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Are you applying for the Zurich Insurance 2024 internship or graduate programs or exploring professional opportunities? Look no further than this comprehensive guide.

The text below provides a full candidate recruitment, assessment, and preparation guide and practice for those applying to jobs, internships, apprenticeships, and other graduate programs at Zurich Insurance across the globe, including the UK.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessment tests, interviews, and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process.

Not sure if you should practice preparing for the Zurich Insurance Assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude test results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) found that candidates who do not practice assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

  1. Complete Your Zurich Insurance Online Job Application
  • Fill in your Zurich Insurance registration online
  • Thoughtfully respond to the four competency queries
  • Align your answers with Zurich Insurance UK’s core values.
  • Tailor your CV and application by using wording and keywords from the job post.
  1. Prepare for Zurich Online Assessments

Zurich Insurance may use a variety of psychometric assessments to evaluate candidates’ skills and competencies such as:

Did you know that these tests sift out up to 50-80% of candidates at this stage? The only proven way to get to the next round is to practice.

  1. Record mock video interviews of yourself

Record yourself practicing how to answer common questions in interviews for insurance jobs. Ensure your answers flow well and are to the point. Avoid filler words.

Prepare for your interview rounds by running mock interviews and answering typical insurance interview questions. For Zurich interview practice, use:

Our practice video interview platform simulates the experience you will have on platforms used for job interviews by providing preset competency and industry questions for the insurance sector. Record your responses and watch them to develop your interview technique.

Use the STAR+R method for your answers. Practice each answer and repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

  1. Prepare for the Zurich Final Assessment Exercises

Zurich Insurance makes use of a variety of competitive exercises in the assessment centre to find the right candidates. Ensure that you practice a variety of exercises including:

Hone your written and spoken communication techniques. Be aware. Not many candidates get to this stage. The competition is very fierce.

Continue reading to find out the solutions to the following critical questions:

For your Zurich assessment practice, click on the links below to get started now with our practice assessments!

Practice Assessments Similar to Zurich InsurancePractice Now
Numerical Reasoning TestStart Practicing
Logical Reasoning TestStart Practicing
Situational Judgement TestStart Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Practice all the assessments above for your Zurich application with our Go Premium package.

Let’s take a look at what’s to come in this in-depth guide:


  1. What is Zurich Insurance?
  2. Zurich Online Application
  3. Zurich Online Assessment
  4. Zurich Job Simulation
  5. Zurich Final Assessment

Good to Know Bonuses:

  1. Zurich Graduates Programmes/ Early Careers
  2. Zurich Insurance Recruitment FAQs

So, with that, let’s dive right in!

What is Zurich Insurance?

Zurich Insurance is a leading multinational insurance company, offering a wide range of insurance products and services to individuals and businesses around the world. Founded in 1872 in Zurich, Switzerland, Zurich Insurance is one of the largest and most respected insurance companies in the world.

What jobs can I get at Zurich Insurance?

Zurich Insurance provides a wide range of career choices such as:

Insurance UnderwriterActuaryInsurance Sales Agent
Claims Adjuster/HandlerRisk EngineerCustomer Service Representative
IT and Technology RolesLegal and Compliance SpecialistMarketing and Communications
Human ResourcesFinance and AccountingProject Management
Corporate CommunicationsHealth and Safety SpecialistBusiness Analyst

When applying for any of these positions, you might be asked questions about your experiences. When responding to these queries, it is crucial to tailor your answers to Zurich Insurance’s core values.

But what are these values? Find out below!

Zurich Insurance UK Values

  • Customer Focus: Zurich places the customer at the core of every action, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs and requirements.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Zurich is dedicated to offering the highest quality products and services, and a commitment to improve processes, systems, and innovation.
  • Integrity: Zurich upholds the commitment to honesty and fairness in all interactions, promoting transparency and ethical standards with customers.
  • Sustainable Practices: Zurich is devoted to generating sustainable value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities it serves.
  • Teamwork: Zurich believes that teamwork is essential to success. This means encouraging employees to collaborate, share ideas, and work together to achieve common goals.

Now that we know more about Zurich Insurance, let’s dive into the recruitment process with the first step: the Zurich Insurance online application!

