Did you know 54-84% of candidates fail their job tests?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still get the job if you fail the aptitude test?

No, unfortunately it is unlikely you will progress to the next stage if you fail an aptitude test. Employers often use these to sift large volumes of candidates so its important you prepare accordingly to meet the minimum marks required for you to proceed.

Can you fail an assessment test?

Yes, you can fail an assessment test as employers have a minimum score candidates must achieve to progress to the next stage. Employers look at your score as a percentile, that is how well you did in relation to other people. For example, other applicants or existing employees.

Why do I fail aptitude tests?

Aptitude tests are designed to be challenging, with Bradley et al. (2019) reporting that 54-84% unfortunately fail. They suggest practice as a solution. At GF, we recommend practicing to gain control of external factors, such as anxiety and time management, that impact and prevent you achieving your true performance.

How do I pass an employment test?

To pass an employment test, first start by practicing to reduce external factors such as anxiety and time management from impacting your performance. Add in-depth research into assessment test guides to see what a job assessment entails and what it measures. This will help you perform to your fullest.

What to expect on a job assessment test?

Every job assessment test is different, so it’s important you look up assessment test guides to help you prepare. See what the employer is looking for and practice assessments online to get familiar with what you could face. Employers may also provide some practice questions before the assessment begins.

What score do you need to pass aptitude test?

This depends largely on the employer, though most should use lower cut-offs around the 30th percentile as it avoids too much weighting on the assessment process. As a candidate, it is paramount you try as best you can in case an employer has opted for higher cut-offs.

Does aptitude test really matter?

Yes, job aptitude tests have become a staple for employers when sifting and selecting candidates. Larger employers may only allow you to apply for the same role once in a given 6-12 month period, thus it is important you prepare and give every opportunity your best attempt.

How can I pass my aptitude test easily?

Unfortunately, there is no strategy to ensure you pass all assessments tests. At GF, we keep it simple – prepare by practicing job assessment tests online to grow familiarity, reduce anxiety and build time management skills. This will make it more likely you achieve a score closer to your true ability.