The text below provides a full candidate recruitment, assessment and preparation guide and practice for those applying to jobs, internships and graduate programs at McDonald’s.

Our website provides scientifically validated practice assessments tests, interviews and assessment centre exercises that can be used to practice and prepare for the recruitment and assessment process. 

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If you are aiming to apply to McDonald’s or have a McDonald’s assessment test coming up, our text below is the best place to start.

Not sure if you should practice to prepare for the McDonald’s assessments? According to research, 60-80% of candidates are rejected based on their aptitude tests results. It is proven that practice increases your chances of getting hired.

A recent study (Bradley et al, 2019) found that candidates who do not practise assessments, tend to fail at the first hurdle of psychometric assessments (54%-84%). This study looked at the Top 100 global employers.

In a nutshell:

How to prepare for McDonald’s assessment tests and get the job?

  1. Complete your McDonald’s Job Application
  • Fill in your McDonalds’s application online
  • Make sure to apply early to increase your chance of progression to the next stage
  • Answer any motivational questions that you may be asked
  • Use their language / key words from the job post will help you stand out
  1. Practice for McDonald’s Online Assessment Tests

McDonald’s uses a variety of aptitude assessment tests. These may include a Personality Questionnaire.

You may get rejected already after your personality questionnaire. These can sift out 50-80% candidates. The only proven way to get to the next round is practice.

  1. Record mock telephone interviews of yourself

You should practice answering questions that typically come up in interviews. Your answers need to flow and be timely. Avoid filler words. Your verbal communication should be convincing, filled with content that presents you in the best way for the job.

Prepare for your telephone interview by running mock interviews answering typical interview questions. For McDonald’s interview practice, use:

Our video interview practice platform contains predefined competency and industry questions and emulates experience you will have in platforms used for employers’ interviews (Hirevue, Pymetrics, Sonru). Always record your answers and watch them to develop your interview technique, time keeping and words used. Repeat recordings until you feel satisfied.

Use the STAR method for your answers and practice each answer several times.

  1. Final Interview

Prepare for your one-on-one interview with a senior manager. Expect and practice for behavioural and competency-based questions. Aim to stand out. They have interviewed dozens or hundreds of candidates at this final stage.

Refine your technique for your final McDonald’s interview to showcase your:

  • deep knowledge 
  • understanding of the role
  • business acumen
  • passion
  • critical thinking and ability to think on your feet

For your final interview, use the video interview platform and record yourself answering the interview questions using the STAR method.

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  2. What are all McDonald’s recruitment assessment stages? 
  3. What Questions do thy ask in a McDonald’s interview? 
  4. How do you answer McDonald’s assessment? 
  5. How to answer McDonald’s competency-based and behavioral interview questions? 
  6. How to successfully apply for McDonald’s Early Career Opportunities and McDonald’s Internships?

Looking into assessments with McDonald’s, simply use your fingertips or click in the table below to practice assessments relevant to your assessment process!

Relevant Assessments to McDonald’sPractice Now
Work Personality QuestionnaireStart Practicing
Video InterviewsStart Practicing

If you decide to apply for McDonald’s, you can practice online aptitude tests with us to improve your results and get scores above their threshold.

McDonald’s is a multinational fast food company founded in 1940 and is currently the largest restaurant chain in the world – employing over 1.5 million people in its franchises. Follow step-by-step recommendations and expert tips from Graduates First, a team of organisational psychologists and recruiters, to pass each stage of the McDonald’s recruitment process.

1. McDonald’s Online Application

This part of the recruitment process is your first chance to set a good impression and stand out from your competition. The online form will ask you to provide details of your education and any academic results, work experience and may involve some motivational questions, depending on the business area you apply to.

Motivational questions you might be asked, may include:

  • What is your motivation to work at McDonald’s?
  • Why do you want to apply for this particular role?

In answering motivational questions remember to be as precise as possible: refer to unique facts about McDonald’s that motivate you to work there, such as special awards, CSR projects, etc. When describing why you want to apply for this specific role mention the core skills required for this position and how these match both your previous experiences and personal interests.

2. McDonald’s Personality Questionnaire

After your initial application is screened by McDonald’s recruiters and deemed satisfactory, you will be invited to sit an online assessment test. This test will examine your personality traits and whether you fit successfully into the type of work and environment found at McDonald’s. This test will contain 64 questions and should not take more than 30 minutes to complete.

You will be presented with a number of statements, such as “I adapt easily to new situations” or “I have an analytical mind”, and will be required to choose the ones that describe you best. The trick is that in all cases you will face a trade-off between many of the desirable qualities. You will not be able to state that you make new friends easily, like to learn languages, are determined and hard-working, and enjoy solving complex problems.

Do not manipulate your responses as these tests are designed to flag up any inconsistencies. Be honest with your answers, but remember that some of your qualities or skills might be more desirable than others for this specific position at McDonald’s.

Learn more about what personality tests are like by clicking on this link

The personality questionnaires vary in their structure and design, but most of them will follow the format presented below.

McDonald’s-style Personality Questionnaire Example

GF offers a test similar to McDonald’s’ Personality Test. We call it the Work Personality Questionnaire. (Try it out).

3. McDonald’s Telephone Interview

After you have passed the online tests stage, you will be invited to the first round interview – which will most likely take form of a telephone interview.

This is a chance for you to demonstrate your passions and skills that would make you suitable for the role.

Remember, it is important to talk about a variety of experiences so do not get hung up on one job you did in the past.

It will be competency based (CBI)Think about the projects you have previously worked on, in your professional experiences or education, and think about what your role was, what have you achieved and how you approached any problems.

Prepare and write down a couple of projects or initiatives that you did exceptionally well in. The interviewer will be interested in understanding how you approached the problem, any analysis you did, the data gathered, insights and actions taken, results achieved and what your role was.

You should prepare some ideas of examples that you can later use during your interview, and should base these on the most common types of interview questions.

Want to know what questions could come up in your interview? Graduates First can help with the Question Identifier Tool (QIT). You can find it here.

4. McDonald’s Orientation

The McDonald’s Orientation day will be both a chance for you to network with professionals working at McDonald’s and learn more about the company. It is also likely to involve some assessments, so do not relax just yet!

When attending McDonald’s’ Orientation day, make sure to act professionally and take every opportunity to get a better insight into what it is like to work at McDonald’s. As part of the day, you will be asked to watch a number of McDonald’s videos, which are likely to be about the history of the company, corporate culture, in addition to some job-specific videos.

You might also be required to attend a 25-30-minute interview with the manager or senior employee. This interview will be a mixture of both competency and motivational questions, but will be less formal than the first interview you attended. It will also examine your natural behaviour so make sure to be enthusiastic about the answers you give, as this is your last chance to demonstrate your motivation to work at McDonald’s.

At the end of your interview you will be given a chance to ask questions. You must definitely use this opportunity! This is a way of showing that you are interested and motivated, so prepare some thought-provoking and interesting questions beforehand. You can also ask your interviewer about their career path.

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