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Zurich Insurance Online Application

How to get a job at Zurich Insurance?

The first step is the Zurich online application. Begin your journey into a career at Zurich with ease by showing your skills and experience during the online application process. Once you have found a role that interests you, you can apply by filling out your:

  • Personal Information
  • Resume/CV Upload
  • Educational Background
  • Work Experience

Good to know: You will also be required to upload documents such as your cover letter at this stage.

Zurich online application form
Zurich Online Application Form
Source: Zurich Insurance UK

What do I need to apply to Zurich Insurance?

The specific eligibility criteria for applying to various positions at Zurich may vary based on the job roles and their corresponding requirements. However, there are some general requirements that all applicants must meet:

  1. Educational Background: Provide information about your educational history, including degrees earned, institutions attended, and graduation dates.
  1. Work Experience: Outline your work history, including details about previous roles, responsibilities, achievements, and duration of employment.
  1. Skills and Qualifications: Highlight specific skills and qualifications relevant to the job you’re applying for. This could include:
    • Technical skills/coding
    • Communication abilities
    • Analytical skills, and more, depending on the nature of the role.
  1. Language Proficiency: For roles that require you to interact with clients or teams in specific regions, proficiency in the relevant languages might be necessary.

Check out our video below to get started on crucial research tips you can use to boost your Zurich application:

How to Research a Company Before an Interview | Job Application & Interview Tips

Now let’s move on to the next step – the Zurich online assessment, a crucial step in the recruitment process.

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Zurich Online Assessment

What is the Zurich online assessment?

The Zurich Insurance online assessment is designed by Cappfinity. The time limit for this assessment can vary depending on the role you are applying for. However, typically the Zurich online assessment will take up to 60 minutes to complete. 

What happens in the Zurich online assessment?

The Zurich Insurance assessment analyses your skills in:

  1. Situational Judgement
  2. Numerical Reasoning
  3. Logical Reasoning

Let’s delve into more details about these Zurich online tests.

Good to know: Some roles at Zurich require you to complete a game-based assessment, which will assess a variety of skills through engaging challenges.

Discover more on how to pass the Zurich game assessments with our short video below:

How to pass game assessments | by Arctic Shores, HireVue & Assess Candidates #shorts

Read on to discover more about how to ace your Zurich situational judgement questions.

1. Zurich Situational Judgement Questions

What are the Zurich situational judgement questions?

The Zurich situational judgement questions are an immersive assessment that uses work scenarios to assess your competencies and behaviours based on how you would approach the situations and the actions you take to resolve any conflict.

For more details about situational judgement tests that are used in the Zurich hiring process, check out our short video below:

What are Situational Judgement Tests? (SJTs Explained) #shorts

Top 5 Tips to Ace the Zurich Situational Judgement Questions

  1. Familiarise yourself with Zurich values: Understand the core values and culture, as the situational judgement test will often assess how well you align with the organisation’s principles.
  1. Put ethics first: When faced with scenarios, choose responses that show integrity and uphold high moral standards. 
  1. Highlight your team player skills: Zurich values teamwork and collaboration, so it is important to consider which options best demonstrate these skills.
  1. Time management practice: Practice under timed conditions to improve your ability to analyse Zurich situational judgement scenarios efficiently and respond quickly.
  1. Analyse potential results: Before deciding, carefully consider how your choices will impact Zurich’s values, stakeholders, and the company’s bottom line.

Take a sneak peek into the test with an example our test developers have made to give you an idea of what your Zurich situational judgement questions may look like.

Zurich-style Situational Judgement Question Example

Zurich situational judgement test example

Start your Zurich situational judgement test practice and sign-up for GF’s Situational Judgement Test package today to access real questions, live test reports, and progress charts!

Many roles at Zurich include the handling of data and reasoning numerical information. Therefore, you may be tested with some Zurich numerical reasoning questions

2. Zurich Numerical Reasoning Questions

What are the Zurich numerical reasoning questions?

The Zurich numerical reasoning questions assess your reasoning skills through how you interpret numerical information presented in charts, graphs, and tables to make correct calculations to reach the correct answer.

