Written by:
Peter Thornton MA

As GF look to continue our game assessment repertoire, we are delighted to introduce to all of our existing partners a new addition to their portal: ‘PassCode’. This means that candidates can be even better prepared for the game technology being harnessed by the top employers.

Some examples of notable employers that have utilised this assessment include PwC, HSBC, and Tesco. This game is used by top employers alongside other game assessments, in order to form a more rounded picture of applicants from technical ability to competence and personality.

PassCode™ is out now

This most recent addition to our game assessments available for practice measures a candidate’s ability to attend to information and be resilient in failure. We know that this ability to attend and focus on the task at hand underpins many of the game assessments that are being used across all industries. The aim of PassCode is to fill the missing passcode on the mobile presented. Only when the coloured number is highlighted can the candidate input the number. Failure to press fast enough, or over-eagerness to press early, will result in the candidate being taken to the start of the assessment.

It can very much be likened to the assessments created by game publishers Pymetrics and Arctic Shores. Some of the games used by these publishers include Stop, SkyRise City’s Security Door game and Cosmic Cadet’s Rocket Launcher. Using our PassCode game, candidates can grow familiar and increase their chances of success with this style of game-based assessment.

Students can head to the ‘Games’ tab today on the GF portal to start their PassCode practise.