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Do you aspire to work with the best of talents in the UK and globally? Joining Jaguar Land Rover could be the right decision for you. However, landing a job offer will involve dedication and consistent assessment practice.

From apprenticeship to graduate programs, this text covers everything in full detail and guides you on how to crack the Jaguar Land Rover recruitment process.

Check here for Free and Premium aptitude assessment tests and video interviews to practice and prepare for Jaguar Land Rover recruitment.

Not sure if you should practice preparing for JLR assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude test results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study found that candidates who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

Bradley et al. (2019).

How to prepare for the Jaguar Land Rover assessment process and tests to get the job?

  1. Complete your Jaguar Land Rover Job Application 
  • Apply on Jaguar Land Rover official website.
  • Fill the online application form 
  • Match your resume to JLR’s core values.
  • Use language/keywords from the job post in your resume.
  1. Ace your JLR Telephone Discussion

Some roles at JLR may have a telephone discussion, lasting up to an hour. This could take place after your application form has been shortlisted or after the online testing process. 

Prepare for your phone interview by running mock interviews answering typical interview questions. For JLR interview practice, use:

Our video interview practice platform contains predefined competency and industry questions and emulates experience you will have in platforms used for employers’ interviews. Record your answers and watch them to develop your interview technique, timekeeping and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

Use the STAR method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Practice for Jaguar Land Rover Online Tests

Jaguar Land Rover uses a variety of Saville aptitude assessment tests. These may include:

You may get rejected already after these aptitude tests; these tests sift out 50-80% candidates at this stage. The only proven way to get to the next round is practice.

  1. Prepare for the JLR Assessment Centre exercises

Assessment centre exercises at JLR typically include the following:

Prepare for your JLR interviews by practicing mock behavioural, strength-based and technical interviews questions.

Refine your technique for your final JLR interviews to showcase your:

  • deep knowledge 
  • understanding of the role
  • business acumen
  • passion
  • critical thinking and ability to think on your feet

For this, you can use a video interview practice platform and get better by the time you receive the invitation from JLR human resource team.

Continue reading to uncover answers to the following critical questions:

To practice assessments in the JLR selection process, click on the relevant test below and start your practice now:

Relevant Assessments to Jaguar Land Rover Practice Now
Situational Judgement TestStart Practicing
Match 6.5 Personality Assessment Start Practicing 
Numerical Reasoning Start Practicing 
Diagrammatic ReasoningStart Practicing 
Verbal Reasoning Start Practicing 
Error Checking Start Practicing
Assessment CentreStart Practicing

Want to practice all the relevant assessments above? Get the Essential practice to get ahead and ace your Jaguar Land Rover assessments first time.

Keep reading and find out the best ways to ace your chances of working with the best teams at Jaguar Land Rover.


  1. What is Jaguar Land Rover?
  2. Jaguar Land Rover Online Application
  3. Jaguar Land Rover Telephone Discussion
  4. Jaguar Land Rover Online Tests
  5. Jaguar Land Rover Assessment Centre
  6. Jaguar Land Rover Early Careers Programs
  7. Jaguar Land Rover FAQs

Before we dive into the process, it’s important for you to research the company. 

What is Jaguar Land Rover?

A leading name in the global automotive industry, Jaguar Land Rover specialises in luxury cars with a cutting edge in technology and design. JLR houses some of the best talents in the world through its graduate, undergraduate and apprenticeship programs.

JLR employs about 40,000 – 42,000 people globally and takes on hundreds to thousands of applications per year. To get ahead, you need to bring your best for each stage of the hiring journey. 

Some of the departments at Jaguar Land Rover, you may consider applying for:

HRDesign Finance 
Product Engineering Business Strategy Data Analysis 
Industrial Operations Manufacturing Commercial 
TechnologySpecial Vehicle OperationsAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems

Understanding Jaguar Land Rover’s values, work culture and vision is vital for you to prepare for the JLR situational judgement test and personality assessments. 

Let’s cover these below.

Jaguar Land Rover Values

What are Jaguar Land Rover’s values?