Discover more about numerical reasoning test questions and how Zurich uses these to hire with this short video: 

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test? #shorts

Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Zurich Numerical Reasoning Questions

  1. Refresh basic maths, such as percentages, ratios, fractions, estimates, time, currency, and other measurements ahead of the real Zurich assessment.
  1. Practice answering Zurich numerical questions under timed conditions.The Zurich numerical reasoning test is timed, so it is important to practice answering questions under timed conditions.
  1. Use GF Performance Reports to enhance your Zurich assessment performance: Review areas of improvement. Understand the methods used in the worked solutions to help focus your practice.
  1. Get some rest: The Zurich tests require complete focus, so it is important to get enough sleep so that you are well-rested and able to focus.
  1. Create a quiet and comfortable environment to take the test. The Zurich numerical reasoning test is computer-based, so you will need to take it in a quiet and comfortable environment where you will not be disturbed.

Practice FREE QUESTIONS similar to Zurich Insurance numerical tests, register with GF today! Or, have a go at this example question our team has developed below!

Zurich-Style Numerical Reasoning Question Example

Zurich numerical reasoning test example

Think you nailed it? Check the bottom of the page for the answer!

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Another assessment you may be required to take is Zurich logical reasoning. Let’s find out more about this test below!

3. Zurich Logical Reasoning Questions

What are the Zurich logical reasoning questions?

In Zurich logical reasoning questions you will be required to analyse a sequence of shapes and make deductions based on a set of underlying rules shared by these shapes. 

For more insight into logical reasoning questions used by employers such as Zurich, don’t miss our short video below: 

What is a Logical Reasoning Test? #shorts

Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Zurich Logical Reasoning Questions

  1. Pace yourself with practice logical questions for the Zurich test: Build confidence by taking one practice test at a time to familiarise yourself with the questions and the logic expected to be used behind them.
  1. Practice each test in-depth: Ensure to practice each test in detail, to ensure you have given enough time to understand the Zurich logical reasoning questions and solutions.
  1. Understand how to reach each answer: Before you move on to the next question, make sure that you fully understand how the correct answer was reached.
  1. Balance speed and accuracy: It is important to avoid removing either speed or accuracy in your Zurich logical tests. Keep practicing until you are confident in your ability to answer quickly and accurately.
  1. Analyse sample solutions: After completing logical reasoning practice tests, review the worked solutions provided to focus your Zurich test practice.

Practice FREE QUESTIONS similar to the Zurich assessment, register with GF, and take your FREE logical reasoning test now, or have a go at this quick question below!

Zurich-Style Logical Reasoning Question Example

Zurich logical aptitude test example

For this logical reasoning aptitude example question, you will be required to observe the diagrams in the sequence carefully to uncover a shared pattern to determine which of the options would be the next diagram in the sequence.

In the pattern above, you will only have around 45 seconds to notice that:

  • The arrow rotates clockwise around the diagram
  • The sequence of shapes is triangle-circle-square
  • The long line alternates between horizontal and vertical
  • …and to identify the correct answer!

Think you’ve cracked it? Check the bottom of the page for the answer!

Practice even more Zurich-style logical reasoning tests with answers worked solutions, and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance – then we at GF have you covered.

Now, let’s move on to another key step of your Zurich hiring process: The Zurich job simulation round!

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Zurich Job Simulation

What is the Zurich job simulation?

The Zurich job simulation aims to evaluate your skills and abilities aligned with the job requirements and often involves written, rank order and video interview responses, designed to assess your communication skills and your ability to present yourself professionally.


6 Top Tips to Ace the Zurich Job Simulation

  1. Check your connection before the test and make sure everything is working. Have a calculator, some paper and a pen at hand before you begin the video interview.
  1. Keep the space behind you clear of any distractions. A plain background is preferred, preventing the Zurich assessor from making any presumptions.
  1. Know yourself and Zurich. Ensure you have researched Zurich so that you have a strong understanding of the role and how you fit.
  1. Get familiar with video interviews, increase your comfort when talking to a webcam through practice and tools like our video interview software, which simulate the tools used by Zurich.
  1. Dress smart. The outfit you choose to wear is just as important as it would be in a face-to-face interview. Check Zurich’s culture to consider how they typically dress.
  1. Focus on your body language and voice to set a good first impression. Speak clearly, look directly into the camera, and practice to sound both relaxed and confident.

