practice drawing logical conclusions from written passages. Verbal reasoning tests often include questions that require you to make deductions based on the information provided.
  1. Pay attention to details and major points in the text. Highlight key points and make mental notes of details that stand out as you read through the text.

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For more tips on how to pass the LEK Consulting verbal reasoning test, watch this short video:

Top 5 Verbal Reasoning Test Tips and Tricks (2024) #shorts

Practice a free example LEK verbal reasoning test question provided by our experts below using the tips we provided above and in the video!

LEK Consulting-Style Verbal Reasoning Test Example

LEK verbal reasoning free example question

Did you get the right answer? Check the bottom of the page to find out.

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Another assessment LEK may ask you to complete in the digital assessment round is the LEK logical reasoning test. Read on to understand what this test is about!

4. LEK Consulting Logical Reasoning Test

What is the LEK logical reasoning test?

The LEK Consulting logical reasoning test evaluates your skill in logically interpreting patterns and sequences. You will encounter a series of shapes and diagrams and you will be required to identify the correct pattern and predict the next sequence.

What does the LEK logical reasoning test measure?

The LEK logical reasoning test measures your problem-solving, attention to detail, and logical deduction skills. Watch our short video below to understand more about the LEK Consulting logical reasoning test and what they measure.

What is a Logical Reasoning Test? #shorts

You will find below 5 key tips to help you pass the LEK Consulting Logical Reasoning Test

5 Top Tips to Pass LEK Consulting Logical Reasoning Test

  1. Familiarise yourself with the format and structure of LEK’s logical reasoning tests using similar practice tests to eliminate uncertainty and anxiety.
  1. Practice timed logical reasoning test questions regularly to improve your pattern recognition and deduction skills under time pressure.
  1. Work on a variety of puzzles to further hone your ability to recognise and reason with different types of patterns and sequences.
  1. Take a moment to analyse the patterns or rules that guide a sequence when presented with the set of shapes. Look for similarities, differences, and trends.
  1. Maintain a balance between time and accuracy. A good way to ensure this is to spread the time given across each question equally.

For even more LEK Consulting logical reasoning test tips, check out our short video below!

Logical Reasoning Tests | How to succeed during the test #shorts

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Using the tips you have learned above and from the video, practice this example question provided by our experts and similar to the LEK logical reasoning test question below!

LEK Consulting Logical Reasoning Test Question Example

LEK logical reasoning free example question

Did you get the right answer? Check the bottom of the page to find out.

Good to know: Our logical reasoning practice tests with worked solutions and professional score reports have the perfect practice questions you can use to prepare for your LEK Consulting logical reasoning test.

If you are successful in the LEK Consulting digital assessments, the next stage is the LEK Consulting case study interviews. Read more about these in the next section!

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LEK Consulting Case Study Interviews

What is the LEK Consulting case study interview?

The LEK Consulting case study interviews serve as the final stage of the LEK recruitment process. In these interviews, you are presented with a real or hypothetical business problem and are required to analyse, strategise, and provide recommendations.

This LEK interview process happens in two phases. If you are successful with the first round which takes place online, you get shortlisted for the next and final case study interview.

What does the LEK case study interview measure?

The LEK case study interview measures your ability to think critically, apply analytical skills, and communicate effectively in order to approach tasks in an efficient and effective manner.

LEK Case Study Interview tip: The logical reasoning you use to work through the case is just as important as the conclusions you reach, so ensure that you are cautious and intentional about the steps you take while solving the case study.

8 Top Tips to Pass the LEK Consulting Case Study Interview

  1. Practice case interviews with friends alongside mock interviews. Attend campus workshops to become more comfortable with the format, as well as hone your problem-solving and communication skills.
  1. Understand the business context of the case thoroughly. Clarify any unknowns with your interviewer and gather relevant information before you begin.
  1. Organise your thoughts and structure your approach before your analysis. Break down the problem into smaller components and outline a manageable step-by-step process.
  1. Perform quantitative analysis if the case involves numerical data. Use your calculations and data interpretation to support your recommendations.
  1. Discuss your thought process as you work through the case. This helps interviewers understand your analytical approach and problem-solving skills.
  1. Identify and prioritise key information that is most relevant to the problem at hand. This is crucial for efficient analysis.
  1. Be prepared to adapt your approach if new information is introduced during the case. Flexibility and the ability to pivot in your analysis are valuable traits.
  1. Clearly communicate your findings, insights, and recommendations. Effective communication is as important as the analysis itself.

So what questions can I expect in my LEK case study interviews? Continue reading as we cover some example case study questions and answers you can use to prepare.

LEK Case Study Interview Questions and Answers

Consider the following case study interview questions for your LEK case study interview practice:

  1. Our client is StylistOrg., a company focused on women’s fashion. They have been in the industry for a long time but have experienced declining revenues each year for the past three years. StylistOrg. wants to understand:
    • What is causing this decline?
    • What can the organisation do to drive revenue?
  • StylistOrg. will have a management meeting at the end of the week, and the CEO wants a recommendation from LEK on how to proceed. What can they do to drive revenue?
  1. You’re having lunch with a cousin, and he’s looking for some business advice. He is thinking of opening a coffee shop in London, somewhere close to a university. He sees potential in this business but wants your help determining whether opening a coffee shop is a good idea. What do you think?

Keep reading as we provide an example answer for the first LEK interview question above with a tip on how to answer these case study questions.

How to Answer: When tackling a case study question like this, use a structured framework to guide your analysis. A common approach is to break down the problem into distinct components such as market analysis, internal capabilities, and competitive landscape. This helps you systematically explore potential causes for the decline and identify strategic recommendations.