JLR employees are encouraged to follow a three-part framework to keep up with the company’s values. Being aware of this framework shall prove helpful during the Jaguar Land Rover application process:

  1. Purpose
    • JLR states that their purpose is to offer a modern luxury experience to the customers.
  1. Mobilising Change Idea
    • This entails implementing sustainable changes to reach the purpose of the organisation mentioned above.
  1. Creators’ Code
    • This is a common code shared by all employees, across departments. It lays special emphasis on how the entire workforce at JLR can collaborate to realise the ultimate purpose of the organisation. It incorporates ideas of:
      • Customer Love
      • Unity
      • Integrity
      • Growth
      • Impact

Check out our short researching tips video to discover more useful research tips to find out more about a company such as Jaguar Land Rover:

 How to Research a Company Before an Interview | Job Application & Interview Tips #career #shorts

The section below delves deeper into stages involved in the recruitment process of Jaguar Land Rover. Keep reading and take note of all important points.

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Jaguar Land Rover Online Application

How to apply to Jaguar Land Rover?

The JLR online application is the first step of your recruitment journey for any role that you wish to apply for. Search online on their website using their job search feature and apply to a position that interests you. You will be required to create an account at this stage.

Broadly speaking, some of the areas that may be discussed in the online application form are as follows:

  • Personal information
  • Educational qualifications
  • Motivation to apply
  • Future goals
  • Relevant skills
  • Relevant experience

For JLR Early Career jobs such as for graduate, undergraduate and apprenticeship roles, you don’t have to prepare a CV or an extensive cover letter. Instead, you will be required to answer motivational questions within the application form.

More experienced roles will be required to upload a CV and a cover letter, which will be mentioned in the job description. Keep checking the JLR website for updates on openings. 

Jaguar Land Rover application CV
Jaguar Land Rover Application CV
Source: JLR Careers

Good to know: To boost your chances of getting your application accepted, ensure your CV meets JLR’s requirements. 

Here are 4 CV tips that you should use for applying for Jaguar Land Rover:

  1. Consider if you meet all the criteria listed in the job post. Think of the key skills and how your experiences reflect these.
  1. Your CV must highlight how your professional goals align with Jaguar Land Rover’s vision and values.
  1. The CV must be a maximum of 2 pages long, unless otherwise stated in the job post.
  1. Add only the work experience relevant to the job. Highlight the key achievements in detail from each of these previous roles.

Don’t miss our quick video below which covers 3 mistakes you should avoid when submitting your CV to Jaguar Land Rover:

3 CV Mistakes You Must Avoid (Resume Tips) | CV Writing Guide #shorts

For some roles in the JLR recruitment process, you may be invited to a short telephone call. Read on to uncover more about this JLR telephone interview.

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Jaguar Land Rover Telephone Discussion

What is the Jaguar Land Rover telephone interview?

Depending on the role you have applied for, there may be a telephone discussion before or after your online tests. Generally, the call could be a detailed discussion on your experiences, skills, motivation and values, lasting up to about an hour. 

Good to know: This round is not compulsory in all application types. Keep an eye on your emails as you will receive an email from JLR which will specify the details.

3 Quick Tips To ace your JLR Telephone interview

  1. Prepare Notes
    • Keep notes handy to help you remember key points about your work experience, academic projects and career aspirations. Take a brief note on all the information you have inserted in the application form to maintain consistency. 
  1. Practice Answers 
    • It is advised that you have answers to some of the common questions ready. Prepare and practice well-articulated answers to your core values, professional aspirations, strengths and weaknesses in a way that is comfortable for you.
  1. Use a Suitable Environment 
    • To ensure you won’t be distracted during the call, choose a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed. You should also make sure that your phone is fully charged beforehand!

After successfully completing the application form or the telephonic discussion round, you will be invited to take some JLR online tests. Here is all you need to know about this round.

Jaguar Land Rover Online Tests

What are the Jaguar Land Rover online tests?

There are three main types of JLR online assessments that you may be required to take, depending on the job role and area you have applied for. These are prepared by Saville Assessments, a well known job assessment provider.

Click here to find out all you need to know about Saville Assessments.

These three types of online assessment tests include:

  1. Jaguar Land Rover Situational Judgement Test
  2. Jaguar Land Rover Match 6.5 Personality Assessment
  3. Jaguar Land Rover Aptitude Tests

This is a crucial stage and you must prepare well, in advance. 

Keep reading to find out how you can ace JLR online tests, starting with situational judgement tests.

1. Jaguar Land Rover Situational Judgement Test

What is the Jaguar Land Rover situational judgement test?

