What is a Psychometric test?

  • A Psychometric test is a test that is made to measure (metric) the psyche (psycho)
  • The tests fall in two categories. Those associated with ability, and those that assess personality
  • With ability, there are clear right and wrong answers. This is not the case with Personality
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Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are assessments often using questions or statements to assess an individual’s ability, skill or preference. A Psychometric test is useful as it is objective and allows for comparison between groups of individuals. What’s more is that a Psychometric test is very useful in employment settings as they are highly predictive of future job performance. Ability tests are timed, where as personality questionnaires such as SHL’s OPQ are not timed.

Types of psychometric tests include those that assess numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and logical (inductive or diagrammatic) reasoning. A motivation assessment which is better referred to as an Aptitude test, can indicate the propensity or likelihood of someone fitting a particular role. Just as en extrovert may be more likely to fit in to a role that involves meeting and working with new people, whilst personality is not a measure of ability, there is something about aptitude when it comes to assessing the strength of someone’s fit to a job role.

For more information, see our section on ‘Psychometrics’ and ‘Ability tests’.

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