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What are gamified assessments for recruitment?

Gamified-assessments, also referred to as game-based assessments or gamified-recruitment, are becoming increasingly common.  Gamified-assessments can be used alongside, or as an alternative to, traditional psychometric tests solutions to make the recruitment process more efficient and engaging for the candidates.

Therefore standard psychometric tests such as verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, numerical reasoningsituational judgement tests or personality tests can be moved onto gamified platform to ensure more engaging and realistic experience for job seekers.

What is the difference between gamified assessments and traditional psychometric tests?

In traditional psychometric tests, candidates are confronted with a number of predetermined questions and are required to answer them under a time limit. Once completed, companies can use response data to learn about the speed and accuracy of candidates in answering questions.

In game based assessments for recruitment, much more can be learnt about candidates from the way they need to dynamically solve problems. It is not just the interface of assessments that is more engaging, but games themselves. For example, games will often involve a range of operations from typical games, such as moving, clicking, etc. Candidates must then use these to solve problems presented on the user interface.

What are the benefits of game based recruitment for companies?

Gamified Behavioural data gathered on candidates from gamified solutions for recruitment is much more extensive than self-reported answers to predetermined questions. This type of data is much harder to manipulate with biased responding, unlike self-reported answers.

Another benefit related to the design of gamified assessments. Game-based assessments for recruitment are designed to reflect dynamic situations – more related to the actual tasks candidates will be faced with in their daily jobs. By creating an innovative and interactive method of candidate assessment, candidates will stay more focused and immersed in their tasks eliminating potential interruptions.

Therefore, companies can learn much more about candidates and ensure they choose the more successful individuals as their future employees.

Examples of a gamified-assessments

There is no one type of gamified solution, but there are some trends in the market. The types of games you can face are gamified versions of some traditional psychometric tests – meaning that you will still have to solve very similar tasks but in a different form. Instead of clicking on the answer, you might need to move it or circle it, etc.

Examples of companies using game-based assessments as part of their recruitment process: Deloitte’s gamified assessment

What makes gamified assessments difficult for candidates is that they are harder to learn for: meaning candidates cannot just rehearse standard types of questions to be successful. Because games for recruitment are also a novel solution there are not too many official guides or help sites. This is also perhaps a reason why gamification in HR and recruitment has so rapidly expanded over the past few years.

Learn more about different types of psychometric tests

Other types of game-based assessments will use some standard game tactics to measure your abilities and competencies. This could for example include a task in which you need to throw rocks at glass bottles containing butterflies. For each released butterfly you get points, but you also get penalties for smashed bottles. The trick is that bottles will randomly release butterflies or smash – your task is to make a dynamic decision based on: how many rocks you throw at each bottle, how risky your approach is, whether after a failure you still seek to gather more points or whether you give up. A lot can be learned from candidate reactions in these types of games. Unfortunately for candidates, these solutions can be very different to each other so you cannot learn the right style to play it.

How to prepare and pass game-based recruitment?

Gamified-assessments are a reflection of specific skills that are being tested: whether that be numerical or verbal reasoning skills, situational judgement tests or personality questionnaires.


  1. Learn as much as possible about the expected game-based assessment, its format and length, as well as core skills that will be examined. If your gamified assessment will aim to measure your numeracy skills, you need to make sure you are comfortable with basic arithmetic calculations and numerical reasoning.
  2. Practice games for recruitment beforehand to make yourself familiar with how the test works and therefore reduce your stress.