The JLR situational judgement test is designed to assess your responses to varied work related scenarios. In this SJT, you will be presented several scenarios through a video and asked to choose the answer you think is most suited to mitigate the crisis or solve a problem.

You may also be required to determine how effective an action will be, using a scale of 1-7 from ‘Extremely Ineffective’ to ‘Extremely Effective’. 

Good to know: This Jaguar Land Rover assessment is often used for many Early Careers programmes such as graduates, apprenticeships and undergraduate roles.

5 Top Tips to Pass your JLR Situational Judgement Test

  1. Understand the role: Check the job description and consider the competencies required for the responsibilities and tasks on the job. 
  1. Research the background: Read some good books on competencies and the effective behaviours in the workplace.
  1. Research Jaguar Land Rover’s culture: This can give you an insight into what behaviours the company expects from its employees.
  1. Familiarise yourself with practice: Practicing SJT questions can help you understand the various situations used and find the preferred answers. 
  1. Ask a professional: If you know someone who works or has previously worked at JLR, ask them how they would approach a scenario.

Practise Situational Judgement Tests designed by our expert psychologists today and gain access to real questions, live test reports and progress charts! 

Read ahead to find out more about another commonly used JLR online test: the personality assessment.

2. Jaguar Land Rover Match 6.5 Personality Assessment

What is the Jaguar Land rover personality test?

The JLR personality assessment or Match 6.5 personality test, aims to assess your workplace personality and preferences. You will be presented with a block of 6 questions, each ranging from 1-9 scale, with  1 being – ‘Very Strongly Disagree’ to 9  being– ‘Very Strongly Agree’.

How to Pass your Jaguar Land Rover Personality Assessment

  1. Research the Role: Consider the job description and what the employer is looking for. Reflect on your own preferences at work and consider if they align.
  1. Take Mock Personality Tests: Develop an understanding of your own work preferences through the report provided.
  1. Take Note of Your Preferences: Use your learning to help determine which job area at JLR best suits you. 
  1. Answer Honestly: Personality tests at JLR are NOT designed to judge you negatively. Rather, it is designed to understand your suitability for the role.
  1. Be Consistent: To avoid being flagged up by the assessment, keep your answers consistent throughout. 

Practice for your Jaguar Land Rover personality test with our own practice Work Personality Questionnaire, designed to assess similar competencies that your JLR recruiters are looking for.

The recruiters also use a combination of JLR aptitude tests to determine the required skills and expertise of candidates. Keep reading to find out more about these tests! 

3. Jaguar Land Rover Aptitude Tests

What are the JLR aptitude tests?

The Jaguar Land Rover aptitude tests are designed to test various areas of expertise in a candidate.

Mostly these include the following:

  1. JLR Numerical Reasoning Test
  2. JLR Diagrammatic Reasoning Test
  3. JLR Verbal Reasoning Test
  4. JLR Spatial Reasoning Test
  5. JLR Error Checking Test

Good to know: You are likely to be required to complete a combination of these online aptitude tests. The tests you will take are likely to depend on the program and the skills required.

Get ready as we are about to dive into the details!


What is the Jaguar Land Rover numerical reasoning test? 

The JLR Numerical reasoning test is designed to test your mathematical problem solving and interpret numerical data. If an employer wants to assess your reasoning ability.

What does the Jaguar Land Rover numerical reasoning test contain?

Typically, there are about 24 questions with a time-frame of 20 minutes.  All questions are multiple-choice based. 

To crack the numerical reasoning test at JLR, watch this short and informative video:

#What is a Numerical Reasoning Test  #shorts 

The JLR numerical assessment aims to assess:

  • Your ability to identify and predict data through graphs, tables and other forms of mathematical representations
  • Basic to mid-level mathematical calculations 
  • Your ability to note a pattern and identify trends through statistics 

Do not worry if you have not done Math in a while! The complexity of this does not lie in the knowledge tested but in the time pressure and stress. When taking your JLR numerical reasoning test, you will have a minute to read the question, analyse data provided and perform the necessary calculations.