Good Answer: 

In addressing StylistOrg.’s declining revenues, I would approach the case in a structured manner, considering both internal and external factors in a step-by-step analysis:

  1. Market Analysis: I would first use the provided data to examine the overall women’s fashion industry. Is the decline specific to StylistOrg. or an industry-wide trend? I would do this by analysing the market dynamics, consumer preferences, and emerging trends.
  1. Competitive Landscape: I would then evaluate StylistOrg.’s position relative to competitors. Are there new entrants or existing players gaining market share? I would consider the pricing strategy, product differentiation, and marketing efforts of competitors.
  1. Internal Capabilities: Following this, I would then review StylistOrg.’s internal operations, including supply chain, production, and distribution. After this, I aim to identify any inefficiencies or operational challenges that may impact revenue.
  1. Customer Insights: Next, I would recommend conducting customer surveys or interviews to understand changing preferences and satisfaction levels. I would use this data to determine if there are specific products that are underperforming.
  1. Digital Presence and Marketing: Finally, I would evaluate StylistOrg.’s online presence and digital marketing strategies. In the current landscape, a robust online strategy is often crucial. To explore this, I would look for opportunities in e-commerce, social media, and influencer collaborations.


Based on the analysis, I would recommend the following;

  • Invest in market research to stay on top of changing trends and consumer preferences.
  • Enhance the online shopping experience and explore e-commerce opportunities.
  • Conduct a competitive pricing analysis to ensure StylistOrg.’s offerings remain competitive.
  • Implement targeted marketing campaigns to re-engage existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Consider partnerships or collaborations to expand the customer base.


Presenting these recommendations to the CEO in the management meeting will provide a comprehensive and strategic approach to address the decline in revenue while positioning StylistOrg. for future growth.

Boost your LEK case interview practice with our Video Interview Tool and practice more case interview questions, gain first-hand feedback to improve your answers, communication and develop your body language skills.

LEK case study interview questions practice

Good to know: The LEK case study interviews may also include some motivational and competency-based questions. Some questions you could likely be asked include:

  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake and how you rectified it.
  • Describe a time you worked in a team.
  • Why do you want to work for LEK?
  • Tell me about a time it was difficult to work with a teammate

To answer LEK competency-based interview questions, ensure to use the STAR or STAR+R method to structure your answers. Check out our quick video below to discover more about this technique!

How to Answer Competency-Based Interview Questions (STAR Technique) #shorts

Want to know what competency questions could come up in your LEK interview? Practice the Essentials with GF and discover more potential LEK interview questions with our Question Identifier Tool (QIT).

And….that’s a wrap on the LEK Consulting recruitment process! If you are successful in the process, the LEK recruiting team will contact you with their decision.

While you’re here…

Don’t miss the captivating range of entry roles and graduate programs that await you at LEK Consulting.

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LEK Consulting Graduate Schemes

What are LEK Consulting Graduate Schemes?

The LEK graduate schemes are various opportunities provided by LEK for graduates and students who are looking to fill roles and gain quality experience in the consulting industry with LEK.

The various opportunities provided by LEK can be split into the following two areas:

  1. LEK Graduates and MBA Students Opportunities
  2. LEK Undergraduate Opportunities

Let’s find out more about these LEK graduate opportunities below!

1. LEK Graduates and MBA Students Opportunities

What are the LEK graduates and MBA Student roles?

LEK Consulting is committed to taking on promising graduates and MBA students in various business areas to help nurture their skills and gain quality experience because LEK shares the value of developing others.

Eligibility Criteria for LEK Graduates and MBA Students Roles

To apply for the LEK graduate and MBA roles, you will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Education: These roles are typically open for university graduates and MBA candidates.
  • Experience: This varies due to the demand of the role and or its location. However, any specific required experience is always listed in the job description.
  • Locations: Americas, Europe, Asia & Australia

Good to know: Most MBA roles are open for first-year MBA students looking for internship placement in the following year. Check LEK’s website for more information on these opportunities.

2. LEK Undergraduate Opportunities

What are the LEK undergraduate roles?

The LEK undergraduate roles are also known as associate or internship roles. From the beginning, you will have a great deal of ownership and responsibility for the case you are allocated, to which you will add value and growth for the client by collecting, evaluating, and interpreting data and research.

Eligibility Criteria for LEK Undergraduate Roles

  • Education: You must be an undergraduate student to be eligible.
  • Experience: No specific experience required.
  • Duration: 6-12 months. However, this could vary depending on region.
  • Locations: Americas, Europe, Asia & Australia
  • Applications: Opens on a needs basis.

And with that, we’ve covered all you’ll need to know about LEK Consulting’s assessments, recruitment process, and roles/programs you could potentially apply to.

But wait!

Before you start your LEK Consulting application and assessments, explore our FAQ section below for more answers about the LEK Consulting hiring process.

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LEK Consulting Assessment FAQs

What is the first round of the L.E.K. interview?

The first round of the LEK interview is a case study interview that may be conducted virtually. It will consist of case-study, competency-based, motivational, and some behavioural questions and may last for 30 minutes or longer.

What is the second round interview for LEK?

This is the final interview of the LEK recruitment process. You will proceed to this last round after the first interview. This interview is a case study interview that may also include some behavioural and competency-based questions.

How long does it take to hear back from LEK consulting?

Typically, you will then be notified of the status of your application approximately within a week. After the final interview, you can hope to hear back from LEK’s recruiting team in about two-three weeks.

How many hours do LEK consultants work?

LEK Consultants work between 40 to 60 hours a week. The requirements of the role will depend on the entry-level, location and industry department you have applied for.

Is LEK a good company to work for?

According to a recent survey, LEK Consulting ranks as the 8th best consulting firm to work for. These rankings were based on surveys conducted with consultants across the US.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test: C

Verbal Reasoning Test: B

Inductive Reasoning Test: C