Take our CBI Question Identifier Tool (QIT) for Interviews

Did you know that you can predict CBI questions that are likely to come up in your interview and prepare upfront? With our exclusive CBI QIT Interview tool never be surprised in your interview. Check QIT now and increase your chances of success. Trusted by over 70 Universities in the UK, Asia and Europe



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Practice ALL of our psychometric tests for all employers. Unlimited access for 15 months

21 Full SHL style Numerical, Verbal and Logical Tests. Work Personality Questionnaire (WPQ). CBI Question Identifier Tool (QIT), Situational Judgement Test (SJT) plus 4 Assessment Centre Exercises. With answers and worked solutions. Trusted by over 70 Universities in the UK, Asia and Europe.



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  • Become confident in your job interviews: Our QIT is an exclusive GF CBI interview tool based on our team’s in-depth consultancy and recruitment experience coupled with extensive research

  • Impress interviewers from top employers like: P&G, PwC, EY, IBM or Morgan Stanley; prepare better for CBI interviews. QIT is designed to help you identify the questions that are most likely to come up and suggest answers based on the job you apply for.

  • How does the CBI QIT Interview tool work?
    – It prompts you identify the competencies that are likely to be assessed by interviewers
    – It helps you find out the types of questions that are likely to come up at your competency based interview
    – It provides samples and showcases the kind of answers that an interviewer would look for during an interview

  • Practise GF tests anytime, anywhere, from any device for all employers.
    QIT is mobile friendly and are supported by all browsers and operating system.

  • Used by over 70 UK universities to help their students get jobs

  • Unlimited access for 15 months to CBI QIT tool

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These tests are great preparation, thank you!
Ben Smith, Graduate
I found it very helpful when preparing for my job interviews. In fact I got the job I really wanted. Thanks Grads first!!
Giancarlo Martins, Graduate
Graduates First are truly first class for preparing for online psychometric tests. The excellent feedback has improved my confidence and ability to do well in psychometric tests.
Greg Fagbo, Graduate