Ace your Zurich job simulation first try with our Premium practice assessments. Practise with our video interview tool, situational judgement tests and the full range of practise tests designed to maximise your preparation.

Depending on the role the Zurich interview formats can vary and may include phone calls, in-person meetings, conference calls, and additional video interviews to assess your suitability.

Now, let’s move on to the next key step of your recruitment process: the Zurich final assessment.

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Zurich Final Assessment

What happens in the Zurich final assessment?

The Zurich final assessment is an assessment centre and the last stage for graduates if you have successfully passed the first interview stage. You will be asked to take part in a few assessment exercises, that are very likely to include:

  1. Zurich Group Exercise
  2. Zurich Presentation
  3. Zurich Case Study
  4. Zurich Final Interview

Now that we know more about the Zurich final assessment, let’s jump right in with your assessment exercises in detail!

1. Zurich Group Exercise

What is the Zurich group exercise?

The Zurich group exercise is an opportunity to show Zurich Insurance that you are a team player and that you have the skills and qualities necessary to be successful in the role you are applying for.

Top 6 Tips to Excel in the Zurich Group Exercise 

  1. Show confidence: Share and defend your ideas with confidence, while remaining open to others’ contributions.
  1. Speak clearly and respectfully: Speak clearly and avoid interrupting others during discussions.
  1. Collaborate effectively and listen actively: Group exercises are all about teamwork and collaboration. Listen actively to your team members’ ideas and work together to find common ground and reach conclusions.
  1. Ask Relevant Questions: Ask thought-provoking questions that stimulate discussion and critical thinking.
  1. Tailor your approach to the exercise: Carefully review and understand the specific skills and competencies that Zurich is looking for in this particular exercise and adapt your approach accordingly.
  1. Balance Your approach: Express your ideas but also appreciate others. In group activities, show integrity, customer focus, and empowerment, aligning with Zurich’s values.

After all this hard work you have put in up to this point, we move next to the chapter of your Zurich application; the Zurich presentation round.

2. Zurich Presentation

What is the Zurich presentation round?

The Zurich presentation round is an opportunity for you to showcase your communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. The topic of your presentation may be provided to you in advance, or you may be allowed to choose your topic. 

The length of your presentation will vary depending on the role you are applying for, but it typically lasts between 5 and 10 minutes.

Top 6 Tips to Ace the Zurich Presentation

  1. Manage your time: stay within your allocated time, avoiding being too brief. Being concise yet comprehensive shows your ability to communicate key points efficiently.
  1. Use data and metrics to support your claims: Zurich is a data-driven company, so be sure to use data and metrics to support your claims. Use charts, graphs, and other visuals to make your data easy to understand and interpret.
  1. Engage your audience: Keep your audience engaged by using anecdotes, examples, or stories to illustrate your points. This helps to make your presentation more relatable and memorable.
  1. Be prepared to answer questions. Zurich interviewers are likely to ask challenging questions about your presentation. Be prepared to answer these questions confidently and thoughtfully.
  1. Demonstrate your commitment to Zurich’s success: Zurich is a global company with a long and successful history. Be sure to demonstrate your commitment to Zurich’s success in your presentation. 
  1. Seek for Feedback: At the end of your presentation or during a Q&A, proactively ask your assessors or audience if they have any questions or need further clarification. This highlights your openness and willingness to feedback.

Ace your next assessment center with our 10 full sets of exercises including role play, presentations, group discussions, and more in our Assessment Centre Prep pack.

Given that certain roles at Zurich involve data analysis, you may encounter a Zurich case study round as part of the assessment process.

3. Zurich Case Study

What is the Zurich case study round?

The Zurich Insurance case study round is included as part of the recruitment process for graduate students and interns. This case study round is designed to assess your analytical and problem-solving skills through a written exercise.

Top 4 Tips to Ace the Zurich Case Study Round

  1. Research Zurich and the industry. This will help you to understand the context of the case study and to develop solutions that are relevant to the company and the industry.
  1. Practice case studies. Familiarise yourself with the format and skills assessed during this Zurich assessment by practicing mock case studies.
  1. Develop a framework for analysing case studies. From your practice, develop a method to approach the case study and to identify the key issues faster.
  1. Communicate your ideas clearly and effectively. Provide your findings and recommendations in a concise and presentable fashion with a clear conclusion.

