Written by:
Peter Thornton MA

NEW A.I. Video Interviews 3.0

Introducing our latest development, Video Interviews 3.0, seeing your selection of pre-made interviews increase to over 50 on your GF Portal!

We continue to see the use of video interviews by employers at all levels in their global recruitment processes, indicating how important it is for students to increase their familiarity across a whole range of video interviews. Through the GF platform, students can now develop their video interview technique during a wider variety of interview questions in topics such as:

  • New Employer Specific Interviews, such as Accenture, P&G, and JP morgan
  • New Case Study, Business Acumen & Logic Interviews
  • Further Industry Specific Interviews in Non-Profit, Public, and Sustainability Sectors

When a video interview has been completed and all responses have been recorded, their feedback report will be instantly generated. For all interviews, students can now benefit from in-depth suggested possible answers to guide students on how they could have approached each interview question. They can also receive Artificial Intelligence facial expression feedback, exposing them to the technology frequently used in particular by top employers. For further video interview technique development, students can also easily share their reports so that their recordings can be reviewed and feedback can be given on their performance.

These new Video Interviews are now live now under your Video Interviews tab!