Top 5 Tips to Pass the JLR Numerical Reasoning Test

  1. Refresh basic mathematical concepts like percentage, average, currency conversion, as well as simple and compound interest calculation.
  1. Practice numerical reasoning test questions. Practising mock questions will help you grow familiar with the test format and the time pressures involved. 
  1. Use feedback reports from practice numerical tests to focus your preparation on strength and improvement areas ahead of the real JLR numerical test.
  1. Stay focused, hydrated and ensure your internet connection is working well. Keep a pen, notepad and a calculator within your reach. 
  1. Read the questions and instructions carefully. Don’t get caught out by rushing through questions without checking what you have been asked for first!

Practice FREE QUESTIONS similar to JLR assessment tests, register with GF and take your FREE Numerical Reasoning Test now, or test your numerical skill with this example question below!

JLR-style Numerical Reasoning Test Example

JLR numerical reasoning free practice question

Check the bottom of the page for the correct answer for this question!

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Alongside your JLR numerical test, you may have to take a diagrammatic reasoning test. Keep reading to find out more


What is the Jaguar Land Rover diagrammatic reasoning test?

The JLR diagrammatic reasoning test is a vital aptitude test.  It includes diagrams to test a candidate’s problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making skills.

What does the Jaguar Land Rover diagrammatic reasoning test involve?

The JLR diagrammatic reasoning test is about 15-30 minutes long, and similarly to the numerical reasoning test, is a multiple-choice based test. 

Discover more about diagrammatic reasoning tests and how employers such as JLR use them to hire with this short video:

What is Diagrammatic Reasoning Test #shorts

5 Tips To Pass Your JLR Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

  1. Practice: Get familiar with the format through using practice sample questions. Regular practice can help develop your performance.
  1. Get rest before: Being well-rested before the test by having a good night’s sleep the night before can significantly improve your concentration.
  1. Read carefully: Read through the questions carefully before attempting your answer. Time management is vital but do not sacrifice accuracy.
  1. Focus on each question: Take one question at a time. If you get stuck, take an educated guess and move on to the next question.
  1. Use the elimination technique: Cross off the more clearly incorrect answers to quickly narrow down the potential correct answer options.

Feeling confident? Kickstart your diagrammatic reasoning practice with this free question below!

JLR-style Diagrammatic Reasoning Test Example 

JLR diagrammatic reasoning free practice question

Check out if you got it right with the answer at the bottom of the page!

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Another key JLR online assessment is the verbal reasoning assessment. Read on below to find out more.


What to expect in the JLR verbal reasoning test?

The JLR verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to reason and understand a language through the information provided in form of comprehension passages and commentaries. This JLR verbal test is specific to roles requiring strong communication and verbal skills.

Discover more about verbal reasoning tests with this short video and uncover how companies such as Jaguar Land Rover use these to hire:

What is a Verbal Reasoning Test #shorts 

Top 5 Tips to Pass the JLR Verbal Reasoning Test 

  1. Understand the answer options: does the statement follow the information provided, is it opposite or are you unable to say based on the information given?
  1. Invest time in reading: to improve your verbal comprehension, learn a new word every day and build your vocabulary by reading more.
  1. Practice verbal test questions: Familiarise yourself with the format and the types of questions asked through practicing sample tests.
  1. Avoid using external information: Only use the information provided within the JLR test when answering the questions.
  1. Read carefully: Rushing through the question and the passage may lead you to  missing out on vital points.

Sign up with GF today and practice a FREE verbal reasoning test developed by our experts who developed the tests for 8,000+ companies. Or, have a go at this quick example question below!

JLR verbal reasoning free practice question

Have you got the right answer? Keep reading to find out!

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Alongside the JLR verbal reasoning test, you may have to take a spatial reasoning test. Let’s find out more about this test too!  


What is the Jaguar Land Rover spatial reasoning test?

During the JLR spatial reasoning test, you will be required to understand and manipulate 2D and 3D images. The questions will also require you to spot patterns and changes in a set of diagrams. This test may have some similarities with a diagrammatic reasoning test.

5 Quick Tips to Pass the JLR Spatial Reasoning Test

  1. Practice spatial reasoning questions to develop a grasp over the format and style of these types of test questions.
  1. You can also play spot-the-difference games to further hone your ability to identify identical figures.
  1. Focus on the most key aspects of a figure. This can be useful when trying to find a mirror image!
  1. Make notes on the key changes to the shapes and diagrams using a notepad and pen. Note down the changes to directions, numerical rules, colours etc.
  1. Eliminate the wrong answers first. Similar to the JLR diagrammatic test, mark off the more clearly incorrect answers to narrow down the potential options. 

