Written by:
Peter Thornton MA

The GF team are pleased to announce the latest in our range of game-based assessments: ‘MathBubbles™’. Now, your students can prepare for even more of the most common gamified technology harnessed by top employers globally.

Employers harnessing this style of assessment include the likes of P&G, IBM, and Unilever. As top employers continue to leverage this gaming technology, the more vital it becomes that GF assessments facilitate candidates to get familiar with the environments and tasks that they can expect to face.

Our research into game-based assessment has shown us that there are many types of game-based assessment used for hiring. Each game type can be defined by its objective i.e. what can it discover about the candidate? For example, some game-based assessments attempt to measure one aspect of a candidate’s personality such as risk and emotionality as measured by the BART or Balloon Game. Others, attempt to discover something above one’s competence in certain areas such as multi-tasking. The remaining have the objective to investigate a candidate’s basic levels of ability, fundamental to success in most workplaces.

MathBubbles™ now available in your portal

‘MathBubbles™’ fits neatly into this latter category of game objectives. It delves into one key area of ability that employers are increasingly looking for in candidates as an indicator of future performance – mental arithmetic. In other words, MathBubbles™ measures how effectively and quickly a candidate can perform simple calculations in their head.

Similar to the assessments created by game publishers Pymetrics, Revelian, Aon, and HireVue, students can use MathBubbles™ to become prepared for this common style of assessment, and increase their chances of passing their mental arithmetic game assessments first time. Head to the ‘Games’ tab today on the GF portal to start MathBubbles™.