We have provided some answers to Frequently Asked Questions below. If there are any questions not covered here, please feel free to email us.

How similar are your tests to SHL, IBM Kenexa and other test publishers

We are based in the UK. Our tests have been developed by the same Psychologists and Psychometricians who have previously developed tests for SHL and Kenexa. Some of these tests are in use today by 8000+ of large employers. As such, you can rest assured that the experience you will have with practicing our tests will be extremely close to the real thing.

Can your tests help to prepare for companies such as PWC, KPMG, EY and Deloitte?

Yes absolutely. Our tests are developed in line with the assessments used by the Big 4 and also thousands of other graduate employers across the globe. Our tests will give you first-hand experience of the real thing.

Do you provide answers as well as step-by-step worked solutions to the questions?

Yes – we provide answers and worked solutions for any questions you get wrong.

How long can I access your tests for and how many tests can I take?

You have unlimited lifetime use of our tests. Additionally depending on the package purchased all new tools and tests that we add to the package you will get free access to.

Do your tests allow for 'reasonable adjustments' for those with a disability?

Yes – when registering, our system will allow you the opportunity to choose whether you consider yourself to have a disability such as dyslexia. In line with the requirements set by Educational Psychologists, your time per test will be extended by 25%.

How quickly do you respond to queries?

We request a 24 hour response time, however our typical response time is under 1 hour. You will see from the feedback testimonials both on our site and on our Facebook page reflect this.

I haven't received a verification email after registering

Emails are automatically sent immediately after registration. If you have not received this, then it has most likely ended up in your junk/spam folder. If you have already checked this folder, please send us an email at enquiry@graduatesfirst.com

Can I try tests before I buy? Do you have any free tests?

Yes, we offer 3 free ability tests: Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning and free access to the portal where you can track your progress. Please click here to take these.

How quickly can I get access to my tests?

As soon as you have registered, or purchased some tests, your access will be instant.

Do you tests work on all browsers including Safari on a Mac?

Yes, our tests are fully compatible with all browsers and it is very rare that someone experiences an issue. If you find you experience a problem, this is most likely due to an update. Please update your browser to the latest version, or try using a different browser. Either way, please feel free to email us and we can help you solve any issues.

Are your tests useful for preparing for IBM Kenexa and SHL tests?

Our tests are actually written and developed by the same Psychologists and Psychometricians who have previously been employed by SHL and Kenexa to develop their tests which are now used by 8000+ of employers worldwide. GF was set up and is run by Chartered Psychologists and Psychometricians with a significant amount of experience in just this. We believe this is the closest experience you will have of the real thing.

How many tests do we really need to practice to improve? Does quantity matter?

You do not need to have a large variety of tests to improve – focusing on a handful of tests repeatedly will encourage deeper learning and understanding, which is better than spreading yourself thinly across say 20-30 Numerical Reasoning tests. Our research showed that any more than 10 tests were not used much, and in fact proved stressful for users as there was just too much to do and get through.

Our tests contain unique questions, i.e. we do not recycle / repeat the same questions across tests (as many other practice providers do) to artificially inflate the number of tests.

Why should I choose GF?

GF was set up by experts who are Psychologists and Psychometricians who previously developed tests for both SHL and Kenexa, the biggest test publishers. They currently have around 8,000 clients worldwide and these tests are used by the majority of them.

Unlike other sites, to the best of our knowledge, only Graduates First have in-house Psychologists previously from SHL and Kenexa. Graduates First was set up and is run by these exact Psychologists. We do not outsource our work.

We offer a money back guarantee, unlimited lifetime access with free new tests’ additions and we also offer a Personality Questionnaire not available on other sites. Over 100 universities and business schools based in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the US use our tests to help their their students and graduates get best jobs.