Get the practice Essentials for your Jaguar Land Rover spatial reasoning tests with GF today and practice full industry-standard spatial reasoning tests today!

For some roles, you may also be invited to complete an error checking test as part of the JLR Saville Assessments. Keep reading to check out more below.


What are the Jaguar Land Rover checking tests?

During the JLR error checking test, you will be presented with data, graphs or a piece of text to spot errors. These tests are designed to evaluate your attention to detail and accuracy. In a typical error checking test, you may be asked to spot:

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Inconsistencies in data
  • Gaps in statements
  • Repetition in numericals
  • Redundancy in a sentence

5 Tips to Pass the JLR Error Checking Test 

  1. Practice mock error checking questions to develop your familiarity with the typical format of these tests and to improve your speed.
  1. Rest well the night before, do some light exercise and ensure to have breakfast the morning before the test to improve your focus.
  1. Take the test at a time of day when your brain works best to ensure you are at maximum performance.
  1. Re-read each question and information provided carefully to spot errors using the context of the passage provided.
  1. Create a balance of patience and time management by spreading the time limit across each question. 

Get a step ahead of your fellow candidates by practicing with our Spelling and Grammar tests and Word Checking tests. Taking these practice sets will improve your English communication skills, and help you understand the passages better.

Once you score well in the online tests round, you will then be invited to the next stage. For many roles, this will be the JLR assessment centre

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Jaguar Land Rover Assessment Centre

What is the Jaguar Land Rover assessment centre?

The JLR assessment centre is typically the final stage of your application process.This is a great chance for you to network with people at Jaguar Land Rover and gain an insight into the working environment. 

Depending on the role, the activities you may have to take during the Jaguar Land Rover assessment centre can include a combination of:

  1. JLR Group Exercise
  2. JLR Role-play Exercise
  3. JLR Presentation
  4. JLR Practical Exercise
  5. JLR In-tray Exercise
  6. JLR Final Interview Round

Continue reading to find out what to expect in each exercise.

1. JLR Group Exercise

What is the JLR group exercise?

In a JLR group exercise, you will be presented with a task to complete with a team. The Jaguar Land Rover selection panel will assess how you interact with the group and make the best use of information provided to reach a desired outcome.

Check out this video below to discover top tips on how to ace your JLR group exercise:

Assessment Centre Group Exercises | How to Pass, with Example Task & Virtual Assessment Day Tips

Top 6 Tips for Your JLR Group Exercise

  1. Check the time to ensure the team completes the task within the given time limit. Take ownership of this and provide regular updates during the discussion.
  1. Contribute to the discussion: actively contribute where natural as it is key that you show your communication skills during the exercise.
  1. Maintain relaxed eye contact while speaking to your fellow team members. Speak clearly and in a calm tone to demonstrate your confidence and engagement.
  1. Ask questions and request clarification from the recruiters in case something is not clear. This could also help gain further relevant information your team can use.
  1. Involve others: allow all inputs by candidates to be considered. Involve the quieter members of the group by asking about their thoughts.
  1. Avoid speaking over others: present your point politely by building on top of your team’s points and persuading others about your ideas. 

2. JLR Role-play Exercise

What is the JLR role-play exercise?

In the JLR role-play exercise, candidates are given a set of information provided within a brief. HRs will see how you act on that information to reach a solution. You will then be asked questions around your decisions to assess your decision making skills.

Some of the skills that a role play exercises assess include:

  • Decision making capabilities
  • Use of logic and rationale
  • Way you approach the problem
  • Negotiation skill
  • Leadership qualities 
  • Communication style
  • Critical thinking abilities

5 Quick Tips to Ace the JLR Role-play Exercise

  1. Understand the purpose of the exercise. This will help you to understand and demonstrate the required competencies for the role you have applied for
  1. Research the scenario if it is provided in advance. Doing some background research on the topic may help you better understand the context and best actions to take. 
  1. Practise effective communication to demonstrate active listening, relaxed eye contact. Use verbal and non-verbal cues to show that you are listening.
  1. Rehearse before the exercise with a friend or a family member and gain feedback on how you respond. Use this feedback to polish your communication style and improve your body language. 
  1. Consider the other perspectives such as a customer, employee or manager. Think about their thoughts, needs and motivations, and how you can best tailor your responses to meet these.

