Written by:
Peter Thornton MA

NEW Assessment Centre Exercises

We have seen the utility our existing assessment centre resources have had for many careers services and students alike in improving chances of assessment centre success. As such, based on popular feedback from our partners, we are delighted to have further expanded on the exercises you have at your disposal.

On your portal, you will see that you now have access to 10 unique assessment centre exercises designed to replicate the style of exercise that students can expect to face at the real thing. Each with the candidate brief and an assessor pack with suggestions on positive indicators and suggestions on the answers one should give during the task presented. The GF research and development team have now added the following to your assessment portal:

  • Two New Role play exercises
  • Group discussion exercise
  • In-tray exercises
  • Case study exercise
  • Presentations

Our extensive range of assessment centre exercises can be used in two primary ways:

  1. By Students: Assessment exercises can be accessed by students in their own time. They can take the time to get familiar with and complete an industry-standard task, and review their own performance with the assessor pack, with insights into what assessors are looking for on the day.
  2. By Careers Teams for Students: Assessment centre exercises also continue to be leveraged by careers teams for mock assessment centre sessions with students, during which students can get a first hand experience of a day at an assessment centre.

Your new resources can be accessed today on your assessment portal via the assessment centre tab.