1. Application Form and Situational Strengths Test

You will need to complete an online application form, followed by a situational strengths test. The test requires you to assess various scenarios, that could occur on the graduate programme, and how you would respond to them. Reponses will be limited to a set list. You will not be timed for this test.

2. Online Tests

If your initial application was successful, you will be asked to complete an online numerical reasoning test. These tests assess your decision-making and ability to analyse numerical (or statistical) data.

Those applying for an engineering scheme, will also need to sit an online inductive reasoning test.

You may be asked to repeat these tests to ensure the validity of your results.

3. Telephone Interview

You will be invited to a telephone interview – here, you will be asked about your skills and behaviours. Depending on the role that you applied for, you may also be asked some technical-based questions.

Those who have applied for the finance, management and software schemes will need to attend a second telephone interview.

4. Assessment Centre

The final stage of the selection process is held at an assessment centre. Here, your performance will be assessed in a variety of exercise. Potential activities are listed below.

  • Group exercise: you will read a brief and discuss questions relating to the brief.
  • Written exercise: here, you will need to present the outcomes from the group discussions.
  • Presentation exercise: you will need to deliver a presentation based on a technical question. You will be given your question one week prior to the assessment day.
  • Psychometric ability test: a written version of a psychometric ability test.
  • A competency-based interview: a panel interview where you will be asked to provide examples of where you have demonstrated particular skills. The interview will also focus on how you have dealt with situations in the past. You will be asked where you will be asked to provide specific examples of interviewers will ask you to provide specific examples from your past work and/or university experiences or outside interests. These questions will be competency based, and the interviewer will want to focus on what you did and your rationale when you have dealt with certain situations in the past.

You will receive a response, regarding the outcome of your application, shortly after the assessment day.

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