For our top body language tips that you can use in your JLR roleplay exercise, check out our short video:

Top 5 Job Interview Body Language Tips #shorts

3. JLR Presentation Exercise

What is the Jaguar Land Rover interview presentation?

In your JLR presentation exercise, you will be given a topic and asked to present. You may be assigned a topic 5 working days before the assessment day or on the assessment day with a considerable time to prepare.

5 Top Tips to Pass the JLR Presentation Assessment:

  1. Monitor your body language: communication and body language are key to a good presentation. Work on your delivery through practice mock presentations with your friends or family. 
  1. Read the presentation brief carefully so that you do not miss out on the important information provided in the brief and to ensure your presentation is accurate and informative.
  1. Include relevant data in your presentation to demonstrate attention to detail and impact. Make use of visual aids such as pictures and flowcharts to help these stand out further.
  1. Dress to impress: as with the other JLR exercises, wear a professional outfit to demonstrate your interest, professionalism and respect to the recruiters.
  1. Involve the assessors in the presentation. Ask questions before you begin to gain further insight into what they are looking for, and check if they have any questions at the end of your presentation.

4. JLR Practical Exercise

What is the JLR practical exercise?

For the JLR practical exercise, you will be assigned a task relevant to your role. For example, if you are applying for a position in the human resources department, you may have to conduct mock interviews or work on mock employee annual meetings.

Good to know: JLR will provide all of the details regarding the preparation and what to expect on the main day within the assessment centre invite. 

5 Quick Tips to Ace the JLR Practical Exercise

  1. Research and understand your role: as practical exercises are based around the role you have applied for, check the job description to understand the duties and responsibilities.
  1. Prepare for the types of tasks that your job role may entail. For example, If you are applying for a sales position, practise mock activities such as closing a call or interpreting a sales report.
  1. Practice decision making and communication skills. These will come in handy when dealing with various practical exercises, such as with annual meetings and mock interviews.
  1. Consider the impact of your decisions and the reasoning behind them. Keep in mind the JLR Creator’s Code when making decisions during this practical exercise.
  1. Ask for more details if you are unsure. This can help you gain more information on what is required and can help ensure you are on the right track.

5. JLR In-tray Exercise

What is the JLR in-tray exercise?

In a JLR in-tray exercise, candidates are allocated a number of tasks just like a normal work day and asked to assume the role applied for and approach the task accordingly. Many  tasks have a short time limit whereas other tasks require only a yes or no answer. 

In a typical in-tray exercise at Jaguar Land Rover, you will be given a brief and asked to come up with a solution. You may be questioned on the approach and rationale employed to solve the given problem. 

JLR In-tray Exercise tip: Other tasks may include drafting a reply to a customer complaint,report writing, calculating budgets, or analysing information. In this test, the recruiters will analyse your decision making capabilities by carefully examining your solution. 

5 Tips to Pass the JLR In-Tray Exercise 

  1. Familiarise yourself with Jaguar Land Rover’s values and ethics. Understanding this will help you showcase your knowledge aligning with the company’s core values.
  1. Practice decision-making skills, especially those taken under pressure. Go through mock scenarios and brush up on key competencies in corporate decision making. 
  1. Brush up on your communication abilities in a corporate scenario. For example, writing emails, letters and memos will require strong written communication skills.
  1. Keep calm. JLR’s in-tray exercises often require deep focus. Taking deep breaths may help you keep your composure and concentration.
  1. Make informed decisions by relying effectively on test materials provided by the recruiters

Boost your confidence ahead of your JLR assessment centre through preparation with full example assessor marking guides and top professional guidance with real assessment experience with our GF Assessment Centre Pack today.

6. Jaguar Land Rover Final Interview Round

What to expect in the final JLR interview round?

The Jaguar Land Rover interview process requires a great level of detail and assesses your prior knowledge. During the final interview round, you may be required to complete the following types of interview:

  1. JLR Behavioural interview
  2. JLR Technical interview
  3. JLR Strengths-based interview

What is the JLR behavioural interview?

Jaguar Land Rover often uses behavioural interview questions to understand your capabilities and potential behaviour on the job. For these questions, you should reflect on past experiences for examples that demonstrate the desired competencies. 

How to Pass the JLR Behavioral Interview?