Once you’ve aced your presentation and case study round, you will shortly be invited to the next and final stage of your application journey: The Zurich final interview.

4. Zurich Final Interview

What happens in the final Zurich interview round?

The final interview at Zurich is typically conducted by a panel of senior managers and may also include members from HR. The questions used in this final interview will vary depending on the role you are applying for. 

However, the overall goal of the interview is to assess your overall fit for the role and the company.

It is crucial to prepare for competency-based interviews and understand the key questions that we might be asked. So how do we prepare? Keep reading to find out!

Top 6 Tips to Ace the Zurich Final Interview

  1. Research Zurich’s values and culture: This shows you’ve taken the time to understand the company’s values, mission, and goals, demonstrating your alignment with their vision.
  1. Practice answering common Zurich interview questions. Familiarise yourself with competency-based questions that are commonly used by Zurich Insurance. You may find examples of these online or using an online interview practice platform.
  1. Practice structuring your answers to common competency-based questions to better prepare for the Zurich interview or assessment. A popular structure to use for your answers is the STAR+R method.
  1. Dress professionally: This helps in conveying a polished image that aligns with Zurich’s professional work culture.
  1. Convey confidence and enthusiasm: Reflects Zurich’s dynamic and innovative work environment, demonstrating your ability to thrive in its fast-paced setting.
  1. Pay attention to your body language: Maintain good eye contact with the Zurich interviewers. Sit up straight, maintain a confident posture, and use subtle hand gestures appropriately.

Watch our top five body language tips video below to help you ace your Zurich interview!

 Top 5 Job Interview Body Language Tips #shorts 

Now that you know more about Zurich’s final interview round, let’s explore some commonly used Zurich interview questions with example answers!


Question: Can you share an example from your coursework or internship where you had to quickly learn and apply new skills?

Tip to Answer: To best respond to this question, use the STAR+R (Situation, Task, Action, Result, and Reflection) approach. Think of an example that demonstrates flexibility/ adaptability, creativity, and a growth mindset. 

Good Answer:

  • Situation: During my internship as a marketing assistant, I was given a last-minute task to create a social media campaign for an upcoming product launch.
  • Task: The project required skills in graphic design, a skill I hadn’t formally studied before.
  • Action: Recognizing the urgency, I immediately enrolled in an online graphic design course and spent evenings learning and practicing the necessary software. At the same time, I sought guidance from experienced colleagues to understand the company’s brand guidelines.
  • Result: With determination and a newfound skill set, I successfully created engaging graphics for the social media campaign. The campaign received positive feedback, and the product launch was a success.
  • Reflection: This experience taught me the value of adaptability and a proactive approach to learning. I realized that being open to acquiring new skills quickly is crucial in a dynamic work environment, and I am eager to continue expanding my skill set in my professional journey.

Question: Describe a time when you had to adapt to a sudden change in priorities or procedures in a previous role. How did you handle this and what was the outcome?

Tip to Answer: When asked about handling sudden changes, highlight your ability to adapt and solve problems. Share a real example of how your flexibility resulted in a positive outcome. 

Good Answer

  • Situation: In my previous role as a project coordinator at XYZ Company, we were on track to finalize a major client presentation when a sudden change in client requirements necessitated a complete overhaul of our approach.
  • Task: My task was to quickly realign our team’s efforts to meet the new client demands while ensuring the presentation’s quality and deadline were upheld.
  • Action: After analyzing the seriousness of the situation, I quickly organized a team meeting to explain the changes and get everyone’s thoughts. I created a plan that involved everyone’s skills and ideas, which helped us come up with creative solutions. I carefully assigned tasks, considering each person’s strengths, and worked with the team to ensure the new requirements were met.
  • Result: Through efficient collaboration, we successfully transformed our presentation to align with the new requirements. The client not only appreciated our flexibility but also praised the revised approach for being more tailored to their needs.
  • Reflection: This situation taught me how being adaptable and working together as a team is crucial when unexpected problems come up. It showed me that clear communication and solving problems as a group is key to getting good results, even when things don’t go as planned.

Prepare for your interview questions commonly used by Zurich with our 60 unique video interview sets used across top industries including banking and finance with our Practice Video Interviewing Platform.

