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  • 100+ assessments with 1300+ unique questions
  • 50 Ability Tests (15 numerical, 15 logical, 10 verbal, 4 diagrammatic, 3 abstract, 3 spatial)
  • 20 Checking Tests
  • 12 Sets of practice questions with our Video Interviews platform
  • 5 Game-based Assessments
  • 2 Full Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)
  • OPQ Style, Personality Questionnaire
  • 7 Full IBM IPAT Tests, 3 CAPP Tests, Watson Glaser Test
  • Full Sets of Assessment Center Exercises: Presentation, Group, In-tray, Written
  • CBI Interview Question Identifier Toolkit

GF tests significantly help candidates increase their chances of passing job assessments. I highly recommend GF to all those applying for graduate, managerial or professional roles.

Edson Hato

Senior Vice President Human Resources (previous HR Executive at Astra Zeneca, UBS, Philip Morris International, ING Group)

GF provided lots of practise with hundreds of questions, although I didn’t manage to get through all of them. The aptitude tests mirrored what I faced in the real job and helped me score my job at HSBC.

Abdul Iqbal

HSBC Commercial Manager