  1. Use the STAR+R method to outline your past experiences. Consider how these experiences demonstrate the competencies and values JLR is looking for.
  1. Reflect on the positives and the learnings you have had from these experiences. JLR are looking for candidates who take responsibility for change and grow their skills.
  1. Think about your answers. If unsure, take a moment to think about your answer before responding. This helps show you are listening and are putting thought into the question.
  1. Familiarise yourself with your CV ahead of the interview, as you may be asked about your experiences listed. Consider how these align with JLR’s values and visions.

So how do we use these tips to pass? Here are some commonly used JLR behavioural interview questions and answers which use these tips!

Question: Tell us how you handled a situation of conflict between you and your reporting manager?

Tip to Answer: You can make use of the STAR+R method to answer this common question. Ensure to use an example or two which result in a positive outcome. These examples should display how you showed unity, integrity and growth through these experiences.

Good Answer:

  • Situation: During my experience as a sales intern at XYZ, my manager called me to his office and expressed disappointment at the performance of the sales team of which I was the lead.
  • Task: During this meeting, my manager provided constructive feedback on the team’s performance and requested research into improving our effectiveness moving forwards.
  • Action: I investigated areas like processes, systems, leads, methods and so on to determine other areas of improvement. I prepared a report for our manager which highlighted how our sales would go up if we used better lead generation methods and invested in the latest software.
  • Result: I presented the report to my manager, explaining how we can implement these changes effectively. He agreed to my suggestions and we implemented the plan. As a result, there was a total 18% increase in revenue in the next quarter. 
  • Reflect: Looking back at this situation I realise how calm communication can solve a pressing matter. In situations like these, it is not suitable to shift blame. It is best to look underneath and come up with solutions.

Question: What core strategies have you used to lead a team?

Tip to answer: It is key when answering this question to provide specific examples of the strategies that you used and the positive outcomes that came as a result of this.

Good Answer:

  • In my last role as a team leader, I maintained a commonplace book to keep a track of all the team members, their strength, performance and assigned tasks. This helped me stay updated on my team and streamline the work for best results. 
  • My other core strategies included keeping an effective and open line of communication, across all departments through shared drives and quick regular meetings. I also set goals for my teams and ensured to involve the team in decision making through meetings and suggestions.

More commonly used JLR behavioural interview questions include:

  • In the past, how have you ensured effective communication with your project members?
  • Tell us about a project undertaken by you that has had a significant impact on the organisation.
  • What is your preferred working style? Do you like to work alone or in teams?
  • Have you missed an important deadline before? How did you mitigate the situation with clients or managers?
  • What would you do when a team member refuses to cooperate and under-performs?

Want to know what other questions could come up in your JLR behavioural interview? Practice the Essentials with GF and discover more potential JLR interview questions with our Question Identifier Tool (QIT).


What is the Jaguar Land Rover technical interview?

The questions asked in your JLR technical interview will differ depending on the job. You will be provided with more details about this interview by the HR on the assessment day or a few days before through an email. 

4 Quick Tips to Pass Your JLR Technical Interview

  1. Research the role. Highlight key areas the job description demands and  the technical responsibilities you may have upon selection.
  1. Revise the basics of your field, such as engineering or finance. Spend a week or two brushing up on the important aspects and industry language used.  
  1. Stay up-to-date with recent trends in your area of interest and consider how you would approach situations using your technical knowledge within the role. 
  1. Draw from your past experiences in the technical field and demonstrate how you can use your past technical experiences for the new role. 

What is the JLR strength-based interview?

Through the JLR strength-based interview, the selection panel aims to predict your potential and see what areas of strengths align best with their own. You may also be asked about your motivations and how you would approach a situation. 

Some of the most common strength-based questions in Jaguar Land Rover Interview process are as follows:

  • What are your key strength areas and how would you display those in a corporate environment?
  • What is your prime motivation to apply for this role? How do you think your values align with this job role?
  • What are your key achievements so far?
  • If put in a leadership position, what your leadership style would be?

How to Pass a JLR Strength-based Interview

  1. Align your strengths with the skills relevant for the job. Avoid including areas of strength that do not align with your job description.
  1. Be realistic in your answers. Use real-life examples which demonstrate when you have used your natural strengths to achieve a goal or resolve a situation. 
  1. Remain positive! Even if you are asked about a weakness, consider how you are turning this into a strength through development. 
  1. Show your enthusiasm for the role and the company by explaining how your strengths align with the JLR Creator’s Code.

