Situational Judgement Test

Learn about which competencies are your strength and which ones you need to develop. Practice SJT and get a personalized report.


  • Employers are always looking to predict how you are likely to perform on the job. One way they do this is by using a Situational Judgement test (SJT).

  • Take up the opportunity to practice a range of realistic scenarios using our SJT to help you learn about and ultimately demonstrate the behaviours that lead to success.

  • Experience the types of challenges that you might be presented with on the job through realistic scenarios on the SJT.

  • Understand which behaviours and competencies would be most and least effective for the role that you’re applying to.

  • Get a personalised report highlighting your areas of strength and potential development on competencies that your job role would look for.

  • Our SJT’s have been designed by experts who have created SJT’s on behalf of SHL and Kenexa for large and well-known companies*.

  • Take SJT test anytime, anywhere, from any device
    Mobile friendly and supported by all browsers and operating systems.

  • Instant access with 24/7 support at no additional cost

  • No risk: 100% satisfaction, or your money back guaranteed!

  • * – GraduatesFirst (GF) and its products are not affiliated with CEB SHL or IBM Kenexa. GF practice tests are designed for candidate preparation.


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Graduates First are truly first class for preparing for online psychometric tests. The excellent feedback has improved my confidence and ability to do well in psychometric tests.
Greg Fagbo, Graduate
These situational judgement tests are great preparation, thank you!
Ben Smith, Graduate
I found it very helpful when preparing for my job interviews. In fact I got the job I really wanted. Thanks Grads first!!
Giancarlo Martins, Graduate