Zurich video interview graduate questions

And with this, your Zurich Application comes to a close! Once you’ve impressed in your interview, you will shortly receive an offer from Zurich.

But wait, before you go!

Keep reading below to discover the range of career opportunities Zurich currently offers for freshers and students.

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Zurich Graduates Programmes/ Early Careers

What are the Zurich early career opportunities? 

The Zurich Early Career initiative provides a diverse array of openings for students, extending a welcoming invitation to aspiring interns, apprentices, or recent graduates through the following key opportunity areas: 

ActuarialBusiness ManagementData and Analytics
FinanceRisk EngineeringSustainable Energy
Commercial UnderwritingContinuous Improvement and AutomationZurich Municipal

Zurich offers the following opportunities for candidates interested in kick-starting their careers within the organisation:

  1. Zurich Apprenticeships
  2. Zurich Internships
  3. Zurich Graduate schemes

Check out some of the locations where Zurich Insurance offers its Early Career Programs:

Australia Hong KongNetherlandsSwitzerlandUnited StatesUK

1. Zurich Apprenticeships

What are the Zurich apprenticeship programmes?

A Zurich apprenticeship is a two-year programme for people with different skills who want to be part of a global company making a difference for its customers. Zurich is looking for apprentices who are excited to learn and take on real job responsibilities.

Eligibility Criteria for Zurich apprenticeship


  • Completion of secondary school education (or equivalent)
  • Strong academic performance in relevant subjects
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Application deadline

  1. Online application – Open from February to March
  2. Online assessment – you’ll receive an email with details following your application
  3. Final interviews – April onwards

Good to know: Zurich recognizes that grades are not always a perfect indicator of a candidate’s potential. For example, a candidate with a lower GPA may have other relevant skills, such as extracurricular activities or work experience.

2. Zurich Internship Programmes

What is the Zurich Internship Programme?

The Zurich internship programmes offer chances to engage in community impact projects, receive mentorship, and participate in networking activities. The experiences gained during the 10 to 12-week program can create opportunities and foster enduring connections.

Eligibility Criteria for Zurich Internships


  • Enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited university or college
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Application Deadlines:  The Zurich internship applications are likely to open in October and close by November.

Important to know: Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific internship program you are applying for. Be prepared to discuss your skills, experience, and why you are interested in the internship program.

3. Zurich Graduate Schemes

What are the Zurich graduate schemes? 

The Zurich graduates scheme is crafted to provide a supportive learning experience, enabling graduates to explore and excel personally and professionally. The programme includes diverse virtual and in-person sessions, workshops, and activities facilitated by internal or external experts, improving individual and collective growth.

Eligibility Criteria for Zurich Graduate Schemes


  • Completed your undergraduate degree with at least a 2.1 classification.
  • Have 0-2 years of professional experience.
  • Have strong academic performance in relevant subjects.

Application Update: The Zurich graduate scheme applications are likely to open in October and close by November.

Good to know: The duration of Zurich Graduate Schemes varies depending on the specific scheme, but they typically last between one and three years. 

Check out more answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below about the Zurich recruitment process! 

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Zurich Recruitment Process FAQs

What is the company culture like at Zurich Insurance?

Zurich Insurance is a company that values integrity, customer focus, innovation, and empowerment. This is reflected in its culture, which is one of collaboration, respect, and continuous learning.

What is the salary and benefits package like at Zurich Insurance?

 Zurich Insurance offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including: 

  • Base salary
  • Bonus potential
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Employee assistance program

Does Zurich Insurance offer remote work opportunities?

Yes, Zurich Insurance does offer remote work opportunities, but the specific availability varies by role and location.

Does Zurich Insurance provide sponsorship for international workers?

Yes, Zurich Insurance does offer sponsorship for international workers; however, the availability and approval of sponsorship are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What is the key difference between the Zurich game-based assessment and the job simulation round?

The key difference is in their application: game-based assessment is often used for entry-level positions, offering a quick evaluation for a large candidate pool. In contrast, the job simulation round is for senior positions, providing a more accurate assessment of a candidate’s ability for the role.

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Correct answers to example questions:

Numerical Reasoning Test: C

Logical Reasoning Test: C