Practice for your JLR interviews and gain the real experience to familiarise yourself with recording answers and improving your answers to typical jaguar land rover interview questions using our Video Interviewing Platform

Once you ace all the stages and emerge successful, you shall soon receive the job offer at Jaguar Land Rover. Once you receive the offer, you will also be contacted about the remaining steps to take and conclude the final formalities before joining. 

Congratulations! Before you go…

Looking to apply for one of JLR’s early career programmes? Find out more about these opportunities below!

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Jaguar Land Rover Early Careers Programs

Jaguar Land Rover has extensive opportunity for graduates, undergraduates and those looking to be apprentices. Read on to discover some of the key opportunities that you can apply for!

Jaguar Land Rover Undergraduate Schemes

Jaguar Land Rover provides undergraduates with an exciting opportunity to explore a range of projects packed within a 1 year placement. These placements provide students with a blend of practical experiences that help demonstrate your passion with the opportunity to explore your future career further with their graduate programmes.
Here are some Undergraduate programmes available at JLR:

  • Product Engineering
  • Industrial Operations
  • Commercial
  • Human Resources
  • Business Strategy
  • Design


  • West Midlands
  • Manchester
  • Gaydon
  • Whitley

Application process:

  1. Jaguar Land Rover Online application
  2. Jaguar Land Rover Online assessments
  3. Jaguar Land Rover Assessment centre

Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Schemes

Jaguar Land Rover graduate schemes provide graduates with a great opportunity to develop professionally and personally through challenging business projects that encourage you to enhance your knowledge and experience. Become an experienced professional with these 2 year programs with support from your department, line manager and dedicated Early

Careers team. 

Here are some Graduate programmes available at JLR:

  • Product Engineering
  • Industrial Operations
  • Business Strategy
  • Commercial
  • Data Analytics 
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Reimagine Jaguar

Locations: Various locations across the UK

Application process:

  1. Jaguar Land Rover Online application
  2. Jaguar Land Rover Online assessments
  3. Jaguar Land Rover Assessment centre

To check application dates, keep a note on the updates through the official website.

Jaguar Land Rover Apprenticeships

Kickstart your career in vehicle automation through the JLR apprenticeship programs which provide you the opportunity to gain on-site work experience alongside your college degree. These 4 year opportunities are packed with practical experiences and projects and gain a qualification at the end of the programme. 

Here are some of the apprenticeship opportunity available at JLR:

  • Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship
  • Level 6 Applied Professional Engineering Programme Degree Apprenticeship
  • Level 6 Supply Chain and Logistics Degree Apprenticeship
  • Level 7 Finance Apprenticeship

Locations: Various locations across the UK

Application process:

  1. Jaguar Land Rover Online application
  2. Jaguar Land Rover Online assessments
  3. Jaguar Land Rover Assessment centre

Visit JLR website to discover more graduate, undergraduate and apprenticeship schemes available for you today. 

Important note: While the current applications for some schemes may be closed, you can still register your interest in these programs right now! Apply as early as possible as many schemes operate on a rolling basis.

Keep reading below to discover even more answers to frequently asked questions about Jaguar Land Rover recruitment process.

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Jaguar Land Rover Assessment FAQs

Is it good to work for Jaguar Land Rover?

Jaguar Land Rover is home to some notable talents in the UK and around the world. JLR through its three-part framework of Purpose, Mobilising Change Idea and Creators’ Code makes sure employees’ professional goals align with the mission and vision of the company.

What is the salary of Jaguar Land Rover Careers?

Salary range will differ for Early Careers and advanced careers:

  • For Graduate programs JLR pays  £29,000 
  • For Undergraduates schemes it is £19,452
  • For Apprenticeships it is £24,480

How long does it take for JLR to respond to interviews?

In a survey of 893 respondents, 25 percent said it took about a month to get the offer letter. Other popular responses included one week and  two weeks. 

How many rounds are there in a Jaguar Land Rover interview?

For most undergraduate and graduate schemes, there are 2-3 types or rounds of interviews. Primarily, these interviews are Behavioural, Technical and Strength-based. There could also be a concluding interview which is more relaxed,  generally before your selection is finalised.  

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