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  • Our team are Assessment experts, and have helped many employers assess and select the best candidates – we know what they are looking for
  • We are Chartered Psychologists who have developed tests for SHL and Kenexa, many that are used by graduate employers today
  • With over 50 topics on Assessment Advice, you’ll increase your chances of success
  • Practice 100+ ability/aptitude tests, Situational Judgement Tests, a Personality Questionnaire, Game-based Assessments or our Question Identifier Tool (QIT) to see what questions you might be asked at interview
  • Practice will reduce your anxieties, help you prepare and give you a better chance to succeed on the day

Assessment Centre – Advice and Tools

GF consultants have years of experience working with large organisations globally and also with consultancy firms such as SHL, who devise the assessment solutions used by thousands of organisations today. As such we have developed numerous solutions to give you an accurate indicator of what to expect in your assessment and more importantly, how to pass these hurdles in order to land your desired job.

Psychometric testing is commonly responsible for rejecting over 50% of graduates at the online application stage of the recruitment process and this is often achieved by administering just two tests. E.g. Numerical reasoning and Verbal reasoning. By using a low pass criteria of 30% on each test, employers would simply reject the bottom 30% of the applicant group after each test. This means that for 300,000 applicants – 30% would be rejected after the first test alone leaving 210,000. A further 30% would be rejected after the second test leaving 147,000 candidates; half of the original group.

Although a low pass criterion of around 30th percentile is encouraged by psychologists and consultants, given the current competition, employers are expected to increase this ‘cut-off’ – thus leading to a greater percentage of candidates being rejected than previously.The need to practise Psychometric tests to ensure success has never been greater!

Ability Tests

We offer 21 SHL style Verbal, Numerical and Logical reasoning tests with ‘normed’ scoring and the most detailed and instant feedback reports available today. We also provide all of the answers with full step-by-step workings. Take a Free test now.

GF provides detailed feedback, giving you a personalised breakdown of your performance in a variety of ways that will help inform your efforts prior to a real test. Expert reporting options will, not only provide you with a ‘normed’ score – telling you how well you have done in comparison to others – it will also give you a detailed breakdown of the questions that you struggled most with. For example, with the numerical tests, the intelligent reporting system will automatically determine those question types that were most problematic such as those that are “percentage” based or “chart” based and so on. All of this information combined serves as a valuable asset in helping you to succeed through the test stages where normally more than 50% of individuals are rejected from the recruitment process.

Did you know our tests are written by ex-SHL test developers? Take a FREE Numerical, Verbal or Logical Reasoning Test and receive FREE expert feedback too.

Personality Questionnaire

We have devised a personality questionnaire that is underpinned by the same Big-5 factor model of personality as those used by other tests publishers such as SHL. We provide free expert feedback reporting for these questionnaires, which will help you identify the type of job you should be applying for. These will also help you understand the kind of questions an interviewer may ask you following a personality assessment (e.g. SHL’s OPQ) you may complete as part of a job application.

Get a FREE personality report which highlights your self perception and provides a detailed breakdown of your preferences at work. Take the WPQ now.

Question Identifier Tool (QIT)

Using our unique question-identifier tool, you can complete a quick questionnaire to instantly see the types of questions you are likely to be asked in an up-coming interview. What’s more is that we provide you with free sample answers to each question too! What’s more, you can see which competencies are likely to be assessed for your job.

Complete our short ‘Question-Identifier’ tool (QIT) now.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Many employers administer a SJT to prospective candidates. These tests give you a good indication of an individual’s competence for areas that are considered important (for job success) for the role. Our SJT will provide you with a real experience of an employer SJT and give you a detailed feedback report. Use this in conjunction with the QIT and focus on the competencies that you need to work on for the Assessment DayTake the SJT now.